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Le Petit Spa Charlotte

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6324 Fairview Rd Unit 101
Charlotte, NC 28210

(980) 406-3269
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I had the best wax ever at Le Petit Spa! Priti was very nice, very respectful and talked me through the whole thing, I had never done a full wax before and she made things so easy...


My experience was a little different from the other reviews on the site. I made an appointment to meet with Priti and was very excited about my appointment considering all of the...

Le Petit Spa best place to go for a wax ever! 10/31/2011

I had the best wax ever at Le Petit Spa! Priti was very nice, very respectful and talked me through the whole thing, I had never done a full wax before and she made things so easy for me! I am definitely going back, and I would reccommend this salon to anyone. It was so fast, simple, and didn't hurt at all. Plus, you can't beat her prices. $50 for a full brazillian? I think yes. more

Priti is great!!! 10/25/2011

Priti is absolutely amazing! She is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable! She did an amazing job on my Brazilian and I plan on going back to her for a facial! I would highly recommend going to her! Make sure to book early...she fills up quickly! more

Priti is my new best friend!!! 8/29/2011

I went to Le Petit for a my first Brazilian wax and I was scared out of my mind. Priti said that she could see it on my face, but that I would be fine. She was right. What I thought would be a "weird" experience turned out to be quite relaxing. After a few minutes we were talking like old friends and I was very comfortable. The atmosphere was immaculate, peaceful and calming as well. I am sold! Priti, you really are the waxing Queen. : ) more

Would not go anywhere else! 8/24/2011

I had my first Brazilian wax ever today with Priti, and it went way better than I expected!! I was worried about the awkwardness of it, and someone who just wants to get you in, get you out as fast as possible, but it wasn't like that at all. She is so welcoming and put me at ease right away, despite the fact that I was nervous. She did not rush things, but was quick enough so that I wasn't in pain for long at all. She talked to me the whole time and it was over before I knew it!! The salon is in a great location, right in the heart of South Park across from the mall. She is very professional and her salon is so cute and clean. I would never go anywhere else! The price is extremely reasonable for the experience you get. I will definitely be going back!! Thanks Priti! more

Without a doubt the best and must trustworthy place! 7/28/2011

First of all let me begin by saying La petit spa is located in a very interesting cute place. When you go in there are mini salon rooms across the whole floor space. I had never seen anything like it. The whole experience was very quiet and serene and more than professional. Priti was an absolutely amazing waxer. This was my first bikini wax or wax "down there" ever , and I am so glad that I booked my appointment here. The price is absolutely amazing $25.00 for a bikini wax! Amazing. Priti was so professional she wore gloves, she left the room for me to change before and after. Everything was orderly and clean like a little mini spa! I only wish I wasnt leaving for school in 3 weeks or else I would be going back. I will definitely come see her when im in charlotte, and I wish I had started sooner! If this is your first time no need to look further this is truly the place you need to be. It is painful, but it will a whole lot painful with an inexperienced waxer who may not care if youre uncomfortable or who doesnt take the time to do breathing excercises or get your mind off of it by talking you through. All of these things Priti does. Please please please go see her for all of your waxing needs, and she offers other services too such as facials. -Lauren :) more

Truly the best Waxer 7/8/2011

My first waxing experience and truly the best!. She is wonderful, super sweet and yes she talks you through the entire procedure. I went to see her a few weeks ago, and didnt have enough hair and she recommeneded I come back. She didn't charge me for time spent with me either.I finally went back today and she is awesome at what she does,. She has a caring personality and gave me some free samples to prevent ingrown hairs. (she does sell the product) but didn't push me to purchase it. gave me the samples and rebooked for 4 weeks. Thank you so much for making it a wonderful experience Priti you ROCK! more

Priti is a good choice 7/7/2011

I went to Priti for a Brazilian wax. I had been waxed regularly before, but since moving to Charlotte, needed to find a new esthetician. My old one was AWESOME so I was super scared to have to find one that compares well to her. For the price ($50) she does a really great job. She is clean, friendly, talks to you the whole time, uses hard wax, etc. However, I did not give her a 5 star rating for a couple of reasons. First, after you undress, you lay on the table and wait for her to come in. It is a little awkward because she doesn't give you a towel or anything to cover up while you wait... you're just there... with no pants. Plus, after it's done, she stays in the room and cleans up as you redress. Giving me a towel and some privacy before and after was something my old wax lady would do, so I miss that. It just was a lot different and more awkward than I was used to. Second, Priti has you help pull the skin before peeling the wax off. This would be ok, but afterward, the whole area, your hands, thighs, and even tummy are sticky and she doesn't give you anything to clean off with. No oils, alcohol or anything. Third, the biggest drawback for me is that the Brazilian is not quite a full Brazilian. It's basically a deep Bikini wax. She just gets your "front bum" and nothing in the back or between the cheeks so that was kind of a let down. I felt a little jipped. Overall, I have not found anyone else in Charlotte who I would trust to do this delicate procedure. For the price, she is fantastic and if you don't care about a few immodest moments or not getting a full Brazilian, then definitely try her out! more

Priti is AMAZING!!! 6/30/2011

It's really hard to believe someone who has almost perfect ratings can be so good, but Priti at Le Petit Spa Charlotte is wonderful! I got my first Brazilian wax yesterday with Priti and she was fantastic! I was really nervous at first because I heard all sorts of stories about how painful it can be and I was afraid I was going to feel awkward about the whole experience, but boy was I wrong. Priti made me feel completely at ease throughout the whole experience! She talked throughout the wax, reassured me, and she even gave me advice on getting a job (I graduated from college last month)! Priti really is a sweet person and I am so glad I choose to get my Brazilian done with I can't imagine going anywhere else. Maybe one day I will even try other treatments she has to offer. I can't say enough good things about Priti and Le Petit Spa Charlotte! If you've ever considered getting waxed but are afraid that it will be uncomfortable or painful, see Priti because she tries her hardest to ensure that your waxing experience is as easy and pain-free as possible! Thanks Priti! more

Finally Seeing The Light 6/28/2011

Ever Since I started coming to priti I have been excited, frustrated, and very pleased at the progress I have so far. It has been a challenge financially and physically, but with each return to priti I'm begining to see there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Thank you Priti for allowing me to see the beauty in myself that everyone else has been seeing all along. I'm in it to the end baby !!!!!!!! like Tony The Tiger Say.......... YOUR GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Wonderful Service! 6/4/2011

I read the reviews before I made my 1st wax appointment and the reviews are all correct! I doubt anyone has had a negative experience here. Priti is an expert at quick and comfortable waxing. Hands down-THE person to visit. I want to try a facial soon! more

Priti is delightful 5/12/2011

Priti has such a warm and loving presence and she is amazing at what she does. She is the fastest and best waxer I have visited. My bikini wax was so easy that i signed up for Brazilian for my next appt. I've always wanted to try a Brazilian, but I'm scared. I know Priti will do a great job with minimal discomfort and she will coach me thru it. She also sells the best skin care and makeup lines. She really is a gem. more

Charlotte's Best 5/11/2011

I am very particular about who I go to for my Brazilian wax and after doing a lot of researh, I decided to give Le Petit a chance for my full leg & Brazilian. I'm new to the Charlotte area but not to waxing. Priti is very professional with a wonderfully warm personality. Her prices are very reasonable and she is quick but detail oriented. I have been twice and I have already booked my third appointment. more

Wonderful Experience, Priti is AMAZING! 5/2/2011

I had my first appointment with Priti last week to get a Brazilian wax. I was very impressed! She was very professional, had an amazing personality and overall very helpful with answering questions. Priti also made me feel very comfortable, as if I was talking with a long, lost best friend. Before I knew it, the wax was over and I had amazing results. Thank you Priti and I look forward to my next appointment! more

wonderful experience at La Petit 4/15/2011

I was always nervous about getting a Brazilian wax but when I found out I was going to Puerto Rico I realized that now was the time to face my fears! All I can say is FABULOUS! Priti was amazing and put me right at ease with her warm and friendly conversation. Before she started, she asked if I wanted to do breathing exercises during the waxing process. Priti and I talked about everything and before I knew it, the waxing was finished and I look great! I have already set up my next appointment before my next big trip. Pro's: Lot's of parking, relaxed environment, easy to talk to Priti-made me feel comfortable, uses hard wax, never re-dips! Cons: Non! Just make an appointment ahead of time. Since she is so good she books fast. However, she will do her best to squeeze you in if she can. more

Great place for waxing!! 4/9/2011

Priti is amazing!! I've only been going to her since January but she makes you feel so comfortable and we talk about everything. I was pleased with my waxing services and will continue to go to Priti!! more

Best Brazilian and Facials loved it 4/5/2011

Thank you for the great reviews about le petit spa. I drove from hickory nc to experience a wax from her. yes there are others spas in hickory but they charge $125 so i made it a day and shopped. Priti is the best at what she does. The blend of strip and hard wax made it a very pleasent experienence. She talked me through the entire process and it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would be. She also stayed late to accomodate me since I was driving from so far. I received a chemical peel which i am so excited about the results. can't wait to see her again more

Priti is the best 4/2/2011

After having a horrible waxing experience at a very popular salon, I researched and found Priti on citysearch due to her amazing reviews. I was not disappointed. She was so professional, warm and outgoing - she me forget what I was getting done. The hard wax and products she used help the process be less painful. She is the best! more

Best Brazilian, brow threading and so much more. 3/28/2011

wanted to let everyone know who is afraid of receiving a brazilian wax or threading for the first time to go and make the trip to see Pretty. She is wonderful with a great attitude. I have never felt so comfortable being in an awkward situation before. Using hard wax made it a better experience. I walked out very satisfied and she gave me some samples of a lotion to use and didn't pressure me into buyign it. She is truly the best brazilian waxer and best threader. more

Wonderful work 3/25/2011

Prit does an amazing job! I have been to her a couple of times and will continue to schedule regular appointments with her. Her facials are the best I've ever had. They leave my skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed. She really takes time to get to know her clients and is so personable. I would recommend her services to all of my friends and family. Le Petit Spa is definitely the place to go in Charlotte. more

Thank you, Priti! 3/4/2011

I have been going to Priti for facials for the past several months and I am amazed at the results! Pritit is so friendly and she makes every visit worth the 30+ mile drive. Thank you so much, Priti! more
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