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Kemah Boardwalk

Bradford Ave and Second St
Kemah, TX 77565
(281) 334-9880
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Kemah Boardwalk - Kemah, TX


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If you plan to go during springbreak, fourth of july or any other holiday, make it an all day affair=) Lines are long but its worth the wait when you see the look on your childre...


We have been going to Kemah Boardwalk for many years until we find out the parking used to be free but not anymore. It is not worth our long drive to here anymore. Why not makin...

Disturbing!!! 3/24/2012

The Kemah Boardwalk is supposed to be a family - kid friendly environment, but how safe is it. What most people are unaware of, is that, the Kemah Boardwalk does not do a very thorough background check on waiters and waitresses. They may do an initial background check when hiring, but they apparently don't do update checks on wait-staff. Currently, there is a large number of employees who have outstanding warrants, or are on probation, or parole. Last year, one member of the Saltgrass Steakhouse concept, on the boardwalk, had a sex offender drivers license. In the last 5 years, at least 3 boardwalk waitstaff have died of drug overdoses, one within the last month. I don't think they do random drug test of the waitstaff. You may be wondering what my point is,....well,... do you want to bring your kids around that element,... and, shouldn't the family friendly place be free of the criminal element..... Also, I don't mean to be politically incorrect, but there sure seem to be a whole lot of , homosexuals working on the boardwalk. Ok, ....I am not saying , fire gay people ,but I just don't want to bring children around that. Last summer, the Kemah Boardwalk hosted a Christian Concert Series on Tuesday nights , and if you are going to have a christian - family environment, just seems like the staff on the Kemah Boardwalk could be criminal free, to say the least. At Red Sushi, it seems like almost all of the male waiters are gay. That just doesn't seem like a christian - family friendly concept. Ok, I am old fashioned and set in my ways, but, I just think that if you are going to have a family friendly environment, then that environment should be extremely safe and criminal free........ more

Skip the Boardwalk! 10/11/2010

I am not saying don't go see the Boardwalk, just don't get sucker into spending too much money with them. They just want your money!!! Stay at one of the local bed and breakfast, then eat before you go to the Boardwalk. Leave your car at your hotel and walk there. That alone will save you $7. I stayed at the Clipper House which was great. D'vine Wine is next door. Madeline's, wine bar / restaurant, is across the street. Terrace Cafe, a cozy neighborhood restaurant & bar with fantastic food, is just down the street. You get the picture, walk around the Boardwalk and enjoy the day, but save your money for Kemah's local places that are well worth visiting... more

Boardwalk Beast 7/11/2010

On July 10, 2010, my husband and I took our four year old grand-daughter to the Kemah Boardwalk. While waiting in line for the Boardwalk Beast boat ride, one of the young female workers shot our child in the face with a water gun that shot big blobs of water. She was caught completely unaware and was distraught. My husband and I both had told the young worker ""NO"" when she pointed the water gun at us, but she shot me first, then our grand-daughter, giving no regard to our request NOT to shoot the water gun at us. Once we were aboard the boat, the workers proceeded to use a water hose to spray the passengers. None of the passengers seemed to appreciate that. \r Yes, we are AWARE that the Boardwalk Beast is a ""wet ride."" We love the boat ride and the water spray, BUT it is something we are expecting and are prepared for. We are NOT appreciative, however, of having our child doused in the face unexpectedly with water after having requested that it not be done. \r This rude young woman didn't seem the least bit contrite at having upset the child. In fact, she was rather flippant about it. I doubt we will spend our money at Kemah again. Pros: Great Ride! Cons: Bad Judgement of Young Workers more

Kemah Is Amazing 3/28/2010

If you plan to go during springbreak, fourth of july or any other holiday, make it an all day affair=) Lines are long but its worth the wait when you see the look on your childrens face as they ride the train or airplanes. There are plenty of shops, food, games and rides for everyone. If you arent wanting to spend much money there is a playground and an amazing fountain the kids could play for free while the parents listen to the band play. Just take an extra pair of clothing or swimsuit for the kids. They will love running through and all around the fountain. We go just for the fountain in the summertime =) Pros: Extremely family oriented Cons: Can be busy during holiday,but what amusement park isnt more

Disappointing Day at the Boardwalk 3/19/2010

Yesterday I took off from work and brought my 2 grandkids and it was a nightmare. Long lines that you couldn' t even tell which ride they were for. Very unorganized. They should have workers controlling and organizing these lines. I purchased 2 passes and they only got to ride 2 rides. I asked if I could stand by my granddaughter who was under 48 inches tall on the carousel and he said no, that she was big enough to ride alone. When the ride was over, she couldn't undo the belt and no one helped her. She was in tears and a customer (not a worker) helped her. People are treated like cattle, herding them on & off those rides, the only concern is the almighty dollar! And $3.00 for a bottle of water. Tilman Fertita should have some compassion for the average people and make it more affordable for families. Oh and also when we were in line to get the passes the worker wrote down two for the over 48"" instead of one for under 48"". Luckily I caught it and saved enough to buy a bottle of water. All I have to say is GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Feeding and petting the stingrays Cons: long lines and rude staff more


I live 3 min drive from Kemah - I used to love going there with my 4y.o. son - BUT NOT ANYMORE - they TOTALLY LOST me as a client:\r 1. The minute you arrive to Kemah Boardwalk is nothing but NEGATIVE emotions - YOU CAN NOT park ANYWHERE for free - even parkings a mile away are $7!!! \r Complete RIP OFF - they have these huge parking lots and they are empty - but people park along the streets, walk miles with kids and babystrollers while parking lots are empty!\r IS IT a CUSTOMER service??? You think as a customer I feel welcomed??\r 2. There is one little HIDDEN spot where free parking is - you will be VERY lucky to get a spot there - but tonight the RUDNESS was overwhelming! A car left the free spot - my friend immideately parked there - I was waiting the other spot to get freed - but the Vallet guy grabbed the orange cone and put it to the spot claiming it as Vallet parking!!! Unbelivable.\r 2. OK, so I drove to the garage parking - right in frond of the garage entrance there was a sign ""Garage parking is $7"" - fine... but again I found a ""hidden"" spot behind the bushes near by but before the $7 parking sign- there was no cone there - no any other sign, so I parked and just started to unbuckle my son from the back seat - I almost left - but the ""parking"" girl approached me and started to claim that this spot is reserved for handicapped!! I said - excuse me - but there is NO sign for handycapped, no sign of ANYTHING! Guess what? The security guy shows up immideately - and started SCREAMING at me!!!\r WHAT a SHAME!! Then he threatened me that he is going to call the security team and police to tow my car if I live it here - I was totally shocked!! I tried to get to his ""human"" side - BUT there was NOTHING human in that ""SUCH A BOSS of whole UNIVERSE"" parking security dude :) So, I decided that this incidend is NOT worth of my time - so, I started my car, and was driving reverse in order to leave - but the parking guy was standing behind my car NOT letting me to leave!!! Well I honk on him and ask him politely to let me go otherwise I will call police and report the harrassment - I also wished him to enjoy his WONDERFUL empty parking lot and that I WILL NEVER come back here again!\r 3. Too bad there is no MINUS stars rating - Kemah is not only family UNFRIENDLY (yes, double negative in the sentence) - but RUDE, GREEDY, ZERO customer service from the minute you enter there - they DO NOT care about ANYTHING - but get your $7 to $15 parking fees... they made their daily profit - great - but they kill restaurants and fun there - and LOOSE the clients.\r 4. Sorry - but there are soo many nice places around with GREAT food, fun and customer service who WOULD love to get my business!\r 5. If you leave more then 5 miles away from Kemah - do not even waste your gas!! NOT WORTH A PENNY and most importantly YOUR TIME with your family! \r \r Bye, Bye Kemah - i will NEVER be back. Pros: used to be fun Cons: nothing but negative emotions more

A great place for your children 9/5/2009

I personally love Kemah Boardwalk. My children love it and enjoy it very much! However, the prices are a little high, but it is less expensive then any other amusement park we've ever been to. The wristbands are 18$ and allow the people who are wearing them to ride any ride, as many times as they want, all day. The Boardwalk Bullet is the wooden roller coaster they have and his wonderful if you love a fast and hyped up roller coaster. Their new ride they built after Kemah got destroyed by Hurricane Ike is much like the children's ride, The Bouncer, but way taller. And I mean WAY! taller. It overlooks the freeway that is far away! That's how tall it is! I love this ride because when it drops you get that feeling.. :) I don't know how to explain this. They have a lot of other rides. I definitely recommend this! Pros: The rides, the restraunts, the gorgeous view! Cons: Pricey! more

Parking: Greedy People 5/26/2009

The $6.00 fee is a real shame. By the time we travel from Katy all the way down to Kemah at the cost of gas, we don't want to spend more money on parking. When it was free parking, we felt it was a family event which we enjoyed....No more unless these greedy people change the parking back to fee. You want more customers don't you???? Pros: Fun family place Cons: Parking fees more

GREED 4/12/2009

We have been going to Kemah Boardwalk for many years until we find out the parking used to be free but not anymore. It is not worth our long drive to here anymore. Why not making it better than worse. We will not going there anymore. It is not because we can not afford the $6.00. May be it is a sign that the attendance is dropping so they have to charge parking to make it up otherwise it is just like the previous reviewer said it is plain GREED. Cons: Parking more

Charging for Parking 6/3/2008

I have been going to Kemah for years. It is one of my favorite places to go to for good food and enjoying the atmosphere, but they have lost me as a customer. This review is only to protest that they have started to charge $6 for parking. Greed is the only reason I can think that they would change what was always free parking. My ""not recommended"" rating only reflects my disappointment in this already expensive outing has become more so. more

Kemah is Awesome! 4/17/2008

Kemah is a great place to go. There is so much to do there and w/ a new roller coaster the kids will love and enjoy. Then of course theres the normal rides there such as a ferris wheel and the train. I read the review that the train is a scary ride for young children and I think that was a bit over the top. My two cousins who are 2 and 3 went on the train ride and through the tunnel with the wild west shoot out and they enjoyed it very much. \r \r Though some of the food places can be a bit expensive there are alternatives like the pizza place there and cadillac bar seems moderately priced. Pros: Everything!! Cons: Expensive. more

Boardwalk - Success! History - Lost 8/31/2007

Kemah had no where else to go. It had to sell out to the Marina, thus, The Boardwalk. Kemah was literally sinking. The D rug trafficing & Ma fia was pushed out. (Colorful history of roulett wheels, gambling, diamonds). The carnivals were not bringing in the money needed. The murders & boat burnings had to stop! ""Robinson's Cafe"", ""The ChatterBox Cafe & Bar"" & ""The Wheel of Fortune"" lived out its time. The Commisioner (my Father), & the Mayor, (with the Kemah Council), agreed, something had to be Done to save Kemah! And from the growing pains, emerged.....a beautiful place.....The Boardwalk ! and Marina !\r So Much To Do & See in Such a Small Area.....A must to visit ! Pros: Something for all ages. Cons: definitely parking is bad. more

Avoid the train ride if you have young children 2/26/2007

I'm sure you think I'm insane to tell you not to take your young kids on a train ride, but trust me on this one. The train ride is pretty tame (as most train rides are), until it slows down to go through a tunnel under the Salt Grass Steakhouse. Inside this tunnel there is a animatronic wild west gunfight scene, complete with figures popping up from behind barrels and such and shooting at each other across the train tracks (which means they're basically aiming guns at everyone on the train. Completely inappropriate for young children and mine were not the only ones frightened by the ride.\r \r Other than that, the experience was great. Overpriced, but great. I would suggest getting there early if you go on a weekend. We showed up at 11:30am on a Sunday and sat down to eat as soon as we walked into the Aquarium. The food there was delicious, though expensive. And the kids loved the atmosphere there. \r \r After lunch, we did the terrifying train ride, walked around and looked at the boats on the bay, ate some ice cream at Marble Slab, and headed home. It was 2:30pm when we left and traffic was horrendous getting into the Boardwalk area. Not a problem for us leaving, but I wouldn't want to show up at that time.\r \r All in all, a pretty good experience with the exception of the train ride. more

Great Weekeend Getaway 7/3/2005

My family and I have visited Kemah several times and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It's a great place to go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon drive. The kids love to watch the boats on the water. The Kemah Joe's Crab shack has some of the best seafood around and it a very family friendly resturant. If you are looking for more grown up dinning, the atmosphere and food at the Aquirium is a GREAT CHOICE! Pros: Resturant Variety, Ample Parking, Not far from Houston more

service sucks 6/28/2005

I have never been to a chain of restaraunts that excels in mediocraty.. The turn over is so high That I went to one of the restarauntsand by the time I left , the hostess had become our waitress, then our Bartender and finall a senior staff person ,all in a hour and a half .the management of the restaraunts is so bad they must hire college drop outs . and the food is pretty greasy . shrimp is usually overcooked as is the calamari .. spend some money on training and instilling pride in your workstaff. Pros: next to water Cons: service, price, quality of food more

Something fishy here . . . 1/21/2003

Aside from the crowds and the drive, this is one of the best attractions in the area. The restaurant selection is exceptional with price ranges from cheap (Cadillac Bar) to Pricey (The Aquarium). We've always liked Johnny Walker's the most because of it's history there, but you'll not have a bad food experience at any of their restaurants. The shops are interesting and unusual, prices are moderate, and there is something for everyone. It's always fun to watch the ships pass in and out of Clear Lake channel. Go early and stay until after dusk to get the most from the experience. Pros: Diversity, Good Food, Interesting Shops Cons: Drive, Crowds more

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! 1/18/2003

The first time I went my husband and I went for ""Mother's Day"", and I have to say I have never been some where that was just so full of live!!!!!!!!!! We are planning on going back to stay the night. We only went for the day so I look forward to going back for the night. more

Kemah Just Keeps Getting Better 1/3/2003

Kemah is a marvelous place to spend a weekend! At our family reunion. 50 of us of various ages men, women, young and old found something to do. Our dining and being able to watch the many boats on the water at the end of the day was every adults favorite. The shopping second. The kids loved the amusement rides and the older kids the arcades and games. Young and old we loved the bands and the juggler. I have been coming to the Bay and Kemah for 20 years and it just keeps geeting better. Good information was available from Kemah.NET Pros: Someting for all ages, Family Friendly, Great Boat Watching Cons: Needs a breakfast, parking, No airport trans. more

Engulfed and devoured 11/25/2002

Kemah WAS a marvelous place to spend a quiet afternoon enjoying a leisurely meal and watching boats on the water years ago. Since the Landry's conglomerate engulfed the waterfront, nothing is marvelous, quiet or leisurely. Huge structures have all but eliminated the view. The atmosphere is contrived and formulaic. Meals are a nightmarish affair that begin with hourlong (or more) waits for a table in mobs of people punctuated by poor service from surly waitstaff and finally (mercifully) ending with cold food and an outrageous bill. Where's the good food? Where's the fun? The golden arches are a better alternative than any Landry's megopolis. They don't care; they don't have to. Pros: Aquarium Cons: Extremely overpriced, Crowded, Lousy Service more

A Great Little Hideaway 8/14/2002

To sum up Kemah, If you like to shop and like GREAT food this is the place for you!!! Pros: Beautiful Cons: Expensive more
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    Kids will enjoy the amusement rides: a carousel, a Ferris wheel, Crazy Subs and a gas-powered train modeled after an 1863 Central Pacific Railroad locomotive. The C.P. Huntington...

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