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International Scuba Diving Inc

2211 Meriden Waterbury Tpke
Southington, CT 06489
(860) 621-8265
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I have been diving with ISD for almost 10 years now. During that time I have gone on almost every dive trip they had with both Ron and Joe, and I have enjoyed them all. When it co...


Just happened to find this thread by accident,,,, lucky me ------Hi DiverGal---- Ms ""I happen to be one of the ""cows"" when you finish diving maybe you could chew on my lawn so ...

Looking For Some New Livestock 12/5/2008

Just happened to find this thread by accident,,,, lucky me ------Hi DiverGal---- Ms ""I happen to be one of the ""cows"" when you finish diving maybe you could chew on my lawn so i wouldn't have to mow it,,,,, moooooooooo... and i thought it was global warming causing the seas to rise,,, it's the cowgirls jumping off the boat... the cattle boat more

ACTUAL FACTS 12/5/2008

Fish41- I think it is you who needs to get the facts straight. Fact 1 - Ron was not forced out of the shop from what I've heard. Fact 2 - ISD prices are in line with other shops carrying same brand of equipment. Fact 3 - every ligitimate dive shop's prices are higher than leisure pro - Fact 4 - the bus company messed up the bus not ISD, the bus company took it upon themselves to send a smaller bus. I was standing there when the bus arrived and Joe immediately made a call to the company about it; they admitted their mistake and sent correct bus when we returned. Fact 5 - I've personally never seen Joe get upset for no reason - Fact 6 - the group was not singled out for stepping on coral just 1 person who wasn't certified by ISD - Fact 7 - the Truk trip was booked with Trip-n-Tour. It seems that it is you who doesn't know the facts. If you feel that your facts are all true then you should be a man and use your real name and stop hiding behind false ones. After reading all the negative reviews it seems to me that you are behind them. You should be ashamed of yourself; I think you really crossed the line when you started making fun of others. I happen to be one of the ""cows"" you referred to in your last rant. Shame on you. Pros: product knowledge, variety, service Cons: nothing comes to mind more

Fact Check - For the Record 12/5/2008

Cons: Doesn't like to hear the FACTS more

Beware of the posts - looks suspiciously like a schoolyard argument 12/5/2008

I stumbled across this thread quite by accident and advise all readers to think twice before believing. As an IT executive, I can see right through these posts and it's smells suspicious. Certainly a case for libel. Think about it, this was the ONLY business each reviewer posted a review for and since a reviewer can choose any public member name, an ""enemy"" can choose any name they want to be displayed. I value technology and the benefit of collaborative forums - when used correctly. The owner of this business should definitely consider an indepth investigation into this matter. Pros: Diverse Destinations, Underwater Photography more

Dive Trip Characters 12/5/2008

I took a Dive Trip with ISD many moons ago,,,,, and would never again,,,, they have a crew of regulars who travel with them on most trips and are the worst divers on the planet.... let me explain... there was a group of chubby ladies,,, most could pass for Harbor Seals... on the boat,,, they are pushy,, seem to think the trip was only for them,,, always banging into you with their equipment,,, no class... once in the water ,, these seals are always banging into the reef with their fins or pushing you out of the way while you are taking pictures ,, ISD has been warned on occasion to watch their divers,, cause they were touching or hitting the coral.... by the way,, most of these EXCELLENT divers were trained by ISD,,,, get the picture... others push the edge by drinking their guts out at night , then diving the next day... sooner of later ,,, someone will hurt themselves or another diver...they usally call a boat with too many people on it a ""Cattle"" boat,,, but with this group.... they are the Cattle..... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cons: mooooo cows more

Mr Personality 12/5/2008

worlddiver66 states""At times Joe may have a rough edge to him"" well so does a junk yard dog,,,, he mentions diving with Ron,,, i guess he didn't remember the way Ron was ridiculed and shoved out of the dive business at ISD by Mr Rough Edge, i guess that was just an accident... For every customer that says they had good treatment at ISD, there are another dozen that won't go there again. Pros: None- Find another Dive Shop in the area Cons: Customer Service more

I DIVE WITH ISD 12/5/2008

I have been diving with ISD for almost 10 years now. During that time I have gone on almost every dive trip they had with both Ron and Joe, and I have enjoyed them all. When it comes to personalities I don't know any one who is perfect. At times Joe may have a rough edge to him, but I find it useful, like when a dive master says 60 for 40, I don't think so. All you need to do instead of arguing with him is look at Joe, problem solved. If you are on the boat and have equipment failure, Joe will either fix it or give you his, I've seen him do it. Joe takes a camera on his dives like many of us, on one dive we had a newbie with us and after the dive I asked her how she did, she just shook her head no, she was scared. I told Joe about it and he left his camera on board, took the diver literally by the hand the entire next dive, what a difference. She is now one of the best divers in the water. Like most of us I some times wait until the last minute to check my gear before a trip, if something doesn't work, I bring it to ISD take a new one off the shelf and give the broken item to Joe to return to the manufacturer and go on my trip. You simply cannot do that at Leisure Pro or any other mail order company I know of. This type of service is worth a few extra dollars to me. This is a locally owned and operated shop where you can stop in and try your gear on for fit and comfort, not a massive mail order operation that makes its money on volume. Although they both have their place in the market, I'll take ISD any time. As far as perks with dive trips, usually Joe and Cheryl, his wife, invite every one into their home for a party which they provide a full hot buffet, drinks etc, the charge is $0. So as I mentioned earlier, no one is perfect but I will continue to dive with ISD, and I like it enough that I am not interested in looking else where. Pros: Personal service, great dive trips more

Please Travel With Us - Cause We Like to Travel For Free 12/4/2008

We'd like to take the time to Thank all the BOZO's that contunue to buy our trips... we never knew there were that many Idiots in the area they we could continue to milk for our free vacations every few months. If the people would just look on the internet, they could save a bundle,,, thank god they don't... As i always say... ""WE TRAVEL THE WORLD..... ON YOUR DIME"" and i thought fish were dumb Pros: Be Real - There Ain't Any Cons: Biggest Bunch of Cons i've ever seen more

Save Your Money - This Place Bites the Big One 12/2/2008

Worst place to buy Scuba Gear - Owner told me that if i bought from LeisurePro , none of my stuff would have a warranty... that is a BOLD FACE LIE.... not only is LeisurePro lower than this RIP OFF shop, there 's no sales tax and free shipping.. you'll get your stuff faster from LeisurePro than ISD because ISD doesn't have a large stock and has to order anyway. Try to return anything to ISD ,,,,, you'll get the ""STARE OF DEATH "",,, they really don't like returns... Pros: None i can think of Cons: Place is the Pits more

Avoid the Great White Shark,,, at all Costs 10/13/2008

Jcscuba101 states ? I really don't like complaints of the type he said she said. I 'd rather be confronted face to face? Are you kidding? this guy is a real psycho.. the name ?Mean Joe? just didn?t come from being tough on his dive students like he says,,, Ask his former partner in this dive business(Ron),,, Mean Joe did everything in his power to undermine what ever Ron did at the shop, Back talk and ridicule him to customers. When Ron would plan a dive trip, Mean Joe would tell potential travelers, his trip would be better and only boring(that?s being nice, he said worse) people go with Ron. When the trip failed to make any money or lost money,,, it was always Ron?s fault.. it eventually came to the point where Ron was bought(pushed) out of the business,, Mean Joe even talked about beating the guy up? If you?re looking for a good dive shop in the Southington area, try Bottom Time Scuba,,, some real nice( not Mean) people at that shop. Pros: Never any waiting,,, place is always empty Cons: Poor Customer Service more

Worst Dive Shop in CT 9/22/2008

Be Real,,, Pros: Biggest BS'ers in Diving , Good parking cause not too many people go here Cons: just a bad place to do business with,,, more

Great Dive Trips 3/5/2008

I've been a customer of International Scuba Diving for as long as they have been in business. Whenever I need a new piece of equipment or need to upgrade some of my old scuba gear, I buy from International Scuba Diving. I have found their prices to be comparable to other shops and the owner is very helpful in assisting me in purchasing the right equipment to meet my individual diving needs. As for service, I have never had a bad experience with getting my equipment serviced at ISD and will continue to have my gear serviced there and no where else. Pros: Excellent service and the best dive trips. more



Reviews 12/27/2007

I would like to take a minute and respond to there views I realy don't like complaints of the type he said she said. I 'd rather be confronted face to face but since the reviews don't leave any emails to get a responce Pros: Always ready to help more

Poor Trip Planners 7/18/2007

i took a trip with International Scuba to Bonaire in 2006. They made plans for our whole group to be able to take a bus to Newark Airport. When the bus arrived, it wasn't large enough for the entire group and all of our luggage. We ended up piling our luggage down the isles and sitting on it for the 2 hour ride to the airport. Don't you think someone should have verified with the bus company, the number of people that they would be transporting... The wife of the Dive Shop Owner is the Travel Agent,,, they sure don't mind traveling for free on our BUCK... think they would make sure our trip didn't have any problems... Pros: Are you Kidding Cons: Need a Pro for Planning Group Trips,, Not some Princess more

Worst Scuba Equipment Repair Service in th World 7/10/2007

Had annual service done to my regulator. When i go the bill.. it was almost as much as buying a new one... when i tested it out it leaked,,, when i asked the owmer of the shop what he did to warrant such a high price,, he got mad and told me me i hadn't taken proper care of it,, which was total BS... and told me if i didn't like it to find another shop to repair it,,, which i did,,, that shop told me that International scuba had a reputation of over charging customers . The owner also has a reputation for being a bully. Cons: crooks more

Al Capone of Dive Shops 3/8/2006

Ever wonder why a person gets a name like ""Mean Joe""... meet the owner of this place... Their motto is ""We Dive The World""... but its on everyone elses dime... Cons: Inflated Prices, personality more

Dive Classes - Buy the video 10/14/2005

Worse class of anything i ever took.... you can tell .. all this place is looking for is,,, making as much money for as little work as possible. was going to get my family involved with Scuba,,, but not taking lessons from this shop... Pros: real clowns Cons: waste of time, expensive, Bad Instructors more
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