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Korman, Erwin, Md - Bay Area Obstetrics & Gyn

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Webster, TX 77598
(281) 332-9511
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Dr. Korman was recommanded to me for his quality of work. Many of the women I worked with had success with the endometrial ablation with Dr. Korman. I too say that the surgery ...


I went to Dr. K for a couple of years and then tried to get PG. He tried for 6 months with me b4 referring me to an RE. I got pg with twins and returned to Dr. K. He wanted to ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/26/2013

Dr. Korman was my daughter's Dr. for 12 years, she trusted him, loved him and then recently he changed and for some reason has given my daughter the run around for a year while she suffered with cysts on her ovaries until one of them finally burst. He kept telling her if they got worse he would remove them. Finally when she had another surgery by another doctor who told her that they needed to be removed as she was in danger of getting cancer, she went to him and said she really needed them out. He told her he would not do the surgery because he didn't think she would be happy with the outcome. My doctor said this sounded strange to him along with the fact that Dr. Korman wouldn't even give her pain meds. He told me to check on his record and when I did I found a felony conviction. She is going to another doctor that is going to do the surgery but I hope everyone doesn't listen to the hype on his medical page and check on his record themselves. He only practices at one small hospital for a reason and it has nothing to do with hospital quality. The hospital Emergency Room is dirty and has horrible care. She presented with horrible abdominal pain, high blood pressure, pulse ox 92, unable to urinate, and after many MRI's and tests all they could find was cysts on ovaries and one had burst, which Dr. Korman wouldn't remove. After going to another doctor and hospital the found her liver was failing from having so many stones in her gallbladder it was three times it's size and backing into her pancreas causing horrible pain plus she had been passing kidney stones so it had torn the urethra and they found a large melanoma on her back that the other doctors and hospitals missed. She had three surgeries in three weeks but still was having problems so they continued to send her to specialists. They found a horrible hernia and she has had it repaired. She still has, now, 14 cysts on her ovaries and a 0 count of hormones but because of my post here the doctor in the Bay Area who said she needed surgery will not do it because of her close association with Dr. Korman. I don't know how my daughter has stood the pain and trauma inflicted on her but I do know that this cannot end here. This post is to hopefully help someone so they don't have to go through this. My daughter is a sweet girl who trusted her doctor and the hospital she had used for over 20 years and they not only let her down but I feel abused her. I will make her an appointment with my doctor here this morning and get this taken care of. I would say that 5 surgeries in three months should tell the doctors that something went terribly wrong with this doctor and this emergency room and that they would feel compassion for my daughter, not punish her for being hurt. I still don't know how they linked my post to my daughter since we live in two different cities but the new doctor did and has now refused her surgery. One more punishment for the innocent. ""Do No Harm"" seems to not work in some areas that have the ""brotherhood"" method of medicine. I am shocked and sickened by this entire ordeal she has suffered. The new doctor told her that I could get sued for this post but it is all true and you do not get sued for speaking the truth. If the doctors stand together then we must too in able to protect our children. Even the doctor told me that the Clear Lake ER was not run by the hospital but by an ER doctors group but they send their patients there so they need to be held responsible. \r As for the Clear Lake Hospital, I don't know because they never admitted her there. The new pcp uses St. Johns and she was admitted there as an emergency and they were great. more

Quality work for surgery 1/16/2012

Dr. Korman was recommanded to me for his quality of work. Many of the women I worked with had success with the endometrial ablation with Dr. Korman. I too say that the surgery went well and I am wonderful now. Everything was explained to me before hand. His office is very busy. more

I love Dr. Korman 3/21/2010

I've been going to Dr. Korman for 20 years. I like the fact that he is very thorough and takes the time to talk things out with you. He is sensitive to your needs and a brilliant doctor. I would never go anywhere else. As a matter of fact, all of my sisters go to Dr. Korman...and they feel the same way I do. more

Too busy and isn't ""really "" listening to your needs 12/10/2009

I had an awful experience a year ago with Dr. Korman. I was 9 weeks pregnate and went in on a Friday for a vaginal ultrasound check because I had been spotting. I was told that the fetus had died at 6 weeks and I needed a D&C. Because of my age (40) Dr. Korman said that he could do a tubil ligation during the D&C procedure if I wanted. I was shocked.....I never mentioned anything to him about wanting a tubal done. I thought it was very insensitive of him to mention that. Even at 40, a tubal ligation is a personal decision that should never be made at a moment when a person has just been told their baby will never come to be. I was shocked as was his ultrasound tech, since he did not even tell me this in private. She spoke her opinion when he left the room. Then I was hit again when I find out that they are closing at noon that day because it was their Christmas party, so I would need to have the D&C done on the following Monday. Never would I imagine the sadness and despair that I felt that weekend waiting, knowing that the heartbeat that I had seen the previous week on ultrasound was no longer beating and I was just waiting till Monday to move forward. Time stood still and nothing mattered. I then received a phone call Monday to tell me that because of my high deductible I would need to complete the paperwork and pay Dr. Korman's fee's upfront before they would even do the lab work to prepare me for the procedure. I was not able to get into the hospital until Tuesday to take care of things. Never would I have thought I would be left hanging like I was. At one time I had great things to say about this Dr. Korman, but I was able to see him and his practice in a whole different light. This is one doctor that I would never visit again. Pros: Very intelligent Cons: In a hurry and not sensitive to patients emotional needs more

WAY too Big of an Ego 9/1/2009

I went to Dr. K for a couple of years and then tried to get PG. He tried for 6 months with me b4 referring me to an RE. I got pg with twins and returned to Dr. K. He wanted to be extra cautious and he really was. However, at the end when I expressed that something was wrong - he just blew me off. I tried again and again and decided maybe I WAS wrong. Nope, I was right but we won't go into that here. I had to go into their office 2x per week to see the nurse for baby stats. She is by far, the most horrible person I've ever met. I actually told Dr. K that I couldn't talk to her anymore with about 4 weeks to go. She said the most outrageous things. Anyway, I had the babies and one was not well. After a few months I realized I had PPD and went back to see him. He gave me an anti-dep that worked for awhile. After a few months when I knew I was good, and he knew I was good, I tried to stop taking it. I began to have the most horrible side-effects. I'd call their office and he wouldn't talk to me. Only have the evil nurse call me and tell me all was 'normal' and that if I were having these problems, I should just keep taking it! Oh my goodness - are you kidding? I had to find another doctor to take me off the paxil. It was horrible. Since then, I lost all respect and will never return, nor will I recommend him. Pros: Intelligent, appears caring Cons: Big Ego, Long office wait, HORRIBLE nurse more

Fantastic Doctor! 8/11/2009

Dr. Korman is an extraordinary doctor. My Mom recommended him way back when. Since then I have had a female surgery from Dr. Korman and a baby boy. I possess an abundance of confidence in Dr. Korman. He is extremely thorough and performs his job brilliantly. I appreciate the fact that he is ""all business"" and does not waste my time. I always go into my appointments with my questions written down so I don't waste his time. Dr. Korman has an interesting personality--dry, but I get a few chuckles out of him here and there. By the way, I do not go to Dr. Korman to partake in a personality contest... I see Dr. Korman because of his expertise in his field. When push comes to shove, I would much rather have a seriously focused doctor vs. a doctor who spends his time making small-talk. Overall, I would continue to recommend Dr. Korman for any and all female procedures. In fact, I go back at the end of August to investigate having baby #2. Good luck and I truly hope that the information that I have offered will be beneficial to you. I will never go to any other OB-GYN. I drive an hour and a half to see him now. If I ever move out of state, I will fly to see him. Kind regards, DSNC Pros: Knowledgeable, Confident, Efficient & Thorough Cons: He is a busy dr....but that demonstrates his ""following"". more

Not the best when you're pregnant 5/8/2009

I started going to Dr. Korman the summer before I got married because my mom had been using their office for years. I loved Dr. Korman before I got pregnant. OB-Gyn appointments are awkward so I really didn't care that he was fast and didn't talk much. Although, I really wasn't fond of him trying to push the Gardasil vaccine on me when I've only ever been with my husband and that's the only man I ever intend on being with! When I got pregnant, I wanted to ask lots of questions and there were many, many times that he went so fast that I couldn't remember what I wanted to ask! (As a side note, the brunette who does the ultrasounds is very rude but the black-haired one is really sweet.) So then we get to delivery day. My labor was only 3 hours long. So I didn't get any pain meds. Dr. Korman had told me a couple of weeks earlier that he thought my son was going to be over 8 pounds based on the ultrasound. So when I was pushing he gave me a 3rd degree episiotomy for... get this... a 7 lb, 1 oz baby. I cannot tell you how many times my sister-in-law has told me how completely unecessary this was. My SIL is a nurse in labor and delivery at the hospital where I delivered. So, I was in ridiculous amounts of pain for about 4 weeks after. I was told in the month leading up to and several months after that Dr. Korman does episiotomies routinely. I even talked with him about it and he lied straight to my face about when he thought it was necessary to do one. So overall, I'd say he's a great doctor when you're not pregnant and horrible when you are. I switched docs after my 6 week post-partum appt. Oh, and the waits at their office can be ridiculous sometimes. Pros: He makes you feel comfortable Cons: Rushes through appointments, likes to cut more

I have had much better doctors 4/6/2009

I got very annoyed with how long it took to get the results of a biopsy from his office. He seemed a nice doctor, the little I got to see him. I was more disspointed with his staff and his policies than his ability as a doctor. \r \r As a former medical office professional, in the absence of a doctor, another doctor would read the results and if necessary, schedule a follow up appointment with the original doctor to discuss the care plan. Instead, Dr Korman's policy is to let it sit on his desk until HE gets around to it.\r \r The mental distress that I went through while waiting to find out results was unnecessary. It was almost 2 weeks until I found out the results that were on his desk for 6 business days. \r \r I decided to changed doctors and am glad I did. Pros: Short wait Cons: Takes for ever to get your results more

Dr. Korman......Great Doctor 3/2/2009

Dr. Korman was amazing. He really cares for his patients!!!! I had a wonderful experience with him in the delivery of my son. I only waited in his office a few times past my appointment time! Highly recommended! Pros: Wonderful Doc all around! more

Best Female Doctor Ever 1/20/2009

I've been a patient of Dr. Korman's since 1988, I was recommended by a friend to see him because she loved him and I love him also. He's the warmest, most sincere doctor I've ever known. He truly cares about your health, you will never feel uncomfortable, and you will leave knowing you've just spent time with a person who really cares about YOU! If you're seeking a doctor that understands women, you must see him. Also, his assistant is awesome. Pros: Total good experience. more

Best ObGyn! A Good Experience All The Way Around 2/7/2008

Dr. Korman is # 1! My experiences in maternity care, delivery, exams and procedures has been a positive every time! Dr. Korman is not only highly intelligent, but a sincere, caring doctor. \r I recommend him to anyone that is in need of an obgyn. I wish Dr. Korman was my family physician too! Pros: Gentle, Caring, up-to-date on education, experienced, and thorough more

Dr. Korman 1/31/2008

He is the BEST Dr. you will find in the state of Texas. Great with patients, listens to all your concerns!\r I am so grateful for have found him! Most Doctors these days have no bedside manner... He is the exception - Believe it. Pros: Short wait time - Never rushes you through. Listens to all concerns! more

Fantastic obgyn 9/13/2007

I have been going to Dr. Korman for about 3 years now and he is wonderful. He is very soft spoken, kind and considerate. He is a wonderful listener and very proffessional. I have never felt uncomfortable around him whatsoever. I have to say, he is the absolute best obgyn I have ever had. Pros: I have never had a long wait at Dr. Korman's office, very good at what he does, friendly staff more

Best Doctor for Preggos! 8/8/2007

I absolutely recommend this OB to everyone. If you like warm & fuzzy doctors, this is your guy. He takes time to listen, you never feeled rushed, he is very smart and always greets you with a compliment. You sometimes have to wait but that is only because he is taking the same time with all his other patients that he will take with you. But his office is so calming and clean, you won't mind the wait. I'd have a million babies as long as he was my Dr. ;) more

Best OB Gyn Doctor 5/30/2007

I highly recommend this doctor. Dr. Korman takes time to listen and is very compassionate.\r I have had such a rough history with menstrual cycles and miscarriages. I've gone to fertility doctors and \r specialists and nothing seemed to work. He was right to the point and very straight and told me the chances of me getting pregnant were high, but keeping it was very minimal. With his advice and guidance I am now 7 months pregnant with a boy. This has been a very healthy pregnancy. \r I thank God for Dr. Korman every day. He has been a God send.\r \r Mary Knight\r more
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