Kesone Thai Lao Bistro


2600 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97232

(503) 228-5775
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Five stars reflects a combination of consistently good Thai food, decent service, reasonable price, and large quantity. This is the neighborhood restaurant we go to at least once...


We were seated immediately, got our drinks, ordered our food, and waited... We waited a long time. We started to notice that everyone else who had been seated after us was eatin...

Consistently Good Thai Food 8/14/2011

Five stars reflects a combination of consistently good Thai food, decent service, reasonable price, and large quantity. This is the neighborhood restaurant we go to at least once a month when we don't want to cook because we know we will always like what we get, and feel that we got good value. Along with other dishes that vary over time, we always get M2, which features lettuce leaves, sorrel leaves, and a savory, crispy filling of peanuts, coconut, choice of meats or tofu, onions, and spices that is hard to describe but immensely satisfying. Other favorites include duck in red curry sauce and eggplant and zucchinis in green curry sauce. The Tom Kha soup is excellent. more

awful service, decent food 5/7/2011

Plenty of good Thai food in Portland, no need to put up with such bad service to get decent Thai food. Try Chaba Thai just a bit further up NE Sandy Blvd., or Som Tum Thai at SE Morrison and Grand.\r We arrived a little before 7pm, only two other parties in the dining room. Sat down, the tablecloth had some food crumbs on it and was so wrinkled it looked like it had sat in the dryer for a day or two. Someone came right away, brought us water in dirty glasses, yes all the water glasses were dirty, and took our appetizer order. It took forever before someone came back to take our order, we were starving and tired and frustrated. Finally our appetizer came, the spring rolls tasted good but they were really greasy and the grease was dark brown. Ew. Got some Thai iced tea, it was really thin tasting, like they were awfully stingy with the dairy products. Not worth the $2.50. Another very long wait and our food finally arrived, it was good, not shockingly good but perfectly adequate, but not even close to worth putting up with everything else. more

Kesone's is delicious! 12/9/2009

I love the food. It is fresh and delicious. I usually get the Cashew Chicken, but sometimes try something new and am never disappointed. The prices are good and you get a lot. I always take some home and have it for lunch the next day. Friends I take there always love it, too. Pros: I love the Cashew Chicken! Cons: Not more people partaking! more

The Best 11/30/2009

I live very close by, but even if i didn't my opinion of their food would not differ. I have lived all over, and thai restaurants are rarely hard to find. But good ones are another story. I have never been disappointed by the food here. And i have rather high standards. I'm vegetarian, so i usually order the tofu green curry. it's utter perfection. tons of tofu and fresh veggies perfectly cooked al dente. they never skimp, and most places do for some reason...which really pisses me off. The flavors are perfectly balanced between spicy, salty, and sweet. Never too much of one or the other. The fresh spring rolls are yum, and the pad thai and pad kee mao are always plentiful and satifying. I usually stick to those few things, so can't speak for the rest of the menu. But i highly recommend taking the trip over to Sandy and checking it out. The atmosphere of the interior is the only downfall. If only they could dim the lighting a bit. Still worth it to experience the flavors.... Pros: Simply delicious, generous portions, good people Cons: slightly off the beaten path, not the best ambiance more

Worst Thai food I've ever had 9/10/2009

I met a friend here for dinner because it was on our way to a meeting and because of the great CitySearch reviews.\r \r When I arrived, the door was propped open slightly with a board. When I tried to open the door, it was stuck on the board. The owner watched me struggling, but he made no move to help me. Finally, I was able to yank open the door and join my friend at a table.\r \r We looked at the menu, which had been placed on the dinner plates and made our selections. After waiting for about 10 minutes and looking over at the owner a few times, I finally asked him whether we needed to come to the counter to order. (We were the only people in the restaurant.) He then called to his wife, who emerged from her hiding place behind the counter and took our order.\r \r Our orders came fairly promptly. My chicken breast chef's special and my friend's tofu Pad Thai both came with lots of overripe broccoli with yellow flowers. \r \r When I tried the chicken breast, it tasted like it had gone bad, so I didn't eat any more of it.\r \r Instead, my friend and I split the Pad Thai, which was OK, but dry and unimaginative. (I've eaten at dozens of Thai restaurants in the Portland metro area, and it was the worst I'd ever had.)\r \r The waitress never returned to the table to ask how things were or to fill our water glasses. She only returned after we pushed our plates to the edge of the table to indicate that we were done. Then, she asked if we wanted to box the leftovers.\r \r I told her that I didn't want the chicken breast, because it didn't taste good. She asked what was wrong with it, and I told her that it tasted old. She left and returned with the bill, charging us for both dishes. I paid for the meal, but didn't leave a tip. This is the first time in my life that I've left a restaurant without leaving a good tip. Pros: Not busy Cons: Poor service, uneatable food more

Best Thai food, ever! 8/28/2009

We were visiting Portland and chose this restaurant for proximity and a coupon they offered. The food was so good and so inexpensive that we wished we were local and could work our way down the menu, one item at a time! Everything we ate was wonderful: soups, entrees, desserts, teas. We highly recommend. We are unfamiliar with Portland and the restaurant was a bit difficult to spot. BUT - it's worth the search. Pros: food was unbelievable at a terrific price Cons: service a tiny bit slow more

Awesome Pad Thai! 5/4/2009

I went here for the first time a few weeks ago, and was definitely impressed. The best pad thai I've ever had, and I've had several at many different Thai places. I ordered it mild, and was pleasantly surprised when it had just a kick of spice to it, unlike other places where the mild is just mild and kind of bland.\r \r Cannot remember the name of my appetizer, but it was ground chicken in triangular shaped wonton bread, very good and they didn't skimp on the chicken either (unlike other Thai places). \r \r My other diners enjoyed their meals too, and the service was quick, friendly, and the prices were very affordable.\r \r My portion of Pad Thai was so large I had leftovers of about 2 more servings. Cannot wait to go again!!! Pros: food quality, quantity, and the prices more


I like to think I am a discriminating restaurant patron. My wife and I eat out three to five times a week. Kesone's is without a doubt our new favorite Thai food restaurant. Admittedly, the menu could be a bit larger, but the food is expertly prepared and portions are generous. We usually have food left over to take home. Did I mention that Kesone (the owner/ waitress) is a warm, charming hostess? Try it, you'll like. more

Really be desperate before you decide to go here. 11/4/2008

1st visit, went here to pick up the pad thai, it wasn't too bad but for the price there is much better places to go to, the portions were ok but not enough to have left overs. The thing that bothered me the most was that she asked me to tip for a pick up order and when I said no she seemed mad.\r \r 2nd visit, I got something but I can't remember what it was, I remember it wasn't good enough to get on my 3rd visit. The price was also pretty expensive for the portions that I received, and this time she asked me not if I wanted to tip, but how much, and I said $1. I'm not a cheap person but I don't know any place that you tip when you pick up an order, and she also seemed angry with that tip.\r \r 3rd and my final visit (1 hour ago), I got the sweet princess curry lunch special which was a pretty good price ($6.50) but then again it wasn't for how much I got, the smallest portion of asian food that I have ever got, not to mention that the curry was all over the bag because they don't box it up, and for being a lunch special I thought it would fill me up with it didn't. My experience ended with her again asking if I wanted to tip on a pick up order (which have been all my orders) and just like the first time I said no and again she had a scowl on her face.\r \r Just know the person asking for tips is the owner Kesone, which I guarntee if you pick up an order she will ask you to tip, she lost my business and I'm sure many others with her angry face when you tell her no. The food is alright but the portions/ quality is not worth the price, the only tip I can give her is to buy low and sell high because I don't like her attitude and will never return because of it. If you don't believe me try it yourself.\r \r If you want the best Thai food and best service I would say try Chaba Thai, I have had so many good experiences with them, and there food is around the same price as Keson but MUCH MUCH better! more

Delicious Larb 8/9/2008

I have this weird trait -- every time that I go to a Thai place I order the chicken larb. Not very original but as a result I am kind of a larb expert (well you gotta start somewhere). Anyway, the chicken larb here is exceptional. Not oily (a common problem at other Thai places) and a nice mixture of spices. Highly recommended. Pros: Great food - big portions - reasonable prices Cons: It looks like it's closed at night due to ""romantic lighting"" inside more

Very good Pad Thai 7/29/2008

The folks who work there are so nice, the food is ALL so tasty and the ambiance is so comfortable, I wickedly hope nobody reads this, or believes me. \r \r I have to admit, I actually like the staff there, and I don't even drink there. Their food is great, and the place is nice to eat at. I doubt I'd go as far as to say romantic, that's not what I'm there for. I'm there for some very good, innexpensive Thai and Laotian food, and I have never been dissatisfied. I'd suggest the M2, the pad thai, the yellow curried chicken soup and the spring rolls... but not all at once. The M2 is large enough to fill me up at one sitting. (240 lbs.) Thay also make delightful avacado shakes, which I thought was some kind of a food alergy. They were delicious. Pros: delicious food, wide ranging menu, nice ambiance, good service Cons: small(er) beer sellection. (Not a big deal) more

Simply outstanding. 6/30/2008

Hidden in the midst of the car dealerships on Sandy is one of the best SE Asian restaurants in this whole city. I've eaten at most of the Thai places in town and I've never had a yellow curry this good. And the Lao dishes are even better, when you want to try something new. I've just discovered this place recently, but I'm already going back again and again. more

Try The Miang Kham, For The Love Of All That's Holy 4/7/2008

We noticed this place when we moved down the street from it but hadn't had a chance to try it until last night. (Honestly, the prices scared us away a little, but after we saw the portions we've concluded they are well worth it. Average 10 or 12 bucks an entree. Share one, they're huge!!) The place was completely empty, beautifully appointed. We tried the Miang Kham on a whim; toasted coconut, diced ginger, kaffir lime and onion with peanuts served on individual spinach leaves with a honey tamarind sauce. We could *not* stop gushing about it; the texture, the flavours... We each tried a different curry (though two people could easily share one dish) and both were complex, spicy, creamy, the veggies fresh. We had banana fritters and coconut ice cream to finish. The fried bananas were standard, but the coconut ice cream, which they make themselves, was *fantastic*; HUGE chunks of fresh coconut meat in it. Mmm. Wonderful meal, my new favorite neighborhood spot. Pros: Open late, fresh delicious vittles. Cons: A lil' pricey, but well worth it. Try the lunch menu, much cheaper. more

Best Thai Lao food you'll ever eat. 3/28/2008

I'm from Hawaii, and in Hawaii most of the locals are exposed to a variety of ethnic cuisine. Thai cuisine is familiar to most residents of Hawaii. We have become very good judges of all kinds of cooking. Thai cooking is no exception. My son recommended Kesone Thai and Lao Bistro. When I went, I was surprised to find that I fell in love with Thai and Lao food all over again. The cooking is superb, Their cuisine has spicy and aromatic flavors using fresh and special herbs and exotic fruits and vegetables more commonly found in Asian markets. I had thought that I had tasted the very best until I ate their. It was fantastic. The service was fast and friendly. The atmosphere was airy, spacious and very Thai. The price...well the price did not match the obvious pride they pour into their food and service. The cost was more than reasonable. Because their portions are substantial, one can easily pay as little as $40 for a fabulous meal for four people, and that includes their delicious Thai tea. Tell your loved ones. Do yourseof a favor. Try it. I guarantee you'll love it. more

One of my favorites, great food, great prices 2/23/2008

I've really enjoyed every meal at Kesone Thai Lao Bistro. Great food, great service, and very reasonably priced. The items at first glance may seem pricey, but portions are huge and the quality is fantastic. They are unlike many thai restaurants in that they can actually make their food spicy! The calamari appetizer is the best in the town, all noodle dishes are great, as well as the soups - my boyfriend and I especially like the tom yum and tom kha. They are so fresh, it is unlike any other tom yom/kha soup around. Kesone is definitely a place we frequent when craving good thai food. Pros: high quality food, huge portions, nice ambiance, nice servers, quiet & romantic more

How Romantic 2/21/2008

My boyfriend and I decided to try out this place after I found it on here. It was easy to find and we found a spot just out the front door. We were surprised to find the place nearly empty on a friday night at 8pm. The decor and ambience was very romantic. I would suggest that a screen or curtain be placed by the bathroom hallway. We were seated at the last table before the hallway and I let my boyfriend take the view of the brightly lit hallway. We were the only ones there besides another couple. It was so quiet in there, all I could hear was the guy talking politics. The quiet, dim and intimate setting make the restaurant very romantic. I ordered the Tom Yum soup which was deliciously good, but not too spicy. We also got the summer rolls and peanut sauce. Yum yum! I was disapointed to find out that they were out of Papaya Salad. The waiter suggested another salad and I took his word. I'm not sure what the salad was called but it was glass noodles on a bed of romaine lettuce, shrimp, tomatoes and cucumbers. The sauce had a little too much lime juice and the shrimp was not done. It was tasty but not my cup of tea.He ordered the Royal Treat and that was very good. I'm very surprised that this place isn't busy because the food is so good, romantic setting, and lots of seating available. We'll definetly be coming back soon! Pros: Romantic ambience, delicious food, friendly service Cons: Prices can be high, not many parking spaces more

Kesone is a hidden gem! 11/3/2007

My girlfriend and I wanted to try a new Thai place, looking for thai dishes not found in your typical thai menu, and Kesone delivered! We go out a lot and always look for places that offer quality, different and tasty food at value prices. It's not easy finding all those qualities in one place but tonight we found something special.\r \r We ordered some typical Thai food and Kesone's quality made it taste unique and wonderful. We had decilious creamy and spiced-just-right soup full of fresh vegetables. Their spring rolls come with a thick homemade peanut sauce that we kept having refilled because it was go good. We tried a grilled red snapper in a panang curry sauce with fresh green beans and bamboo shoots. We also had ""Larb"" from their speciality menu. Wow. \r Their menu is not overwhelming and not tiny either. Plenty of special items and traditional Thai fare for anybody. The Thai hot tea was excellent! \r \r We showed up at 7:30 pm on a Saturday and there was nobody there. After seeing the nice interior and having the excellent and unique dishes, we didn't understand why more people were not enjoying the same great food. I hope more people go so Kesone stays around and thrives for a long time Cons: none for me. Can't wait to go back! more

Great Food!! 10/29/2007

I just order from the lunch menu and it was by far one of the best plates I've had at any Thai restaurant in Portland. The atmosphere is very nice and calming. The service was extremely fast, I placed a to go order and I was in & out in less than 10 minutes. The service and wait staff were very welcoming and polite as well as talkative, which i find doesn't happen that often in Portland restaurants. The menu is moderately low priced. I will definitely eat there again!!! Pros: Fast Friendly Service-Great Food! Cons: I was the only one ordering. But I still recommend them! more

One of my favorites! 10/27/2007

It's a shame that the past two times I've eaten at Kesone it's been empty or nearly empty. I'm very particular about how my veggies are cooked, but the dishes I've had here are nearly perfect. At other restaurants, the veggies are too crunchy (Beau Thai), the dishes not very authentic (Typhoon!), the food overrated (Typhoon!), or the flavors have not come together (Thai E-San). Kesone does a perfect fried tofu, and the spring and summer rolls are delicious. \r \r My only complaint is that the wait staff is hesitant to take your desired spice level seriously (they held back on my dish), and the rice noodles in the Pad Kee Mao could be heftier. Ask for bamboo shoots added to your dish; they make it all the tastier. Pros: Quality and quantity of food for the price; wonderful dishes Cons: Could use some more upbeat music more

Thai Me Down!! 9/6/2007

Because if you don't, I will eat at Kesone every day! Thai is my favorite food and I could eat it daily. In the past Pok Pok and Typhoon have been my favorites. Not any more! Kesone serves the best Thai/Lao food in Portland and as one other poster said, as soon as the foodies of Portland find out about this place Kesone will need to hire more staff!\r \r I ate lunch there a few days ago with a client. Kesone has a nice atmosphere and an extensive menu. There is also a full bar.\r \r As per the owner's suggestion, we ordered the larb salad with chicken and the namm kao Vientiane and both dishes were mouthwateringly delicious! Explosions of flavor with every bite. We didn't notice the lunch portion menu on the back of the menu so we ordered the dinner portions and they were very large. I had food left over so my boyfriend ate it for dinner that night. he insisted we go back for lunch again the next day.\r \r Once again, we ordered off the dinner menu. We had Pad kee mao (drunken noodles) and the namm kao Vientiane (again!). The pad kee mao was the best I have ever had and I spent 5 weeks in Thailand last year so that says something! We were talking about the size of the portions when Kesone pointed out that there are lunch portions on the back! Two dinner entrees would easily feed 3 hungry people.\r \r Save room for dessert so you can have the sweet sticky rice with mango, a simple but scrumtious Thai treat!\r \r I can't wait to go back and try some of the curries!\r \r Cheers!\r \r more
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  • Family-owned Thai and Lao restaurant offers home-style favorites like coconut milk curries and pan-fried noodles; catering available.

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