KidScore ratings are your at-a-glance measure of a place's kid friendliness

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What is KidScore?

As a parent have you been to a restaurant or place which you thought would be kid friendly, but that turned out not to be?

  • Kid friendly means different things to different people. The KidScore system aims to help busy parents determine how generally kid friendly restaurants, activities, and other businesses are.
  • We’ve spoken to hundreds of parents to develop a method with which to judge a place's kid friendliness using a variety of criteria.
  • Although we won’t give away our all our secrets, we will say that user reviews, feedback, and information from owners all play a role in determining a KidScore rating.








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Most popular kid friendly places.

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*Note: High chairs and menus are applicable to restaurants and eateries. Other institutions categories are not penalized for lacking these criteria.