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Loft 610 (CLOSED) - 19 Reviews - 5670 Tx-121, Plano, TX 75024, Plano, TX - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (972) 377-2500

Loft 610 (CLOSED)

5670 Tx-121, Plano, TX 75024
Plano, TX 75024
(972) 377-2500
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Service is impeccable- the new menu rocks! Been there for corporate functions and social and everytime I have not been even slightly disappointed. Can't wait to go back :) P...


I think it is a shame when there are so many restaurants in Dallas & a place like 610 Lofts isn't big on their customer service. I liked the food - the place is something differen...

Shellfish allergy ignored? 12/5/2010

I am allergic to shellfish. I asked our very polite and professional server to omit the crab from the risotto which he said replied that would be no problem whatsoever. My food arrived by a food runner and I began to eat my riostto and noticed a white flaky substance. Another server stoped by our table and I inquired about the white flaky substance which he replied was Crab. I told him about the allergy which he ran the dish back to the kitchen. My original server stopped by and immediately went to discuss the issue with the kitchen staff. He came back to our table and apologized for the kitchen mistake and promised us desserts. We were not asked if we wanted desserts at all. My new dish arrived but was cooked way to fast and not enjoyable at all. The desserts were not good at all which we left uneatened. Not a very pleasant experience. Our first and last visit. more

Loft 610 is Racist 8/15/2010

I was one of the members of a group of 15 - 20 going to Loft 610 this weekend when a member of our group, the black man, was not allowed in the club for wearing tennis shoes. We were in a birthday celebration, everyone was looking elegant and sharp. The girl celebrating her birthday weekend asked the bouncer to please let him in that it was her birthday and we had a party of about 20 people coming, the bouncer said no, she then had to call everyone that was coming to Loft 610 to tell them we had to change venues, I felt real bad for her. What made it worst is that another member of our group was wearing tennis shoes and he was let in, he is of course white. Looks like they would let it slide if you are white but not if you are black. We were all upset when we were leaving walking back to our cars and we passed by the patio area and saw plenty of people wearing tennis shoes, shorts, flip flops and hats, of course the whole crowd in the patio was white. more

Loft 610 is Racist 8/15/2010

I was with a party of 18 people. It was my suggestion to go to Loft 610. I was very embarrassed by the way one of my guests was treated. He was told he could not enter the bar because he was wearing nice, black converse tennis shoes, even though another member of my party was wearing tennis shoes and was allowed to enter. The man that was not allowed in was black and the man that was allowed in (just seconds before) was white. I have heard rumors that Loft 610 was racist before, but never believed them. I completely understand if a restaurant or bar has a dress code. However, the dress code needs to be consistent and it is particularly offensive to be inconsistent within the same party. I told another friend this story and she mentioned that her neighbor who happened to be black was not allowed in because he was wearing black Doc Martins. I will never go back to Loft 610 and I will make sure as many people as possible learn about this experience. more

Doorman with a bad attitude and a chip on his shoulder 2/27/2010

I wouldn't give it ANY stars, but this site requires at least 1 to post. Went this weekend and experience something I never had before "6'5" of ignorance and stupidity in a leather jacket". Went with a group of friends for a 40th b'day in a party limo. 28 people - all of varying degrees of inebriation - none, to fairly drunk - got in, My friend in front of me was stopped because the doorman said he had had "enough", and asked him to leave the premises. Well, maybe he had. I asked why he let the previous 28 of them in and he had no comment. I let him know he wouldn't be driving, or necessarily drinking any more, if that's what he was worried about. He said "I don't care - not my problem". I didn't want to leave my friend outside on the sidewalk, so I said ok - I'm going to let the rest know that I'm taking him home and we won't be riding with them in the limo. (I had alternate non-drinking transportation). He said no, I couldn't go in because I was mouthy and had a bad attitude - needed to leave the premises as well. I tried to call various people from my cell and the calls dropped/wouldn't go through. He told me he'd call the police if I didn't leave the premises. I said, sure - go ahead. While I was making calls several people came up and got in - several got turned away for dress. I asked where their dress code was posted and he said "it's all on our website - IF you'd read it". I told him that he's in Frisco/Plano, not New York (Ed Hardy t's and jeans got in - no problem). He told me a few more times to leave the premises and shut up or he'd call the police. I told him as soon as I got someone on the phone I'd leave, and if he'd stop harassing me I'd be able to finish up the text I was trying to send the group of friends. Not good enough - the told me "you need to go back to WalMart where you came from". I ignored him while I was trying to type. Then he added "no, you're not even smart enough to work at WalMart". (judging from another post, he's got a hard on for WalMart and a very limited repetoire of insults.) I just looked at him and said "Really?" and kept typing . After I sent the message I called my husband to swing by and pick us up. While I was trying to tell him where I'd meet him, the Lurch-like dumbass kept threatening to was calling the police. I remember having encouraged him to make the call to them 15 minutes previously. I apparently wasn't walking away fast enough after my phone conversation with my husband, since he came over to me and SHOVED me about 10 feet. I stopped and looked back at him and said " I think that's considered assault - maybe I should call them myself". He just walked away. I left and walked over to meet my husband as he pulled up. I considered calling the manager today to ask him if he'd had any other complaints about the doorman/thug they've got representing them as their first impression, but after reading the posts/reviews there's no point. Sounds like peas in a pod. I ate at Loft610 not too long after they opened and the food was mediocre, the service terrible. I had thought I'd give it another try since Trey Wilcox signed on. I love Abacus. Unfortunately for him, the management's style is not doing him justice. He should get out while he can. I may call the police after all - looks like I'm not the only target of Lurch's pea sized brain. Since he's about 6'5" and I'm 5'3" and 50 yrs. old, I don't think they'll sympathize with him. Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

They sure are proud of their "Lounge" 1/18/2010

Went their at 1am on a saturday night. No line. 6'5" door guy says I'm not allowed in because I'm not wearing a collared shirt. He then proceeds to tell me that I shop at Wal-Mart. My wife had gotten there an hour earlier and he was happy to let her and her friend in. Bottom line is that their goofy door guys are on massive power trips. They enforce the dress code selectively. If you wear DBag ed hardy, then you're good. But if not or if the door guy just doesn't feel like letting you in, he won't. They think they have some kind of exclusive club. They forget that it's just a restaurant in Plano, Texas. Only people who go in there these days are cougars, trouts and Dbags. AVOID THE LOUNGE. IT IS A JOKE!! And the door guy needs his ass kicked. Pros: food Cons: door guy, crowd, attitude more

The absolute worst place to go ever. 1/8/2010

I'm not a big restaurant critic of any sort. I may have written two reviews in my life for some crazy spectacular experience. And I've honestly never written a bad review about any place in my life. But here's my experience with Loft 610. *** On New Year's Eve, my family and friends reserved two tables at Loft 610 to ring in the new year. In order to ensure that we didn't have to pay a cover charge, the VERY NIGHT BEFORE, my brother's fiance called the establishment to see what the cover situation was going to be like. The person that answered the phone clearly told her that before 10:30 pm, the guys would not have to pay the cover charge of $20 and that the girls never have to pay a cover fee. The evening of New Year's Eve, we arrived early at 9:50 pm to be well in the clear of the 10:30 cutoff time. The hostess at the stand told us that the cutoff was actually 10pm. As the guys pulled out their wallets, a few of us took out our phones to prove that, even if a 10pm cutoff was the case, we still shouldn't be charged. The hostess's response was "Well, we've been charging people anyway." Not wanting money to ruin our evening, the men begrudgingly paid $20 each. At 10:30, the time of our reservation, we asked if our table was ready. One of the managers rudely said to us, "Um, your reservation was at 10:30. It's 10:28 right now." I said to him, "Well, your hostess us charged us cover at 9:50 when the cutoff was 10pm. So if we're going by your clock then our table should be ready by 10:20." He replied, "Actually, the cutoff was 9pm. Who told you it was 10?" And the hostess who had told us 10pm was standing right next to him. He looked at her, looked back at us, and said "Why did she tell you that?" Clearly there were some major discrepancies concerning the cover cutoff fee. After all that, we just decided to ignore it and enjoy our evening. When our bill finally came, we had been charged $275 for the bottle of Jack Daniels. When we questioned the manager to see if it was a mistake, he was amazingly rude to us. He told us that it was our own fault for not asking before we ordered it, and that no one else seemed to have a problem paying that much for it. Perhaps he thought we were belligerent drunk people on New Year's Eve and could get away with being extremely rude and mean (maybe we'd forget it about it by the next day!), but unfortunately he did not realize that I do not drink alcohol at all, I was just there to enjoy the company of my family and friends. I told him at that point that if the "bottle service charge" was $275, then he should take off the added 20% gratuity on our $422 bill, which made our bill about $500. He told me that he couldn't take off the gratuity because it comes with the bottle service. I told him we did not want to pay that gratuity, and he replied that he'd "have to call the police." I have never heard of any restaurant manager (and I have worked in high-end restaurants myself) that refused to take off gratuity. Especially even after we told him about what happened with the cover charge confusion earlier that evening, he was still extremely rude and said there was nothing he could do about it. Only after a lengthy, heated discussion, he took off the gratuity charge, but by then our entire evening was effectively ruined. It wasn't the money that upset us. Obviously $275 is a lot of money for a bottle of Jack, but whatever, it's a lounge/club and you expect that sort of crap when you go. In fact, we actually still ended up giving our waiter a big cash tip because as a former waitress, I know what it's like to get screwed. But it was the way we were treated that night from beginning to end that got us so riled up. I don't care if the head chef is Tre Wilcox or Conan O' Brien. If they continue treat their customers so rudely, eventually people are gunna stop going. more

Horrible Staff and Management 7/4/2009

We were with a group of friends in their 40's on a Friday night when STAFF CALLED PLANO POLICE on a female friend with our group and had her arrested for drunk in public even though they continued to serve her alcohol on her open tab in the bar. Staff told female friend they were sending her home in a cab, but had her arrested once she stepped outside the door. We would have taken her home if we knew there was an issue, but we were not given the chance. Futhermore the food is over-rated and served luke-warm, plus DJ will not play requests. Pros: none Cons: They call the police for no reason more

Awesomness! 7/2/2009

Service is impeccable- the new menu rocks! Been there for corporate functions and social and everytime I have not been even slightly disappointed. Can't wait to go back :) Pros: Food rocks! Cons: Nonoe more

Terrible experience with patron profiling 6/27/2009

On Saturday night(6/27/09), my friend and I attempted to enter the establishment. To our surprise the doorman (Kenneth?) would not allow us to enter. We were told that my friend's jeans were too baggy. Keep in mind he had on a dress shirt and hard bottom shoes. Others before and after us had on attire that would not clasify as casual (shorts, sandles, and even similar jeans). We noticed that most of the people that were turned away that night, including ourselves, were not caucasian. The doorman could not explain the dress policy and would not allow us to talk to the manager to express our concerns. I admitt that conversation got intense after expressing our viewpoint. However, it was obvious that Loft 610 screens their patrons based on the color of their skin. People of color are allowed to enter, but on a limited basis. We thought maybe we were over reacting, but after talking on the phone with the manager (Chad??) it was clear that Loft 610 does not have the best interest of all patrons. Lessons learned is to spend your money in places that are inclusive to all professionals! Loft 610 does not fall into that category!!!!! Pros: None Cons: Selective Service for Patrons more

Terrible Experience 3/30/2009

I went to Loft 610 for the first time last weekend and had a miserable experience. I was physically assaulted twice in this establishment by another woman. Not only did I not know this person, I also had never even spoken to her. She was completely intoxicated and attacked me. The owner/manager never once apologized or asked if I was OK. I called the Plano Police and the woman was arrested. None of the doormen, bouncers or management expressed any form on concern to me. I was left with scratch marks across my neck. Needless to say, I will not be returning to such a high-class location such as Loft 610. Pros: None. Cons: Terrible Customer Service, Unfavorable Class of Patrons more

Beware!! 3/25/2009

If you go there DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to avoid getting the waittress Courtney. We made the mistake of sitting in her section and she was the rudest person we had ever been served by. Also by the end of the night she was hammered drunk and lost my credit card. She then blamed me and started referring to me as a "cheap a$$". Nice place just got terrible service. Avoid bottle service and just go to the bar or another waitress. Pros: Great atmosphere Cons: Service with an attitude more


I think it is a shame when there are so many restaurants in Dallas & a place like 610 Lofts isn't big on their customer service. I liked the food - the place is something different especially for the North Plano area - but, they soon will be gone like Martini Park if they keep up what they are doing - or should I say what they are not doing. I wanted to go for Valentine's Day until I found out its $75 per person for a five course dinner. I'm sorry, that is ridiculous. Everywhere but Jasper's that I called on Legacy is having a V day dinner special AND THE REGULAR MENU...guess what - I'm going to Coast - looks fabulous online! Plus they have jazz. Cru Bar is having a $45 V Day special - I went online to 610 Loft - no response - finally called someone & got just a "sorry, no its $75" & an email from the GM "unfortunately this is true" Well, my theory is -you never know who somebody knows - I've been doing Marketing for restaurants & nightclubs in Dallas for ten years - the above has been posted "UNFORTUNATELY" oh yea & my group that rented the loft area for a dinner - we won't be back. Thanks for the hospitality! Pros: pretty place Cons: average service from even management more

I love this place!!!! 11/24/2008

Finally something cool in Plano! My girlfriend and I had an amazing dinner last Friday, and stayed late for the d.j. Techno, dance, old school pop... Awesome! Pros: Food, DJ, Ambiance... Cons: Too long to get drinks late night. Need more bartenders!! more

Discrimination 11/23/2008

I went there with a friend two weeks ago(just to check it out). I was aksed twice if I wanted to buy a drink(once by the doorman and once from the waitress). I explained that I was not drinking. To my surprise, the owner came out and told me that if we were not buying drinks, we would have to leave. He mildly pushed me on the shoulder in the direction of the door. I called him later to get a better understanding of what happened and why. He explained to me that his staff were suppose to tell anyone who was not drinking to leave (YEAH RIGHT). He then went on to say , "In the end it is up to me to make sure the "RIGHT" people are in here". I asked him if I was dressed wrong or was I doing something wrong? He said no, I then asked him what did he mean by the "RIGHT" people. He never explained. I have never been asked to leave a place just because I was NOT drinking and I hang out quite a bit. Pros: none Cons: You are not welcomed if you are not drinking more

New York Feel 6/13/2008

Overall I would rate Loft 610 as better than average for a new restaurant. We left the Shops at Legacy to try this new place and we were pleased. The atmosphere is a casual, semi-sophisticated environment in warm bronze tones?reminding us all of Nobu 57 in New York City. We were seated immediately at 8:30pm on a Friday night without reservations. The music was a bit on the loud side and we did leave when the music in the loft was turned up to accentuate the ?club beat? that never changes. The service was perfect, friendly and prompt. One of us at the table asked to sample a particular wine and our server was happy to bring a taste. Each of us ordered different entrees so we could share. The two appetizers we chose were the Bangkok Hush Pups and the Greek Potstickers. Both were outstanding in flavor and presentation. The entrees were: 1) Seafood Ravioli; a perfectly seasoned dish, 2) Arancini Lemon Risotto Cakes, some of us really enjoyed the crispy texture, but I thought them to be bland, 3) The Asian Rain Salmon; the white rice that accompanied it was dry and bland, the matchstick veggies were just okay. Overall, I have had better flavoring for salmon and I was wishing for more of a kick or spices. 4) The Molasses Pork Tenderloin was absolutely outstanding. The molasses sauce was quite the complement to the perfectly cooked meat and the bread pudding accompaniment was a brave success. None of us ordered dessert, but we did order cappuccinos, which we will never do again. All of us agreed the cappuccinos tasted like flavored frothed milk. As others have written, we did compare this to Jasper?s, which we have been to often. We will return to Loft 610, but hope they ?kick up the sides and flavorings a notch" for the entrees. more

Great looking spot. Food needs a little work. 6/11/2008

Saturday 8:00 reservation. Seated in the loft. Should have asked to move, but thought we'd give it a chance. If you go and get seated there, ask to move. Generally the environment is loud, but not so bad that you can't talk. The loft area is just designed oddly to give little room for movement to the waitstaff. Service was very good. We got traded off to a new waiter about 20 minutes into the meal (so I question management a bit), but they were both good, so no problem. Wine list was adequate, but defintely not spectacular. Meals: Salads were quite nice. Entrees, not so good. I ordered the fish special. Fish was served so overcooked and dried out I barely ate it. Husband ordered the tenderloin. Meat was fine, but was served with barely lukewarm macaroni and cheese. Generally I applaud the attempt at a hot, trendy spot here, but the food just doesn't compare to wonderful meals at Jaspers just down the road (although I have my issues with service at that spot). So I guess, you can choose between good food and bad service at Jaspers or good service and bad food at Loft 610. But we will give Loft 610 another chance. Pros: Service, Salads Cons: Entrees, Ambience tries a bit too hard more

NOT All That 6/10/2008

bornoldman Provided by Partner
Drinks are over priced. Service is less than nice. Trying to go for that New York club feel, but falls very short. more

upscale up north (Frisco) 5/26/2008

This is a great place. There were a few minor service missteps, but they were corrected quickly, efficiently, and gracefully. Food was very good (garlic stuffed beef) to excellent (lamb chops). Wine list is okay, but I expected a deeper list for such an upscale place. We were there relatively early, and the music was getting set up as we were leaving. I expect it would be very loud once the music gets going, as even the ambient dining room music was a little louder that what I consider ideal for a quiet dinner. In terms of overall experience, Loft 610 compares favorably to Jaspers, for instance. Overall, highly recommended. Pros: attentive service and good food Cons: a little loud, and gets crowded late more

absolutely delicious impeccable service 5/26/2008

diana Provided by Partner
absolutely delicious impeccable service more
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Menu for Loft 610 (CLOSED)

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  • The Scene
    A two story space opens through a spacious yet friendly lounge. Its wide oval bar grants stimulating energy for singles to mingle. For the sport enthusiast, high definition televisions entertain and comfy couches beckon to those who want to savor a cocktail and people watch. A wide open dining area, including the kitchen, allows a full view of the culinary creations and of the upstairs loft which pulsates with hot tunes and those who dare to dance.

    The Food
    The cucumber tuna roll was a refreshing introduction to this new American menu. Entrees such as the plantain pecan crusted scallops and the Arancini lemon risotto cakes were enchanting options in addition to satisfying staples such as the burger with onion rings and pepperoni flatbread (pizza). Sides are plenty for those who need options such as cardamom carrots with their beef tenderloin. Eccentric flavored cheesecakes and bread pudding entice the bored sweet tooth.

    Hits: This modern atmosphere complete with interior brick walls, velvet curtains, rich red accents and linear design is a convenient, hip escape for the "burb" heads.

    Misses: Some of the appetizers are so generous, it could be hard to appreciate the main entrees.

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