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Interface Talent Network LLC

1201 Boston Post Rd
Milford, CT 06460
(203) 301-0323
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They seem like a great group of people and they really know what they're doing! I've had nothing but great experiences so far. Very friendly, professional and helpful! I have reco...


Enough said by everyone. We also lost close to $2800 in their NJ location. Sad thing is that they are allowed to recruit in big malls even with all this scams. I was stopped by th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/23/2014

My wife was also approached by their reps on Fri in some NJ mall. She gave them her cell phone and we google Interface Talent next day, pages & pages of red flags, scams ...etc... I didn't even bother calling back to cancel. Director called Sunday, sounded like she was talking to 3th person and shouting ""What happen ?"" Just by her tone I can tell she's a character ... Glad I did research ahead instead of driving to East Brunswick for a hard sell.\r \r Thank You, Internet !\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/19/2013

My son has been involved with Interface for a little over 2 years now, because of Interface, he has been exposed to many acting and modeling seminars and events that he would never have known about. Sure there was an upfront cost, however the jobs he has gotten because of their contacts have paid for those and then some - We are glad that an Interface agent stopped us and we took the time to figure out what was best for our family - Thank you Interface!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/6/2013

REASONS TO CALL THIS FIRM A SCAM:\r I am writing this to make all those loving parents aware about this firm and reason why people calling it a scam. \r First, their marketing rep stops you at a mall and starts appreciating your child's good looks and personality (which parent won't like it??!! For every parent, his child is the most beautiful/ handsome kid in the whole world). The rep calls this company - a modeling company and claims your child has every good reason to be a model or actor and they'll help him to get that golden opportunity. All you need it to sign up a form and provide your contact information. That's all!\r \r Then, you start getting at least 5 missed calls a day (if you're busy to take personal calls during work hour) on your phone..this will continue until you pick up the call. Think about it, does any genuine company/ person follows up so desperately with any customer? Doesn't this happen when the caller has to sell you something and make money?\r \r Finally, you pick up the call and the caller from this company says that they're looking for a model for their client (I was told about Sears and Disney) and my child has been shortlisted for his brown eyes and athletic built. (Actually my husband had signed up in a mall and gave my cell # to contact us; so I thought they took his picture there. My husband confirmed later...they didn't!). He asked me to come with his next day for a meeting with their director and set up the time for 1:00 pm; he also said repeatedly ""no cost involved"" and gave me the address: 15 Kennedy Blvd, East Brunswick, NJ. I was delighted to hear that and later after speaking with my husband, I got to know they didn't have any pictures. So, my question is how did they know about my child's built and eye color when neither they took his picture at the mall nor we provided one? (I am assuming they make a guess with our full name/ ethnicity).\r \r If this company is not fake or a scam, please improve your marketing policy. There are other avenues where you'll meet parents with serious aspirations of making their child a model or actor. Please don't call parents repeatedly wasting your and our time. I am one of those fortunate ones who read the reviews before going for the appointment with my child and really grateful to parents that shared their instances. I decided not to pursue this appointment.\r \r Business Magnate Warren Buffet says. ""I don't invest in things, I don't understand"". Please remember this whenever you're not sure about any offered deal or business.\r \r God Bless America! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/4/2013

This place is so unprofessional and is a SCAM! My husband and I took our son to see the ""directors"" after being approached at the mall over and over again. Finally we decided to just see what it was all about. So when we got there they asked us to fill out a form and wait to be called. 45mins later a female by the name MEGAN at the Framingham location took us to her office. She began talking about our son giving him numerous compliments and said she could see him up on the wall in GAP, Childrens place etc. Of course what every parent wants to hear and dreams of seeing. So predictable. As I told her I checked out some reviews online about the company. I explained my concern that they were more towards the negative side then positive. Immediately she snapped and had a major attitude with me. She was so RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL and DISRESPECTFUL.. She began to tell me that I didn't believe in my son and didn't think much of him if I did not INVEST with them and throw down thousands of dollars for their photo shoot. HAHA ya right! I will tell everyone to STAY AWAY FROM this place!! After we left she must have told a co-worker what had transpired and a male began to call my phone and my husbands with a restricted phone number,...When my husband answered it was a male that kept saying ""POO POO PANTS"" to him over and over again...unbelievable and pathetic that they had to call us and continue to HARASS us even after we left!!! I am going to try and go all the way and BLACKEN this companies name! INTERFACE YOU ARE A SCAM! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/17/2012

To Whom It May Concern,\r \r Every single person in here is complaining and saying this company is a fraud. The only reason i believe you guys think you have been scammed is because you clearly did not even bothered to read what the contract says. Yes, you do go in and meet with someone that is going to try to convince you and try to pursue you to leave at least a deposit. Yes, that is what a true sales person does for a living but you would not be able to understand that. They are definitely not putting a gun on your head forcing you to take out your card and pay.\r \r Furthermore, if you did leave a deposit and felt ""pressured"" to pay, the least you can do is follow their policies. Not go home and start making assumptions that you have been scammed and even try to make a hard working company look like they are ""scamming"" people. Why do you sign papers in writing, that are highlighted , without even reading what it says. And then the day after you turn around and because of your incompetence you feel you were ""pressured"" . Please people think before you start making assumptions, because at the end of the day if you sign something and you wonder why you felt scammed is because you are stupid enough not to read.\r \r In conclusion, the only smart person in here is J M. To all of you that have felt scammed or think this is a fraud, follow this person's wise words. No one forces you to do anything, and if they ever did, you are all adults. If you let someone ""pressure"" you is because you are definitely not in your right mind. Grow up and take full responsibility for your incompetence and your inability to read. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/2/2012

To the dreamers,\r \r I would first like to reference astha A. who does not have an understanding of what the term ""Fraud"" means legally. I bet she would also be surprised that making a public statement accusing someone of fraud is.... I will let her guess or she can research the proper terminology when she looks up fraud. If this was my company she would also need to look into a lawyer.\r \r Second, every single person on here should stop complaining and take responsibility for their own actions. No one ripped you off nor did anyone make you pay for something you did not want. I do not know how many kids become rich and famous from this company but I do know that with or without them there is relatively no chance your kids are going to be stars. Every single one of you believed what you wanted to believe. Unfortunately your kids are not as special, talented or attractive as you think they are. \r \r I spoke with a representative of this company. I thought she had a great demeanor and was very nice to my child. Unlike most of you, I declined because I thought about my child first and myself second. My kid has actually done commercials and has been recruited by the people who put kids on TV. She was not interested in doing it again. I would not pressure a child into doing something for my own personal benefit or do something that is not aligned with the principles I am trying to teach her through example. I am not against nor do I have an issue with this company. I think the issue, from the posts here, are from false hopes of dreams and glamour that you as parents wanted without asking your children what they want. \r \r My suggestion is that you, as ""Adults"" take responsibility for your own actions. If you and your children truly want this then keep trying. Success rarely occurs before hard work and dedication. Basically what I am saying is if you want your children to be successful as model, a singer, a student or most importantly as a person you need to portray the attributes that successful individuals have. Blaming others for your temporary setbacks, which should be expected before success, is teaching your children an awful lesson. \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/17/2012

Hello all, my name is Godis, InterFACE Director of Communications, and I am sorry to hear that some of you do not have a positive outlook on our company, and I think it may stem from not entirely understanding our business model. I would be happy to address some of the concerns you all have posted about InterFACE. First, please do note that InterFACE is NOT, and has NEVER claimed to be a talent or modeling agency or management company. InterFACE is a TALENT MARKETING FIRM that works with aspiring models, actor, singers and dancers to help them create the marketing tools they need to be promoted to modeling and talent agencies, who can in turn, request our clients to participate in opportunities in the entertainment industry. \r We are proud to stand behind our services and feature an over 80% request rate of our clients. InterFACE is in no way a scam, and we display up to the minute company news and client requests on our website ( and social media pages ( (, which we urge you to visit and review. We do offer a several photography and marketing packages for those who are interested in creating marketing tools that will be used to promote them to industry professionals, we also offer a cancellation policy for those who chose not to move forward with our services. \r Our program works and I would love the opportunity to explain the framework of our company in more detail to anyone who has any concerns about our business. Please contact me at any time to discuss InterFACE further at: I look forward to hearing from you!\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/22/2012

Thanks everyone for sharing again.\r I did got the full refund as promised by their contrast. But you have to follow their policy. Send them written cancellation within 3 days and send it with return receipt. It says \r \r Good luck, more

Enough said by everyone. We also lost 6/8/2012

Enough said by everyone. We also lost close to $2800 in their NJ location. Sad thing is that they are allowed to recruit in big malls even with all this scams. I was stopped by their people three times in one of the biggest malls (King of Prussia mall) near Philadelphia. These malls need to stop them from finding their victims in public places. more

Please Read This 5/29/2012

We went to Boca on the pretext of talking about our two children being models or actors. The hard sell started as soon as we sat down, playing on our emotions and how the kids will do so well etc etc. They worked on me and my husband in turn depending on who objected. $3500 later we are really wishing we had not gone to their offices, worse to come we spend a further $1800 to keep the photos on line. If you do go don't take a credit card as buyers remorse will hit you hard in the morning after. As yet we have not had one call from an agency or from Interface. And yet our kids are so unique and a perfect fit , strange eh? more

This is a horrible company! 4/30/2012

After reading all the reviews posted here, I rushed to call them to cancel the appointment for tomorrow afternoon for my boy. Guess what, the woman who answered me was rude and did not want to cancel it. She said why you made the appointment if you didn't want to come. Well, I said I simply changed my mind after I found out how bad your company is. The day before yesterday, we were caught by a girl at Natick Mall telling me how handsome my son was. I was sure very happy and leave them our contact information. We had no idea what Inferface was and I had not intention to make my son a model. Yesterday evening when they called to make an appointment, I was thinking it might be fun, until I read the reviews here. I am glad I quit early enough. No matter how real this company might be, the way their employee treats people is not acceptable. more

A ROYAL SCAM!!!! 4/28/2012

I am very sad to find out about this forum page after we have been seriously scammed by this Interface “company”. I am one of those who is asking for a refund ( yeah! Like if this is ever gonna happen). I think I don’t need to tell every single detail of my experience with this Interface scam, cause as I am reading more and more, I came to the conclusion that this is nothing but a marketing or sales technique well used by them to convince maybe desperate parents ( like me or all of us), cause every story is the same all over and over again. There is something different about my story though,that really puts me in a very frustrating situation and is that; my son gave part of his savings onto this ( what he called: his dream)… Yeah, very sad because he is only 11 years old . This morning I called them again, but this time I dialed straight to their NJ office. I was transferred to a rep that answered under the name of "" Miss Rhonda"" ( no last name was given to me because she remarked that is something private....) . She not only repeated millions of times that money was not gonna be refunded to me but she hanged up on me. I called again, this time to the Boca Raton office in FL ( where we went for the first time) and someone under the name of "" Elisa"" who said she was a manager but at the same time receptionist ( how professional is this company??) answered the phone and listen to me before saying that they were packed at the office and that she will return the call for me in a couple of hours. 15 minutes later someone else called me trying to explain me that they are promoting him and that they will send me a report on Monday....big time scammed! We were approached @ the Wellington mall in Florida and really I am trying to go far with this…. The booth still there and I am very sad that no one yet did anything to have them remove their booth from the mall ( but they are gonna know who I am ). I have so many things to say in here but it is just to much to put it in writing. Another thing is that I am a photographer and really the pictures that they took of my son were ugly and so unprofessional that really and truly the pics I took from my iPhone backstage, look more professional than those… So odd! I really don not care about this interface company but I want to let everyone know that this is a ROYAL scam!!!! Please do not fall like all of us!!! Monday I am calling and sending a letter to the mall cause I really don't want more families falling into this big lie... more


Do NOT speak with these people, give them any of your information or believe a word they say. They are NOT A MODELING AGENCY....They are a step BELOW a modeling agency...they just try to get you in with a modeling agency which you can do ON YOUR OWN. The only thing they contribute is a lousy PR package and a WAAAYYY over priced photoshoot for the quality. I was a photographer there and boy let me tell you...this is the sketchiest, most inconsistent business out there. They not only lie to customers to rip them off but they rip their own employees off too! They once referred to the photography department as a 'factory for taking pictures of kids...just take as many as you can as quickly as you can'. ***THESE PEOPLE ARE SCUM BAGS. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY**** more

Fishy....InterFACE (Boca Raton, FL) 4/3/2012

Everything sounded okay during our initial meeting but 3 things stood out: 1) the pictures from your photoshoot are not given to you 2) The photoshoot was VERY expensive and 3) the refund policy: 3 days to cancel. I did a $500 deposit on Sunday afternoon scheduled a photoshoot for a month out and after sleeping on it, called to cancel Monday morning. I was not routed to the Director I asked for but to a collection/call center type deal where some guy tried to convince me to continue on and lowered the initial price they gave me from $1200 to $800. After continously asking for my money back. I was told to send the request in writing and that it would take 2weeks to 30 days before i could get my money back. This is absolutely ridiculous because no services were rendered and the charge for the deposit hadnt even gone through on my credit card yet. And yes I should have known better than to give them a dime but my daughters were so excited at having an opportunity. I've been to top agencies and the prices are less than half of what interFACE charges for photoshoots ($600-3000). And during the interview they never mentioned having to wait a month for a refund, they said you have 3 days to cancel and you will get your money back. Wish me is day 2. more


If you have money to waste then go waste it on Interface! They sell you a nice dream but when reality hits you it will already be too late.... Dont trust them they are all liars! more

Happy Camper 3/15/2012

They seem like a great group of people and they really know what they're doing! I've had nothing but great experiences so far. Very friendly, professional and helpful! I have recommended to friends and family and they all feel the same way! more

AWESOME company!!! 3/12/2012

Most of the people making these complaints are ridiculous. I'm sorry but paying for headshots is not a scam, they cost money. They cost money anywhere you go, unless you happen to know a photographer who will help you out for free. That is the gamble you take when you decide to break into the entertainment industry. It's like going to college. You can't expect to get your degree, have a hard time finding a job, and then try to get a refund for your education. Getting into the entertainment industry is a gamble. Interface is a great way to get your foot in-the-door, because let's face it, if you don't have experience already, you aren't going to get an agent. And I don't get why everyone is feeling so ""pressured"" to sign up. If you are letting people coerce you into signing contracts when money is involved, I think you need to take a serious look at who you are as a person and work on that, because it isn't really a good trait to have. more

Don't give them your number 3/11/2012

I've never heard of this company, but they got their hands on my cellphone number somehow and would not stop calling me. I finally had to call them back and when I asked for them to remove my number from their list, they were very hard to deal with, asking me for my name (which I refused to do). They finally became convinced that must have gotten the wrong number and said they removed me, but we'll see. Don't make the mistake of having anything to do with this company. more

I want to copy their business model 3/8/2012

I got to give credit to the business model of this company. It is something like this: Say you open a supermarket. In order to stock the shelves of the supermarket, you get farmers, ranchers, dairies and other producers to show you their products. In order for the producers to sell their products in your supermarket they have to: 1) Pay you for taking pictures of their products for the catalogs and fliers 2) Buy the shelves to display their products 3) Pay for the printing and distribution of the sales fliers 4) Sign a contract and pay you a fee for displaying the products The nice thing is that once a customer in the supermarket wants to buy a product, then you just send them directly to the producers so they can negotiate the price directly with the producer. And of course you charge the customer too for the referral. more
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