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Master's Touch Electronics

331 Tilton Rd # 23
Northfield, NJ 08225
(609) 677-7999
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I had troubles with my 50 inch plasma television (2008 model). After a call to the manufacturer (television had one week left under warranty) I was contacted by Masters Touch whom...


Worst company we could have been referred!!!!!!!!! Pros: null Cons: null

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/24/2017

ZERO 0 stars!! Save yourself the headache just buy a new tv, I had some work done on my lg tv by Tom at master touch I could've never belived what a HORRIBLE experience this would become I didn't mind getting charged $80 just to come out and look at the Tv but I was told the Tv would be picked up and fixed within a week which turned into a two week wait without a television during this time period I was never Called or apologized too or even explained why it was taking so long to get my tv fix, after finally getting the bill and receiving my Tv back it stopped working not even 2 weeks later !! And I Called Tom at master touch for THREE weeks asking for the Tv to be fixed and he is so unprofessional my phone calls have been ignored and never returned I've Called while he was on the line with someone else and still didn't return my calls while I know he's on the phone so he can't say he didn't just see the calls. I paid ""x"" amount of money for someone to hold onto my tv for 2 weeks to get it back and it only work for a week and then my calls to be ignored because he does not want to rectify the situation, TO THIS DAY MY TV IS NOT FIXED DONT TRUST THIS GUY YOUR BETTER OFF BUYING A NEW TV!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/25/2015

Initially, the owner, Tom Hoskins, who answered with a 'MASTER'S TOUCH' greeting on the telephone, seemed all too eager to help me with my TV problem. I made the mistake of using a 3rd party website to find his services in my area. Why was this a mistake? Because after all of the mess of dealing with him, Samsung told me that he wasn't authorized to service in my area, even though he claimed just that -- 'local authorized servicer'. Tom gave me a 'servicer number' which he claimed was his (did he steal the number?), but after nearly losing my hard-earned money to him (yes, pure scam-artist), it turns out that that number pops up as a servicer in a completely different area of the USA, according to Samsung. I never found out where that area was. \r Things started out semi-positive. He was eager to do the job. In reality, he was eager to get my money, but I was naive. It took 2 days for him to come out and I just knew that something was wrong when he walked up to my door. He rushed inside, almost pushing his way in through the door and said 'Where's the Television? You lead the way."" His wife, eerily, was sitting in his 'MASTER'S TOUCH' van during the entire 'servicing' episode. \r He's a clumsy guy. He stepped on some wires behind my television and knocked a router off its stand when doing so. Hardly the 'Master's Touch. He was sloppy in appearance and rushed. The main problem was a slight flicker on TV. He used his servicing remote. Clicking furiously, he eerily said, ""Yeah... I'm Samsung authorized"" with a creepy grin. Trusting him, I asserted that this was why I went with him. He grinned again, probably because he knew what was coming (the ripoff). \r Tom finished checking patterns and color grids on the television, many of which he wasn't even familiar with. He remarked to me that one was dark on the left hand side, and that it might be the panel doing that -- clearly, it was a gradient from black from the left to the right, but he was so untrained that it wasn't apparent to him. He said he'd have to check his books. At this point, doubt started to fill my mind. Was this guy legit? \r He charged me 85.60. We briefly exchanged some dialogue and he got into a weird banter about his Christian views of other people. He barged into my life, asking prude questions, and denounced my Mother's divorce, saying it was 'sin'. I was glad I wasn't a Muslim, Jew or other religious person. He was offensive, quoted Bible verses and, upon hurriedly leaving, shouted ""GOD BLESS"" and ""I'LL CALL YOU"". \r My television was left on. It auto-turned off after 30 minutes. Upon restarting the television, I was shocked to see that it didn't work anymore! Whatever he did in the Service Menu messed up the television! He left me with a completely useless television and a charge of nearly $100. \r I wrote him the next day, using the email contact on his bill. He didn't respond. He did call in two days: ""I THINK IT'S THE MAIN PANEL"" (trying to milk the job). He, oddly, asked ME to call Samsung and ask for a ticket and special 'Pro-rated pricing'. After finding out the panel cost 675$, I called him back and told him about the email. He said he didn't check his email that often and said it might be the power board. ""I'LL CALL YOU"" \r 3+ weeks pass by without a call and I'm stuck using a tiny monitor at my computer. Finally, something snaps in me and I patiently send several kind voice-messages. FINALLY, I realized I was getting ripped off and that he'd run with the money - that he had no intent of servicing the television. I finally found this site and to my horror, realized what crooks he (and probably his wife) are. I threatened to take him to small claims court in a voice message, but no response. Just SILENCE. \r Finally, I contacted my credit card company and they immediately understood. They returned my funds, but still, no call from Thomas Hoskins. \r WATCH OUT! He is a crook, a hypocrite and a liar. BUYER BEWARE. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/28/2013

Just an awful, awful repair service! \r \r I was referred to Masters Touch in Nov 2012 by the extended warranty company who serviced my Samsung HD TV. I had no idea the problems I was about to endure over the course of the next 8 months. And, at the end of the day, the TV never did get fixed.\r \r I experienced most of the other complaints you will read here except, being under warranty, no money changed hands (at least on my part). Tom, the owner, came out to look at the TV in Nov and replaced a part that didn't fix the problem. He said he would order another part and come back. He did come back and replace that part but the TV still didn't work so he said he was going to order yet another part. From that point in Jan thru Aug he missed at least 10 appointments to replace that part repeatedly saying that he had the part but always having some excuse for not showing up as scheduled. There was never a call to let me know he wasn't coming or a call after the fact to reschedule. Rarely were phone calls to him answered nor returned when I was able to even leave a vm. When I called the warranty company in June to complain they almost shrugged me off saying there was nothing they could do because, by then, the warranty had expired and he had already invoiced them for the work implying that the job was done. After convincing them that the work was never completed and getting them involved with setting up future appointments (that were always missed) the warranty company ended up reimbursing me for my troubles. So, they were out the money they paid Tom and the money they paid me.\r \r The unprofessionalism shown by Tom and his complete disregard for customer courtesy is something I've never seen before in my life. Run as fast as you can from this company and never look back! \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/9/2012

Extremely Dishonest and Lacks any Integrity more

null 6/26/2012

Worst company we could have been referred!!!!!!!!! Pros: null Cons: null more


I wish I could give ZERO stars....This company is THE WORST company I have ever had to deal with!!!!! The owner Tom NEVER...let me repeat...NEVER returns any phone calls!!!! He makes up excuse after excuse when I did get in touch with him. It took over a month for him to return to my house to fix my TV!!! Pros: null Cons: null more

Great Experience 12/2/2010

I had troubles with my 50 inch plasma television (2008 model). After a call to the manufacturer (television had one week left under warranty) I was contacted by Masters Touch whom promptly set up an appointment. After a short visit they determined that I would need a new plasma screen. The screen was on backorder but when it arrived they called to schedule a repair date. After an amazingly efficient visit, I was up and running. However, the new panel was faulty (Obviously not Masters Touch's fault.) After a return trip for diagnosis the guys went back to the shop to deliberate how to rectify the situation. Here is the best part. Later that day, I received phone calls from both Masters Touch and from the manufacturer. They informed me that they were going to send me a brand new 2010 model 50 inch plasma. My new television is fantastic - much narrower (at 1.4 inches thick) than the old one. Many thank you's to Masters Touch more

Dont waste your time or money 9/24/2010

I wish I had looked theem up prior to calling for service. ABSOLUTELY terrible, DO not call them for service. No follow through. no level of professionalism. The first appt was a no show, Quite possibly for the tech being injured that day regardless no one called me to tell me he wasnt going to make it, I called them. The next day the Tech (he clalimed to be the owner) showed up 2 hours late thinking he knew what the problem was but didnt. No diagnostic check or anything. He replaced something but it didnt change the problem. He took his shirt off while working, he did at least have the classic wife-beater on but seriously. My friend who was waiting there with me almost fell on the floor. The temp in my house was 69 degrees was that necessary? All the while his dog and GF/wife/ladyfriend were waiting in the car in my driveway. He said my TV was worth fixing and would call me the next day with repair cost. Two weeks later and I still have never recieved a call back.. I have called a total of three times in 2 weeks and no response. Itstt hard to just throw away a 61 inch tv. I would have preferred to have it fixed. Luckily I have only invested 100 dollars but still it was money i didnt need to waste and the time too more

terrible comapny and service 6/21/2010

company is terrible. They came to fix a broken lamp in my hdtv and one month later, it was broke again. it took 3 days forthem to even come look at it. then they could not even determine what was wrong. I paid 225 dollars for the service they said they do a 10 point check on ur tv for other problems which is a lie also. after they came back out they said since they didnt know whether it was a lamp or something else they would order parts and contact me in a few days. never happened. i called back and was hung up on while on hold. they never answer the phone or return calls. I called and finnalyy after 20 tries got someone. then i was told i would recieve a call back in an hour. didnt happen, So i called the next day and talked to the owner he said he would call within 2 days. didnt happen. This company will rip you off and feel good about it. Please do not waste your time or money with this company you WILL regret it. Pros: nothing good about them Cons: They rip you off for your money and lie about services more


Total Rip off they prey on the elderly what ever you do don't give them your credit card. They charged my parents $133 after telling them it was to hold their tv in their work queue. Now they lie saying they can't obtain parts and don't return their calls. Consumer Beware! Pros: None run while you can Cons: EVERYTHING more


Master Touch Electronics took my elderly parents for a ride. Collected their credit card number and charged them $133 for nothing. They told my parents that they new the main board was bad and that they would get a price and call them back. They never heard back. My parents called again and was told they couldn't find the part. My parents called Vizio and was told that part is easily obtainable on the web site. My parents called and left a message regarding this. Naturally they have not called back. CONSUMER BEWARE Pros: There aren't any pro's Cons: Total Rip Off! more

Poor Everything 5/26/2009

Thanks Jessica. I am taking my TV somewhere else. Your comments are ridiculous. If this company is so wonderful, then why are there so many negative comments? This lame defense is for a lame company. Are you sure your family did not mean to open an Ice Cream shop, because your electronic repair service is sub-standard. I don't know how you stay in business. Oh wait, I know, poor warranty work, where you get paid regardless of whether the consumer gets it fixed or not. Pros: The Building Had Heat Cons: Can you think of the worst company ever? Multiply by 10 more

Only Good if you going through a Warranty Service Provider like Phillips etc... 11/2/2008

Had warranty service 2 yrs ago with Phillips and they made an appointment with Master Touch to come out. Came and diagnosed the problem and took 3 weeks to get part. Came back out spent 2 hours fixing problem and did a great job. Thank god for the warranty it would have cost me a fortune ( red & blue lights went in the projection). 2 yrs later the green lens went and I called them 4 times and left messages but they don't return your calls. I guess their business is just with warranty companies and really don't care about doing business with the retail. What customer is going to pay $400-1000 to fix a 4yr old $1500 TV. The Manufacturers are their bread and butter and they are going to pay. Pros: Warranty Service no problem Great Job Cons: None warranty- don't expect a call back more

The worst in every aspect .. from customer services, returning calls, follow up and fixing TV's 10/22/2008

I have been trying to get my TV repaired for over a yr . I have not been able to reach them by phone and have gotten very few return phone calls. I even have the owners cell phone. I have requested my money back as I do not want them to work on my TV. I was billed for a house visit to Ck the TV and they were going to order parts... This has never happened. Let me sum it up... They the Worst! No Follow up!, No return calls, Even when they say they are going to call you back.... do your self a favor... GET SOMEONE ELSE TO FIX YOUR TV. I am going to take them to court to get my money back... Pros: NONE... They Sink Cons: They seem to be running a scam ... no services and they bill you..... watch out!!! more

worst ever 10/14/2008

These guys are the worse, they are probably factory authorized since this area does not have too many shops, they took my tv which had simple problem and fried the whole board and tried to say it was defective. They also never respond to phone calls and you can rarely find them in the office, if you do, their employees will just claim you have to talk to the owner when hes back, and he never comes back. they took 6 months to try and repair my TV and at the end of it ruined it and tried to blame the manufacturer. Pros: none Cons: no customer service, slow, poor quality more

Horrible service cannot believe family has tried to redeem 9/26/2008

I was just speaking with a coworker who has been having tv troubles. Circuit city continues to use this company for repair and their service is absolutely terrible. I had masters touch take my tv for repair last year and they held it for over three months. Every time I would call not one single person could give me an update on my tv. I asked to speak to the owner or manager or anyone that could help me inorder to get some kind of status and they would simply take my number and neglect to call me back. I had to call circuit city service and after they made several calls finally they agreed to bring my tv back. They said it had been repaired but when it was returned the problem was still obviously there. It had not even been masked. This company is the worst repair place I have ever dealt with and if you want to listen to their family chalking them up as an outstanding company than do so but if you want your tv repaired go somewhere else. Save yourself the headache. I still cannot believe people would write to defend them. I have talked to several people with the same experiences. Cons: Does not communicate and poor service. more

Great... 7/14/2008

Okay all you people with the evil comments need to stop your selves immediatley. Masters Touch Electronics is A) The best B) The best and C) The best...I hope you do know that parts don't come on your have to do this thing called ordering them...Just like you do everything else okay, & some parts come later than others..And uhm HELLO..."SHADY PEOPLE?!" Are you serious!? These people are my family members and probably the last thing i'd like to "shady" Just because your pansy pants doesn't mean you have to go and call them shady....Maybe your the shady one. They do excellent jobs, and if you don't like what they do..THEN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE & STOP WASTING YOUR TIME WRITING BAD REVIEWS...!! (: Pros: Their great people Cons: There aren't any !! more

honest company 5/7/2008

Maters touch is factory authorized and now i know why all the manufaturers give them there stamp of approval, they really know there stuff. Before i thank them, i should give some background on my experience with an unauthorized company (logans) I Have an old sony crt tv, the picture around the edges was bowed and curved. Originally i had logans come out (not factory authorized) big mistake. Logans looked at my tv for 1 minute, said its the tube, gave me a huge 700$ estimate, consequently i then decided not to get it fixed. He almost looked happy when i said that i didnt want it fixed, took my money for the service call and left. I decided to get a second oppinion. I called masters touch, they were out within two days spent about 5 minutes on it and determined that the problem was cheap and easy to repair. They placed some magnets on the picture tube and made a few adjustments to cure the bad geometry. Picture looked good as new. They only charged me the service call of 59.00 In fact they even offered to give me a 10% discount cause they fealt bad that i had been ripped off by logans. Seems like logans just gives high estimates in hopes that the customer wont wanna go with the repair so that they can just quickly collect a service call and move on. Lesson learned. Only go with factory authorized service centers. Thanks masters touch. Pros: Honest, smart Cons: I think logan is a con more

Will get the job done 5/7/2008

Just replying to the nasty comment i saw when i looked these guys up, i dont know how they are with other customers but i will say they provided me with excelent service and at a fair price. Has not been any problems with my tv so far after the repair, thanx a bunch Master's touch. Pros: Very nice People, No problem with repair Cons: Took awhile for parts but thier reply was "we dont make them" more

poor customer service nasty workers and ripoffs 1/25/2008

oh my god this is the worst place to ever go i would not never suggest anyone to go thier they came to my home wrote down what i told them what was wrong with my tv took my 150 dollars and i never heard from them again. Then they would not return any of my calls its okay i will see them in court. words of advice dont call them call Logans electronics they were quick helpful and i had my tv fixed in a week. Pros: they came right away to get my money Cons: they never came back more
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