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Leapin' Lizards Family Fun Center - 16 Reviews - 7601 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills, TX - Aquariums, Zoos & Botanical Gardens Reviews - Phone (817) 427-2789
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Leapin' Lizards Family Fun Center

7601 Boulevard 26
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
(817) 427-2789
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Leapin' Lizards Family Fun Center - North Richland Hills, TX
Leapin' Lizards Family Fun Center - North Richland Hills, TX
Leapin' Lizards Family Fun Center - North Richland Hills, TX
Leapin' Lizards Family Fun Center - North Richland Hills, TX


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My son just had a party here this past Sunday. I can not express how wonderful it was! Cupid (I think his real name is Isiah?) did such a great job! He knew each kid by name, he k...


This place was GROSS!! Definitely quantity over quality... I took my 3 year old here today, having read other customer comments praising this place as one of the best in DFW. ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2013

I scheduled my daughter's 7th birthday party there expecting less than 15 kids, so I ordered the Iguana party. I invited about 20 kids, and I had 5 rsvp. The night before the party, I had another 6 confirm. Upon showing up, there were 31 kids. Did Leapin' Lizards freak out? Nope, the ordered more pizza, and accommodated the party as if it was no big deal that I sprung double the amount on them with literally NO notice. They (and I MEAN EVERY staff member) were incredibly sweet, helpful, knowledgable and didn't flinch at all the kids. They didn't even produce forced smile when all the kids just kept on coming. I had party room 2, and more than one parent commented on how cool it is decorated (like a jungle scene) and one parent wants to have the mural done in their kids room now. The host they provided passed out all the food, all the drinks and I didn't really have to do anything. Also, while going from room to room, the host made sure to have plenty of water for the kids. They even helped us take all the presents out to the car. I can't rave enough about how wonderful the experience was. \r \r The set up is great, there were so many different bouce houses and everywhere was large enough that my party of 31 kids and 26 adults didn't feel cramped at all.\r \r I will book another party there again. \r \r Mir Graham more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/14/2012

Thank you for providing a great place for our kids to play. We see and know you work so hard to make the experience great for our kids and us!!! You are appreciated <3. I hope more folks with the normal great experience will post on your behalf. Unfortunately the people you can't please or have abnormal expectations are the ones to take time to tear you down. We will keep coming and telling our friends about your wonderful business!!!! Smile, you are doing a GREAT job. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/14/2012

Sorry Ashley that you had a bad experience. As you can see from most of the comments this is not the norm. Unfortunately our thousands of happy customers rarely are the types to write reviews. We try so very hard to keep our facility clean. Any given day we have 5 people on staff that their sole job is cleaning. You are right that parents do not watch their children. We have it posted all over the facility that they are responsible for watching their children. In 5 years I haven't found a way to make them do so. We do our best to watch them and have 4 employees in the back depending out how many parties we have at that time. I can only speak for myself but I have 2 kids at home and they can mess up just as quick as I clean up. Can you imagine having hundreds of kids?? Coke is not even allowed in the toddler room if there was a broken chair it must have just been broken because we check the toys throughout the day and they are taken to the sink for cleaning at the end of every day. I don't doubt this was the case when you were there and all I can do is apologize and hope to help you understand that we clean all day every day but on busy day's I am aware that it is hard to keep up. We even have a notice regarding this on our home page of our website. We can only do so much, we ask that the parents watch their children and that they help to clean up their own messes or at least let us know that they made a mess. Again, I hate that you came on a busy day and had a bad experience. My goal is that everyone has a GREAT experience and can't wait to come back. Thank you for your comment it has been passed on to the staff and discussed to make sure we are doing our best at all times. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/8/2012

This place is terrible. There is no supervision and kids run around tearing the stuff up. There was coke spilled all over the toddler area and there was a broken chair with screws sticking out of it in the toddler area as well. The workers are nowhere to be found and the parents don't watch their kids either. The place is filthy. I would def not recommend more

WONDERFUL!!!! 5/6/2012

My son just had a party here this past Sunday. I can not express how wonderful it was! Cupid (I think his real name is Isiah?) did such a great job! He knew each kid by name, he knew when one was missing, he was SO friendly and helpful! This party was AMAZING!! They did an amazing job! CUPID WAS WONDERFUL! Great customer service from EVERYONE! We will definetly be returning! more

Great place! 3/30/2012

My son loves this place. We live about 5 minutes away so its in a very convinient location and the admission price is affordable. more

Very Enjoyable Experience Here! 3/9/2012

Hadn't been here in over 3 years but was pleasantly surprised that it is STILL a great place for your kids to have fun. Love that it is so big and so many jumpers are available in one huge room rather than sectioned off and exclusive. My child is older now but still had a wonderful time with friends here. I enjoyed the space provided for parents to sit nearby and still be comfortable while waiting. The staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend. more

GROSS!! 2/4/2012

This place was GROSS!! Definitely quantity over quality... I took my 3 year old here today, having read other customer comments praising this place as one of the best in DFW. I don't know what standards these folks have to compare indoor jump places to, but I will never take my son back here. Upon walking in, you're greeted with a nice, musty smell. I wanted to turn around and leave the moment we entered but my son was so excited to jump that I decided to give it a chance. The place was packed, as is expected on a Saturday. We were told that there were 2 parties going on and we could use 1 of the rooms. We walked in to the jump area, at first glance I though ""wow, there's a lot of things to do in here''...we walked over to the jump room we were told was free and again I was ready to leave. These jumpers looked like they had NEVER been cleaned/sanitzed, I was hesitant to let my son jump, knowing he would get done and for sure be sick. On we went...ever jumper we went in was dirtier and nastier than the last. Some of the jumpers had entrances that had step stools to get up into the thing, I saw NUMEROUS children fall off these things. Some of the big jumpers were not tethered together correctly so there were gaps between them, i actually had to rescue my son from one of the openings. The staff seemed like a nice bunch of kids and though my son had a blast, I will never take him back there. If you are looking for a germ-infested, unsanitary, chaotic place to take your child...Leapin' Lizards is the place for you!! more

Dirty 6/11/2011

We went here for a birthday party. My 4 year old bounced in the bounce houses, but I took my 14 month old in the under 3 area. It was SO dirty. I couldn't stand it after about 5 minutes. There was gum stuck to one of the toy kitchens, and my daughter kept finding little toy pieces, one definitely small enough to be a serious choking hazard. The toys looked liked they had never been cleaned. One of the parent chairs in there looked like someone had peed on it. My daughter's socks were dirty just after a few minutes of being in there. My 4 year old had a blast though, so it's not all bad. I just wouldn't recommend it for younger children. Also, the party room was so cramped I couldn't get my stroller with the baby in there so I had to eat out in the common area with her. more

Attn Mgmt and/or Owner 1/3/2011

Please don't take experience with bad customers to heart, simply put their momma should have taught them better manners. I've taken my 3 step kids to your location numerous times. It's been crowded, chaotic and staff was spread thin but always polite and went above and beyond to make the kiddo's happy which is all I'm concerned about. We're planning the next birthday party at your business because of our great experience. No worries, we'll pay what's owed and not take advantage of someone's mistake. Thanks again to your staff for being patient with my kiddos and making their day out a ton of fun. more

Message from the Owner 12/7/2010

As the owner of a very busy business customer service is our number one priority. I would love to say that every single customer that visits our facility leaves happy. But when you see thousands of customers every wk there are bound to be a few that for what every reason have a bad experience. Many times it has nothing to do with us but that the customer did not read the rules, or did not read our terms of agreement on a party, etc.... I wish these things never happened but unfortunately they do. I work on average 75 hours a week to try & always be there, to make every party perfect & to make sure that every customer is happy. Anyone that has ever been in customer service or that has shopped black friday (LOL) knows that you just can't make everyone happy all the time. There are those people who are always trying to get something for free or discounted. I would also like to say that I never loose my cool & that I am the epitome of customer svs. But, no matter how hard I try there are just some days that I have just had enough. I am a mom that opened this business with loans & credit cards because I love kids & thought it would be so much fun. Most days it is. But when you have worked so hard & so long & spent so much on something & someone comes in and tries to take advantage of you & tries to tear down everything you have worked so hard for sometimes I do get very emotional & have just had enough. It is much like someone attacking your child. Even though I may not agree with the customer I always try & make it right and give them a discount or free passes whether they deserve it or not & they still post ugly things. As you can see out of the thousands that have visited us every wk in over 3 yrs there are very few posts. Unfortunately it is the ones that have a bad experience that post. The good thing is that even then there are only 3 on here in 3 years! Out of over 20K ppl that have visited I would say that is pretty good! I have tried to comment back to explain each situation However, they are read wrong and they give the poster gets 2000 characters & the comment only 500 & you just can't get in a response in when you have to cut it so short it appears that you are curt. It is not that I do not care. It is the opposite. When the last poster from 11/10 left our facility I was in tears. They were so rude to me & cost me $70 (which is a lot to me) & made me miss my son's football award's presentation trying to placate them & they didn't care. No matter how hard I tried to make them happy & they saw that I was in tears & they still refused to pay for what they ordered just because my mgr accidentally printed out the wrong receipt & so they wanted to pay for that party because it was $70 less than theirs. I have to ask is that bad customer service or bad customers? I am only human and can only do my best to try & make people happy but when they just try & take advantage of you time & time again it starts to wear you down. We have worked so hard to make Leapin' Lizards an awesome place. We are told daily how awesome it is & that makes my heart swell. We have an awesome staff & the greatest parties ever. We ask each party to fill out a comment card & 95% of the time we receive all 5's (excellent). I wish all of those people would post! Rarely do we get a bad comment. Unfortunately, you just can not please all the people all the time, I wish we could! But I truly hope that you will visit for yourself & make your own judgement & not judge us on the very few that had a bad experience for what ever reason. We are a family & treat everyone that comes in the door as such. Please come see for yourself I promise you will not be disappointed! more

DANGER 11/21/2010

This place sounded great and wasn't half bad until it was time to go to the party room. The room was small and cramped. it was difficult to do any of the basic things like hand presents to the birthday kids or even sit at the table. We had the kiddos sitting down and seriously one of the little ones went to sit on their cafeteria style tables and the seat came off! she hit the floor and banged her head. when reveiwing it the screws had never even been put in. That was never even escalated to the supervisor. Then we went to pay out and they paid the wrong account. had to credit my card back and wanted to charge it again which would have meant they were holding more than $400. they then presented me with a bill that was more than $50 more than what they originally charged me. They said they'd be happy to make a note on the account with my secured cc info were any employee could view this info. And the owner got involved and told me she could write my cc info on a post it note to keep ""safe"" in her wallet! She said she takes cc info all the time and writes it on post it notes to transport to and from her home to this location. BEWARE! someone is going to suffer cc/indenity fraud at the hands of this ""OWNER"". The manager and other staff were very nice but this owner should be run out of town! She is rude and has ZERO customer service skills! I will never take my family there again and I am going to tell everyone of this danger! I never would have believed this nightmarge if I hadn't personally had to live through this for my son's second birthday... more

Best party EVER 2/21/2010

Between our family, cousins, etc... we have had 5 parties at Leapin' Lizards and each one has been better than the last. The staff is great and so much fun. The dancing lizards is hilarious! If you are looking for a place to have a party or just to play for the day Leapin' Lizards is by far the most fun in town. Pros: Staff more

Unprofessional Management 7/26/2009

After reading through the latest reviews, it is almost irritating reading the responses from, what I assume to be, owners of Leapin' Lizards. The public is trying to convey the pros and cons about this business in an open forum and after reading the replies back from LL, it seems as though they are very unprofessional. It is understandable to feel as though some customers may be wrong at times, and unfortunately, that is the down side of being in business. If you would like to keep a respectable name, I would hope that you would refrain from posting ""snotty"" comments back to your customers. It's just a thought! more

fights 6/12/2009

i went to leapin lizards yesterday and we played then i realized i left something in the car so i went out with my mom and aunt and left my cousin and his friend for 5 minutes. we came back in and my cousin and his friends were hurt .they were playing in the boxing and then a group of kids took their gloves off and punched my cousin between the eyes kicked him in the arm and the stomach then his friend got slaped across the face twice and more that i can't remember. so the lady said i didn't see it so both groups have to sit out and we alawys do this they can't go back to boxing and have to go to time out for 15 minutes and the kids who hurt them get to stay and we do to but the mom said ""i already made my kids sit out yalls kids started it i was sitting right there"" when she was sitting on the other side of the building! but its fun to go otherwise. Pros: lots Cons: lots more

Caution...Mid Week Play 6/7/2009

This place is overall a great place for kids to expell some of that energy and the birthday parties we have attended were lots of fun for the kids. I would recommend to all that you call ahead if you plan on visiting during the week though. My 9 year old grandson didn't want a birthday party this year but did want to go to Leapin'Lizards. His birthday was on a Wednesday so after taking him to his favorite place to eat we headed over to this place. We paid the admission but when we got in we found that only two of the jump houses were up and running.When I inquired I was told they were not working.I asked if the admission price should have been 1/2 priced since only half of the inflatables were working and the staff member just laughed.I think she thought I was just joking but I didn't press the issue.Two weeks later we stopped by after my grandaughter's gymnastics class...this time on Tuesday night. Again only half of the inflatables were up and running and also the same answer when I inquired. We were using a coupon that night so I didn't ask about the price but did tell the staff member about this being our second visit during the week and both times some of the inflatables were not working. My assumption is that since the weeknights are not that crowded,they are trying to save a little money on energy costs which I can understand but I think they should be up front about it and not charge full price admission.My grandkids still had a great time but us adults were unhappy with the full price admission for half working inflatables. CALL AHEAD if you plan on a weeknight visit. Pros: Kids Love It Cons: Inflatables Not Always Inflated more

Was misled when we booked our party.... 1/17/2009

I am writing concerning the parties that you provide at Leapin Lizzard. I was under the impression that we would have a private party, which was definitly NOT the case. My child and his guests were limited to two jump rooms while other children roamed freely between rooms. The seating arrangement for adults was completely unacceptable. My party was forced to sit in the main area while the children played, unsupervised. After we got there, I was informed that the adults could not jump with there children, I explained to the owner that they should have told me all of this when i went in to inquire and book my party or I would have gone somewhere else. I was told the law states the adults can not jump with there children. I have researched and have not found any 'laws' stating that adults may not jump with children. If this is the case, there are many places that must be shut down. Could you please provide me with that information? I was also very unhappy with the party room. The size was rediculous. I did notice that my party was not the only party that overflowed into the hallway. The owner handled all of my arrangements and was extremely rude when I expressed concern. We will not be visiting LL again. Cons: Totally CHAOTIC more

Great for all ages! 1/16/2009

I heard about this place last summer! I finally decided to drag the kids up there for what I thought would be mommy sacrifice! I have a 3 yr. old and a 12 yr. old, it's hard to please them both. Excellent for young and older kids. This place is incredibly clean (even the bathrooms), convenient food counter, games, variety of things to fit all ages, wi-fi for parents, unlimited time...loved it! Will be going back again very soon! Pros: Clean, huge place, variety of inflatables for different ages Cons: Kids will never want to leave! more

Birthday 12/22/2008

We had the best party we have ever had at Leapin Lizards. It was reasonably priced and loads of fun. Snow White was amazing with the children, the kids all had a blast. Best of all I did not have to do anything, they did it all. I will have more parties there : ) more

Best kids place in the Fort Worth Area 8/29/2008

We have had two parties at Leapin' Lizards and they have both been fantastic. We just came and they did all the work. The employees use character names and my kids loved that. They also have a mascot Iguana named Ziggy and everytime we go in there we have to visit Ziggy. My kids ask to go by just to say ""Hi"" to everyone and Ziggy. They have Ziggy as a costume also and he walks around and visits with the kids and attends the party. The kids love him. Every time we have gone to play the facility has been extremely clean and well kept. The owner is always there and remembers us and greets us by name. They have great specials and it is only $7 and the kids can play all day. They have a snack bar and the food that we have ordered has all been good. My girl's absolutely loved the girl's only room and for $10 that beats the socks off of Sweet & Sassy. The bungee trampoline is a blast but it does cost extra. The arcade is small but has some great games and I prefer that since I'm not crazy about wasting money on games. Over all I highly recommend Leapin' Lizards. Get the 10 visit card it will save you money when you visit often like us. Pros: clean, lots to do, convenient, great staff, kids LOVE it! more
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  • Family fun center for kids and parents alike.

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