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Jason Richard, Hairstylist - 58 Reviews - 257 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (415) 601-8167
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Jason Richard, Hairstylist

257 Grant Ave (at Between Post & Sutter Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 601-8167
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Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA
Jason Richard, Hairstylist - San Francisco, CA



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As soon as you walk into Richards salon he knows what he is going to do. It has taken me a long time to find someone I trust and at a very reasonable price!\r I will be going to ...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/13/2012

I have curly hair and find many hair stylists just don't know what to do with it so I go through several salons and hair stylists every year on the search for the right cut. My friend turned me onto Jason Richard, he has cut my hair 3-4 times now and though we might disagree I have come to find he is right on the type of cut that will work best overall considering my hair type and face structure, so I can say I have never been disappointed! Finally my search ends, I will keep coming back! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/30/2012

YOUR SEARCH FOR AN EXCELLENT STYLIST ENDS HERE! Jason spent a lot of time listening to my needs and offered his professional, artistic advice to achieve my goals and obtain a look that would be more flattering. Was he ever RIGHT on! His color expertise is the best! He blended and toned over existing color to achieve exactly what I was looking for and it's absolutely gorgeous! He corrected a bad haircut expertly, changing the lines to accent good features, offsare areas to be hidden. I left his salon a new and VERY happy woman. His prices are very reasonable. I made two more appointments with him until I have to leave CA. Just wish I could take him with me! He's the best! more

great find 12/22/2011

As soon as you walk into Richards salon he knows what he is going to do. It has taken me a long time to find someone I trust and at a very reasonable price!\r I will be going to Richard for a long time to come and would recommend him to anyone who values their hair! more

A great hairstylist! 9/8/2011

I called Jason one day, desperately needing a new haircut after a disastrous experimentation at another salon a few days earlier. He was really helpful and set up an appointment just a couple of days later. At the salon, he asked me many questions in order to understand what I really wanted to do with my hair and he was able not only to improve my previous horrible haircut (which was very short and hard to modify), but to actually make me love my new haircut. In addition to that, he's a kind and thoughtful person. I highly recommend going to Jason Richard! more

My best cut. Period. 6/2/2011

This review is long overdue, as my visit was a couple of days before Christmas (so a good 5 months ago). Although I am not someone who reviews regularly, I felt that Jason's work deserved this, even though the site is already laden with the raving kind. I agree with everything JnDg said in the review before mine, and would like to add the following: Similarly to other reviewers, I have had my hair done many places, having lived in the US, Europe and now Asia, and always frequenting high-end salons. I don't color-treat, so with my fine, limp (by nature anyway) shoulder-length hair, I find that the cut is that much more important. I try to stick with a good stylist once I find him/her each place I move to, but sometimes have to go elsewhere - this time, due to relocation from Europe to Asia with a short stint in SF. I hate having to find new places and go in with low expectations - and am not easily wowed, even when I have read great reviews, but Jason was a-ma-zing! For one, the cut he gave me lasted for an amazingly long time - only a couple of weeks ago did I start thinking that I should go in for a trim (am not much for it though, as I am sure to be disappointed after my last experience). It was super-precise, gave me great body and styling options, while being as simple and fuss-free as I prefer my hair to be. He also corrected some of my previous hairdresser's missteps that I had never noticed, but which made all the difference in how much the quality of the overall look of my hair improved. The process was unusually consultative - he explained every step and listened to my likes and dislikes, and made absolutely sure we were on the same page before he started cutting. I felt in the best of hands at all times. At the same time, it was so nice chatting with him that I didn't want to leave the place again. What a genuinely lovely and interesting guy. If I lived in SF, he would not be able to get rid of me at all. I wish I could import him to Singapore, so I wouldn't have to fret about finding someone even half as good. So to all of you fortunate enough to be nearby: enjoy. more

World class 4/29/2011

Jason is supremely talented. I've lived in different places - Europe, Latin America, US – so my experience with stylists has been incredibly varied. From obscenely expensive high-end salons in Germany to quaint barber shops in Mexico, Jason has been the best, period. To be honest, I've never been enthusiastic enough about a stylist to write a review (I found Jason through these reviews, so I figured I'd now write my own...). It goes far beyond the fact that he's incredibly meticulous and has a fantastic eye for detail. He's a true professional who takes immense pride in his work. Jason's cuts get better & better....they build on each other in a steady progression, as if he's carefully honing his work with every visit. He spends plenty of time discussing what you want, every time, and offers insightful suggestions that hadn’t even crossed your mind. As a guy, I've sometimes felt a bit weird about the full-on salon experience and didn’t know much about taking care of slightly longer hair, but he took the extra time to educate me. Oh, and he’s a genuinely cool and interesting cat to boot...a few of his stories are pretty wild. After my first visit or two, I started to get approving remarks from friends & family. Even someone who had always said how ghastly I look with longer hair mentioned with no prompting that she really liked the cut. When I said, “Ah…but haven’t always hated longer hair on me?”, she replied, “Well, but this is different - now you’re obviously working with someone who knows exactly what he's doing!”. In other words, Jason’s work speaks for itself. more

Fantastic Stylist 3/1/2011

I can't say enough about Jason! He's one terrific stylist, and I look forward to each appointment with him.\r I found Jason on the internet. The reviews he received from his very loyal clients seemed tailor made for me: they raved that he was great with color and longer hair, and that he was a stylist who really listens to his clients and helps them obtain the look they want! From my first visit, I knew I had found my stylist: Jason always makes my hair look terrific (I get asked all the time for the name of my stylist), and he works hard to keep my look fresh and my color vibrant. I am a Realtor with a fairly high profile, and he really helps me get a great look that's easy for me to maintain and recreate on a daily basis. In addition, Jason is a kind, considerate, interesting and appreciative guy. We always have alot to talk about at every appointment, and he goes out of his way to express his gratitude for the referrals I've sent his way. He provides a high quality of service and I am more than happy to refer him to my friends, clients or whoever asks for the name of my stylist! more

Jason Richard is FANTASTIC!!!! 12/21/2010

I hate to give the secret away, but I knew the first time I met him that he understood my hair. I've been fighting with my lion mane curls for my entire life and he just took one look at me and immediately understood what its been like for me. Having gone to other higher end salons both here and in Beverly Hills, Jason is the first sytlist I've worked with to whom I've remained a loyal fan. His cuts are superb, he always gives me amazing color, and most importantly he respects my comfort zone but has a wonderfully insightful way of pushing the envelope with me just enough that I always get up from his chair with a fabulous head of hair. Every time I get my hair done with him now the compliments pour in from all sides - that never NEVER used to happen. Jason, you are an absolute treasure!!! more

Top-Notch Hair Stylist in the Bay Area 11/10/2010

I've had Jason do my hair last week. I have been in the Bay Area for two years and have tried several hair salons but not a single salon was satisfying enough for me to go back again. I think Jason has a very good eye and communicating skills. We had five minutes conversation before he did my hair and he knew exactly what I wanted, or even better, how he can make me look better. A lot of hair stylists are not creative enough, or just do average or mediocre work to make us look ok. But we need professional help us look beautiful, sexy, and attractive. We do not need a hair stylist to do what we tell them to but a stylist who can tell how to improve out looks. Hair stylist-client relationship should be more collaborative, which would result in the best look. Jason is the right guy to achieve that. I have worked with the top stylists in famous salons in Tokyo and New York City and Hong Kong, such as Federic Fekkai. They are great but also very pricy, too. I spent $600 at Fekkai for hair cut and coloring. Jason is a top-notch hair artist but also affordable, and also charming. Hair is something you wear everyday. We deserve to look great. Jason can help you with that. more

Best...EVER!!!!! 10/16/2010

Beyond belief, wonderful enough that I created my CitySearch account just to share my happiness. Jason is friendly, funny, nice, TALENTED beyond belief, everything I've ever wanted in a hairstylist. And he LISTENS. He uses his skill to achieve just the look I want or need, and gently guides me when necessary. More expensive than I'm used to (and I lived for 10 years in Manhattan), but so worth it. more

Exceeds highest standards - simply fantastic 8/15/2010

Jason carries more talent in one pinkie than other lauded SF stylists on any given day! The man is pure genius. I have long (mid-back), dark, wavy hair and he cut in beautiful layers that gave my hair a sexy oomph. He may charge more than others (though worth every little penny), but he is incredibly honest and does not force anything on you. In fact, I asked if he thought I should dye my hair and he said no because the natural color was already well-suited. My sister also went to him and could not stop raving about him for weeks thereafter. She was hesitant to go because she had shorter hair (reaches her collarbones), and was afraid that he would not be able to do anything with it. But he made it look drop dead gorgeous; lots of volume and super sexy. Anyway, I'd highly recommend him. I travel quite a bit, so it's important for me to have a cut that will grow out well, and he certainly knows how to achieve that. Besides, he's positively delicious to look at :-) more

Fabulous color, cut with tons of style! 7/12/2010

I am a native Sacramentan and had struggled with my hair color and styles for several years.. UNTIL I decided to go out of my home town and look for a qualified colorist and hair stylist in San Francisco. I found Jason Richard from reading fabulous reviews and made my first appointment with him well over a year ago.\r \r I have been extremely happy with his professionalism, personal touches, outstanding service and most importantly, my hair color and cuts have been fantasic! I never feel that he is rushing through my appointment.. he puts all his attention and focus on me and my hair. \r \r Jason is personable and fun too! I will continue to drive from Sacramento to make my faithful appointments with him. \r \r He is well worth your time and money!\r \r Thanks for all your fabulous work, Jason! I absolutely love you!!! :) Kelley D. more

Finally found ""The One""...Hairstylist I'll Ever Need! 7/9/2010

I have been seeing Jason-Richard for my hair since 2009. It's rare that you find an equally skilled colorist and cutter in the same stylist. Jason-Richard has successfully interpreted what I have described (even without visuals) I wanted in a cut & color EVERY TIME...and I have had a few different looks over the past year and a half. He is amazing. I have and would continue to highly recommend Jason-Richard to the most discerning people. \r \r H.McMills\r San Francisco Pros: Skilled & A Great Interpreter of Style more

Great Customer Service 6/28/2010

UPDATE: \r I have to say that I thought my previous review went unnoticed until I received a heartfelt message from Jason apologizing for my experience. It was very sincere and he showed a lot of concern regarding my review. He even refunded me back the money for my services. That shows he has customer appreciation and it goes a long way for me. If I could afford his services in the future, I will definitely consider coming back again to this salon and to Jason Richard. \r \r PREVIOUS REVIEW:\r I liked the shade of blonde that I ended up with well enough and the color didn't fade much at all. It was good, not excellent, but I would have kept coming back- except he was quite rough on my scalp when combing it, especially after using bleach when the head is at its most sensitive. The bleach was fairly gentle. But when combing my hair and applying the bleach, it did hurt my scalp a bit and left me with a headache. My scalp was a little red and flaked a lot for a few days and my hair was a little damaged afterwards as well. \r He also charges a lot of money. I only went the first time because first time clients get 20% of with an online coupon. If he had done an excellent job and was gentler on my scalp, I might have been willing to go back and dish out the full price on my next visit, but he didn't so I'm not going back.\r All in all, if you don't mind the price, a little rough treatment on our hair and scalp, aren't too picky about your shade of blonde, want to use the one time coupon, or if you're coloring your hair for the first time, you can give this place a try. Amy at the front desk is really nice and friendly. But if you have a sensitive scalp or you've colored your hair before then I don't recommend it. Pros: nice hair color, blends well, quiet atmosphere at the salon Cons: super expensive, rough on scalp when combing hair more

The Ultimate Hairstylist and Colorist 2/24/2010

Have tried the so called ""great"" hair people in SF for years. Was NEVER satisfied until I found Jason through this site. His years in Hollywood plus his good taste and sensibilities break him out of the usual SF boring styes with his certain pop without spilling over into loud bad taste, refined and attention-grabbing, a hard combination in a hair do, but he does it! And he's a great guy to be around. Fabulous stylist, giving both my daughter and myself styles and colors that make us look so much better we drive over some Sacramento just for Jason!. Pros: individualized, thoughtful, flattering, complete hairstyle Cons: small space more

Great Colorist 11/11/2009

It was such a great experience. He fixed the brassy color I had in my hair and really didn't like. I felt comfortable because he knew what he was doing. It was great. It was a relaxing experience. I love the way it turned out! I needed my hair color fixed and he did it perfectly! What more could I ask for :) Pros: He definatly knew what he was doing. more

beyond wonderful 10/3/2009

Jason is an incredible stylist, but better than that, a great person.\r I have been seeing Jason for years - never disappointed - in fact, each cut is better than the one before. Jason listens to what you have in mind and then creates something better than you could have ever imagined. \r He is warm, caring, and down to earth despite the fact that he is talented enough to be a jerk, egoface, divahead(and he would still be worth going to).He is also sensitive to when you want to talk, and when you just don't feel up to it.\r I've lived here for over 20yrs, and Jason is one of the best discoveries that I have made Pros: all things positive Cons: not a thing more

Wonderful Hairstylist! 7/1/2009

My mother always told me: Once you find a good hairstylist to keep it to yourself, but, Jason Richard is a jewel and if any of you have had a bad haircut, color, etc. then you will know how I felt before I walked in to see him. I went in for a consultation and I had bleached bleached bleached blond hair it had some orange some yellow some white and it was fried! He showed me some pictures of what he was planning to do with my hair and I immediately felt at ease. For the first time I was excited for my hair appointment. It has been almost a month since I have gotten my hair done and I have kept receiving compliment after compliment on my hair. He made me feel confident again. He found the perfect color for me Even though my hair was so damaged to begin with it feels smoother and shinier and the color is amazing! I am absolutely going to go back! For all you blonds that are having a hard time finding that perfect color go see Jason Richard you will not be disappointed. Pros: Great Hairstylist Great Company Cons: a little pricey but worth it! more

Color Scientist -Genious, but shhhhh! 3/26/2009

This curious brunette turned blonde in Jason's hands, and the transition has been so seamless (""rootless"" - literally!) that many old friends even see my ""Jason blonder"" hair as natural!! I was the only one getting used to it, but I love it and will keep it. In addition, Jason, although in high demand, works with my schedule and needs with flexibility of a friend - I guess that is what ""being treated like a celebrity"" ultimately is all about. The best kept secret that I would like to keep...well, for myself. Pros: perfect ly colored hair, that lasts. full stop. Cons: drawbacks...? more

Perfect Blonde Highlights! 11/3/2008

I have been trying to find a great hairstylist in SF for a few years now. For some reason, none of the 5 hairstylists I went to before Jason understood that I wanted bright blonde highlights and not a grey/ashy washed out look. I do not know why it was so difficult for them to understand what i want, but it got pretty frustrating after all these years. After my appointment with Jason, I finally love my highlights! All it took is one time. He understood exactly what I wanted and the result is awesome! I have gotten tons of compliments on my hair after my appointment. I definetely recommend Jason! Pros: Great result! more
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  • Jason Richard is the Best premiere Hairstylist in San Francisco bringing 10 years of experience and expertise in hair color and curly hairstyling. Jason Richard is a master at creating the best possible haircut, highlights and color for each and every face. Jason Richard's world class beauty salon specializes in classic and edgy haircuts, hair color, hair highlights and color correction. In addition to great haircuts, blonde highlighting and color is Jason Richard's specialty. With Jason Richard as your hair stylist, you are treated like a celebrity. He is Beverly Hills trained and has even been voted one of San Francisco's best by Allure magazine. Jason Richard also offers deep hair conditioning, partial and full hair highlights, semi-permanent color or glaze, beauty consultations and men's hair styling. Contact Jason Richard, Hairstylist today at (415) 906-3985 to make an appointment.


  • Magazine acclaimed stylist uses precision cuts and expert coloring techniques to create trendy styles that will make heads turn.

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