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209 N Illinois St
Belleville, IL 62220
(618) 576-6180
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Range fees are a little high for the 2nd shooter sharing a lane. Full price for the first shooter, 1/2 price for the 2nd would be more in line with other ranges. Range is great, ...


WAS 4 stars (average at best) but has changed because of new policy: MUST buy their ammo to use their range for anything above rimfire. MAYBE the kid watching the range didn't e...

TB 11/27/2017

Range fees are a little high for the 2nd shooter sharing a lane. Full price for the first shooter, 1/2 price for the 2nd would be more in line with other ranges. Range is great, rules are posted and enforced. We had one shooter a couple of lanes away decide to rapid fire (it's not permissible and is posted), staff immediately corrected the infraction. The shooter was aware of the rule, they were in a group showing off, laughing. The staff was very firm, the WERE NOT rude but they did make sure that the offender knew that safety was of utmost importance. I have not yet explored the store but hope to...soon. I do wish that they posted/advertised their fire arm and ammunition prices. more

1 Happy Customer 9/25/2013\r \r Steve it is nice to see that you got the Best Of Award from the Riverfront Times. With a very professional staff, clean stores, fair pricing along with a large inventory of products, I can understand why they picked you. Thank you for all you do and the way you treat your lady customers. I recommend you highly. more

C130 Shooter 5/12/2012

We were members the last time we were stationed at Scott and left in 2005. After returning and joining again in 2011, we joined again. Purchased two guns and go on average of twice a month. They are knowledgeable, friendly and extremely professional. With the addition od the range in Bridgeton, MO, this becomes a deal too good to pass up, if you're interested in buying a gun each year your membership is free. Just wish that if you buy two guns in a year one would count towards next year. The rules are pretty obvious, if you want to shoot steel core, AP or tracers...go some where else. Range safety is paramount and they professionals at BISR are serious about that and live it everyday more

Great Experience 9/18/2011

My husband and I absolutely love Belleville Shooting Range. We have purchased 3 guns since June 2011 from BSR. We have taken their private One-on-One fundementals of shooting and safety class, along with just completing the Florida Conceal Carry class. These classes were awesome and we highly recommend anyone who is wanting to refresh on the basics of gun safety and shooting.The information and instruction given during the Florida Conceal Carry class was exceptional, so hats off to Steve and his very knowledgable staff for a job well done. I have read the other negative comments posted and I have to disagree with them. We shopped other stores before we purchase from BSR and we walked away unimpressed. BSR definately has our future business. I hope you make the right choice too. more

Arrogant Staff 9/10/2011

Have also visited the store and found their staff arrogant and condensending.\r Stopped by to see if they had and rental pistols for my daughter to try out before I purchased her one.\r The very young kid behind the counter kept trying to steer me to the larger guns, which were not al all what I was looking for.\r He seemed the think his limited life experience trumped my 40+ years. more

CCW class and new gun 9/5/2011

Just bought a new conceal and carry gun. Always enjoy my visits here. Good classes, big selection, friendly staff. I'm excited about their new store opening, since it will be closer to my home. more

BSR - bad timing for VERY bad policy! 5/1/2011

WAS 4 stars (average at best) but has changed because of new policy: MUST buy their ammo to use their range for anything above rimfire. MAYBE the kid watching the range didn't explain it correctly, but he did a very poor UNSUPERVISED job of it for such a serious change in policy like that. I'm dumping my membership immediately.\r \r That's JUST my opinion (based on MY experience today!)...I could be wrong...\r \r John H more

Good spot for IDPA fans 2/8/2011

Glad I found this place. Staff has good knowledge of competition shooting and equipment needed. Will try out Fight Night. more

Bad experience - rude staff 12/22/2010

Arrogant staff. They seemed inconvenienced by helping me. They talked to me in a condescending tone as if I was a total idiot. Won't go back. Went to Ron & Joe's in Fairview and got service and cheaper prices. more

New to area 12/20/2010

I'm new to the area and glad I found this gun shop. Steve and crew are friendly and seem to know their stuff. more

Don't waste your time with them 11/24/2010

I became interested in purchasing an AR type rifle recently. While seeking recommendations from friends I was told to go to Belleville Indoor Shooting Range.\r \r I did visit one evening and the young sales person that assisted me in looking at their rifles was helpful. He even helped me to find the rifle that would meet my needs. They had one of these rifles in stock that I really liked. Repeatedly I was told how this rifle was a special order and that the price they sought was a really good deal. These comments came from a man and woman that stood near a cash register near the entry.\r \r As much as I liked the rifle, I chose to go home and do a little research first. I discovered that there were production rifles just like this "special order" rifle. Not only that, the MSRP was much lower than Belleville Indoor Shooting Range was asking. \r \r The following day I called to speak to the salesman again and get a little more information about the rifle. About an hour later I went back to the more

New fan of cowboy action shooting 3/30/2010

Had a great time this weekend at the Cimarron-Cowboy Action Shooting Event. "Bob-N-Weave" and "Back 40" took a lot of time explaining the sport and guns to me. I may be back to buy one of the beautiful Cimarron silver engraved revolvers. more

Great shop 3/19/2010

Just bought my first conceal carry gun (Ruger LCP) from these folks. Want to thank them for taking time to work with a newbie, who had a lot of questions. Will definitely shop here again. more

Fun place to shoot 3/19/2010

Tried this range out for the first time last week and had a great time. Several women on the range and in the store. That's good to see. Reassuring for us new female shooters. Check it out. more

will never have my business again 3/12/2010

Contrary to what others have said about BSR, in many trips, I've only had one good experience with them. \r \r My first trip was nice. The employees were friendly, complimented me on the work I had done on my gear, and definitely made me want to come back. \r \r Each trip after, however, was awful. All I heard was how I wasted my money on the guns that I brought, how I need to be careful and not shoot myself (I'm an NRA instructor and range safety officer and I made them aware of this), and not to break their rental guns. First, before shooting I was told not to shoot my AK-47 too fast, which I agreed to and mentioned it was a good idea for safety. They replied no, because it was not designed to shoot quickly... They also mentioned that they did not want me to shoot their MP5 rental because they were worried that using it would break the extractor again.\r \r Pricing is another gripe that I have with them. I have never purchased any of their firearms or ammunition, so I am only speaking to t more

Convienent Indoor Range and Competitive Prices 11/23/2009

I take advantage of the convenience of their indoor range. With the colder temperatures of Fall and with Winter right around the corner, the indoor range is an excellent way to participate in your favorite hobby without the worry of outside weather conditions. The indoor range is heated and keeps you comfortable. You can shoot any type of firearm you own without question. They offer highly competitive rates and their staff is always available if you have any questions. more

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range is great for any level gun enthusiasts! 11/20/2009

Being an entry level gun enthusiast I was a little intimidated to visit the range. I have little experience and have no idea where to begin. I am more concerned about obtaining a firearm for security reasons and the variety of different calibers, different brands of guns, etc was very overwhelming. The staff was very helpful in finding a gun that was most suitable for me. I also took advantage of their beginner classes, I would definitely recommend them to other entry-levels like myself! more

Really helpful and knowledgeable 11/19/2009

I have been very leery of guns for most of my life, but thanks to the folks at the range I am getting more comfortable & sure of myself around guns--it's helped that they are so knowledgeable. I know that if it wasn't for these guys I never would have had the courage to try. Thanks so much for your patience and helpfulness with me. Cheryl S. more

It's All What You Make of It! 2/2/2009

Being a retired military and FAA certified pilot I?ve been around quite a bit. Having spent considerable time at BSR I?ve had ample opportunity to witness first hand the quality of their business, their product, their customer support and the general store atmosphere. I can honestly say without reservation they do a respectable job on all counts.\r I can?t speak for those contributors on this blog who for one reason or another were dissatisfied with their experience at BSR. Some negative comments seem legitimate, but I suspect may have turned out more favorably had the customer thought to handle the situation differently. This is not to place ?blame? on the customer or say that they necessarily did anything wrong, maybe they did absolutely everything possible, one can?t know from the telling provided. I?d simply like to point out that we all make mistakes, and life is a lot easier, far more enjoyable and usually turns out better when one learns to overlook relatively more

Great Indoor Shooting Range 11/21/2005

If you like to shoot, which I most definately do, then the Belleville Shooting range is right for you, especially at this time of year! The Belleville Range is indoor, heated and well ventilated for your shooting enjoyment. You can shoot your long guns, pistols, and shotguns without fear. Their rates are competitave for what you get and the prices tor ammo and rental of firearms also is very good. You can also purchase a membership and firearms. If you purchase a firearm from them, they give you a one year membership free of charge. I would definately recommend shooting here. PROS: Price, Convenience CONS: Very Short lanes. more
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  • We are a one-stop shop for all your gun needs. You can buy, learn, and shoot here! Come visit today and check out our wide selection of guns or test out our shooting range. We also provide training. Call today to learn more! The Stores Complete line of handguns, rifles and shotguns, including major brands like: Kimber, S&W, Ruger, Beretta, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Remington, Glock, Century Arms, CZ Full selection of ammunition for range use, hunting and personal defense Competition accessories such as shot timers, magazine carriers, and custom accessories Wide assortment of personal defense products such as pepper spray/gel, flashlights and stun guns