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Legacy Trading Company - 14 Reviews - 3699 McKinney Ave, Ste 104, Dallas, TX - Home Décor Reviews - Phone (214) 953-2222

Legacy Trading Company

3699 McKinney Ave, Ste 104 (at Cityplace West Boulevard)
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 953-2222
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What can I say about people that make my house look BEAUTIFUL, save me a ton of money, and save me hours upon hours of time - my most precious commodity? Thank you! Kelly O'Neal...


Gosh, what a load of poo. 'Anhowell' is yet another example of Kelly O'Steal and his crack gang of long-time con artists putting fake 'positive' ads on review sites like this to t...

'Anhowell' = Kelly O'Steal 8/8/2010

Gosh, what a load of poo. 'Anhowell' is yet another example of Kelly O'Steal and his crack gang of long-time con artists putting fake 'positive' ads on review sites like this to try and boost their deservedly tanked reputation. We tried to work with these swindlers: They stole everything they could, consistently lied about everything imaginable, did crap work which they refused to fix and provided merchandise that was consistently poor quality, especially compared to their (we found out later) original samples fleeced from many local artists. In a word: Criminals. Our advice: Stay as FAR AWAY from Kelly, Keeley (if she shows up at your project NOT reeking of liquor, consider yourself lucky), Rene (illegal immigrant, anyone?) and the rest of these legally documented flim-flam artists. Design Legacy and its criminal staff give a bad reputation to the Dallas retail scene, as they have for many years now. Please boycott this nest of vipers and pass this review along to any artists, designers, craftspeople or shoppers you know to help put these snake oil salespeople out of business once and for all. Oh, and Kelly: You can get evicted from every location you've ever had for illegal activities, but you can't hide from those you've stolen from! more

Life Savers and Artists 8/5/2010

What can I say about people that make my house look BEAUTIFUL, save me a ton of money, and save me hours upon hours of time - my most precious commodity? Thank you! Kelly O'Neal and Keeley are the absolute best around: in service, willingness to work on a budget, and creativity. They started with one room 3 years ago and have practically done my entire house now. My friends consistently tell me I have ""the coolest house"" out of all our friends. (That's always fun to hear.) Plus, when a lady ran her car into my living room all hopped up on pain meds, they took care of dealing with the contractors and landscapers to put my house back in better shape than it started! I seriously cannot say enough good things about this company - and that's based on 3 years worth of using them. more

O'Steal and Company Give Cockroaches A Bad Name 3/23/2010

These con artists couldn't be'll need to take a shower if you even speak with anyone connected with this criminal operation. Ripped off by these con artists? Contact legacyvictims on yahoo for info on the upcoming class action lawsuit. Please pass this along to any artist who may be thinking of working with these evil, evil scums! Pros: Absolutely none Cons: Yes, they are! more

Rip Off Company 11/6/2008

'Dirkjal' may have had a 'good' experience with these insects, but here's mine: I worked with these con artists and they not only stole samples and merchandise, they left thousands of dollars in invoices unpaid. Owner Kelly O'Neal will steal your work as easily as he breathes. The only way any artist can claim that they haven't been ripped off by these vermin is if they're lying or it just hasn't happened to them yet (but it will). Enough said. more

excellent to work with 10/30/2008

have been a vendor for these guys for about 5 years. never a problem. never griped about a price or had any collection problems. and generally good people. would truly be surprised if any of the negative comments left regarding them were true more

'EthicsFirst' IS SCUMBAG KELLY O'NEAL 10/16/2008

KELLY = LOSER + LIAR. Kelly ""I Steal, Therefore I Am' O'Neal is posting fake positive reviews like the drivel from 'EthicsFirst' in a sad attempt to revive his scam company's quickly tanking reputation. ""EthicsFirst', huh? This from the con artist who's stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in payment and merch from local artists (and thousands swindled from an elderly neighbor), been evicted from every space he and his insect-like employees have infected (including the Quadrangle, the West Village and the Dallas World Trade Center) and conned so many customers and vendors out of their hard-earned money that his 'business' is slowly going bankrupt. In a word: KELLY = CRIMINAL. Pros: They'll soon be out of business (and hopefully in jail). Cons: Yes, they are...if you deal with these vermin, you WILL be swindled. more

Most professional anywhere! 10/12/2008

I'm sure the negative reviews are from the same illiterate person as is evidenced by the nasty language and pathetic stab at grammar. Oh well. Let them crawl back under their rock. In the meantime, O'Neal is one of the best in his field and will always go the extra mile to make sure his clients are satisfied. Pros: Always professional and ethical Cons: Probably has been way too nice to undeserving slugs in the business more

'LetsBeFrank' Is Fake Review 10/3/2008

DON'T BE FOOLED: Kelly 'I Steal, Go Screw Yourself'' O'Neal is so desperate to fix his ruined rep that he's posting fake positive 'reviews' on this and other websites (like everyone doesn't know he and his scumbag partner are con men and thieves). They are and ALWAYS will be criminals who have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from dozens of local artists and craftsmen. Beware: IF YOU WORK WITH THESE CRIMINALS,YOU WILL BE CONNED! If you're and artist swindled by these lowlifes, join the upcoming class action suit being organized against them! Contact legacyvictims at yahoo dot com! more

Legacy Trading-unique and innovative 9/16/2008

I have no idea what all the ranting and raving is all about from all the above comments. I'm sure that all the user names are from the same person. Legacy Trading has always had an excellent reputation in this town for design, being unique, and always on the cusp of what's new and exciting. Some people need to get a JOB, a LIFE, and a reason to get up in the morning instead of ""trying"" to bring everyone to ""their"" unhappy, miserable level. Pros: Unique, fun, innovative, edgy, interesting more

Beware! 5/9/2008

I purchased a piece of furniture, through his mother. When I went to pick it up, the neighbor had taken it for payment because she was never paid for her services. He promised me he would get me another piece, he never did. I am still out of my money and furniture to this day. Trashy ethics! Cons: Take your money more


Beware of these crooks, they will swindle the sweetest people out of anything they can. Kelly Bryant Oneil and Rene Guiterez , his lover/financial advisor, are nothing more than con men who refuse to pay thier bills and treat employees as endentured servants ( several of whom actually are ). They owe almost everyone in Dallas at this point in the game, and several vendors throughout the USA , China and India. As an insider, I witnissed first hand how these con men sweet talk anyone they can get 5 cents from. Stay FAR away from any dealings with this company. There is a reason they aren't in the Goetz showroom, West Villiage, Quadrangle, Pitsburg Ave or Skillman St anymore's because they are snakes.... Cons: I agree, there are plenty of CONS working there more

Plain and Simple: Owner O'Neal Is A Con Man 3/28/2008

An artist friend of mine was swindled out of over $16,000 by the lowlifes at this 'company'. O'Neal and his scuzzy partner Rene are nothing more than sociopaths cutting their way through Dallas' artistic community. Whoever started posting info on these con men and their scam operation (which goes by at least six different aliases) did area craftspeople a huge favor...the more people who are aware of how these insects work, the more likely it is that they'll be put out of business for good! Pros: Absolutely none. Cons: Yes, they are. more

KELLY 'If I Can See It, I Can Steal It' O'NEAL RANTS as txforfairness 3/20/2008

To txforfairness (AKA Kelly 'If I Can See It, I Can Steal It' O'Neal): Despite your disturbed ravings in the previous 'review', you can't alter the facts - You and your con man partner, Rene 'If My Partner Kelly Sees It, Then I Can Steal It Too' Gutierrez, have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from dozens of local artists, myself and other posters included. Fact: You are being evicted from your warehouse/showroom due to ongoing criminal investigations for theft, fraud and a host of other charges. Fact: Your store at the West Village closed because of investigations for selling stolen merchandise and other criminal activities at the site. Fact: Many stores nationwide now refuse to carry your stolen merchandise and designs after being notified by a grassroots organization to make everyone aware of your swindling and long history of theft. Fact: The 'restraining order' you mention was against a local artist who you stole many thousands of dollars from in merchandise, samples and designs (and which your scummy lawyer paid about a quarter of what was owed to after you were threatened with a still managed to claim ownership of designs which weren't yours, but they're doing you no good now that the public at large is aware of your criminal activities). Fact: Your 'business' is slowly fading (and your con game will continue to be posted on this and other websites until your doors are closed). Fact: You are an evil, amoral individual who tarnishes every hardworking, honest retailer and vendor with your con games and swindles. Fact: Everyone, including the elderly neighbor of yours who you swindled out of $10,000 as an 'investment', will have the satisfaction of seeing you bankrupted and, hopefully, sent to jail when your criminal games catch up with you. And fact: Yes, many local artists do have 'chips on their shoulders' about being swindled by you...those chips were put there by you and your group of thieves. Conatct LegacyVictims@yahoo for info! Pros: SOON TO GO BANKRUPT Cons: THIEVES/SWINDLERS more

Best Furniture Store Ever 3/20/2008

Regarding some of the previous comments logged in last month!! what a bunch of crock!!... this can only be the work of one single person so obviously trying to create a bad reputation or with a ""chip on his/her shoulder"".... get real!!, Legacy Trading has been in business for more than 15 years, this is not an easy accomplishment!, How many restraining orders have you gotten in those same 15 years?.. why don't you tell that to your demented audience? get yourself a real job instead of taking credit for the work of others. Why don't you also take a bath once in a while, you really stink!! Pros: Integrity more
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  • A treasure trove of eclectic furniture and sculptural pieces adds a touch of the exotic at this West Village gem.

  • 10/10/2005 Provided by Citysearch

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