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I have to disagree with Joe Turth?s post. I have used Locators Twice in the last 5 years. Once, I didn?t find anything and I got my money back, you have to actually get the proper...


I had Locators contact me in the past and offer to list my rental property free of charge. I used the service free of charge as promised but didn't get many prospective tenants. ...

Second time with them, would do it again 3/19/2012

I have to disagree with Joe Turth?s post. I have used Locators Twice in the last 5 years. Once, I didn?t find anything and I got my money back, you have to actually get the properties from them Joe in order to get your money back or find a place to live for that matter! I signed up with them again, because in all honesty, me not finding a place to live the first time was due more to my rotten circumstances than anything. Anyway, I digress, I went back and met with Lynn again, (I think it says something good about the company that the same employee was still there five years later!) So I paid the money again and found a place for my kids and me in less than a week. We will be living in Whitehall so we could stay in the Parkland School district in a much bigger nicer place than we had before. I guess it?s all in one?s perspective Joe Turth. more

Stay Away! 9/5/2011

I found thier list to be out of date and the same listings I found on Trilia and other online services. They advertise moneyback guarantee but thye dont mean it. They require you use it for 90 days and download thier list at least 3 times a week to qualify. Thie list was so hard to read that we couldn't use it so we stopped downloading and they wouldnt return our $200. Do youself a favor and use the free services avaliable online.\r \r The Honest Truth! more

Transferred here- they made it easier 6/23/2011

\r My family and I moved here from Chicago to be closer to my wife’s parents and to raise our kids in a better atmosphere that the city of Chicago. We came here with nowhere to live but at my in laws but luckily I already had a job lined up. My wife signed up with Locators because most of the rental properties in the Morning Call and Craig’s list were listed with them. We didn’t like any of the places they gave us when she first signed up but she would go to see Lynn almost every day to see what was new On the 16 th day we signed a lease for a place in Whitehall and we are all settled in our new home in our new town. Life is good ! \r more

They just saved Christmas 12/9/2010

Our Rental house that we lived in was forclosed on and we had to leave. I was freaking out for many reasons but the fact that it is almost Christmas and I wanted our kids in a house and settled was a big priorty! I thought we were going to have to move in with the in-laws for a few weeks (which I REALLY REALLY Didnt want to do! ). Anyway, a friend told me about Locators and I stopped in the Whitehall office. After talking to them I decided to give it a shot. Well she was not kidding when she said they specialized in quick moves! From when I joined them to when we moved into our new place was only 6 days! So the kids are now in their new rooms, the tree is up and as far as I am concerned Locators saved my families Christmas this year. more

Awesome experience! 9/13/2010

I became a client of Locators on August 25th. I met with Lynn in the Whitehall office and she was who I went to see a couple times a week to get new properties. I like that I only dealt with one person. She was familar with me and made me laugh when I would go in to the office. I found a place this past weekend, so it took a little over 2 weeks. I move in on October 1 the kids and I and I love the new place and cant wait to live there! I will miss seeing Lynn through! more

From a Landlord's Perspective 8/20/2010

I had Locators contact me in the past and offer to list my rental property free of charge. I used the service free of charge as promised but didn't get many prospective tenants. The last time I used them I had a would-be tenant ask if I would take $200 off the first months rent (to reimburse them the cost of the service). This took me by surprise because I was unaware that the staff was telling customers that landlords do this. I contacted Locators to inquire about this and they said that reimbursing the tenant was my choice but that a lot of landlords do give the tenant $200 off. So in other words the service isn't free to me in the end after all. After telling the possible tenant that I couldn't afford to reimburse her, she no longer wanted the unit. Since this experience, times are bit harder economically and I recently listed a property for less than I ever have AND agreed to reimburse the $200 back to the tenant too. But.... after 2 weeks I have had no phone calls from prospective tenants! A big three bedroom apartment with heat, water, sewer, and trash included for $775 (the tenant only pays reg. electric) - that's more than a fair price, right? A few years ago I used to rent it for $800 and not give the $200 incentive. How times have changed, huh. It makes me wonder if they listed my property at all. P.S. For everyone's information: landlords are not all rich! We have a lot of expenses that come along with owning a property, our bills need to paid by tenants rent. If you don't pay your rent, our bills don't get paid, and that puts your happy home at risk - we all lose. We earn very little money after everything gets paid, its a very risking business for small time guys like us (sorry, just venting). Please keep this in mind. more

Read every review before using this company 8/9/2010

I was relocating for a new job, I was told by Andre that this service was a good one and they would put me in a house, that I asked for at. It is a scam. They put ads in the paper stating that they have places for rent but when you pay for the service then they do not have the same places on the weneedtomove website. If you are looking to relocate do not use them. Go to a realitor or search for yourself. This service is a waste of money and the people who work they lie to maintain and explain their lack of competence. more

Loved everything about it! 7/29/2010

I signed up with Lynn in the Whitehall office and she was so funny! She completly understood my need to move real quick (Jerk boyfriend) and personally helped me get a cute 1 bedroom with a week. I walked in the office crying and I left laughing and feeling much better. Way to go Lynn! I will no doubt go back to her and Locators the next time I want to move. Pros: Nice helpful people and found a great place more

Locators Inc. is absolutely a scam. 7/10/2010

I recently spent $200.00 for a property list and NOTHING has changed on the list since I bought it (supposedly updated daily). Not only that, but almost every day I see ads for rentals in my local paper and craigslist which are not on the list I paid for. The WORST thing is some of those very ads are FROM THEM but not on my list! So I have to call Locators Inc regarding an ad they just put in the paper (or craiglist) because that same property never makes it to the list I paid $200.00 for. Are you kidding me? I agree with the customer service comment. They were super nice when I signed up and every person I have spoken with since then has been very rude and curt. I will be reporting them. Pros: None. Cons: Took my money and provided no service whatsoever. more

As two poor students, we loved Locators ! 12/18/2009

My boyfriend and I registered with them about a month ago because we needed to find a place by January 1st and it needed to be cheap because we are both going to school at U of P. Locators gave us all the places they had for under $900 in University City. We did not find what we were looking for the first time out like I have read about with them, but we did find something last week that we just love! We will have 2 bedrooms, a great yard with a firepit, parking and I got to take my 2 cats for $825 a month. We could not be happier Pros: Helped us find a nice but cheap place Cons: have not found a drawback yet more

Locators inc - I thought they were helpful 12/16/2009

I disagree with the flyers fan. I actually read the contract I signed. The refund is pretty clear and not too difficult, you have to use the service, which in my opinion is a reasonable request; I guess Flyer dude didn?t agree, but I still like the Flyers! Either way, I didn?t need the refund because I moved exactly 2 months after signing up with them. Pros: People were very nice more

Locators Inc Scam 8/31/2009

This company, Locators Inc, is a total scam to its customers. I spoke with a rep and went into an agreement for their service and it wasn't helpful at all. It cost about $200. They claim to ""offer full refunds"" but there is a huge catch!! You must wait at least 90 days from the contract date, but not more than 105 days. Once this company has your money, they are rude and ignorant to you as the customer. Proceed with caution and know exactly the type of people you are working with b/c it is a total scam of a company. I might never forgive myself for giving my hard earned dollars to a bunch of crooks, especially in tough economic times when people like Locator's Inc. just take advantage of hard working people. more
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