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National Bank Card Monitor

500 W Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85210
(480) 464-2265
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They are top notch, its awesome. I started with their program at the beginning of last year and they help me so much I wanted to reach out through the phone and kiss them. :) I do...


On 10/3, I received a phone call from Chad Walter a salesperson of this company offering to reduce my debts by transferring my credit card balances to a lower APR credit card. He ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2013

They would not take no fo an answer ! Charged $600 on my high int. credit card to pay for part of it and $200 out of my checking and then I was broke . They did nothing for me .The only thing they've done for me is approved me for a $500 credit line at zero % int. which will do nothing for me . I wanted to do balance transfers . Now 9 months later the only thing they've done for me is created more debt instead of saving money . Poor customer service and now I am unable to contact them because number dialed says it can't be reached from my area . Never had this problem before . Go figure . I want to strangle them . more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

They did absolutely nothing for me, i requested that they call be before they sent out my applciations. Never was done, the first time they sent out for an application they spelled my name wrong - i then had to spend time correcting there error. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/6/2012

RUN>> RUN>> As fast as you can these people are scam artists. They scamed my mom out of $1,199.00. They prey on the elderly. They won't take no for an answer and they talk the elderly into it. Then when they try to cancel they make fun of them and tell them that they will never get their money back. After speaking with the head of customer service Mr. Frank Martin my mom was transported to the hospital with her BP at stroke levels. Just remember Mr. Frank Martin God doesn't like ugly. I would hate to be you on judgement day!!!! If they scam you contact the Attorney General. more

National Bankcard Monitor 1/19/2012

They are top notch, its awesome. I started with their program at the beginning of last year and they help me so much I wanted to reach out through the phone and kiss them. :) I don't owe anymore money to anyone! Amazing what you can do with a business that actually knows what their talking about. lol more

National Bankcard Monitor 1/17/2012

National Bankcard Monitor, has given me more money back in my pocket by lowering my interest rates and finding a credit card that was more suitable for my lifestyle. I was in debt and my interest rates were climbing, they showed me I could pay off my debt and lower my interest rates at the same time. Ive never been happier. more

I saved so much. 1/16/2012

I became one of their clients around 3 months ago. National Bank Card Monitor is a company anyone should use if your looking to pay off your loans and finally get out of debt. They have been organizing everything and I couldn't be happier. Great customer service and even better client representation. more

Great Job 1/15/2012

I think they have the best customer service around. They were very respectful and filled my wishes of being debt free. I thought it was over until I recieved a call from them. National Bank Card Monitor has given me a new lease on life... and Im starting a new lease on a new home. :) more

Thanks alot 1/14/2012

This company is great. Thank You National Bank Card Monitor for getting me out of debt. You guys are GREAT! more

One Word Awesome 1/14/2012

National Bank Card Monitor, gave me a helping hand. Once I signed up I was already feeling better about getting my debt taken care of. They set me up with a payment plan affordable for me and my wife and to this day I have low interest rates and am no longer worrying about our financial situation. They have great client representatives and even better customer service! Thanks more

Best In The Business 1/12/2012

I have nothing but great things to say about this company. Their services provide a great way to aid those looking to change credit cards and get out of credit card debt. They helped me out so much! more

Fantastic Service 1/12/2012

This company was absolutely amazing. I have been dealing with debt ever since I obtained my very first credit card. Thanks to the National Bank Card Monitor the my interest rates were lowered and they got finally got me out of debt. Tina Boyle gave me a call back in August of last year and at first it sounded like a sales pitch but with what she and the company had to offer I could not put the phone down. I paid the up front costs I now I am happy to say I am no longer in the hole 12,000 dollars. They assisted me every step of the way. Greay Customer Service and and even better company. I cant express how much I love this company, anyone who is looking to take care of their credit card debt should use National Bank Card Monitor. more


On 10/3, I received a phone call from Chad Walter a salesperson of this company offering to reduce my debts by transferring my credit card balances to a lower APR credit card. He told me they would reduce my debts to a 3% APR but I needed to pay them $999.00 upfront. He said this offer was given to those who had good credit. I told him that probably my credit was not good enough because at that moment I had a complaint with a bank due to they posted in my credit report a charge for a purchase that somebody made in 2007 under my name and it was under investigation and for that reason I did not want anything to do with that bank. Mr Walter said I would not have any problem. I told them that my credit cards were almost in the credit limit and I was not able to pay the amount he asked me to split the amount in my 2 credit cards by charging $599 and $400 on each cards. I agreed as long as he assured me that I would get that offer. Mr. Walter said that my money would be returned if they could not honor me the offer. I received a Payoff Strategy Table and called the company to let them know I received it. They told me an advisor would call me to discuss it. An advisor called me about 4 days later so we agreed to fill out an application for the credit card. Few minutes later guess what? I received a phone call from the same bank I told them I did not want to deal with, to verify my personal information due to I wrote an alert in the credit bureau stating that any transaction under my name needed to be verified with me. I was surprised to received a phone call from this bank, when I clearly told Mr. Chad Walter that I had that problem and did not want to deal with that bank. So I told the bank to cancel my application. I called National Bank Card Monitor back to explain them the problem. That advisor get mad at me and said that due to this problem they were not able to refund my money back. And even though I explained him that I talked to Mr Walter from the very beginning about this, he did not want to listen. I called again and talked to a Customer Representative and explained her the problem. They never called me again. I filed a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General of Arizona. BBB HAD TO CLOSE THE CASE BECAUSE NEVER RECEIVED RESPONSE FROM THIS COMPANY. AND THEY NEVER GAVE MY MONEY BACK. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP-OFF. YOU WILL BE LUCKY IF YOU HAVE A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY DUE TO THEIR RATING IS AN F IN THE BBB. BE AWARE THAT THIS COMPANY IS ALSO KNOWN AS PROACTIVE PLANNING SOLUTIONS AND E.L.H. CONSULTING, LLC. According to the Federal Trade Commission is illegal asking for money upfront. Unfortunately I found it out too late!!! more

SCAM...SCAM...SCAM 6/15/2011

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! I was called by National Bank Card Monitor that apparently ""monitors"" the credit balances of people 60 and over (I'm 64) and preys on those with large balances. They promised to lower my rate to 3.9% if I would pay $995 to be added to my new credit card. According to other complaints I have read they either have upped their fee or adjust it to suit the credit profile of each person. I am in deep credit card debt, but managing to hold my own, and my highest interest rate is 10.9%, which I negotiated myself down from 17% directly with the issuing bank. While on the phone I ""googled"" the company and found an F rating by BBB and all of these other horror stories. I told them NO and hung up. YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME! more

RUN! 5/3/2011

Don't walk, RUN! I thought I was being pretty smart when they called me out of the blue one day (my number must be floating around on some potential suckers list) and I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau while we were talking. They had an A- rating. Under similar circumstances with a poor BBB rating company I love to say to the person on the phone, ""Uh, I just looked you up on BBB online and you have an F rating! Bye bye!"" But since they had this good rating and the con artist I was speaking to had a good spiel, I gave this company my money. To their credit, they did return all of my money when I was dissatisfied. And BOY was I dissatisfied! Their sales pitch was (paraphrasing): ""We will put ALL of your debt on one or two cards and your APR will NEVER be more than 7.9 and sometimes less! Our $599 fee will be absorbed by the savings in interest!"" Well let's just say the first statement is a flat out LIE! I was supposed to be getting offers in the mail for 7.9 APR or less. I got offers alright, but it was a situation where you first APPLY and then they'll SEE if that issuing bank will offer 7.9 or less! So you might end up opening a new line of credit with a non-competitive APR (like you need like a hole in the head if you are in debt). If you cancel or if you keep the new line of credit open with the awww-too-bad-for-you-too-high-APR--either way, your credit takes another hit. Also, What NBCM also neglects to mention is that this alleged ""7.9 or less APR"" that they're going to get for you is going to be an INTRODUCTORY offer! Not 7.9 for the life of the debt! This means you have to close the account after the introductory period and have them find for you ANOTHER account to open! That's plain NUTS! And lying by omission! And if part of your problem in debt is too many revolving debt accounts open, you are going to be DENIED! What the hell was my $599 for?! Thankfully I got it back. Lastly, when I called to complain about all of this, the ""one to two cards"" that I was promised suddenly magically ballooned to THREE or FOUR cards! Hmmm. Interesting how the number of cards to place all of my debt at 7.9 increased from ""one or two"" to ""THREE or FOUR"" AFTER they had my money! These people are CON ARTISTS! What I have since learned is that even a BBB rating is not necessarily reliable (ratings can be ""purchased""). And even though I thought I was being smart (I'm smarter now!), you need to be wary of any debt help organizations if they ask for your money BEFORE you see results. more

Chuck Is Right! 12/11/2010

Gino Niccoli is listed as the manager of the company on the BBB website. People, check the Arizona BBB website for information regarding this company. If you are a victim, file a complaint. Do not believe any reviews that come from this company. How can people lie and cheat others and sleep at night. The people who work there are just as gility. My poor elderly mother fell victim to this scandalist company. What goes around comes around. If this company is legit why would the ""manager"" be on this site definding his company? Do your home work and check out this company more

Please look at all of the reviews for 10/15/2010

Please look at all of the reviews for this company. It looks like some company spinmeisters are posting on here to move the bad press further down the line. Beware of this company. more
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