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Lucky Strike Lanes - 39 Reviews - 660 W 42nd St, New York, NY - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (646) 829-0170

Lucky Strike Lanes

660 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036
(646) 829-0170
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Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY
Lucky Strike Lanes - New York, NY



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awesome place! had a great time! the beats were bumpin and I got sloppy drunk, only problem was my drunkeness translated into a shitty bowling score (i think out of all 15 or so o...


I was very disappointed in this place. My friends and I made reservations for my bday. The security racial profiled my nephews. They would not let them in because they felt his...

Racist!!! Stay Away 3/25/2012

I was very disappointed in this place. My friends and I made reservations for my bday. The security racial profiled my nephews. They would not let them in because they felt his buttoned down dressed shirt did not fit tight, which is absolutely ridiculous. It was a dress shirt on his skinny 6 ft frame. When I inquired why they would not let them in I received incoherrant responses. It was clear they did not want to let them in because it was 4 young black males. In addition, to that the contract we received was old. It listed no construction boots. Construction boots to me means timberlands not Nike or ACG's. There was no management present for me to speak with and receive a reimbursement. Everything was a hassle. I will never go to this establishment again. Even though we were spending money we were not good enough in their eyes! I will not go here again..... more

nyc's best bowling 1/9/2012

awesome place! had a great time! the beats were bumpin and I got sloppy drunk, only problem was my drunkeness translated into a shitty bowling score (i think out of all 15 or so of my friends i scored the lowest lol). great vibe more

parking 10/9/2011

I parked my car at 660 west 43 rd street,all day was $20. closest parking to lucky strike lanes. park right. more

I absolutely love this place 1/15/2011

I completely disagree with Sabine Chat's review. I'v been going to Lucky Strike since it opened two years ago and it continues to be my favorite bowling alley in the city. Also, I don't agree with how their implying that they don't want Latinos inside because I happen to be Latino and so are my friends who I always bowl with. We love it there. The music is great and what's better than getting bombed and trying to throw a bowling ball down a lane? Also, I've been there at least 10 times and every single time we get the nicest staff in town. Everyone from the hostesses, the main shoe desk, bartenders and servers are always very helpful and upbeat with a great smile. Lately, their specials have been amazing too they have .25 cent wings & $2.50 draft beers for the football game on Sundays. Their Monday night all you can bowl for $22 is always a good time also. I love this place :) more

PLACE TO GO OUT 12/20/2010

I had so much fun with my friends there! I didn't feel like leaving at all! I'd go there again. more

Dreadful, very dark inside & mostly tourists looking 4 stars 9/5/2010

This was the worse location we could have chosen for a small wrap party. Many film/tv people enjoy bowling and this locaiton was suggested by a reviewer from a local magazine. I wouldn't go back and half our party left 30 minutes into the night. We did notice that non-whites and non-Asians were being told the place was overbooked and they needed a reservation. Meaning, Blacks and Latinos are discouraged from going inside. The music was louder than the bowling bowls. The drinks were watered down to the point of being non-alcholic ... more

Awesome Decor and Feel 6/14/2010

We had a really great time at Lucky Strike. The atmosphere was much more upscale than any other bowling alley I've ever been to, and it felt a lot cleaner, too. The bar was really nice, and the drinks were great. Definitely a good place for a fun, different night out. Pros: upscale feel, clean, atmosphere more

Best Bowling to be found 6/11/2010

I went last weekend with a couple of my friends, and we had a great time. What's so great is that it's not JUST a bowling alley, but is more like a lounge or club. The drinks were awesome, and it was all pretty well-priced. The service was also really helpful and polite. Pros: great drinks, fun decor, reasonable prices more

A Dress Code should be enforced to people of all races 3/7/2010

On February 27, 2010, I had the worst birthday celebration at Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge. Lucky Strike?s dress code policy seems to be unfairly enforced and directed at keeping certain groups out. The night my friends and I went, the dress code was not enforced to all their customers. My friend who is a black male and 20-year veteran of the NYPD, was not allowed access to my reserved birthday party because he wore ACG Nike boots (BOOTS NOT LISTED ON THEIR DRESS CODE), while White attendees wearing construction boots (BOOTS LISTED ON THEIR DRESS CODE) were allowed in. After carefully reading over the dress code, we found it to have racial undertones and built on stereotyping groups who wear particular clothing. The dress code openly states that the following clothing and shoes are not permitted: (Athletic wear, sweats or sports jerseys, MC colors, Excessively baggy clothing (Tuck-ins are not permitted), Sleeveless T-shirts, Plain white T-shirts (short or long sleeve), Construction boots, Headgear, Chains, Ripped or soiled clothing). This dress code appears to be directed at people of color ?..urban America, the hip hop community. My friends and I who are professionals in all fields will of course never go back to an establishment, like Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge, which sets, enforces and promotes racial profiling or stereotyping of any kind. Don?t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a franchise setting a dress code, if it is directed at people of all races and it is enforced across the board to all its customers, at all its locations, at all times. Pros: Nothing Cons: Dress Code more

Not what I had expected 1/18/2010

I had a night out at Leisure Time Bowl and loved it... So I heard about Lucky Strike and decided to give it a try. Cons: Snobby, mean, slow more

Upscale, Trendy, Cool...BUT... 12/20/2009

During a recent attempt to celebrate a friend?s birthday at Lucky Strike Lanes in Manhattan, myself along 4 other friends were turned away at the door because we were not ""dressed appropriately."" I am not one to call every situation that does not go my way racist, however, I must say that my friends and I are all in our early 30's and are all senior executives in banking, media and Information Technology at Fortune 500 companies and dress far from inappropriately. Being turned away from a bowling alley while dressed in jeans, sneakers, button down shirts and sweaters in the dead of winter is far from thuggish. As we pleaded our case with the bouncers a group of 5 white gentlemen about the same age and similarly dressed were let right in. When we pointed this out to the bouncers they refused to answer only to say, ""don't try turning this into a race thing."" That was all I needed to hear and now I refuse to give this establishment any of my money. Mind you, I hold frequent business events and would have considered Lucky Strike Lanes as a venue where I frequently spend upwards of $5 - $10k per evening. I have been to other Lucky Strike Lanes around the country and have not had any problem but then again at the other locations I was with some white coworkers...Is this 2009 or 1945? I guess all money is not Green... Cons: Racist more

Bowling Is Fun Again 11/27/2009

This place is amazing. I thought it was going to be just another night bowling in a dingy, dark, smelly place but it totally blew all of my expectations out of the water. It was way better than Chelsea Pears or Bowlmor. We came for my girls Bachelorette party. I thought that it was going to totally blow? after all, who comes bowling for their Bachelorette party? I was obviously very skeptical. However when we got there we were quickly seated in the spacious, beautifully decorated lounge, where a very nice and attentive waitress seated us and quickly brought us our drinks. We decided to have something to munch prior to bowling and ordered some sliders and some other finger foods. Let me just tell you the burgers are BANGING.... I thought the food was going to be mediocre at best. But to my surprise everything was super yummy. The food was anything but average. In fact it seemed more like the type you would find in an upscale restaurant than a bowling alley. After we ate we made our way to our designated lane where me and the girls bowled for a couple of hours while being waited on hand and foot by our waitress who kept serving us our tasty beverages. Then on of my girlfriends pointed to my right and was like ?OMG is that Blake Lively from Gossip Girl?? And it was. She was bowling just 2 lanes away from us. I was so excited she is like my favorite celebrity. So then we settled our bill and went home. All in all I would say the night was a total success. I have never had a better time bowling. I think when the winter time comes I will totally make this my new hangout spot. Pros: Best Time Ever Cons: Too Much Fun more

This place really, really blows. I mean hard. 11/10/2009

Oh man. Where to start on this one... ok from the beginning. I called and made reservations for a party of 20. The first bunch of our guests arrived and had to wait 45 minutes to get shoes and our lane. Later, 4 of the late arrivers weren't let in because of the place's rediculous dress code. The waitress was nice but so incredibly SSSLLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW with the drinks and food. We had some true beginners so we asked the waitress about lane bumpers to make the game fun for us all. She showed us how to use the computer to put up the rails for the players who needed them. Great, right? Wrong! The rails kept disappearing! I kept putting them back up and thought what a poopy computer system. Turns out the computer system was fine, it was just the poopy management because around about the 5th frame the manager came over to us and told us we weren't allowed to use the bumper rails. Why? He said that they were only for children and that adults would bend them because they were so flimsy. I asked about some child sized balls and the manager told us that children use the same balls as the adults. I told him I didn't understand. He said that adults threw the ball harder. I asked how hard children threw the balls. He said 5-7 mph. Great I said and point out that the rail users' ball speeds(which is displayed along with each players score on a tv screen above the lane). He got beligerent and angry and told us that we could lower the rails or leave. So we lowered the rails. The fun was zapped from our game with half of the group rolling gutter ball after gutter ball. So doing the fun loving thing, we raised th rails again in the 9th frame. In the middle of the 10th frame security was at our lanes telling us to leave or be assaulted. I asked if they wanted us to pay for our drinks and food. They said of course and stood there and stared down the men in our group. It took another 20 minutes before the waitress was tracked down, paid and returned with our change. Talk about total breakdown in proceedure and service! I mean to get kicked out of a place and to still have to wait 20 minutes for your check! This place is a joke. Go to Chelsea Lanes or Bowlmore. Pros: you'll roll out laughing from the total and utter douchiness Cons: foolishly stupid club and a moronic bowling alley more

Avoid at all costs 8/9/2009

Where to begin... Had a good time bowling. Drinks were slow. Thrown out at the end of the night. Dropped $200 dollars personally. Must have been a group tab of $1500. First time ever that I have been asked to leave. No reason, which leads me to believe the reverse racism. Owner on a power trip. Just a group of high income people asked to leave for having fun at the bar. We probably would have spent a ton more too. Miserable experience... avoid at all costs. Do not go here if you expect to have a fun time. These people do not know what they are doing. Do not go here if you are a gentlemen, because they will not treat you like one. Spend your money else where. Theres a reason this place is empty on a Saturday night. Cons: Rude Waitstaff, Reverse Racism, Horrible Experience more

great nighttime activity 7/9/2009

my friends and i always enjoy ourselves when we come here - it's a great place to spend a chill night - or not so chill, depending what you're in the mood for! the food, drinks, and music are great, and there's a reason the atmosphere draws so many celebrities! Pros: music, atmosphere, food Cons: crowded more

my fave 7/9/2009

This is one of my favorite places to hang out. there's often a wait, but it's definitely worth it - generally just a chill place to spend some time with friends having fun, eating great food, and listening to some good music. Pros: food, drinks, music Cons: crowded more

Never again 6/9/2009

It's bowling. Quit taking yourself so seriously, charging way too much for drinks and food, having bad attitudes in the staff and the managment. I'm a gentelman-- treat me like one. Pros: New and cozy Cons: rude staff, expensive more

Waste of money 5/31/2009

our company slashed our budget. i was able to convince my co-workers to collect money from our own pocket to go to this place for some afterwork fun, I wish i didn't. Pros: New Cons: far, bad service more

Best Bowling Alley in NYC 5/7/2009

Lucky Strike has clearly taken the lead in hip bowling, the other places are just wannabees. I went there with my firends on a Thursday night and it was a very cool NYC vibe. I had the best club sandwich i ever had ( with a fried egg in it!). Pros: Newest bowling alley in the city. Cons: The bathrooms dont smell like urine like @ Bowlmore more

A fun time for all!!! 5/5/2009

This is a great place to go with your friends for a fun night of bowling, snacking, and drinking. The music is fun and upbeat, like the experience. if you are not into the latest music and a lot of people it can be loud.If you are into these, you'll have a great time. Pros: Excellent service, great atmosphere, good food Cons: crowded, loud more
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Bring your friends for an awesome night of food, drinks and games!

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  • Lucky Strike is the perfect place in NYC for a night out with friends, a birthday party or a special occasion. Lucky Strike combines a cool lounge atmosphere, a restaurant and games featuring 26 lanes and 10 Billiard Tables. If you don't feel like bowling, check out the night's game on our flat screens or our 20'X12' HD Projection Screen. The lounge features bottle service, and the menu was created by Famous Celebrity Top Chef Bill Starbuck. This is the only place in the city where you can bowl, play pool, enjoy a bottle service and have a blast with your friends in a sexy atmosphere. Lucky Strike is also the perfect place to host your next event, birthday, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. We have party packages to fit every need and preferred vendors to help with all the details.


  • In Short
    If it weren't for the soothing roll and topple sound of the pins, it would be easy to forget that there's a bowling alley at all at this massive midtown hybrid. Not that the...

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    Sun - Thurs: 12PM - 2AM; Fri & Sat: 12PM - 4AM
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    Master Card, Discover, Visa, American Express
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    Clinton, Hell's Kitchen, Midtown