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Loca Luna - 66 Reviews - 550-C Amsterdam Ave, Atlanta, GA - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (678) 973-4965

Loca Luna

550-C Amsterdam Ave (at 6th Street NE)
Atlanta, GA 30306
(678) 973-4965
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Loca Luna - Atlanta, GA
Loca Luna - Atlanta, GA
Loca Luna - Atlanta, GA
Loca Luna - Atlanta, GA


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Whenever I'm in Atlanta THIS is the first place I visit. Love the food, love the vibe and always have a blast here. I'm very loyal to my dishes my favorite being the tapas-all tap...


Went to Loca Luna about two weekends ago and so much has changed..Decided to go to the hosting site for the Saturday event which was called Latin Sol and saw that the event is no ...

cool looking, not good food 5/30/2011

This place is definitely style over substance, went to a function there and it's definitely neat looking, ut the food was not very good. more

Horrible 3/26/2011

I never write reviews, I am the one that always reads them and usually decides to visit off the reviews of others who experienced it. I decided to go after buying a coupon from groupon. I went on a Saturday night and I was prepared to wait just because it was Saturday. While I waited I ordered a drink from the bar and the drink was warm. I should of realized then that I was in for a surprise. Once we were called to be seated, I was extremely excited because the overall feel of the place was great; the had the live band and dancing. I ordered the Spanish style ribs, fried green beans, seafood bisque and nachos. I was very disappointed because the food was cold, queso cheese doesn't taste good when it's cold. I called our waiter over and explained that the food was cold. He was a little aggravated because I insisted that he bring us hot food. He took the food back to the kitchen only to return with the same food he took from us. Guess what? the food was still cold. I am sorry to complain, but I went to Rare soul food tapas and might I say that was a very awesome food was hot !!!! I guess I was comparing Loca Luna to Rare. After the waiter brought me out the same food he took to the kitchen to nook; by then I've had enough. I got upset and me and my guest decided to leave. The manager asked me why was I upset, I explained that the only thing that should be cold is the drinks and salad, not the main course! This was my first time visiting this restaurant and it left a very bad impression....needless to say that I will never ever go to Loca Luna's again. I will also make sure I contact groupon to inform them of this horrible experience that I had at this restaurant. Maybe it is just me and going on a busy night, I can say I don't think that I would ever go back. I should add that we left there and went to another restaurant and had a blast with hot food and cold drinks!!! Loca Luna really needs to step it up and learn to serve hot food and cold drinks!!! more

Bias Reviews... 3/10/2011

UPDATE: This review was removed because it was telling the truth. The following users definetly either work for loca luna, are really good friends with the owners or as very often it is they are getting free stuff at the place. AtlCityGal msg2chad toosting Telljack AtlCornhole Aroundtheworld80restrants Just look when each review was posted..all on 3/9/11 or 3/10/11 way to obvious. Definetly start reading the reviews from 3/7/11 and older....they are the true views of REAL clients and also REAL experiences at Loca Luna. Dont be fooled. Take it from a person that has experienced the is not what it is hyped to be. more

My favorite place in Atl 3/9/2011

Whenever I'm in Atlanta THIS is the first place I visit. Love the food, love the vibe and always have a blast here. I'm very loyal to my dishes my favorite being the tapas-all tapas, mojitos, caipirinhas, platanos etc. After eating, you can burn it all up on the dance floor. Can't wait to go back and try the new menu items. more

The Taco Bar is Back! 3/8/2011

I recently dined at Loca and was so excited to see the return of the Taco Bar (remember the taco bar on the patio at the old location)! It certainly brought back fond memories and a familiar vibe reminiscent of the old spot! The tacos were de-lish as were my new menu favorite: ALBONDIGAS (veal and mushroom meatballs in a tomato sauce). YUM!!! The porkbelly skewers weren't too shabby either! And of course our usual suspects - spicy potatoes, plantains and sauteed spinach - were as good as always! Yet another great night at Loca Luna! more

Great Place! 3/8/2011

Hands down a 5 star spot! My friends and I have been going to Loca for years and have never had bad service. The food and drinks are great! I was recently there for the Falcons playoff game and was seated right where I wanted to be and had excellent service. The food was great as always too! I can't say enough good things about Loca. Always our first choice when we go out. Keep up the good work guys! more

Just Awesome! 3/8/2011

We live 40 minutes south of Atlanta and Loca Luna has always been our go-to restaurant when we venture out and even when we have friends in town. We always receive excellent service and the tapas are fabulous! My favorite is the fried plantains! yummy!! The drinks are great too, especially the mojitos!!! You don't find many trendy restaurants that have dancing too. If you plan to stay out a little later, you can also dance at Loca! No need to go find a club after dinner, Loca Luna has it all! My fiance and I just love it! You won't be disappointed! more

Incredible food...Amazing service...Fantastic Management 3/8/2011

My husband and I have been eating at Loca Luna for years now (old location and new location) and have never written a review before and figured it was time to do so! We always have an amazing time at Loca Luna. First, let me start with the alcohol! Capriahanas are hands down the best in the city! The mojitos are fantastic as well. The bartenders do NOT disappoint. Now the food...oh the delicious food. We have a tendency to stick to the usual suspects....tacos, plantains, bravas, ribs....but have tried some of the unique dishes that the Chef creates for fun. They have an amazing and creative kitchen staff. We love the music and dancing offered in the evening hours. It's definitely a loud, party atmosphere during the late hours....but it's Brazilian inspired...what do you expect?!?! When we have experienced slight delays in the delivery of ordered items or incorrect items, the management and/or waitstaff have always handled everything promptly with the utmost professional manner. They really care about the customers!!! more

Always an amazing dining experience! 3/8/2011

Loca Luna is one one the best overall dining experiences in Atlanta hands down! The atmosphere of the restaurant is always alive and vibrant and the service and food are consistently good. I took my wife there last Saturday night for dinner and drinks and the experience was so on point, I figured it was time to write a review for this place. I was happy to see the menu containing both the staple items that I always order (taco's, ribs, and fried plantains) as well as new items that were unbelievably good (porkbelly skewers and lamb shoulder). If you are looking for a sexy/swank restaurant in Atlanta with amazing food, service, music, atmosphere, and value, Loca Luna is the spot! It's the best of both worlds - a fine dining experience in a hip and casual setting. more

What horrible management! 3/6/2011

My fiance and I chose Loca Luna to have a get together to celebrate our engagement. We have friends and family that live in atl and we no longer live here. We made a reservation two weeks in advance for 20 people. On the day of after our 4 hour drive in I thought it was weird that knowone confirmed our reservation which I had taken with BRIAN THE OWNER. I called and my intuition was right they never saved our reservation. I told the hostess I had drove in that morning for this and was expecting 20 people it was not my fault they did not do their job right! They acted like their owners stupidity was my fault and it was a hassle to fit us in. What kind of customer service is that? Then the manager MARCO called me up and was asking me questions about when I made the reservation and who I spoke with! Calling the customer questioning my validity when your owner made the mistake???? I also mentioned to him that the owner said we could have separate checks (not 20 but about 6 or 7) Brian the owner had said if I had any problems to tell them he said it was ok. Well he didn't even remember to take down my reservation so he didn't remember that "minor detail" either! Marco acted like it was once again a hassle to accomidate us but at this point in the game it was too late to change the location or I definately would have. We hung up and he called me a THIRD time to try to tell me sorry no split checks and your lucky we are accomidating you! I was apauled what kind of a manager says that to a guest who made a legitimate reservation on the phone with the owner two weeks prior!!! At this point I was livid but I was not going to let it ruin my night after agruing he finally agreed to validate what we had been promised two weeks prior. We got there and they tried to squeeze us in a small area that barely comfortably fit 14 we had 4 family members that were saying they would just go somewhere else because of the hassle!!! My fiance went to talk to Marco because it was definately not right they squeezed us in a tight area because they had forgot to put our reservation down and had knowwhere else to put us. There was a table behind us and we asked if we could add it and was told by the manager and our waitress that we could not do that and they had KNOWWHERE in the restaurant to sit the remaining 4 people?! at this point I felt like I was being punked! Was this a joke? I have never received such horrible customer service at a restaurant in my life!!! After a heated discussion and Marco the manager arguing when they were in the wrong and they knew it they added another table but we were still a little squished. Our waitress kaitlin was nice at first then seemed to develop an attitude later on. My fiance and I being servers were planning on bumping her gratuity $20 but after the service we got she quickly lost that. Part of my guests never got their food and got charged for it and had to get it taken off. And I might as well mention the food was not "the best tapas" like they advertise it was not good at all. After all the bad service we all made the best of the situation and the only thing I can say good about loca luna was the DJ was really good and we had a good time dancing. Other than that we will never be back and I would not suggest anyone that plans on having a large party to go and if you like tapas this is not the place to go!!! Horrible management and owner! more

Clientele Ruined this place 9/27/2010

I really loved the old loca luna. It was almost perfect except for the parking. The music was great, the women were gorgeous, the food was fulfilling, the people were fun and interesting. Sadly, it seems most of that changed. The music is still great, parking is easy, the food is good, but the people changed it all for me. It seems loca luna is catering to a rougher kind of crowd. Like most places i guess they had to cut prices or offer some sort of deal, but at what cost to them? Anyone and everyone can get in, there also seems to be no dress code. I did appreciate the selectiveness of the old loca luna. It just doesn't have that same appeal. The place just seems dangerous and unsavory with the new crowd, but what can you expect when loca luna slashes prices. I'm surprised I didn't get robbed and shot going back to my car. Loca Luna is just the latin version of Club 112. They should just go back to the way things were. Loca Luna if you see this please bring back the old loca luna so we all can feel safe, happy, and ready to relax and drink! more

What Happend? 8/15/2010

Went to Loca Luna about two weekends ago and so much has changed..Decided to go to the hosting site for the Saturday event which was called Latin Sol and saw that the event is no longer at Loca Luna. I wonder why because the event was amazing...No wonder the music was not the same. The group I was with also felt the same way! I guess will have to try the other location. food still great though. more

totally awesome 7/13/2010

The food may be ordinary but the service was outstanding. It was prompt and the service staff was not just accommodating but they were also very friendly. The place was also fantastic! more

Great Tapas 3/29/2010

Do NOT order the vegetable paella. The rice was ok but the veges were a soggy mess. Overall the tapas were great, esp. at 1/2 price before 7pm. Pros: Outdoor seating Really good Tapas Cons: weak mixed drinks and the vegetable paella more

Fun atmostphere 2/23/2010

Had a lot of fun with my girlfriends. Crowd was a little older than I would have liked. Pros: Great atmostphere for dancing Cons: Some of the food wasn't worth the price more

Terrible Service Outweighs the Tasty Food 2/12/2010

I've been to Loca Luna 3 times. The first time I sat on the open air patio with my sister and best friend. We enjoyed our delicious variety of tapas and we had a very attentive waitress. When I realized a meat I ordered was ambitiously rare, she had it cooked longer and all was well. The evening segued naturally from dinner to a club. The music was great and there were some people who actually know some Latin dance around. This lured me into a false sense of security. The next time I went for birthday party. It's was $20.00 a head for the 4 (more or less) tapas the birthday girl had chosen. There were about 30 of us. When the waiter arrived most of the table was dismayed, because they had recieved poor service from this guy the year before. They tried to shake of that concern, but it was obviously still true. The dude was an inattentive, inhospitable, and incompetent waiter. As the first platters of food came out the majority of the party did not have plates, silverware, or drinks. Although, it was brought to the waitstaffs attention several times, the first selection was consumed before half of the guests were able to have any. (Also, the portions they brought, were never reflective of their regular portions or how much we paid.) It wasn't until mid-way of the second course that majority of the table had dining utensils or were sharing with a friend. The waiter never took my drink order. I went up to the bar to retrieve my own drink. That's pretty much how the night went. Being squooshed at a table in the middle of the what was turning into a dance floor, with not enough food to eat, and not enough server. Terrible. We had our car parked by the Valet and it was raining. No one ever came back with our keys after we waited outside for 20 minutes. Eventually, I decided to gallant and trudged out into the rain myself to the valet box. I retrieved our keys. And we left on our own. The last and final time I went to Loca Luna I went with my sister (who by now had had 2 out of 3 experiences that turned out badly). Once again, the food was great. The two of us were sat in a very busy part of the floor between two parties. We watched sadly as other diners on the next floor enjoyed their quiet place of conversation. One party, while relatively subdued, was large and bumped us and the table everytime they shifted, because our table was stupidly at a diagonal. I moved to another chair to give them more space. The party on the other side of us was already drunk and obnoxious at 6:30pm. We mentioned our discomfort to our waitress, who gave very sympathetic nods, but didn't reseat us. The Whoo-Girls got progressively louder and pushier shoving into our table. Eventually, they convinced a man to remove his shirt and dance for them, in FULL view of the staff. It was ridiculous. To top things off, as we finished up, a large waterbug/cockroach scuttled around our feet. We held our feet off the floor and waited for our waitress to return. It took a minute. So, we hoped that it would perhaps go to distract itself with the Whoo-Girls. When we went to talk to management, the response we got was annoying and it was obvious Loca Luna was indifferent about out business. To Crowed Tables: Well, we'll seat you someplace else next time. I don't know why you were sat down there. To the Whoo-Girls: Well, this is a very popular restaurant and it's a party aptmosphere. To the Roach: We have an open air patio. We can't really keep bugs out. Having a couple of bugs in here is the nature of the design of the restaurant. Can you keep them out of the kitchen Loca Luna? Is your restaurant just a place for people to pregame before the party starts? Really, the music and food is great. Most of the crowd and the staff are terrible. Not worth the trip. I'm sure there is some less desperately-hip place to try. Pros: Very Good Food! Cons: Poor management, bad waiters, Whoo-Girls, 2/3 bad visits more

Fun evening out 8/11/2009

My fiance and I usually come here if we feel like dancing some merengue, salsa and bachata. So we usually don't make it for the food beforehand, but for the party afterwards. We always have a good time there. It can get really hot and crowded, but it's better than empty! Pros: Great music and dancing, drink prices aren't bad Cons: Can be very crowded more

Really Bad Business 8/3/2009

After my second experience with Loca Luna during which, they changed a promotion after advertising it, I felt I had to share this with the public. I have a large group of friends and we frequent venues such as Loca Luna often because of their ability to sit large parties on the patio. We were going to visit for a friend's birthday on Cinco de Mayo and after advertising one price, when we got to the door, they were charging double that. A similar incident happened today. I made reservations last week after seeing an email that said "All you can eat and drink for $25 on Tuesdays." I also confirmed it with their OFFICIAL WEBSITE. When the person at Loca Luna called me to confirm on Sunday, I asked her if the promotion was still in effect and she said, "Most definitely." My reservation was for 7:00 for ten people. At 4:03, someone from the restaurant called to tell me they would not be able to honor the promotion. I pulled up the website and told him that it clearly said on their website that Tuesday nights were "all you can eat and drink for $25." He said he knew that, but they were not honoring it. Not only that, but the guy was rude and blaming it on "promotions." How is that Promotions fault? I could understand if it happened once, but it happened the only two times I tried to take advantage of a promotion at Loca Luna and I will NEVER visit the establishment again. Integrity isn't something you dabble in, Loca Luna. And obviously you don't have it. Cons: False Advertisements more

Great food, atmosphere, and music 7/8/2009

My girlfriends and I went out for my birthday and this was a perfect place to go with a group.While sitting on the patio, we shared a bunch of different items such as the goat cheese, plantains with coconut milk, ceviche, chicken kabobs, and not to forget the fish tacos. They were all EXCELLENT!! (The fish tacos had fantastic flavors with a great kick!) Our waiter was very helpful and was always there to take our on going orders. Definitely a place to enjoy with friends while taking in the music from the band. We will be going back in the near future! Good job, Loca Luna!! Pros: perfect portion sizes Cons: Some of the drinks could be better more

Business must be closed!!! 3/4/2009

We went there twice, once on Monday and the door said closed on Monday. Went the next Tuesday and it was still closed. It would have been nice to update the notes on the door or the voicemail to read closed. more
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Menu for Loca Luna

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Owner Message

  • The New Loca Luna has arrived at 550 Amsterdam Avenue in Midtown!

    The new spot still has the waterfalls, bamboo, palm trees, koi ponds, extended patio, private rooms and festive atmosphere
    We also have added an upgraded sound and video system and tons of free parking. We are still the best Latin dining and entertainment venue in Atlanta, and look forward to welcoming all our old and new friends to the New Loca Luna!


  • The Scene
    Loca Luna works the tropical theme--and works it hard. Intense splashes of primary color meet the eye at every turn. The dilemma of a less-than-inspiring view of a parking lot is solved by painting idyllic seaside vistas into pretend windows. The expansive interior courtyard adds to the sense of escape from Midtown and makes a great spot for that large group get-together.

    The Draw
    The place borders on "get on the banana boat" silliness, but it's blessed with an infectiously festive atmosphere and killer grooves courtesy of the house samba band. When the place is packed and the rum is flowing, you might think, just for a minute, that you're in Ipanema. Lula frita, bife com banana, brochette de galinha: You don't have to know what they are--these tasty Brazilian dishes are reason enough to venture to Loca Luna. It's a tapas restaurant, so order several and share.

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