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Malibu Creek State Park - 17 Reviews - Las Virgenes and Malibu Canyon Road, Malibu, CA - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (818) 880-0367

Malibu Creek State Park

Las Virgenes and Malibu Canyon Road
Malibu, CA 90265
(818) 880-0367
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Hard to believe this is so close to the noise of LA ... beautiful trails, wildlife, wildflowers ... repose. Rock climbing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding... ...


Obviously someone just threw darts at a map to pick MalibuCreek State Park for the Top Ten. You've been exposed! and I don't see myself following any of your other recommendations...

Fantastic Escape! 3/21/2009

Hard to believe this is so close to the noise of LA ... beautiful trails, wildlife, wildflowers ... repose. Rock climbing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding... a great place so close to Malibu... Pros: Natural beauty, Secluded trails more

Don't understand the negative reviews 7/24/2008

This is a great park with great hiking, and much more to do than just see the old MASH set. You just have to be willing to explore a little. There are some great view and really great hikes along the creek. If you can find it there is a big water hole back in the canyon with a waterfall and a rope swing. Definitely worth checking out, but it'll probably take you a while to find it, and it's a good enough secret not to give directions. Just know it's back there. Honestly, I've hiked this park a hundred times and never found anything to complain about. So check it out. more

Ignore all the negative reviews! 7/6/2008

I read these reviews the night before we left and was truly very worried. It was only going to be me, my mom and my two year old son. However, we were PLEASANTLY surprised. This place really is the best kept secret. In fact, I have neglected to write my review because it could potentially keep the crowds away :) Some of these other reviews are .... big babies I suppose. I mean, first off, your camping. There is going to be insects, get over it. There was just the right amount of amenities there (too many wouldn't be camping) and they were very clean. There is SO much to do there if you are an active person. We took the hike to the rock pool, and they have a cute visitor center nearby. Here is my ONE complaint: At the rock pool, there were several families, trying to have a good time, but a group of six (three males, three females) who were drunk out of their minds, and obvious meth-heads. (missing teeth, eyes bulging out, skinny faces, etc...) they were really taking over the place, they made a beautiful place very uncomfortable. I would go so far to say I did question our safety and made the decision to leave. HOWEVER, as we were leaving, (feeling rather disappointed) we ran into a ranger, who sped off very quickly to take care of the problem. We soon saw a helicopter come over and several police cars come through the gates. Later we spoke to the ranger, he told us they were escorted out and given tickets. I was very happy with their speedy take on the situation. :) Pros: The hikes, the creek and rock pool, the happy campers Cons: bee's more

Worked for Us... 8/6/2006

I read the previous reviews before we went, and was a litte afraid of what I might find. We needed a spot close to Zuma Beach, where our company was holding its annual picnic, and thought camping would be more fun than a hotel. Its a crapshoot as to what site you get, because you cannot reserve in advance. After we arrived, I could see where some of the bad reviews were coming from. There are some small sites, with no cover, up against a fence, and there were some sites that looked like 40 people were camping in them. We were fortunate to get site 19, which was by some of the larger trees, in the back. It was rather small for our popup camper to manuver into the spot, but we finally managed it. The bathrooms were very clean, and had LOTS of toilet paper. (Bring your own soap and a towel) We had a friend coming in to camp there, the following day, and asked if we could get their site next to ours. The ranger was helpful and said that if we didnt like our spot, or needed to move, we could request a different spot the next day. We were able to request the spot next to us, for our friend, the following morning. The other campers there were friendly, and for the most part, quiet. We didnt hike any of the trails, but might do that as a day trip in the future. I 'interviewed' several of the other campers, to get their impressions of the place, and most of them were very happy with it and will be coming back. I personally have been to better (and worse!), and dont see making a special trip just to camp there again. Pros: Close to the beaches, clean campsites and bathrooms Cons: Rather plain camping, no privacy because of openness more

A Very good site 7/9/2006

We just spend our weekend on that park. (We are in the group camp site not the individual site). This site is really good. Lots of shade for setting tent, restroom is clean (except some spiders), toilet papers are well stock. Rangers clean our site and move away trash every day. (This is very good service.) This site parking permit can be use in all the beaches in Malibu (You don't need to park $10-$14 parking fees). You do need to do some leg work to move your stuff from your car to the camp ground. Pros: Good service and site location is very good Cons: If you are afraid of spriders more

You have got to be joking 5/17/2006

This is the worst camp ground ever! I would rather spread out under the street lamps at a WAll Mart parking lot than this nightmare. The water reaks.. the trails are over used and though there is some partialy scenic spots along the recycled water stream it was pleasant only because the rest of the place is so severe on the eye. If the fact that it is close to smell'lay and multiple choice foods then stay at a motel six downtown... you can see the same natural enviroment from your locked room. Editor please stay at this place and reconsider its placement on the list to be fair to your readers. Pros: its outside, fun for freak watch, third world country Cons: its unpleasant, the mosquitos , poluted more

Dont bring your dogs 8/11/2005

This place sucked! Our campsite was totally trashed. Very dirty, trash everywhere. We were assigned the smallest site in the place when there were other much nicer sites avialable. We had a wood fence 15 feet above our tent area; felt like we were camping in our backyard but less seclusion and scenery. I still cant believe we spent almost $40 to camp here. Yes, the Santa Monica mountains are beatiful and the hikes are probably really nice (we had our dogs with us so we could not go on any of the trails!), but the campsite stinks. I can't stress enough how dirty it was. If you do come here I suggest just buying a day pass and not staying in the campsite. Very dissapointing. Pros: close to Malibu, close to beach Cons: dirty, crowded, overstrict dog rules more

A mixed bag... 7/31/2005

I've been to Malibu Creek several times now. There are a ton of trails, so it's fun for hiking. The camp areas are pretty open and plain, but if you get there early, there are some good ones towards the back. The facilities aren't as bad as some have claimed, they're just not luxurious. All in all, it's a decent place to camp when all the other place close by are booked a year out. Pros: Close to the city, Lots of hiking trails Cons: Can get crowded, Plain, open campsites more

What a chunk of cr*p 5/24/2005

If you have read the reviews, you will understand that for this slimyturd to be in the Top 10 Campsites around Los Angeles is just some cruel joke. Or maybe they couldn't come up with 11 places in LA to camp. Now don't get me wrong, there are two sites that have trees, but you will never get one because there are always more than two other poor saps already there. In the winter/spring, there is running water in the creek, but there are also about 100 of the mangiest, filthiest city rats splashing and screaming. The posts about the trash and discarded clothing is exactly right, as is the description of the Rangers. It's a park no one seems to cars about. There are lots better places to camp - and even better places to just spend a day within 1/2 hour drive. Pros: near great places to, lots of recycleables, free clothing Cons: dirty, loud, out of control more

Snakes & Coytoes 8/16/2003

Great time. I came across a coyote walking a level 1 trail and we just stared each other for a few minutes before it ran off. The next morning as I was waiting my turn to take a shower I saw a 8 foot poisonous, walked right up to it before I realized it was poisonous; opps... It slithered about it's own way & I turned around to take my shower. Rock Lagoon was trashed by careless city folk! They should stay in their own dirty city area and leave the mountains to those who care about it! Other than that I had a great time. Pros: Great Trails, Beautiful Nights, quite & peaceful Cons: Not for the timid, Not for snake haters, Trashed by camers :( more

Malibeautiful! 8/16/2003

Enchantment is the right term here. The Santa Monica Mountains are GORGEOUS, the hiking is AWESOME, the views, tremendous & when you done reveling in the splendor of these jagged, wooded mountains, head down the canyon road to the BEACH & swim, cool off & dine in fabulous, eclectic cuisine. 15 miles but a WORLD apart. Pros: Beauty, Mild Climate, Swim & dine in 15 min Cons: Too low for snow more

Developed Camping? 8/16/2003

When we made reservations we were told by CA Park System operators this was a ""developed"" camping area. When we got there we found small campsites with cement slabs. NO water or electric hook-ups and a water spigot about two campsites away. Once you get there and it's the only show in town, it's a bit late to find out it's primitive camping. The bathrooms were deplorable with PAY showers! We had to PAY for a map of the hiking trails, which we found to be strewn with litter. The lakes/streams were littered with clothes and underwear -- UGH! Other campers were noisy -- we had to wear earplugs to get to sleep. Reading the other bad reviews, we're just glad we weren't there over a weekend! Now we know we don't want to live or camp in southern California! Pros: Friendly Rangers, Beautiful Mountains Cons: Undeveloped Campsites, Dirty Facilities more

bad 8/16/2003

there where no trees at the campsite. there was no where for you to take your dog out the bees where horrible. there was nothing like bushes and trees by the campsites so all you saw where all the other campers. it was just a boring camp. you could sit outside because of the bees Pros: clean bathroom Cons: bees, dogscouldntgoanywhere, no trees more

Really want to camp? Keep Driving 8/15/2003

Obviously someone just threw darts at a map to pick MalibuCreek State Park for the Top Ten. You've been exposed! and I don't see myself following any of your other recommendations. As an Angeleno who rides here quite often, I know that while the park is great for locals that enjoy mountain biking or hiking, and freaks that want to party in a dirt parking lot, not ""camp,"" I suppose this is a great place. But for tourists looking for a natural environment for real camping - forget it! Whoever compiled this list has obviously NEVER camped there. Liars! PS - For tourists look for movie stars - there is something being filmed there at least once a month so you might get a peak of a celeb. For naturists, have a skinny dip in century lake, but avoid a hex from the wierdo Goths! Pros: Great Mountain Biking, Great Trail Running, Nude Swimming in Lake Cons: Not for camping, Not for camping, Not for camping more

Das is kool, mon! 6/22/2002

Great hiking, scenery, but it looks like the camping grounds are TOO easily accessible from LA to discourage obnoxious, loud, and drunken LAers from ruining your campout. We hiked ALL day until dusk with fewer and fewer people on the trails until we saw ZERO on the steep ""Bulldog trail."" Century Lake is a nice breather and it was fun checking out the old MASH site; just two rusted-out trucks left and the area is overgrown with shrubs but the mountains are definately recognizable from the show. But NO ""Hotlips Houlihan"" to be found : ( Bring lots of water, Gatorade, trail mix, energy bars and there plenty of shady spots to relax along the way. We will definately go back for more hiking soon and hit some trails we didnt go on last time. more

Keep on driving! 6/1/2002

Malibu Creek State Park is truly hell on earth. My brother and I made the mistake of camping there on a trip through CA two years ago. Here's the breakdown: The ranger staff is incompetent and are scared to patrol at night. Beer, beer, and more beer means plenty of noisy drunks ... one fell onto our campsite around 2 AM. Bring an extra person to guard the bathroom door. There is only one functional shower and the patrons aren't used to the concept of taking turns. A group of goths engaged in some sort of drunken ritual at the creek all night long. Pick the site closest to the exit for a clean getaway. Pros: I'm still alive., No gunplay., Quiet mornings. Cons: Drunks, Noise, Shower visitors. more

rather sleep on a park bench 6/1/2002

This is the worst campground I have ever stayed at. We were staying the on our last night in CA and it was so bad we left at 3:00 AM and decided that it was safer at LAX than at this campground. There was a huge, loud, and drunken party going on. People dressed completely in black practicing witchcraft in the woods. The party was right by the caretakers trailer and he did nothing. At 2:00 in the morning a drunk crashed though our campsite and there were blood curling screams coming from the woods all night. When I saw that this campground made the top ten I thought it was a joke. Obviously the reviewers didn't stay there on a Friday or Saturday night. I hope people get to read this because I felt that I needed to warn people of how bad this place can be! Pros: close to LAX Cons: college kids partying, Poor supervision, filthy more
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