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Lies Trash Svc

4631 S Palisade St
Wichita, KS 67217
(316) 522-1699
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Lies Trash Svc - Wichita, KS


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I just want to say that I think Lies provides good service, and I have been happy to use them. I am really surprised at seeing bad reviews of the company. I have had Lies as m...


I have read statements in some reviews stating that those of us on here who are complaining about the service we have recieved are picky or hard to please. To those I want to ask ...

Lies is a great company 12/6/2011

I just want to say that I think Lies provides good service, and I have been happy to use them. I am really surprised at seeing bad reviews of the company. I have had Lies as my trash company since I moved to Wichita 11 years ago, and I have never had any problems with them that a phone call didn't rectify. I recommend them to anyone who asks for a good trash company. more


I have used Lies trash service for several years and refuse to use anyone else. \r The guys on the truck have always been very friendly and helpful with me. If i was not able to pay for awhile they never cut my service off !!!!!!!! The gals in the office have always been very helpful and respectful. Their prices are the BEST also !!!!!!!! more

It is what it is and I think its great. 10/21/2011

I have had my trash hauled by this company for over a year now. I would recommend this company for anyone who is not going to be a whiny little girl and is level headed enough to understand that Lie's is what it is. lets be honest; you pay the trash guys and they come pick up your trash. if you are going to complain because the can isnt put in the exact spot as normal or that the people on the phone dont want to wipe your @$$ for you then maybe you should re-evaluate what is important in your life. point is; Lie's is cheap, effective and reliable. if you feel that paying way more to have a fake smile on the trash guys face then go to waste management, but get real. we are all here doing our jobs. . .. act accordingly. more

A great Company 9/14/2011

I have had great service. The men who come always pick up whatever I have out. They are kind men and they are doing all they can to keep our trash picked up and clean area when they are done. They speak to me and answer questions. Waste management I was only a number. more

Lies aims to please. 8/25/2011

They been hauling me for 25 years and also charitably hauling a non-profit I am a member of. Have had no missed service and they even pick up stuff next to the carts. They are a mom and pop and very reasonable. Since I have had them first on my block they now represent 90percent of my block. The reasonable price and friendly drivers are a blessing. Thank You and So long and Good Luck with the recent sale of your company! more


this company does BAD BUSINESS. They don't even have on-line pay so you have to call them when you want to pay them and sit on hold for about a half hour each time. You would think that they would want their payment asap. They are rude and when i told them i wanted to cancel....they didn't even care, apologize, or talk me out of it. I think that they know their company is pathetic. I am switching to Waste Connections.....I hope people get on board and do the same. DO NOT CALL LIES TRASH SERVICE!!!!!!! more

BAD business practices 7/28/2011

My family had Lies for nearly 4.5 years. A couple of years ago things really started getting bad. First, we got a new driver and he was the worst. Emptying trash as he would put it in the truck and then scattering some of the debris around in the road. He refused to pick up what he scattered. We never knew when this driver would show up, it could be late morning but as late as 6 in the evening on our pickup day. The driver had the audacity to throw our trash can into another neighbors yard or even throw it down in the middle of our driveway. Keep in mind I had been gone and had to get out of my car with a broken foot to retrieve this trash can. I called and asked the office if it was their policy to put a trash can in the middle of the drive so a car can not get into their drive. The lady I spoke to was very unprofessional in her language and attitude. But the BIGGEST thing that really upset us is when we canceled our service on May 9, 2011. We asked for our refund of unused money that was paid on March 28, 2011. We were told that our refund would be issued to our mailing address in 6 - 8 weeks. I called late this morning July 28, 2011 and was informed that I never asked for my refund on the remainder of my bill. I informed this female in fact I had asked for a refund on canceling my service. This lady that I spoke with this morning told me that she would note my account and it would be paid whenever. My husband and I were so furious that we sent a certified letter and gave the business 1 week to refund our money before we make more complaints with the BBB. If you are looking for a good trash service, this isn't it. They keep raising the price of their service and it gets worse as time goes on, and their office staff is quite good at making excuses not only for themselves but the other employees as well. But to put things simple, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! There are better haulers out there that believe in customer service and satisfaction. more

Worst Customer Service EVER 6/22/2011

I just moved in to a duplex with trash paid. Today is trash day, and imagine my surprise to find my trash can still full. Neighbors trash cans on both sides are put away, so the truck has been here. I called the office, and was given the run around about how the truck has until 4pm to get here, OR if the truck was full, they have to leave and empty it, then come back. I tried to explain to the *witch* who answered the phone that the rest of the street had been serviced, so neither situation was the case. She chose to argue with me, then demanded that the next time I have trouble with the service, I have the owner of the duplex call them. I will NEVER refer this company to anyone. Well... unless I really don't like you more

VERY rude office staff 5/17/2011

I signed up for Lies trash service about 3 months ago. When I went in, I wasnt greeted and the office staff seemed to busy to even notice I was there. The woman that helped me was extremely rude, when I told her that I had a coupon for 3 months free with 3 months paid. I was billed prematurely and called the office and spoke to a very rude customer service rep. I was trying to explain to her that I had a coupon for 3 months free, she said that the bill was incorrect and she will send another bill when its due. I got another 3 weeks later.. Im supposed to get 3 months free. Needless to say, I havent gotten my 3 months free credit. I will not use Lies again. Ever! more

Lies trash service is not a good choice! 5/2/2011

I had Lies trash service for 6 months and will never use them again. Everything was great for the first 3 months until I got a 2nd bill and had to call and tell them that I had paid my bill and had the canceled check to prove it! I encountered 2 very rude office people that finally however found their mistake and acknowledged that I had paid on time. After my trash was not picked up 2 weeks in a row I called to tell them that as soon as the period I had paid for was up I wanted to cancel my service. Well needless to say my trash was not picked up from that day on. They did however continue to bill me! I called again after I received the bill and was treated very rudely. They told me that I had never called and canceled my service. I told them that not only had I called before but my trash had not been picked up since I called. Months later I again received another bill. Once again I called and this time I was anything but polite! We will see if I got my point across this time! more

Very Unprofessional. 3/29/2011

I think it's tough to judge unprofessionalism. It can be an unfair accusation in the heat of the moment. I mean, we're all trying to toil and slog along in the same world, right? It gets tough sometimes, and perceptions can outweigh reality quite a bit. I don't try to be unfair. Everyone is having a hard time. However, what I've witnessed when I paid my bill one day in person is beyond the pale. I witnessed a very unprofessional and antagonistic atmosphere. As soon as I walked in there were 2 other customers there and the one first in line was the only one receiving help. There were some girls that worked there that were busy on the phone, but others that were flat out ignoring me. I waited over 10 minutes for the very elderly gentleman at the first desk to help me. He wasn't very personable or efficient. All the while, I witnessed a vile woman who I think was the boss, denigrating, belittling and otherwise brow-beating the rest of the help when she herself could have been either helping the customers that were standing there or have those employees she was admonishing in front of the customers actually take time to help the customers themselves. What I took from the entire experience which took over 20 minutes to make a simple payment by check was that these people didn't care that much for people who came in with money to pay them. Customer Service wasn't important. The guy that picks up my trash isn't much better, but he's efficient. He kinda tosses me a dirty look when I come out and I can't speak a word to him before he's gone, but at least I don't have to wait forever and at least he (mostly) does his job. Can't say the same for the office help. more

Have Always Been Fair To Me! 3/17/2011

I just want to say that I have had Lies for over 10 years. I have been months late, called in several times, and even been to the office and NEVER have I been treated rudely by any of them. I once had a problem with one of the drivers and they took care of it. They have been great to this woman whom struggles to pay her bills. Thank you. more

Owners Wife very rude!! 3/1/2011

While in the office paying a bill the owners wife (Dee Lies) was degrading her office help and even cussing at them in front of everyone incluing customers, this woman should NOT be allowed to run a office! more

Lies Trash Service has GONE DOWN HILL!!! 1/11/2011

Used to be excellent, I used to recommend them to everyone. Now, in the last several months, I've found my carts across the street, in the street, in the ditch, and to top it all off, I watched as the routesman placed my cart into my ditch purposely. He stared at it, hopped back on the truck and left! \r \r If you've ever encountered a rude customer service rep on the phone, you know the rest! She was the rudest, unprofessional I've dealt with! \r \r I called them as soon as I saw the routesman do this, they stated they'd pick it out of the ditch. Now, several days later, I call again, only to encounter the rude rep. who said that both driver and routesman denies they put it there, the route super supposedly came out and saw none in the ditch, and guess what??? It's still in my ditch right now. She wouldn't give out her super's name, the owner's name, but did say she'd have one call me. Right !! I told her to get the supervisor right out here, and show me what the cart in the ditch is (a decoration perhaps???) BAD BAD BAD BAD more

Paying for service you dont receive 11/17/2010

I have read statements in some reviews stating that those of us on here who are complaining about the service we have recieved are picky or hard to please. To those I want to ask this... how hard is it to pick up the trash? \r I HAD been with Lies for over 7 years with no problems until this summer. Then there started to be times where they would skip picking up my trash. I didn't call because mistakes happen every once in a while but the mistakes started to become a weekly mistake.I also noticed they were picking up my neighbors trash 3 houses down. I begain to call Lies and each time they were pleasent and would send someone out. Problem solved but do I really need to be calling them to get my trash picked up every other week? About 2 mnths of either calling or just holding my tounge and the situation seemed to be over my trash was getting picked up.\r Then in September/ October it started up again them skipping my house . Then after 3wks of them skipping my lil 30 gallon which was sitting by the Lies trash can I had to call. So I called and they said they'd make sure to tell the driver. I then asked about my bill because I thought it was coming up but hadn't received the bill yet. The woman stated to me that I was paid up untell Feb. I asked how could that be. The Lies woman stated that I had Criedts on my account. I just assumed that those criedts were from all the times they didn't pick up my trash.At the time I thought that was very fair because I had paid for wks I hadn't gotten. I was realy impressed they were doing this without me asking.\r Now Nov. last week I had to call to get my trash picked up once again. Yesterday I get a notice of a bill due w/ a LATE CHARGE!!! So I call and spoke to lady who I told I am supose to have creidts. She had no idea what I was talking about and there was no creidts to my account. When I stated that I've had to call in alot lately she then got rude and tried to arguee with me about when I've called in. When I could tell her the actual dates in the last mnth she then rudely started stating the mnths I hadn't had to call in. I stopped her and told her that I have had to call alot and whats sad is I don't call every time my trash is missed. I told her my to discontinue my service.\r more

Lousy Service 10/20/2010

We have had Lies for about 10 years with no problem. We pay extra so that we do not have to place our trash container at the curb. We mostly due this so that we don't have to remember what day to take the trash out. In the last several months there have been two occasions where they failed to pick up our trash as contracted for. The first time they didn't pick it up for three weeks. They then made a special pick up and collected the trash as scheduled for a couple of weeks. They have not made a pick up for the last two weeks. For those who may have doubted others' comments about the rudeness of the Lies office staff, BELIEVE IT! I can't remember when we have dealt with ""service"" staff who have exhibited such an anti customer attitude. Needless to say, we will be making arrangements with another hauler. more

Left Lies for good and haven't looked back! 10/17/2010

I finally gave Lies Trash the boot when they picked up my beautiful palm tree in an expensive terra cotta container. It was simply near the trash container, but certainly not touching the container and any moron in their right mind would have / should have / could have known that no one in their right mind would be throwing out such a beautiful palm. This is one that I had cultivated for years and was my pride and joy. It had been sitting in that location for many months and they'd never bothered it, but one day they just decided to pick it up and throw it in the trash. I called them to track down my palm tree because it really was a GORGEOUS beauty and beautifully potted and was worth tracking ti down. They said they couldn't tell if it was trash or not. I told them I couldn't use a TOTAL FREAKING MORON for a trash service and GAVE THEM THE BOOT! more

No problems with this service... 10/4/2010

In all the years I have had Lies I have never had any problems getting my trash picked up (unless I didn't pay my bill, in which case, that was my fault). \r \r I think that some of the reviews on here are unfair and rude. I think that if you have a problem with their service you should call and give them a chance. I am a person and they are people too, and people make mistakes, I know I do. I don't think that its to much to ask to give people a chance to make things right. \r \r If I ever have a problem with my service I plan to call and treat these people with the respect that any human being deserves. more

Rude office staff 9/30/2010

I had a problem with Lies, when they came and got my customer owned trash cart. It was one of the old Derby Disposal cart. It was given to me. I called the office and told them their mistakes. I had the my friend, who was the owne of Derby Disposal call and let them know that this was my cart and the lady was very rude. Did not ask her to put her on hold, it was ""YOu will have to wait,"" That is rude and very uncalled for. more

Lie's trash service. Good company 8/19/2010

I have used Lie's trash service for many years, and have been very satisfied with them. I have not always been on time to pay my bill, but have never had any disruption of service. I have on a rare ocation forgot to put my dumpster out to the curb, and they went up to the house and picked it up anyway. I was off work one day when they were coming down the street picking up trash. They must have a lot of customers on my block cause it seemed they stoped at almost every house. Man it was a sight to see. The men were very well coordinated and cooperating with each other they all moved so fast, running and sprinting all the way. Even the driver wa getting out and participating in the pick up and dumping. And this was late in the day. They had to be tired. \r \r On windy days they will even lay my empty container on its side so it will not blow away.\r \r One time my dumpster was very full and very heavy. We had done a major clean up job around the house. I know it was heavy I had to get it to the curb. When they came to pick it up, they came to the door and said they would NOT take it because of how heavy it was. I wasn't sure what I was going to do at that point. I went to put my shoes on and go out there to see what I could do, knowing they would probably not wait on me anyway. The man was a little rude about it when he came to the door, but by the time I got out there, he had dumped it in spite of the situation. I've been more carful about that ever since. more
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