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Matin Chiropractic Group

3525 Bush River Rd
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 772-2273
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I have suffered from neck pain for years. I also experience headaches, nausea, and tingling in my fingers. After reading the great reviews about Dr. Matin I figured I would see if...


My mom needed to go to a chiropractic doctor for her arthritic pain and this was close to home, always passed it on the road. So we went in, I paid for her deductible. Same for ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2012

We first starting seeing Dr.Matin back in the early 90's when my son got whiplash in a car wreck. Once he started with Dr. Matin my husband and I started seeing him.He helped all of us at that time. By the time he got done with all of us we were better than ever.So this time when I needed a doctor I didn't have to to think about who to go to.I can now stand and take my meds with no pain. Dr. Matin really cares about everyone of his clinets , he also shows alot of love . That also comes from his wife who is in the office everyday they are a great team that will show you lots of love and compassion and take care of your pain . I can honestly say I love Dr.Matin and his family. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/1/2012

Dr. Matin has helped me immensely. I had back surgery while in the military 22 years ago and have been living with the pain they said was normal. they got rid of the sympton but not the true cause. He explained everything very thoroughly and showed me in detail how everything was and what it was causing. This is my first chiropractic experience and I'm glad it was with him. His candor and character makes him very comfortable to be around and very relaxing, more

Dr Matin is very good. 4/22/2012

I first met with Dr. Matin thru my daughter's advice(he's helped her greatly). With my upper leg hurting I went to the Orthopaedic dr. I was xrayed and told I would just have to live with the pain and numbness I had. I went to Dr. Matin and he was so upset at the Drs. out come. You have to be out of balance and alignment, something is most likely pinching a nerve. Within 2 wks of treatment the numbness was gone and I was feeling great. Unfortunately by me missing 3 months of routine ajustments, my shoulder froze up on me. Ofcourse, off to the orthopaetic Dr. I went. After xrays, MRI and 1 cortisone shot I was left to go home with a arm I was only able to raise half way up. That was it, I went to Dr. Matin and within 2 days I had full range of motion again. By realigning and adjusting my spine he(Dr. Matin) did the trick. His(Dr. Matin) recomendation to keep yourself adjusted is sound advice. Thanks for caring Dr. Matin. more

I highly recommend Dr. Matin. 2/6/2012

I have suffered from neck pain for years. I also experience headaches, nausea, and tingling in my fingers. After reading the great reviews about Dr. Matin I figured I would see if he could help me with my condition. I was in tears the first day I met him because I was in such a miserable state. He was very considerate and talked me through all that I was experiencing. He asked me if I was feeling foggy headed and depressed. I was indeed experiencing these things as well. He suggested a treatment plan that could help. It has been only a couple of weeks and already I feel different. My neck pain has subsided along with most of the headaches. I feel more alert and energetic. I feel that I have found a way of living a healthier lifestyle under Dr. Matin's care. Before I sought his treatment I considered taking prescriptions for all of my symptoms which would have included pain medicine, muscle relaxers, anti-nausea medicine, and antidepressants. I am thrilled that I have been able to avoid most of this. I highly recommend his practice to everyone. more

Matin Chiropractic Group is THE BEST! 11/26/2011

Matin Chiropractic Group was recommended to us by friends of the family who make frequent visits to him for routine adjustments. Our family more

Matin to the rescue 11/20/2011

I have seen Dr. Matin on and off again for several years. Usually for emergency pain relief! I love running and have run several marathons over the past couple of years. Recently, while training for a November marathon I began to experience a strong pain in my right hip along with weakness in my legs. About two weeks before the race I quit training hoping that rest would elimate the pain. When a week of rest did nothing, I decided to try Dr. Matin for a last ditch effort to make it to the starting line. I visited him Monday thru Friday and started and finished my 6 marathon with absolutely no pain. I have now decided that Dr. Matin needs to be a regular part of my training experience, stay tuned for an update on a Feb 2012 marathon to see if regular chiropractic visits can also help me set a personal marathon record!!!!! My bet is YES it will help! more

I normally would not beleive it, but... 11/14/2011

My son was involved in a very serious car accident in 2006. It left him partially crippled as a result of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). He could get up out of his wheel chair and balance for a few seconds and hobble a few steps. That was about it. more

Matin Chiropractor Group Columbia, sc 11/14/2011

If you are contemplating a visit to a chiropractor I absolutely recommend you start with Dr. Matin. I believe you will be very thankful in the end, to have found him. I know I am Within a few minutes of meeting Dr. Matin during my first consultation, I was very impressed. He was able to link several vague problems to my back pain (subluxation) that I thought were unimportant, however this proved not to be so. He completed a thorough assessment, which he performs in order to make sure that he will be able to help you. He was honest and the end result showed that he could help me with my condition. After a few visits, my pain had improved tremendously, and he has also helped with my neck pain and migraines. Most people consider chiropractory to be an alternative form of medicine, ( I once did) however Dr. Matin has showed me that it's critical to take care of your spine because a defect can cause other problems in the nervous system. His front office staff is also very pleasant. I never have to wait more than a few minutes before being seen. The price is also very affordable! more

Review for Matin Chiropractic 10/16/2011

I have always preferred a holistic approach to preserving and maintaining my health and well being, and found chiropractic to be my choice for almost any ailments I have ever had (barring broken bones and those times when I was unable to stop the bleeding myself) more

At the End of Your Rope 6/28/2011

I've had an old injury of 2 hernated disc's in my neck that I've dealt with pain for 10 + yrs. I was seen by several doctors in NY & SC that couldn't offer me much relief other than keep sticking me on pain medicine. The medicine made me lathargic & the other side effects were horrible. The last few yrs. I ended up adding 2 more hernated disc's in my neck started at C4 to C7. After facing major surgery on 2 of the disc's having a cervical discectomy & a fusion performed I still continued with tremendous pain and didn't have full rotation of my right side of my head with out stiffness. I only got temperary relief through my massage therapist. I still continued to take pain killers. The very thought of going back to a general chiropractor again wasn't an option. On top of that aliment my hips started giving me pain too as I walked & when I would lay down to sleep. I began to walk funny with a wobble. The aches & pains were so intense I couldn't even get out of bed with out wanting to cry from the pain I was experiencing. After going back & forth to the nuero surgeon & ortha-pedic surgeon they just kept given me more prescriptions & physical therapy. My 40 something yr old body felt as if it was an was an 80 yr old worn out body and I continue to get worse. I felt as if I was at the end of my rope. Until my massage therapist recommended Dr. Matin. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about going to a chiropractor that doesn't do manual manipulation. Though, I've had enough of the other methods & was curious enough to want to go with something newer. After the first initial visit I felt immediate relief. It's been now 2 months & I'm off all my pain medication and I feel this tremendous energy about me. I can exercise not at full strength but each day I get stronger & stronger. I wish I knew about him sooner. Though, my many thanks to my massage therapist Anna Sciandra & many thanks to Dr. Matin. I would recommend him highly. Thank you for this opportunity to write this review. T. Tuzzolino more

Angels in disguise 6/13/2011

Recently i was involved in a motorcycle vs. SUV accident. A direct impact to my lower back limited my mobility and the athleticism i once had. At the age of 20 I became imprisoned by intense back pain fearing that my days of golf, basketball, swimming, and hiking were over. My only relief for a year was to keep taking prescription schedule one pain killers. I hated taking drugs because not only did they suppress my body they also suppressed my mind. Three Months after my wreck i was introduced to Dr. Matin through a family friend and by the Fifth month I was off my medication completely. Through Dr. Matin's care i was able to tolerate my pain on a daily basis and able to get back to where i felt stronger. I am confident that my ability to bounce back this quickly from a nearly paralyzing accident is solely responsible of Dr. Matin's work. I highly reccomend his care to anyone who has mild to severe head, neck, or body pain. more

Thank you very much 4/7/2011

I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease by an ENT and was told there was basically nothing they could do for me. After suffering with a number of vertigo attacks, I decided to try Dr. Matin. I can not express in word how better I feel. The tinnitus in my ear has also improved and the hearing in my ear is also improving. I tried another chiropractor in the past and felt as if I was on an assembly line - IN and OUT. Dr. Matin treats you as a human and takes a lot time with you. His staff is very efficient and very caring. I am so glad I discover Dr. Matin and his staff. Best wishes and thank you very much. Catherine Glenn more

Matin Chiropractic Group, Dr.Loujan Matin, DC 3/16/2011

I would like to express my full confidence in Dr. Loujan Matin and the specialty of Activator Chiropractic. I was significantly injured in a Active Duty parachute accident when I was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force 01 April 1990. I shattered my pelvis and broke my back in four places. Dr. Matin's activation therapy has made a huge difference in my health. The benefits that Dr. Matin has provided to me are simply priceless. more

Best Chiropractor in South Carolina 3/2/2011

Before going to Dr. Matin, I had not gone to a chiropractor in years because of some bad experiences. Also, as a science educator, I was a little skeptical of chiropractic. Last year I suffered a serious fall which really negatively impacted my walking and activity level. I started going to Dr. Matin and have been helped so very much!! As I told him today, ""Because of Dr. Matin, I am a born again chiropractic patient!"" Dr. Matin Is advanced certified and credentialed in the Activator Method. In fact, he is the only chiropractor proficient in Activator Techniques. Also he Is Advanced Certified and credentialed in Soft Tissue Injury To the Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, and Nerves and Body Biomechanics. He regularly attends the latest and most modern scientifically validated Technique in Chiropractic by the NIH (National-Institute of Health). He has an over 90% success rate with conditions including lower back,sciatica, neck pain and headaches, migraine headaches, frozen shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, disc herniations, running injuries, foot and knee pain,nerve entrapment,and numerous other conditions. In addition, Dr. Matin is the FIRST health professional who is having success in correcting my husband's back problem. Both of us are feeling so very much better and have so much more energy. We are EXTREMELY satisfied with his technique and will continue to go to him for treatment and maintenance from now on. Thank you, Dr. Matin for mproving our quality of life!!! more

Outstanding care over the years 2/11/2011

Several years ago I went to Dr. Matin with lower back pain. I am a very tall person and have been bothered with lower back pain all my life. After a series of treatments over the next several weeks I was free of pain. Last year I had a serious fall injuring my back. I could hardly walk. Again Dr. Matin treated me and after the first day, I could walk. Continued treatment over several weeks got me back to normal. I continue with Dr. Matin on a regular basis to keep my body tuned up. more

Great Chiropractor 2/4/2011

I started utilizing Dr. Matins' services about three years ago! I had back problems for years. I would pull a muscle or pinch a nerve monthly. It has been over two years now since I have done so, with Dr. Matins help. Dr. Matin even helped me with anxiety and a case of vertigo. I have also have had less colds and other ailments since going to Dr. Matin. I have recommended several other people to him. I would highly recommend Dr. Matin to anyone. more

Migraine relief 1/25/2011

Dr. Matin changed our lives. We were constantly living as a slave to migraines. They are almost a thing of the past now. We are forever grateful to Dr. Matin for his help. He has so much passion for his profession! more

Helps in many ways 1/25/2011

I started seeing Dr. Matin for hip problems; I couldn't sleep at night and was in constant pain. Shortly after my first visit, I developed a sinus infection - which usually results in 10 days of pain, and an antibiotic. During one of my routine visists, I mentioned this issue to Dr. Matin. Using his actuator on my forehead & sinuses, my symptoms were gone within an hour! more

Columbia's Very Best Chiropracter 1/24/2011

When I first starting seeing Dr. Matin I suffered serious back problems,sinus problems and a unblanced body but since I have been going to Dr. Matin he has truly worked wonders in my life, from the very first day I went to him a change started taking place and now the pain has gone, and he continues to make my life better. I have recommended him to many of my co-workers and they started going to Dr. Matin as well and they rave about his practice. So people ""run"" don't walk to Dr. Matin Chropractic Group, Inc. if you want to live a better quatity of life. If you could rate him by thumbs I would give him two thumbs up as well as five stars. more

Dr. Matin - Changing My Life Daily - He's the Best! 1/22/2011

My association with the chiropractic profession goes back to 1956, when my mother was injured in an automobile accident. On advice of her close friend and medical doctor, she started going to Dr. Jordan D. Young in Florence, South Carolina. It took time, but she slowly returned to enjoying her life. In the mid 1970's I injured my back and was admitted to then Baptist Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina, on my doctor's orders for surgery and traction. After a few days of suffering, I had my wife check me out of the hospital and drive to Florence to get Dr. Young to work on me. The surgery was never done. Since that time, my age and excess weight have caused me to be in constant pain. Dr. Young had moved to Pickens, SC and later passed way. I tried everything with no constant success. I became very discouraged. I was beginning to believe that there was no possible practical and affordable answer. A few weeks I started going to Dr. Matin and he has produced marvelous results. I am now able to walk hours without collapsing where before I was in such constant pain, a 200-foot walk was unbearable for me to handle. He was able to first correct my constant headaches, then started working on getting my spine back in correct order, and most recently adjusting the area that produced the excruciating pain in the hips-lower spine area. I am elated with the new life. I applaud Dr. Matin's dedication to making his patients enjoy life as it should be. I apologize for being so wordy, but this was the only way I felt that I could convey what I went through and the way I feel now. I know this is only the beginning of a long and enjoyable second stage of my life at age 70! more
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