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Lynnwood Dental Ctr

4202 198th St SW Ste 3
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 775-0651
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I honestly don't have anything bad to say, dentist and staff are very friendly and profesonal. I highly reccomend. Dr Adams is the best!


When we first started going to LDC, we were very happy with the level of service, the friendliness of the staff, and the work done by the hygienists and the dentist. But, after...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/27/2012

Another vote for AVOID this office if you can. We always feel like we asked to do procedures that are unnecessary. Today she told me I may need 2-3 crowns down the road when my teeth are in great shape now. I understand that as I get older (I'm 30 now) I could have future teeth problems as a result of age. But why scare me?? Also, I felt like she was just priming me for the day she did say I needed the crowns.. She told my husband he needed 6 crowns today. Be careful when scheduling appts, they try to schedule your cleaning and exam on separate days, more $ for them I guess. Annoying for you, to take more time off work or have to run in there all the time. Every time I am there, I hear the receptionists calling people asking them to change their appt and to come in that day. That has even happened to me. No, I am not going to change my appt! My time off and babysitting has been set, why would I drop what I am doing and run to the dentist? Like another reviewer said, I have a problme with Dr. Adam's personality. Last time I was getting a filling, I was moving my feet around because I was very uncomfortable, and she asked me very curtly, ""What is wrong?? Do you have to go to the bathroom??"". That is no way to talk to your patient or another adult. I was also lectured today for questioning my husband's need to be seen every 3 months. I am giving this place the serious side eye. Unfortunately, I dont have a lot of other options :( more

A good experience dwindles 10/13/2011

When we first started going to LDC, we were very happy with the level of service, the friendliness of the staff, and the work done by the hygienists and the dentist. But, after a year of kissing but, I guess they decided to get down to business. We have recently been getting mediocre hygienists for cleanings. The office staff has started being curt and rude, even on the phone. The dentist is starting to recommend unnecessary work and the staff is shocked at us wanting a second opinion. Case in point: My wisdom teeth. I've had them for 25 years. When I first started going, they were impressed with how healthy they were. They told me that my mouth had enough room for them, and they were very clean. This last two checkups they have been pressuring for me to get them removed as ""they may cause problems down the road"", ""they're hard to clean"", and ""no one really needs their wisdom teeth anyway"". They told me I didn't need a second opinion. When I countered with ""you don't really need your appendix or your tonsils so why don't I just get them removed, too, so they won't cause future problems"", they told me how nonparallel those two issues were. When I reminded them of their words of my mouth being healthy, my wisdom teeth being clean with no issues, and my mouth being big enough for them, they hesitated before admitting that yes, that was still all correct. The lady sighed and said, well, I guess we could just encourage you to keep up with cleaning them regularly. I am appalled with the number of times they have tried to push procedures on us that were completely unnecessary. As a result of how we have been treated, we will be going to a new dentist from now on. more

Excellent Service! 8/19/2011

I honestly don't have anything bad to say, dentist and staff are very friendly and profesonal. I highly reccomend. Dr Adams is the best! more

Dr Adams is fantastic! 4/22/2011

I am one of the oldest clients at Lynnwood Dental Center seeing Dr Adams since about 1985. I have never had to have any of her work redone. When I moved out of state I waited to see Dr Adams for my dental work and now that I am back in WA, I travel an hour each way to see her. She is not only personable but does excellent work. After seeing Dr Adams the first part of January, a florist van pull into my yard. Imagine my surprise to receive a beautiful arrangement sent by Lynnwood Dental wishing me Happy New Year and thanking me for being a long-time client. The staff and Dr Adams are very pleasant and helpful always telling me insurance limitations and what to expect out of pocket. I won't go anywhere else for dental work! Julie Peterson more


I worked at L.D.C. for 16 yrs.For the last 10 yrs. working at L.D.C. I had alot of family issues.My mom broke her ankle,had 3 operations,which L.D.C always gave me time off to take care of her.After the ankle problems we found out my mom had ovarian cancer,If my mom called and needed me, DR.Adams would let me go immediately.I eventually had to quit because my mom needed 24 hr care. The whole L.D.C. family supported me and I thank them for that and god.Dr. Adams has a big heart,working by her side for 16 yrs I know her well.she was not only a good boss but also like a mom.I can tell you I saw her do awsome work and go out of her way for pt.s .many times pt.s are not aware of the extra things she does for them.L.D.C. is the first office I worked in that helps pt.s understand their insurance . cute stars that say.Crown not covered if a filling is sufficient , they give you a big book,which we don't want to read,L.D.C. helps explain this before any work is ever done. So-Thank you Dr.Adams and my L.D.C family you guys are awsome! and my pt.s for many years, I miss you all too! Remember a minute wasted being crabby,is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.So LIVEmore

Poor customer service 11/23/2009

I identified myself as a new patient and specifically requested to see Ajsa Adams as she was recommended by a friend. I check in and was seated for my first exam, but seen by Dr Chavez instead. Not appreciating the surprise, I asked why I wasnt being seen by Dr. Adams and they told me that I could always switch if I wanted to later, and that Dr. Adams doesn't work on Fridays (though I never requested a Friday). This is horrible customer service and communicated they really don't care about me as a person. Pros: conveniently located, accepts Guardian insurance Cons: Unethical patient handling more

insurance games 10/15/2009

I and my family have been a patient of Dr Adams office for 12 years, always getting good care. I'm not too thrilled with Dr. Adams, (personality not professional) however the other dentists on staff over the years have been great. I usually see Dr. Chavez who is a hoot as well as being a very good dentist. Recently, however, it has become obvious something is going on with the practice. Sort of a revolving door with dentists. The big issue I have is some funny business with insurance. My version of coverage seems to differ from their version. Basically, I know I have coverage for crowns, however, the office staff indicates my ins. will only cover ""build-ups"". Not true, according to my insurer, however, the claim from the dentist has to indicate a crown is required. Apparently, a crown is rarely ""required"" and can be considered elective otherwise. Why would the office submit it this way ? Money is one possibility. I paid the office over 800.00 for the crown. I doubt they would have been reimbursed that much from my managed care insurance plan. I don't want to believe this but the above are the facts. Take away from the above.. Know your coverage beforehand , and, ask what the diagnosis code is they are submitting to insurance. Make sure it matches the diagnosis/treatment you believe you are getting. Pros: good staff, good care Cons: insurance games more

Great care! 9/30/2009

I chose Dr. Adams because she accepted Cigna. I stay with Dr. Adams because she and her staff provides no-nonsense dental care in a timely, professional, and courteous manner. In the twelve years under her care, I've never had a complication or rework; and my teeth and gums have never been healthier. I think the negative criticism she received is undeserved and, in part, is due to the games Cigna plays to minimize their costs. Pros: Short waits at the office; friendly staff; accepts Cigna Cons: No frills; long commute (for me) more

Employee of 22 years 8/5/2009

I have been employed here for 22 years, and have seen Thousands of our patients cared for over the years...many of which are still patients here and are extremely happy with their care, which are now grown and bringing their own families! I want to personally Thank each & everyone of you! While it is upsetting to have any negatives said about myself or any of the staff, what is more upsetting to me is when patients are allowed to write untruths or change details to justify their own unhappiness.\r It is Standard to have dental films to do a proper Dental exam, how else can doctor see what is going on below the gum line or between teeth....any dental office or insurance carrier would agree! Especially as with Mommyof2, who not only did not want films, but we worked her into our schedule to be seen...with a small child in tow. \r Any and all of our patients, know we always go over treatment and cost with them, as was done with ""Bad Experience! "" We have and are still Network Providers for Cigna...this can be verified on Cigna's website. All dental claims are sent within 1-2 business days of treatment, and while it is true that we did send a check back to Cigna on this account, it was because the insurance carrier paid it under the wrong doctor name, thus it had to be sent back to be corrected. The $600 she refers to, was her out of pocket after all claims and every claim was processed with a Network Discount. We are held to very High Standards by all insurance carriers. As for"" Bad News"" you said yourself, we did and exam & cleaning.....and would have discussed your treatment needs with you...if you did not agree with treatment you are always welcome to get a second opinion or decline treatment...she did not ""BAM"" anything in your mouth, that you did not schedule to have done, or that your insurance did not agree with, or they would not have paid. Pros: Offers Dental, Ortho & Perio in one location Cons: We can't please everyone more

Stay away from her 8/5/2009

Stay away from her. I've been a patient for 5 years and I've found that she pushes a lot of unnecessary treatments. She tries to do full xrays several times a year and refuses to do the exam if you don't do the xray. She tries to say there's no point cause she can't see anything. She also tried to tell me that their new xray machines have no radiation. I asked her why they take the precautions like the chest cover and how the technician stands behind the lead wall. she yelled at me and said, ""because, because, because"". She's very rude and I am definitely planning on taking my business elsewhere. I'm finishing up my ortho there with the orthodontist who is very nice but I won't be seeing Asja Adams anymore. Pros: parking Cons: Poor manners, excessive treatment more

Great Office. 8/5/2009

I was shocked to hear from friends that people had put these review's up about Dr.Adams' clinic. I guess everyone has their opinions, but things happen, and you can't please everyone. That's when I decided to write my own review in her defence. People only write about the negative. Why shouldn't I write something positive! I've been a patient of Dr. Adams for 15 years. I love that it doesn't hurt to get numb and she's so friendly. (love the accent too)! Her staff is laid-back and professional, they make you feel very comfortable, like they've known you for years! I would recommend this office and I wish that people thought more about the postive in things rather than ONLY the negative. Pros: Friendly, caring and professional. Cons: None! more

Avoid this dentist. 7/26/2009

My wife and I had some odd experiences with Lynnwood Dental Center (4202 198th St SW, Suite 3, Lynnwood, WA 98036), and thought you might be interested. My wife and I enrolled at Lynnwood Dental Center as it on my employer’s insurance plan. During an examination, Dr. Asja Adams asked me to come in for cleaning every three months rather than twice annually. This was surprising as I had no cavities or major dental problems, but I came in three months later as requested. I then learned my insurance did not cover this accelerated cleaning schedule. I paid the bill immediately but asked to have a note put in my file that I would come in only twice annually. At a subsequent appointment last August, Dr. Adams asked me if I planned to resume the quarterly cleaning schedule. I earnestly advised her I could not do so, as the extra cost was prohibitive. She just nodded as if this was acceptable, and the examination continued pleasantly, with no cavities or need for other procedures determined. A few days later, I received a letter from Lynnwood Dental that my wife and I had been removed from their patient list. At no time had I been told that my continued use of their clinic depended on utilization of their intensified cleaning schedule. My wife, Kay, had unsettling experiences with them as well. When she called to make our initial appointments, the receptionist would not allow her to even tentatively set a date without a letter from our insurance company, which the clinic had not been sent yet. When they finally got the letter a few days later, the day requested was no longer available. Kay had an unprofessional experience with hygienist Lynn Shatz at her first appointment. As my wife sat back in the examination chair, Shatz looked at Kay, told her that she had excessive facial hair and gave her a business card for her “friend” who does electrolysis. She had a stack of these cards, so apparently she does this to other patients. Surely a medical professional should not be remarking on irrelevant, sensitive issues with a new patient, nor making unsolicited pitches for outside aesthetic services. Further, my wife and I are still receiving reminder postcards from Lynnwood Dental to make new appointments. This clinic should have removed us from their reminder list when they removed us from their patient list. Pros: Free Parking Cons: Pushing of unnecessary services, intrusive hygienist more

Bad experience.... Whish I have read the other reviews! 6/29/2009

The office scheduled appointment, without telling me that they are Out of Network for this service (insurance: Cigna Dental). The staff failed to submit the claim to Cigna for 3 months and kept sending me bills. When they finally submitted the claim and Cigna paid them, they returned the payment thus negating the claim. They were either ignorant and didn't know what they were doing, or they did it in purpose so I have to pay the whole thing – an anticipated appreciation for what I told them on the phone. I have worked it with my insurance – will submit the claim and get reimbursed later. Earlier several months ago they did a estimate for service through their office that was going to be a $600 out of pocket, because they tryed to push another Out of Network service. The administrator of the office pretended she did not know anything about In Network/Out of Network providers and yet they were In Network for General Dentistry with CIGNA. Go figure ? Cons: Greedy for business. Admin. staff is rude and unprofessional more

""Fast Food"" Dentistry at it's Worst!! 10/20/2008

I couldn't agree more with the last review. This is ""fast food"" dentistry at it's worst. Some people there are very rude and I often felt like I was being rushed in and out. There are a few hygenists there that are very nice, but overall I would not wish this dentist on anyone. The only reason I have gone in the past is because it's the only local dentist my insurance covers. DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST!! more

Bad News Dentist 5/21/2008

In 2006, I had to switch dentists for insurance reasons. Lynnwood Dental was closer to home so I chose this office. In that year I had 2 cleanings and a check-up where this new dentist, Asja Adams scared me into thinking I would be losing my two back teeth at any moment if I didn't get crowns put on. So bam, the next thing you know she is grinding away and I have two fake teeth at the back of my mouth. The following year I went back to my gentle, conservative, ""if it ain't broke don't fix it"" dentist who said he would have left them be for as long as possible. Sigh. I hate these crowns, I hate how they feel, I hate how my breath smells because of them. My gums want to reject them. I am convinced that the office manager saw who my insurer was, knew it would be covered and forged ahead. Two days for them and a lifetime of change for me. Also, the dental assistants there seemed overworked and never even introduced themselves, I felt like a number not a patient. Some folks there were nice and pleasant, but clearly not all. Don't be taken in by these folks. Pros: parking. scheduling Cons: unnecesary procedures more
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