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1431 Polk Street (at at Pine)
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 775-7949
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Myconos - San Francisco, CA


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This is the best Greek food I've ever had (outside of my grandmother's home cooking). It's incredibly authentic and utterly delicious. Pros: amazing authentic food


This place is a dump. Food is awful. The only good thing is it is relatively cheap but there are so many better places to eat

20% gratuity for a party of six? Are you kidding? 10/18/2010

I didn't mind uninteresting food (overcooked falafal, uninspiring spanikopita) at a reasonable price. I didn't even mind that our waitstaff never once asked how our meal was. What I detested was the 20% gratuity added to the bill at this cheesy lowbrow no-service restaurant. If I hadn't been trying to act like a grownup around my five companions I'd have demanded they remove the unwarranted, offensive gratuity. 15% would have been uncalled for but less insulting. more

Best Greek Food in the City 7/26/2010

This is the best Greek food I've ever had (outside of my grandmother's home cooking). It's incredibly authentic and utterly delicious. Pros: amazing authentic food more

Amazinggggg 2/3/2010

Greek food at its best! Different varieties and spices will put you on your knees begging for more!! more

Myconos Restaurant 9/17/2009

This is a great place to go dine at if your in the mood for GREEK FOOD!!! I took my Son here and he is very picky, he actually enjoyed the chicken and yogurt dip. more

Mousakaaaaaaaaaah ! 3/6/2009

My wife and I dropped in on a Friday night and we were told of a 30 min wait, the place had a line of people waiting. We came back about 20 min later and were told our table would be ready in 5 min which it was bonus! Our server was one of the owners. He was very polite and helpful. He guided us through the all greek wine list and the menu. We ordered the super special for two. Wow this was overflowing with delicious offerings of the Olympic Gods! First we started with the fried cheese ( saganaki ) a rich but completely enjoyable dish I highly recommend it! Then we had the salad that comes with the special lettuce, tomato, onions, feta cheese and a dressing I wish they would bottle! After this the main course arrives. This platter fit for a God shows up with mousaka, souvlaki, spinach pie, falafel, dolmas, gyros which they make themselves and lemon roasted potatoes. The mousaka was exceptional, ample amounts of eggplant and zuccini and the bechamel was rich with just the right amount of cinnamon and nutmeg. I have tried it elsewhere and was not fond of it til now! The souvlaki was tender and seasoned just right. The baklava was the best in the city, I dare you to find better! The entire experience was a memorable one and I would recommend it to all. I have read some of the not so good reviews on this place and have come to a few conclusions, either these people are the competition or just people that cant be pleased. In any case I guess you cant please everyone and some people really need to get a life! This place did it for us. We will definitely be back and thank you George and Agatha for a wonderful evening! Pros: Great food, price, and cozy Cons: parking! more

Waitress from Hell, Food from the Dumpster 6/24/2008

We should have seen it coming: they can't even spell the name right so how authentically Greek could it be? Answer: not at all. First, I have NEVER had such lousy service in all my life. The old waitress acted like it was a favor to move her a** to do ANYTHING remotely resembling customer service. What should have been a 30 minute meal--we were ordering the dinner special after all--took 90 minutes. And WE were aggressive in finally tackling a busboy to get our check. The waitress seemed to think that was pushy and slapped the bill down without so much as a look in our direction. She treated everyone that way: lazy, unprofessional and no manners. A service pig. The food was c**p. How do you screw up baklava by stuffing it full of allspice?? The mixed platter was gristly, greasy and NOT Greek in the least. But it was probably because the Mexican kitchen staff have never seen or eaten it either. The bathroom was filthy beyond belief, treating you to a birdseye view of their equally filthy prep kitchen--if that isn't too grand a name for a dirty backroom where food is thrown together before delivery to the grill. I wish we had just walked out after 30 minutes of wondering how an empty restaurant could be so slow to deliver the freakin' SPECIAL?! And I REALLY wish I had kicked that nasty cow in her a** on my way past. What a complete biotch. Do NOT go there--unless you like paying to eat swill and waiting for a waitress who couldn't hold a job anywhere else but a dump like this. more

Avoid unless there's a gun to your head 2/16/2008

Not good at all. Though not lethal, the food was certainly not good. I saw many excellent reviews here and I thought I'd give it a chance, despite the few that were bad. I don't know where those who thought this was good ate, but it certainly wasn't the restaurant we dined at. Everyone in our party was extremely disappointed. As the previous review said, this place is a dump, and the one before that said DON'T GO HERE. I agree. more

Avoid this place unless you like your food overcooked and unappetizing 2/14/2008

This place is a dump. Food is awful. The only good thing is it is relatively cheap but there are so many better places to eat more

Poor Food, Horrendous service! 11/17/2007

Took a friend there for her birthday. Beware of the older waitress adding gratuity at the end. She ignored us all night(had to virtually tackle her to get ANYTHING)-Couldn't figure out how everyone around came after us, but had their food and were almost done before we got ours. She recommended I get the lamb shank when I was eying other things. I stupidly took her advice and couldn't eat it. It was horrible. Do you think she offered a dessert, free drink or anything for the crappy recommendation? No, just a dirty look and an added on gratuity of TWENTY PERCENT. TIP means to ensure personal service. For a career waitress, you'd think she'd try harder to ensure that service. I waitressed in high school/ college and tried a thousand times harder than her. DO NOT GO to this restaurant. Cons: service/ lamb shank more

Wooowww 7/24/2007

I was invited to a party here for a european group and I have been to Greece so I didnt know what to expect. I mean a Greek restaurant outside of Greece , most fall short. Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. The portions were huge and the food was great. I had the Moussaka a massive portion accompanied with greek salad and roasted potatoes and pita bread there were fifty of us here this night and we all left happy not one person disappointed. The owner and his wife were there and we met, nice people and we will be definately booking again. If you want authentic Greek food this is definately a place to check out. Pros: good food great service and friendly atmosphere Cons: parking is a pain more

Huge mistake. 6/15/2007

Arrived on a Friday night about 7:30. There is no host, so I just stood there waiting for someone to notice me . The gal in the show kitchen located right next the the front door, just looked at me with a blank stare; no smile or hello, then looked away. I looked around wondering if I should sit or wait to be seated. Pros: No crowds Cons: low quality food. more

MMMMMMMMMMM! Gooooood Thank You! 5/7/2007

I read the last reveiw and was worried but it is the closest Greek place to me . I went in on a thursday evening and this place was busy. Made me feel at ease all these people can't be wrong. The lady that greated us at the door was polite and cheery and we were seated around ten minutes which is what we were told it would be. We ordered the lamb chops and meatballs I have to say this is some of the best greek food I have had in a long time. We got 5 chops salad potatoes and pita bread and the meatballs must have been close to a pound and a half (HUGE) with salad and potatoes yoghurt sauce and pita bread almost had no room for dessert. but the rice pudding was perfect jut enough sweetness a sprinkle of cinnamon and the slightest hint of citrus mmmmmmmmm! I think the total bill was 35 dollars what a deal! The service was good I wasn't left waiting when I waved to the waiter for dessert he was there promptlyl. I think I have found my new nieghborhood hangout. I would highly recommend this little mom and pop place. I usually use this service to look up numbers and addresses and seldom look at the reviews case in point the last review wasn't so hot but I loved this place and obviously from all the full tables I am not the only one. Pros: Good food good service and great value Cons: none more

What happened? 2/12/2007

I thought this restaurant accomodated groups, tonight was not the night. Why did we have to look for our server all the time? Just ike the prevous poster mentioned. The food was okay, mediocore. Chicken was dry and in some parts brunt. I dont think I will ever go back to this restaurant. Pros: not so much. Cons: service was not at its best more

BAD SERVICE 12/29/2006

This place was awful. Went there with a goup for a birthday dinner and the service was sooo bad! We were always looking for our server and everytime we would get her attention she would just look at us and ignore us. The place wasnt even crowded, we went on a Friday at 7PM. The food was okay, its not worth it though if your looking for good greek food dont go here, because the service does not make it up for it. Pros: Nothing I can think of... Cons: Bad service & Chicken was DRY!!! more

it brings me back 10/13/2006

I was in greece a few years ago and can still taste the food. I haven't been able to find a place with food as good. This place is awesome. The portions are huge, prices are very reasonable, wine is great and extremly friendly. I was chatting with our waitress about our trip and she knew the islands that we went to and told us her kids were probably there now. How great is that, it is family run! She helped bring back many wonderful memories of that trip. this place, the food and our server remindd me of a little tavern that we ate at many times. I am so glad to have finally found a place that really compares greece. It was great to walk inside and be in a kitchen that smells so good, and see them cook your food right in front of you. and to walk to the washroom you walk through another kitchen and get to see how some of the food is prepared. It was like being a kid watching my mom cook. Give this place a try, I don't think you will be disappointed. This place gets really busy, so don't be surprised if your food takes a little bit to come, it is worth the wait. I was glad to hear they take reservations, as I will be back many times. Pros: prices, food, friendly Cons: parking more

great food, broken plates, lots of laughter 8/24/2006

This place is terrific. I ate here a few days ago and am completely hooked. I am having dreams about the food. I came with a few friends and we were stuffed by the time we left. we ordered the #3 platter and the lamb chops and were amazed at how much food we got and how good it is. the lamb chops were bbq'd perfect with lemon. the prices are unbelievably cheap..what a great value. Our waitress was so sweet and funny, we weren't sure about the wines as they are all greek and she let us sample a few to make sure we got what we wanted. Someone was having their birthday party and our waitress brought a candle in a dessert, got the whole back room singing happy birthday and even got the birthday boy to break a plate! How great is that! you must try this place..they make you feel like you are in greece. the only thing missing is the wonderful mediterranean sea. Pros: food, price, atmosphere Cons: parking more

I<3 Myconos 8/16/2006

This place is awesome. My friend bought me here and I was a bit skeptic because of my past experience w/ greek food, esp the grape wrap bundles. But once I entered this place, it was warm and friendly and inviting. The staff was very helpful in helping w/ what was what on the menu. i would highly recommmend the combination dish if you want to try a little bit of everything. Ever since coming here with my friend for the first time, I've been a loyal customer. I bought my boyfriend here and he too loves this place. We always order the special for 2 and always end up having left overs to bring home for lunch the next day. This place si great for dates also, dim lights, romantic. I love this place. Make sure to make reservations on fridays and saturday or you'll end up waiting Pros: food, friendly staff, romantic Cons: parking, reservations, small restaurant more

From a Greek! 8/12/2006

This place reminds me of my mothers cooking, she isn't here to cook for me but this place brings back some great memories! I Recommend this place to anyone who wants to have real greek food. I had the pastitsio and some yalaktobouriko for dessert I think this is the best I have tried I will be back again! Pros: Great taste, great people, and great price Cons: none more

Old friends,New Friends and A great night! 7/28/2006

friends and I were looking for something to eat and someone mentioned a greek place on polk street. This place had been there for years and I hadn't been in. So I thought I would check out CS and see some reviews, well the first one not a good one so I was skeptical looked at some more and decided to give in to the group. We walked in and were greeted by what seemed like the owner very friendly and we were ased how many in our party we said six and he said there would be a 15 minute wait ( the place was packed) so being the skeptic I am I asked if we could come back in 10 min and see what kind of progress we were making. I was hungry and thought if I could persuade the rest of the group I could eat soon somewhere that we could get seated faster. Well being it was friday fat chance so we wandered back and the gentleman said that we were right on time and that our table was ready. a nice suprise! I must tell you when you first walk into this place the kitchen is upfront and if you are hungry it makes it worse you are taken with these great smells of food and it is right there for you to see I felt like one of pavlovs dogs. I have never been to greece but I imagine it is pretty close to this. The wine list is all greek wines and beers. This was kind of scary because I have never tried any before. Tried the mythos beer I would actually go out and by this in a store it was a great beer. more

Cheap, huge taste 7/15/2006

We decided to try out this place because of all the rave reviews and the claim of "the best Greek food in the city". Some people apparently haven't had that much Greek food. We ordered the "Specials for Two" number one and were very disappointed. The spanakopita was greasy and tasteless. The falafel was greasy and tasteless, pretty much everything was greasy and tasteless. And the meat had the consistency of rubber. The salad was the best thing in the combo. Pros: Cheap, lots of food Cons: tastes terrible more
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  • In Business for Over 30 Years

    Located in the Heart of the City, Myconos Welcomes you to Enjoy Southern Greek Fair As Only Mom and Pop Can Prepare It.


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    One of the few Greek joints in San Francisco, Myconos easily scores points with its inexpensive offering and rustic, welcoming decor. Mixed reviews about the food's authenticity...

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