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Mabrie Facial Cosmetic: David C Mabrie, MD - 11 Reviews - 166 Geary St 1502, San Francisco, CA - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (415) 445-9513

Mabrie Facial Cosmetic: David C Mabrie, MD

166 Geary St 1502
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 445-9513
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Mabrie Facial Cosmetic: David C Mabrie, MD - San Francisco, CA
Mabrie Facial Cosmetic: David C Mabrie, MD - San Francisco, CA


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Procedure: Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty \r \r * * * * * FIVE STARS * * * * *\r \r I recommend anyone to go to Dr. Mabrie for fillers and injections - especially for nonsurgical rhi...


Dr. Jacobs performed my Rhinoplasty 6 years back. The operation was quick and everything seemed fine. I recovered as expected, but when the swelling was gone, I noticed somethin...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/18/2013

Exceptional job, very happy with results! For 18 years I wanted to get a rhinoplasty (nose job) and I did much research over the years trying to decide on a surgeon. I decided to choose Dr. Stanley Jacobs and I am so glad I did. After I got the surgery quote, I never felt pressured into having the surgery. Dr. Jacobs is professional in objectively discussing potential improvements that can be made using surgery and is clearly an expert. I ended up with a rhinoplasty and chin implant to balance out my features. I could not be happier, I am over the moon! Dr. Jacobs is funny, easy to talk to, down to earth, and a true artist as well as an exceptional health care provider. My results exceeded my expectations. For the first time in my life I feel beautiful and that is thanks to Dr. Jacobs.\r \r Additionally Dr. Jacobs' staff is absolutely fantastic, professional, supportive, and a pleasure. As a health care provider myself I can say with full confidence that I would trust any of my loved ones in the hands of Dr. Jacobs and his team. I have been to both his Healdsburg and San Francisco offices and they are beautifully kept. His surgery center is comfortable and gorgeous. I want to give special acknowledgment to Rachael Lopez, LVN for answering all my questions and providing reassurance. I want to thank Robert Block, anesthetist, for keeping me comfortable during the procedure and for his great sense of humor. Most of all I want to thank Dr. Jacobs for giving me excellent care and respect. He even impressed my grandfather and trust me, that is not an easy task. more

Simply Perfection 10/23/2011

Procedure: Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty \r \r * * * * * FIVE STARS * * * * *\r \r I recommend anyone to go to Dr. Mabrie for fillers and injections - especially for nonsurgical rhinoplasty.\r \r Appointment: I emailed Dr. Mabrie's staff and communicated with them to schedule my appointment. \r They do require a credit card to place a deposit for you appointment. \r These are all request that are very expected from a professional surgeon. \r \r Consultation: The consultation went smoothly. His staff is professional and courteous and his office building is decorated very nicely in the heart of Union City.\r Dr. Mabrie recommended his suggestions to me and gave me additional options, some may have mistaken this to an up-sell but you should truly trust his recommendation and approach the entire consultation knowing that Dr. Mabrie wants what is more appealing for you. \r The Consultation was not rushed or pressured. \r \r Dr. Mabrie has a keen eye for perfection. He is able to balance out all features on your face and tweak them to perfection. Although my goal was to focus on my nose - he was able to tie my cheek bones and any other slight imperfections together to provide a more thorough overall balance. \r \r Procedure: \r My injections were virtually painless and I had no bruising whatsoever! \r He was able to lift the bridge of my nose and reshape the tip to reflect more appealing contours. \r Pictures were taken before and after injection treatments. These are then reviewed together and any additional minute injections can be done. \r \r I am extremely satisfied with the work Dr. Mabrie has performed and will be returning to him indefinitely. \r \r Extra: \r Parking is a slight hassle being in the center of Union Square, but there is a large parking facility around the corner. \r \r Feel free to message me if you would like more details and questions about my procedure.\r \r more

I'm still fixing this mess 12/14/2009

The worst experience I have ever had in a medical situation. Horrible and regrettable experience.This doctor failed to correct some obvious flaws with my surgery and instead swept my issues under the rug-leaving me high and dry. I was left with deformed ear lobes, buckled skin on my temples and not the best looking scars. In my opinion, I looked better before this doctor messed with my face. There are way better options out there. Pros: 100 mile drive to operating room Cons: Snare more

Once Your Surgery Is Done, Don't expect Him To Care 1/10/2009

Dr. Jacobs performed my Rhinoplasty 6 years back. The operation was quick and everything seemed fine. I recovered as expected, but when the swelling was gone, I noticed something very wrong: The bump on the right side of my nose was left untouched! I couldn't believe it. My nose was bent to the right, way to the right. I went in for a checkup with Dr. Jacobs and he saw what I was talking about. Did he offer to fix it? Yes, but I would basically have to pay for another nose job! How outrageous is that?! He screwed up my nose and I was going to have to pay AGAIN? It sounds like a bad joke, but it isn't. I was so crushed. I spent my hard-earned money and put my faith in this man and a bent (though Slimmer) nose is what I got. I cannot recommend this surgeon to anyone. Go somewhere where the surgeon does it right the first time or at least will fix it if he messes up. Pros: Will make you feel like a million bucks, gain your trust Cons: After Surgery, you're just another number, Won't fix mistakes. more

Fantastic and Friendly Surgeon 12/2/2008

Our plastic surgery (facelifts and upper/lower eyes) turned out to be the greatest gift we ever gave ourselves. It changed the second fifty years of our lives by rejuvenating us. When they say, ""You feel as good as you look"" it turned out to be so true. We both were looking a little tired which made us feel like we were getting old. We took care of ourselves but time and sun had taken a toll on our faces. After the surgery it was like a rebirth, we looked younger and felt better like we did so many years ago. So we started acting like years had been shaved off our lives! It was fantastic, we are making the second fifty years as important and fun as the first fifty! \r \r From a business perspective it enabled my husband to get job offers because he\r looked younger then the people hiring him. Within 3 months of the surgery he got 3 consulting jobs and he is doing very well with all 3 companies. And his energy level has never been higher and he is motivated like he was when he was 30 years old.\r \r With my new look I had the confidence to start a business. Because of the surgery I invented a better and more comfortable way to apply ice or heat to areas after surgery or injury. I am finalizing the manufacturing process and I should launch the product within the next few months. \r \r We are now socially active, play golf, travel and look great doing it all. What a pleasure! Dr. Jacobs and his wonderful staff made the whole experience so easy. Everyone was so caring and informative. They calmed our fears and took very good care of us before, during and after the procedures. Thanks again Dr. J. \r Pros: Gives you honest and sincere opinions regarding your surgery Cons: will not perfrom surgery he feels you do not need more

Honest, experienced and talented. 10/2/2008

I had five consultations before I decided on Dr. Jacobs. Three of the five sugested that I do the Life Style Lift (only a partial lift). I am so glad that I went with Dr. Jacobs who was not pleased with the results he was seeing from these partial face lifts.\r My biggest concern was that my lift would look like a lift. I am fifty and had a seventy year old neck. I had minimal wrinkles on my face, but sagging eyelids which Dr. Jacobs corrected. The reults are excellent. The only person that knew I had a lift was my husband. I planned ahead and lost twenty pounds prior to my lift. Friends just thought it was my weight loss (I went from 126 to 106). Even our 18 and 20 year olds noticed a difference, but couldn't put their finger on it. Our boys finally decided that I looked younger because we became empty nesters. \r I had absolutely no pain after surgery. Within two weeks we were out dining and dancing. I was fatigued for six weeks which was the only hard part as I'm used to going to the gym five days a week. Over all though it was an easy recovery.\r One of the things that stood out in my initial consultations is that only Dr. Jacobs included, in the cost of the surgery, after care with regards to skin maintanance. Every three months for the year after surgery (included) is a chemical peel or a DermaSweep. Two ways to induce colligen growth. Dr. Jacobs teaches that you can keep the benefits of your lift a lot longer if you maintain your skin.\r Lastly I can't say enough about the staff. Felt at ease and pamperred from the get go. Dr. Jacobs truly loves what he does and it shows. I am giving Dr. Jacobs permission to give out my email address or phone number if anyone wants to chat about my experiance.\r Go for it.... I'm having too much fun looking 35!\r \r more

A rare find....a plastic surgeon who gives back what you put in, has a heart, humor, and simply outstanding skill. 2/17/2008

I had several procedures done by Dr. Jacobs in September 2007 and five years earlier in 2002. I've had a total of 4 operations over the last 15 years or so with 3 different surgeons, one of whom made a serious error I still have to live with. Stanley is the doctor I came back to after my bad experience because I wanted 1. a doc I felt I could really trust 2. absolute excellence and 3. someone I could speak with, rather than being spoken to. \r \r Based on my first experience with Dr. Jacobs I'd come to know he engages in technical conversation with his patients as far as they want to or are capable of going. I put in many hours of research on the history, techniques, controversies and trends of the surgical procedures I was interested in as well as learning the names and functions of the muscles and support structures of the face. My consult with Dr. Jacobs did not disappoint. He seemed to quickly recognize and appreciate the effort I'd made to educate myself and provided me far more time than I could have expected, exploring in depth, the issues, possibilities and experiences relevant to my specific goals. \r \r Dr. Jacobs even helped my best friend, who had been my helper post op, with considerable time and assistance in addressing a concern I mentioned offhand during a post op appointment. Dr. Jacobs provided not only excellent information about my friend's problem but a solution that WORKED when nothing else had....AND HE NEVER CHARGED A PENNY for helping my friend, never glanced at his watch when answering questions..etc. The man is, take it from someone who knows, truly exceptional and a RARE find (the surgeon who injured me was at STANFORD and in a position of considerable authority and respect.. illustrating how difficult finding excellence really is.) Notice I haven't even gotten to the results of the surgery? Jacobs is that often are doctor appointments reliable sources of warmth, humor, demonstrable excellence and intellectual enrichment? Pros: The best at what he does AND, warm, intellectually engaging, empathic and down to earth Cons: If you're looking for an aggressive splicer to artlessly stretch your skin, this is NOT the man for you more

Dreams Come True 1/13/2008

I had extensive cosmetic facial surgery 12 weeks ago performed by Dr. Jacobs. I am so sbsolutely thrilled with the results that I am still on cloud nine. Not only do I look and feel 20 years younger, I'm pretty! Really pretty! People who have never met me before think I am in my 30's and those who know me but have no idea about the surgery are more than curious about the the beautiful change that has taken place. I just smile and say I'm in love. My close friends and family who know about the surgery tell me they have honestly never seen such a beautiful and natural result on anyone and I know they mean it.\r \r During our initial consultation I immediately fell in love with Dr. Jacobs and all of his staff. They are a team of professional and caring individuals who work in complete harmony. Dr. Jacobs is so easy to talk with and completely open and honest about every little detail. The computer imaging that he creates gives you a very precise look at what you should expect as the final result and in my case something to look at everyday and dream about. Guess what? My dream came true. \r \r I urge you to visit Dr. Jabocs website to read more about his vision and to see his before and after gallery. In my opinion there just isn't a more wonderful and brilliant plastic surgeon anywhere! Cynthia K. Pros: The best and brightest Cons: He's not immortal more

Best Cometic Surgeon 12/16/2007

My wife and I both had cosmetic surgery done by Dr. Stanley Jacobs. In our first consultation with Dr. Jacobs he was very thorough in his explanation of the procedures we were interested in having and what we can expect in terms of recovery time. His staff was extremely courteous and very pleasant to talk to. Everyone made us feel ?at ease? with the procedure and we had no concerns about the outcome. \r \r Dr Jacobs showed us what we would look like through his imaging program and as soon as we saw what we would like after the procedure we knew we were doing it. We wanted to look good for our ages (I?m 58 and my wife is 53) but the results have exceeded our expectations. People that knew us before the surgery are simply amazed at how good we look and how young we look. (Makes me wonder just how bad did we look before the surgery). When new people meet us they think we are 15 years younger then we really are. How cool is that!\r \r Dr. Jacobs has a brand new facility in Healdsburg and his staff, who prepared us for the procedures were very attentive and made us feel very relaxed. The recovery was easier then we thought it would be and within a few weeks we were ready to face people. \r \r I would highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery. Spend an hour with him and you see why we liked him so much. He is honest with you and doesn?t try to sell you anything you do not need. He is caring and his follow up procedure is excellent. He called us the night after our surgery to make sure we were ok and saw us for 2 consecutive days after our surgery to change our bandages and to make sure everything went as planned. \r \r We think it was one of the best decisions we made in selecting Dr Jacobs for this very personal procedure that has changed our lives not only because we look younger but also because we feel younger and consequently act younger. \r \r Many thanks to Dr. Jacobs and his staff. They truly care about their patients. \r more

Happy with results 12/7/2007

Dr. Jacobs performed cosmetic surgery for me 11 weeks ago. I had a lower facelift, my upper and lower eyes done and a TCA chemical peel. When I had my consultation the staff at the office was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Jacobs did imaging for me, that helped me get an idea of what I might expect to look like after surgery. He also let me know what I could expect in regards to healing. I felt confident in Dr. Jacobs. I could not of done this otherwise. I have told my family and friends I didn't care if I looked younger. I just wanted to look the best I could for my age. I am so happy with my results, they are even better than the imaging. Pros: great office and staff Cons: none I can think of more

Nothing good to say from someone who knows. 5/10/2007

I have had several surgeries over the years-no problems with doctors working with my after surgery fixes, revisions and tweaks. I used to like this M.D., but Dr. Jacobs is like walking on a thinly frozen pond-ready to break if you don't go with his ego and what he wants. I hate my scars and I have been left to find another M.D. to help revise them-because he has dismissed me. His arrogance will not concede to help me. I'm a man with ghastly scars all around my ears and he failed to jump on the problem and take care of it with all he has available. And, my chin implant is still uneven after two (2) attempts in 6 months. His approach, in my experience, is messy and swept under the rug type finishing and polishing. Other skin doctors (dermatologists) are telling me they could fix it my scars with lazar, but I already paid $18,000 for mine, so for him to do so would admit fault. If something goes wrong your on your own. I'm a hairdresser of 20 years in Beverly Hills and SF and I've seen all the scars in the industry on my clients. His scars that he has left on me are in the bottom of the hundreds I've seen in my hairdressing chair. I'm so embarrassed . He told me to wear concealer. WHAT ? I would of never had my ears cut in the way he has, If I was told I would have to wear make-up, over him revising my scars,on my 8th month out, I would of never agreed. Pros: sounds good Cons: too good to be true more

Best Plastic Surgeon in the World 10/23/2006

Dr. Jacobs is personable, talented, great surgeon. Would not go to anyone else! You should watch for him on KRON4 Morning News. His topics are really interesting and timely. Pros: Beautiful office, great staff, convenient Union Square location Cons: Can't think of any. more
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