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Klaich Animal Hospital Ltd - 28 Reviews - 1990 S Virginia St, Reno, NV - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (775) 826-1212

Klaich Animal Hospital Ltd

1990 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 826-1212
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Klaich Animal Hospital Ltd - Reno, NV
Klaich Animal Hospital Ltd - Reno, NV
Klaich Animal Hospital Ltd - Reno, NV


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My wife and I have been bringing our animals to Klaich for almost 20 years. I believe in 1995 when we got our male Australian Shepard we brought him exclusively to Klaich until hi...


My dog has an absessed tooth that went from a little puffiness to literally bleeding out of his skin overnight. I don't have a local vet and asked around and posted on craigslist ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/27/2013

11/26/13 @ 1100 hrs. Just took an injured dove to Klaich Animal Hospital after we were told on the phone to bring the bird free of charge for help. This dove came to our back door and tapped on the glass four days ago, bleeding and scared. We have nursed the bird almost to health except for his injured wing. The doctor was very rough with the bird when he realized it was a bird and not a dog... (guess he wasn't paying attention). Said the bird should be put \r down because there were other birds out there more important to save than the dove. Then he said he was not going to give the bird to whoever takes care of wildlife (can't remember her name) because she would have to pay for it. He proceeded to flip the bird over and press repeatedly on the wound stating there was an infection. When he tried to sell us antibiotics we just didn't have the money for he told us to ""get out of his office"". Dr. Klaich was the doctors name. A very rude man who apparently truly cares only for what brings in money and not for the health and well being of ALL animals. Very sad after the news did a story on this place referring people with injured wildlife. I will never forget seeing that little bird at my back door that day. Apparently something brought him to our door that day and we are not going to let anyone just put him down because they feel there are other birds out there worth saving.\r \r GAVE IT ANOTHER TRY ONLY TO FACE THE SAME 11/26/13 @ 1730 hrs.- Back at the clinic to meet with Nancy Laird R.N. (If I had not seen it for myself I would not have believed it) Thinking I was was helping I emailed the WAIF (Wild Animal Infirmary of Nevada) people and \r received a reply soon after. It said to bring the bird to her at the clinic and she would meet us. This is after I explained how well he was doing, how he came to knock at the door, and how is mate is waiting in our yard for his return. When we got there she was rude and became mad when we did not want to give her the bird. She asked to take a quick look at the bird and when the cage was open she snatched the bird and held it in her hands against her. We asked her what she was doing and we wanted to finish caring for it to release it and she said (and I quote) ""I DON'T GIVE A S***"". (at this point my mouth dropped open) She put the bird in a box and told us we couldn't have it. My wife picked up the box. As she handed it to me the lady NANCY LAIRD proceeded to grab my wife, pulled her hair, pulled her shirt, and then called her a ""%$#**ing bast**d"". I took the bird and went to the car with Erica soon to follow. This old lady was gruff and very cold from the initial contact and when she grabbed the bird she squeezed him against her... my wife followed her gut on this one and as right. This lady was insane. I have never experienced such cold and uncaring behavior. IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE ALLOWED TO BE AROUND ANIMALS. EVEN HARDER TO BELIEVE SOMEONE WHO RUNS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION FOR WILD ANIMALS COULD BE SO ROUGH AND UNFEELING FOR THIS INJURED BIRD.\r **At this point I feel numb. Not only did she lie, she placed her hands on my wife and made it clear she really only cared about throwing the bird in a box and keeping him from us. I asked for a referral from her along with some medicine help and she led us to believe that what we were meeting her for. She didn't even bother looking at the bird other than to grab it and throw it in a box. I honestly believe the only reason she finally let go of my wife is because there were people in the parking lot of the animal hospital. more

Mr. L Godfrey 11/19/2010

My wife and I have been bringing our animals to Klaich for almost 20 years. I believe in 1995 when we got our male Australian Shepard we brought him exclusively to Klaich until his passing in 2008. We had also brought our Sheltie to them and our cat. Now 16 years later there is no other clinic I would trust with my animals. The doctors are helpful and will speak to you on the phone. If you have an animal in distress contact Klaich Animal Hospital and feel confident you are in very good hands. more

Dr. Cocanour is the best!!! 9/21/2010

I have taken all my animals to Klaich Animal Hospital for several years and have always been satisfied with both the veterinarian care and the prices. Dr. Cocanour diagnosed our 8 year old black lab with bone cancer after she was misdiagnosed by another vet two weeks earlier. We decided against surgery and opted to make her remaining months as rewarding as possible. One morning several months later she was unable to stand when she woke up and after contacting Dr. Cocanour, he arrived at our home one hour later to put her down so we would not have to drive half an hour to the hospital. We were charged approximately $100.00 for the euthanasia and the house call which was much less than we expected. Our pet was able to be at home with us and go peacefully, and Dr. Cocanour's obvious compassion and sorrow meant very much. I take all of our animals to Klaich's and have always been very satisfied with the exceptional care and reasonable prices, and will continue to take my pets to such an ou more

Absolutely the best veterinarian in Reno!!! 9/21/2010

Absolutely the best vets I've ever been to~ Dr. Cocanour diagnosed our 8 year old black lab with bone cancer when she had been misdiagnosed two weeks earlier by another vet. We were heartbroken but he gave us the the options we had and we decided to give her the best months of her life in the time remaining. After several months, she began to weaken and it became time to have her put down. Dr. Cocanour came to our house to put her down to alleviate any undue stress on her part, showing more compassion and sorrow than any vet I have ever dealt with. We have several animals that have all been patients of Klaich Animal Hospital and any charges for their care have been much more reasonable than any other vet in the Reno area (including vaccinations which were grossly overcharged at a vet in Washoe Valley...four times more than Klaich charges). Our 8 year old Queensland Healer is undergoing emergency surgery at Klaich Animal Hospital as I write this, and they made us wait 5 minutes, then immediately gave us an estimate that was half what I was expecting and rushed him into surgery. And no, we weren't asked for payment before the procedure...they want to save our dog, not make sure they receive payment while the animal is in pain and in need of medical attention. Thank you, Dr.'s Cocanour and Klaich, for caring for our animals as if they were your own... more

Will never take my pet here again 9/8/2010

I took my 8 month old Lab puppy here for an emergent ear infection on Labor Day, when her regular vet was closed. I will never make this mistake again.\r The entire staff was very rushed, did not ask me any details on my dog other than her name (even though she had never been there before), and did not have me sign any consent forms, other than a single-sentence agreement to pay for authorized services.\r The wait was long, which I didn't mind since I didn't have an appointment, but when the doctor (Bill Smith) took her back for her appointment, she was callously dragged up on the exam table, and the doctor never even looked at her. He had already made up his mind what was wrong with her before coming into the room. He quickly and not very clearly stated she had an ear infection, they would have to put her under and clean it, I could pick her up at 2:00. I was in shock. I agreed to leave her there, as I was under the impression this was an emergent situation, and he demanded I leave with more

Will never take my pet there again 9/8/2010

I took my 8 month old Lab puppy here for an emergent ear infection on Labor Day, when her regular vet was closed. I will never make this mistake again. more

Never again. 8/9/2010

Extremely poor service.\r \r My cat developed an abscess to the left of his throat, underneath his jaw bone. However, I was unaware of this when I first took him in.\r \r Upon my arrival, I calmly told the desk that I had an animal emergency. Explained to them that my cat had cut open a golf ball sized lump on his throat, and was bleeding and pussing profusely. They told me to take a seat and didn't look at him over the next 30 minutes that I had to wait; nor did they tell me how long the wait would be, or even recommend another office to take him to for more immediate care. When I finally got called in to the inspection room, they only closed one of two doors before proceeding to take him out of the cage. In the second doorway stood a large bloodhound; I had to close this door, as they did not see to it. The vet took my cat out of the cage roughly and told me that it was clear to her that she wouldn't be able to treat him without sedation and that he would have to stay overnight. Sh more

Not going to bother 5/27/2010

My dog has an absessed tooth that went from a little puffiness to literally bleeding out of his skin overnight. I don't have a local vet and asked around and posted on craigslist and immediately had two people strongly suggest Klaich because of the compassion and treatment they received. I must have talked to the wrong person. I might as well have been talking to an automated response. I got a better lead and will go somewhere else. Pros: none, haven't been there, won't go Cons: first impression lack of cust svc/ empathy more

The best place to take your pet 2/4/2010

All of the doctors at Klaich are very special, we tried different offices when we moved into town in 2001 and have had the best experience everytime with Klaich. Everyone there is so kind and considerate and you always feel like they are family and that they care about your pets as much as you do!! Pros: Kindest, gentlest most caring more

Best Vet in Town 8/28/2009

After a terrible experience at Community Animal Hospital we took our dog, who needed immediate attention, to Klaich. They were responsive to his condition and were able to take care of him right away. Not only did they give him the best care, their prices were more than reasonable. The second time we took our dog in he had slipped a disc in his spine and needed immediate surgery. They explained to us his condition, why it happened, and why he needed surgery. They let us go on a payment plan and kept us updated as to his condition twice a day. They also let us come see our dog several times a day, sometimes up to an hour and a half, during his recovery, and gave us our own private room to be with him. I'm not sure how these other negative reviews could be accurate since over the past year we have not had any bad experiences at Klaich Animal Hospital. Our family could not be more thankful or grateful for their services... Pros: Caring, communicative, reasonable charges Cons: location more

Knowledgable vet 5/28/2009

My larger than life St. Bernard Ralph went to Klaich to have both of his knees replaced. The fee for both was $4,000 however it was a comparable price to a vet in Salt Lake City. The bedside manner left a little to be desired. However that was a small price to pay considering my big dog never ever had an issue with his knees after that. They are excellent orthopedic doctors that perform a high quality of work! I would do it again in a heart beat. more

Awesome Doctors 4/28/2009

Friday night 4/24/2009 we came home to find out littlest dog collapsed, running a dangerously high fever and incoherent. After a call to our normal vet who was of course closed we spoke to another vet who said our dog probably won?t last the night just make him comfortable. So the next morning when he was still with us we began calling around and found Klaich was open on Saturday.. Pros: Compassionate!!! Cons: Slow to respond but understandable more

Wouldn't Take My pets anywhere else!! 3/30/2009

They offer boarding for only $14.50 so you can drop your animals off the night before their appt. I've taken my dog in for everything from toe nail clipping, bladder infections, vaccinations and they always treat me incredibly well. They don't even mind my terribly loud little dog who barks non-stop from the time we enter the waiting room. The staff is super friendly and remember my little guys, probably because of the barking, but they know his name and Dr. Klaich is always amazed at seeing such a funny looking little dog (corgi pit bull mix). I have recommended this place to NUMEROUS friends and a girl I work with actually brought her dog there to be put down. She said that they were so nice and put her in a private room and let her stay as long as she wanted. Also, the prices are very reasonable. My 2 male dogs are going in on Wednesday to get neutered, vaccinated and their nails trimmed and it's only $250.00. If you need a vet go to this one!! more

A very uncaring vet 3/2/2009

These guys are only looking for the $$$. They do not care about your pet. I know first hand as uncaring they are when I took a lonesome kitten in there, money was not the object, once the credit card cleared and you signed, they moved on. There are many other vets in Reno that do care, unfortunately they are not open on Saturday and you are forced to go to places like this. Please beware of this facility. more

klaich 11/18/2008

you can never get any information quickly, always takes hours, the wait time is horrible, took me over an hour to even get seen. took me a half an hour for them to give me my dog back when he was already done. The staff is not very knowledgable, was told to ""just bring my dog in"" and waited over an hour and was told to come back later. more

Amazingly caring and convienent 11/4/2008

I've had to go there several times, but two notible times with my dog. The first time she was poisoned and very very ill, not only was the staff incredibly kind but they didn't rip me off financially. They saved her then. The second time was today in fact, i brought her in because she had her first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy, they took wonderful care of her, they saw me without an appointment in a timely manner as well as returning my calls and being very communicative during the whole situation. All in all, i have a true appreciation now for both the staff, as well as the facilities offered there. Not to mention they're open on Saturdays, and later then usual on the week days. more

Stolen Pets 10/31/2008

This animal hospital looks the other way when a stolen pet comes into there office. They told me a pet of mine came into the office the rabies tag was listed under my name they allowed the person who aquired the dog to change the name on the account to his. I was denied more info relating to my stolen dog but they told me a dog with a rabies tag listed under my name came into the office and I was told. Also the vets in this office say it is good to feed your dog food with byproducts. Pros: No prps Cons: They cannot be trusted and they overcharge clients more

Thoughtfulness and kindness are part of Klaich Animal Hospital 10/22/2008

We had to take our 17 year old Himalayan cat to the hospital because it was time to do the right thing for her. Our regular veterinary hospital was closed but we found that Klaich Animal Hospital was open on Saturday. We called ahead and were told we would have to wait as there were a lot of customers. Our poor little Cassie was having terrible seizures and when we got to the hospital, she started having another seizure. We were taken in immediately and the veterinarian came in to the room within a few minutes. The assistants were so kind and caring as was the doctor. I'm sorry to say we were so distraught we didn't get names. We were so grateful for the kindness we received from them, which made our difficult decision easier to bear. It was the kindest thing for us to do, but we had recently lost our 2 Pekingese dogs of 13 years, so within 2 months, we lost 3 of our precious family members. The treatment we received at Klaich's hospital was extremely thoughtful and again - made such a difficult time, a little better. Thanks to all of them. John and Margaret Sampaga, Lemmon Valley, Nevada 10-22-2008 Pros: Caring and kindness more

THE Reno Pet Care Center 9/21/2008

We have 4 dogs and have been using Klaich for 10 years. Yes, they are a busy clinic, but because of their reputation and following. They now see primarily by appointment, which is helping the wait time. They are very thorough with their exams, diagnoses, and treatment plans. We have seen different docs there and no matter who we see, we do not feel rushed. On each and every visit, the docs explain the reasons why they are diagnosing a specific condition, give details about the condition and possible treatment plans, and work with us to determine the most appropriate care possible. We have left our oldest, an 11-year old chihuahua, there for critical care; and she received optimal care. The pricing structure is very within any budget. Risky? Absolutely not. Highly recommended. more

Klaich 8/26/2008

I would say Klaich is a good place to bring your animals, I will admit they are rushed they have some many people come in and out and they need to work quickly. I brought my dog in a week ago and she was sick and we did have to wait a hour and a half, but once we got in the vet let us talk and let him know what was going on, and he wanted to keep her and run some tests. It turns out she had parvo. It was the best thing to leave her there and have them nurse her back to health and that is what they did, they kept her on a IV and kept a close eye on her and she lived this deadly virus. It was a little hard to call and get to talk to the vet, but we decided that just going in and visiting my dog was the best thing, and we were able to visit her and while we were in the parvo ward the vet that took over case came right in talked with us and she was a wonderful and answered any questions we had, overall we will keep bringing our animals to klaich. My advise is don't let yourself be rushed ask questions that need to be asked and get some answers. The vet will answer any questions to the best of there knowledge. If you are walk-in you have to be patient the appoinment will go before you and walk-ins are first come first serve. I do believe that they are going to appoinment only now so your wait should be over. But overall this place is great and very well priced. My dog was in the 6 days and 5 night with IV and anitbotics everyday and it was only 694.00 with great care. more
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