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Inner Gate Acupuncture - 80 Reviews - 1421 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR - Acupuncture Clinics Reviews - Phone (503) 284-6996

Inner Gate Acupuncture

1421 SE Ankeny St (at Northeast Fremont St)
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 284-6996
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Inner Gate Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Inner Gate Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Inner Gate Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Inner Gate Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Inner Gate Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Inner Gate Acupuncture - Portland, OR


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I went to see Casey at Inner Gate Acupuncture with deep shoulder pain. My doctor told me that I was just going to have to wait for the injury to heal, but after three months I was...


All reviews seem positive

skilled hands 9/6/2013

Hello Eric, Oliver, Casey and team at Inner Gate,\r \r Erik, Thank you so much for putting me at ease for my very first visit to an Accupuncturist. You are the kind of Healer that all should have. You explained, you were friendly and professional....the trifecta....My session with Casey was excellent. I look forward to my next and future visits......My drive home was euphoric and traffic didn't bother me in the least.......maybe I should have Accu every day.\r \r Sincerely\r Thomas R Anderson(Tom) Pros: tranquility and peace Cons: nada more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2012

After suffering from GERD (acid reflux) for more than 17 years, and having exhausted all the standard treatments with no significant improvement, I decided to investigate acupuncture. I found two placebo controlled, blinded studies that indicated that acupuncture might be able to improve the function of the lower esophageal sphincter that is critical in GERD. I was very pleased that Oliver was interested in these studies and was willing to integrate their approach into his own treatment for GERD. The combination had a positive effect after only six treatments. Simultaneously, I was having severe shoulder/arm pain from repetitive stress. Two treatments resolved 90 per cent of those symptoms, and, despite, still too much time at the computer keyboard, the improvement has persisted for several weeks post-treatment. Oliver combines pragmatism, experience and intuition in a winning combination. The staff at Inner Gate is friendly and efficient, and the fees are very reasonable. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/4/2012

Dealing with sinus migraines for years, I've been desperate to find relief. Acupuncture was next on my list to try, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I was skeptical that it was really going to work, especially since everything else I've tried hasn't. After just a handful of visits, I can honestly say that I feel better than I have in years! Oliver knows what he's doing, that's for sure, and I am beyond grateful for finally finding relief from daily pain. Thank you Inner Gate! more

I went to see Casey at Inner Gate 3/13/2012

I went to see Casey at Inner Gate Acupuncture with deep shoulder pain. My doctor told me that I was just going to have to wait for the injury to heal, but after three months I was tired of ""just waiting"" and wanted to give acupuncture a try. Casey listened carefully to the story of my injury and came up with a plan. Within three visits the pain was gone and I have full mobility in my shoulder joint again. While I did go to see Casey to have my shoulder treated specifically, he looked at me as a whole person and through our conversations decided he could provide some help for other areas where I thought I had to live with a little bit of pain. My knees are feeling much better and my energy levels have increased as well. I am an acupuncture believer and I was very satisfied with the quality of care, professionalism and compassion I received at Inner Gate. more

I think Erik at Inner Gate saved my life, no exaggeration. 8/24/2011

After 4 horrible experiences with OTHER acupuncture clinics and swearing off acupuncture forever, my body and my daughter urged me to try one last time with Erik at Inner Gate Acupuncture. And they were right! Erik is an awesome practitioner and a truly wonderful person; warm, non- judgmental, caring, compassionate and funny to name but a few of his great qualities. He made me feel very much welcomed, and put me at ease right away. He honored the fact that I am very sensitive to acupuncture and started me with one needle for 5 minutes. He checked on me frequently and gave me a ""panic button"". Since then we have worked up to where I can have ""normal"" acupuncture treatments. Amazing! The reason I tried acupuncture one more time was that I became so sick a year ago with gastrointestinal problems that I lost 40 pounds and was still losing weight, while being in a lot of pain and distress. I really felt as if I could be dying. After finding Erik at Inner Gate Acupuncture and going once a week for a few months, he helped me 100% to feel better, have less pain and make my chronic problem a lot more manageable. I have even felt completely healed and normal at times, which is such an awesome improvement. I am not sure what would have happened had I not started treatment at Inner Gate but I think that maybe Erik saved my life and that is no exaggeration. Erik has given me a lot of hope for the future. Once I was in a stable place, Erik worked on bursitis and back issues. The bursitis goes away completely for months at a time and when it starts sneaking back, Erik zaps it and it is gone again for months. He cured a chronic back condition that flares up from time to time in ONE session! It was incredible. I have had chiropractic, massage, physical therapy and none of it was as effective as that one treatment with Erik. My experience with Inner Gate Acupuncture has been nothing but wonderful- all of the staff are friendly and relaxed and make me feel totally at home. Teri at the front desk is always concerned and caring about my well being and makes me feel nurtured and supported. The atmosphere in the clinic is clean, soothing, peaceful and aesthetically pleasing. I highly recommend Inner Gate Acupuncture without reservation. It is my home away from home and the BEST acupuncture clinic in the city! more

Don't even hesitate... 6/8/2011

I have been suffering from severe menstrual pain and cramps for 25 years and finally I have found something that works to relieve it. I love this place and everyone there. Even though I'm not a fan of needles and haven't particularly enjoyed acupuncture in the past, the folks at Inner Gate have worked so well with me and I thoroughly enjoy all my treatments. I highly recommend it. more

Informed, thoughtful care 5/5/2011

I love this place. I love all the people who work here, and even their lobby and musical choices. I've been seeing Erik for treatments for about 5 years and have been so happy with my experiences. I've gone for everything from muscle pain and soreness, TMJ, and other issues as well. The treatments are relaxing and have lasting benefits past the treatment itself. I always come away feeling better. I highly recommend this place--any of the practitioners. more

Holistic approach to healing 2/14/2011

I have been going to Inner Gate Acupuncture for over a year with various concerns and health related issues. Although I see Oliver as my primary practitioner, I feel very comfortable with all the practitioners at the clinic. The most recent experience was the need to heal a very fractured ankle. An initial cast prevented immediate access to the fracture site. After 5 weeks the cast came off and the x-ray showed very little healing. Oliver proceeded to use acupuncture and various other herb treatments. 6 weeks later the x-ray showed complete healing. I'm certain it was the acupuncture, the herb remedy and most probably his good humor, compassion and ability to recite poetry on a moments notice. The clinic environment is warm and welcoming. It is not just about the needles, the herbal remedies and the expert knowledge and skill that makes this clinic an outstanding place to receive health care. It is also about care of the whole person and the sensitivity to me as a patient and an individual that keeps me coming back. more

Integrative medicine offered 12/21/2010

I am an 80 year-old male in good health. For 40 some years I have used the services of a major metro HMO and am generally satisfied. About 5 years ago I discovered Inner Gate and have become a regular client of Eric.\r \r His accupuncture and herbal potions have helped me with several minor problems, including depression, back pain, and constipation. But I have come to see that the major benefit for me is what Eric has taught me about health itself: that wholeness is our natural condition and the healer's function is to help us enlist the marvellous natural powers of the body to maintain healthy function. For some conditions, Western medicine can be helpful, etc. In short, Eric practices truly ""integrative"" medicine. I have managed to combine both resources very satisfactorily; but I find that when I have a health concern, I think first of Eric and Innergate. I see that as my primary resoure for health maintenance.\r \r Also there is something health-giving about the atmosphere of Inner Gate, itself. The staff and practioners are unhurried and responsive. The decor is pleasing, the setting low-tech. A soothing contrast to the bright-lighted, white-walled waiting room at my HMO, with the array of expensive medical technology. I feel that healing begins when I step into the place.\r \r Finally, convenient location (just off NE Sandy Blvd) and easy parking. more

You have to try them. 12/16/2010

I have been plagued with back and neck pain for years. I’ve seen MD’s, chiro’s and been through numerous physical therapies to try to keep the pain in check. However, because of my active lifestyle I tend to suffer from occasional flare-ups that prevent me from golfing, working out or anything physical.\r I’d been told by my doctors that maybe I should give up my physical activities to prevent future bouts but I didn’t want to take that option. Instead I scheduled an appointment with InnerGate Accupuncture and it was there that I met Oliver. \r Oliver doesn’t make you keep coming back just to milk you for the money. Instead they genuinely care about your well being. As my body improved, Oliver began to increase the time between treatments. \r I injured my upper back and neck recently because or all of the odd positions that you find yourself in while painting my house. My upper back hurt all of the time and my neck was locked up preventing me from having full movement. Thinking that it was a skeletal alignment related i went to see my chiropractor for 3 visits with only temporary relief from pain and hardly any change in my range of motion. I went to see Oliver to see if acupuncture could help. \r Oliver applied the acupuncture followed by deep tissue massage and stretching. I left there that day much improved. After a total of 3 visits I’m back to normal. \r BTW – I’d injured my elbow while golfing and suffered from “Golfers elbow” which is very painful. I’ve had cortisone injections and went to physical therapy for a month to partially cure. One visit with Oliver and my elbow was pain free.\r I’ve recommended Inner Gate to many family and friends who’ve all come back with similar positive experiences that I’ve had.\r Oliver has kept me going strong. I highly recommend him to anyone that’s tired of suffering from pain.\r more

Highly recommend Erik and Inner Gate Acupuncture 12/1/2010

About 5 weeks ago I woke up with severe double vision. It was horrible. I couldn't do anything. Walking down the street, driving my car, reading, writing, pretty much everything was really hard or impossible. After seeing many medical professionals I was told that I had a damaged nerve in my eye and it would just to have to heal on its own. I was told it would take around 3 months to heal. \r A friend recommended Erik at Inner Gate. I had never had acupuncture before, but considering western medicine had nothing to offer me I called the office. Erik was so nice, even calling me on his day off. They got me in right away. Everyone there is really nice, professional and accommodating.\r I went for a check up for my eye yesterday and was told that after only four weeks of treatment with Erik my eye is 80% healed. I see much better now and feel certain that my sight will be fully restored in another week or two. The opthalmologist told me that it usually takes three months or more for this type of injury to heal, sometimes longer. I'm usually a slow healer, so I know that Erik has made a huge difference. He is even helping me with my allergies. After my eye is healed I plan to see if he can help me with other issues. more

Heel Spur Remedy 11/9/2010

I have been suffering pain for a year due to heel spur. I love wearing high heels and dance. I had to stop wearing high heels and have missed several hula performances and have stopped hula due to severe pain,\r \r Three weeks ago, it was recommended to try Acupuncture by two sisters, Andrea and TerriAnn. I was hesistant and scared but I thought I just have to try it.\r \r Amazing result I received after the first treatment by Erik at Inner Gate Acupuncture. The pain has improved dramatically - hardly any pain! I feel so normal!\r \r Thank you, Erik! You are the best! Oh, thanks too to Andrea and TerriAnn. more

There is an alternative to surgery 11/9/2010

I have an ongoing medical condition that was caused from a previous surgery. The western answer to this was, you guessed it more surgery. Something was not quite right with this equation in my mind. So, I started searching for alternatives. I did online research and found that acupuncture had been used to successfully treat other people with this type of condition. I thought to myself what do I have to lose? I was referred by a friend ( who was astounded at the wonderful results she had gotten from acupuncture treatment for back pain), to Casey at Inner Gate. From the initial treatment, I felt like I was in good hands and trusted that he understood what was going on and had a good plan of treatment and that he cared. Oh, did I mention that I was in severe pain. After a couple of treatments, the pain subsided and is for the most part completely under control. Unless I do something not so bright to stir things up. I was amazed and so thankful that I would not have to undergo another debilitating surgery. Not only has it helped with this condition but it has also helped immensely with several other problems that I had no idea this could cure. I give my highest recommendation to Casey at Inner Gate. This path is the right way for me, and I know that there are thousands of people out there that could benefit from acupuncture. I have gone from being a little wary to being a true believer in Chinese medicine. Oh, and much healthier as a result. Thanks Casey and the Inner Gate Team! more

Three Hours of Acupuncture Healed a Lifetime of Pain! 6/28/2010

Where do I even begin? I suppose I need to go back about 15 years or so when the Anxiety started to creep its way into my life. Insert the woman's moon cycle at that and you have one antsy 10 year old. I wasn't one of those lucky girls who got away with ""normal periods"". I'm talkin' the 8-10 day, severe vomiting, passing out type. Shortly after entering college, I fainted and tumbled down a flight of stairs off pain alone. No pain killer could tame this beast. Anxiety started to eat away at my brain. If I could have a dollar for all those sleepless nights, I could put that money in the bank and live off the interest alone. After years of various failed birth control methods and Lexapro, my body was ready to give up. In 2007, I developed recurring abdominal pains that affected me more and more regularly as the years went on. I visited a plethora doctors in different fields; none of them could find anything wrong. The only solution : birth control or surgery. After my experiences, I refused either of them. I would also like to note in '04, I suffered the worst wisdom tooth extraction possible (minus fracturing the jaw). It took months to recover from that experience, but I never regained feeling and taste in the right side of my mouth due to Lingual Nerve damage. I consulted at least 6 dentists/oral surgeons and they told me I would never recover from the nerve damage. My body finally told me ENOUGH! December of '09. Abdominal pain and stress became unbearable, I could no longer function. I had no choice but to quit my job, put 2 promising internships on hold, and fly home to South Cackalacky to see more doctors. Once back in P-town, a good friend recommended alternative medicine. What did I have to lose? I already lost my health and sanity to the wonders of Western Medical Science, I'll give TCM a try (I'm also a huge Cesar Milan fan, he said acupunture was cool :) I looked for the place w/ the best reviews and success stories and went for it. I have been working with Oliver Leonetti at Inner Gate since March this year. I've had one sleepless night and I'm full-to-burst with positive energy. I had no idea I could feel so great without the help of caffeine and sugar! This is the first time in my life that I can have regular, quick, pain-free menstrual cycles w/o the PMS to tag along with it. With a life time's worth of anxiety that practically dissipated after my first session, I have fully regained 100% feeling and taste in my mouth (6 years later). Thank you, Oliver and Inner Gate, for helping my body heal and putting my life back on course again! I'm a changed (wo)man. Pros: Everything, Everything! Cons: I can't go everyday more

A Path to Transcendence! 6/25/2010

Inner Gate Acupuncture is amazing! The building is full of a positive, caring atmosphere and wonderful people. I had had chronic and debilitating back problems for 9 years and was taking prescription pain medications just to manage daily pain. I went to Inner Gate and started seeing Oliver, and after a few weeks, I was already feeling immense relief from the pain. \r \r Now, I am no longer on pain medications and have become more active than I've ever been able to be in the last 10 years! Not only has my pain infinitely improved, but treatments with Oliver have also improved all other areas of my life. Going to Inner Gate Acupuncture has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to boost the quality of life in any way. more

Car Accident? Think Accupuncture! 5/3/2010

Erik and the gang at Innergate were wonderful and thorough when treating my injuries from a car accident. It was covered by auto insurance and Inner Gate took care of all the paperwork, which was a big relief. Erik was very thorough, gentle with the needles, calming, and professional! Definitely consider accupuncture and Inner Gate if you are injured from an auto or bike accident. Pros: Great people! more

Try it and believe it!!!!! 4/15/2010

Ok, here is my story.\r I woke up one morning with a lock in my jaws. I really discovered it at my work when I could not open my mouth to eat my lunch. Struggling almost a week I went to see my dentist and she referred me to another dentist (some kind of surgery procedure). Knowing that one block away there was an acupuncture clinic, I decided to try it before going under the knife. That was my first time with acupuncture and three weeks later I was back 100%. What a joy. Thanks Inner Gate Acupuncture clinic and my doctor Casey. \r Pros: It works!!!! more

simply outstanding! 3/24/2010

This is my first experience with acupuncture, and it has now become my first stop in health care. After my first two treatments, a numb area in my leg was completely restored to normal. This was quite shocking to me, as the area was numb for more than two years, and medical doctors told me there was nothing I could do for it. The following have all responded as well: thryoid illness, knee pain, and cold symptoms.\r \r Perhaps most surprising was severe shoulder pain which completely went away after only 30 minutes of treatment, as I didn't have time to stay for the full hour. I walked to the reception area pain free, and it felt like magic. This pain was much worse than childbirth, and I was so grateful to have it completely gone.\r \r Everyone who works there is so friendly and I feel relaxed the minute I enter the waiting area. I highly recommend Inner Gate Acupuncture! Pros: extremely effective and friendly more

Inner Gate's Erik Isaacson Made a Natural Birth Possible 3/15/2010

I was 18 hours into the birth of my first child at a birth center two blocks from Inner Gate's office. I was struggling to transition into the final stage of birth because my daughter's head had descended before the final centimeter of my cervix had released. My midwives and I had tried just about everything from position changes, rest, fear releases, and even manual manipulation to get my daughter's head past the cervix but nothing was giving. I was in an incredible amount of discomfort, was exhausted,and was desperate for relief, which I thought at that point would only come by going to the hospital for an epidural. While my midwives persuaded me to try chiropractic care or acupuncture first, my sister, who is a regular patient at Inner Gate Acupuncture, raced down 2 blocks and happened to find Erik Isaacson just leaving a meeting. She told him the situation, and he grabbed his kit and raced back with her to the center. By that point I was what my partner called in my ""bucking bronco"" stage--fighting each contraction as my tender cervix got pinched more and more. Erik didn't so much as hesitate or balk at my condition, he very professionally and gently approached me, and slid 3 needles into my ear. He sat patiently next to the tub where I was twisting and turning, ever so often tweaking the needles. It wasn't but 2 contractions later that my cervix released and my body immediately began to bare down on my baby. Erik stayed for about an hour and continued working the needles to aid in relaxation and opening. As quietly as he came, he removed the needles and left my midwives and partner and I to weather the final stages together. 4 hours later I had my first child, 100% naturally like I had hoped and envisioned. Erik's demeanor and expertise in his craft were the exact tool my body needed to release and allow my baby to come into this world. The generosity of spirit and professionalism Erik demonstrated at my birth was noted and praised by all who were present in the room. We were all amazed at the effectiveness and efficiency of the acupuncture itself and I highly recommend parents to consider it as an option and alternative in their birthing experience. I am eternally grateful to have had Erik's help in realizing the natural birth I had wanted for myself and my baby. Thank you a thousand times over Erik! Pros: Acupuncture a Great Tool for Birth more

Skeptical About Acupuncutre? Read my review! 1/31/2010

If you are not going to read my entire post – please read this:\r 1) Erik is a great acupuncturist – very effective at treating specific ailments\r 2) Acupuncture is a very effective tool to MAINTAIN general health\r \r To be honest, I could go on and on about how great the folks at Inner Gate acupuncture are. And it would be completely true. However, there are tons of reviews that provide this information. So I will try to provide a unique review.\r \r As an engineer, I like to know HOW things work. I want a direct explanation of WHY things do what they do. I do get that there are explanations of why acupuncture works, but it doesn’t sound very scientific to me, and therefore is hard to accept. \r \r In light of this, going to acupuncture was very hard for me. I know there is research on what acupuncture can treat, and opposing opinions of the effectiveness of acupuncture. However, I decided to try acupuncture when no other western medicine options were available for me. I had mono for 6 months, and ended up having to take 3 months off work to give my body, and my not so effective immune system a chance to heal. There was nothing to be done, except rest and eat well (to boost my immune system). I have a friend who recommended acupuncture, and decided to try it. \r \r Thankfully, my friend recommended Erik at Inner Gate Acupuncture. While I initially went for treatment of a weak immune system, I have seen tremendous results not only in boosting my immune system, but also treatments for every day ailments. \r \r Since I’ve professed to be a scientist – I will attempt to provide you with the evidence that it was the acupuncture, and specifically the acupuncture from Erik at Inner Gate, that caused the results. \r \r While I went to acupuncture for my immune system, to specifically get over mono sooner, I found that Erik was able to identify other issues with my body. I continued to see Erik after my mono was gone, but stopped going soon after I felt better, around Jan of 2008. After that time, I was sick very often. I had colds that lasted weeks, multiple occurrences of the flu, walking pneumonia that lasted 4 months. I missed a lot of work due to illness, and generally accepted that this was the way my life would be – that I would just be sick often. My primary care physician treated each illness as appropriate, whether with antibiotics, anti-virals, or simply rest. I also saw an immunologist to see what was so wrong with my immune system. There were no concrete answers.\r \r Finally, out of frustration, I began seeing Erik weekly in the Fall of 2009. I have been seeing him since, and have been so much more healthy. Every other variable has remained the same – food choices, stress at work, being a smoker (yes – I know – you can publically ridicule me now), not working out. But what changed was my weekly visits with Erik. Since this time, I have missed little work, and when I do get sick, Erik is very effective at treating it and preventing it from lasting more than a couple days. One specific example was a sinus infection. I went in with a throbbing sinus headache, and walked out pain free. I was pain free for 24 hrs, and then had minor pain. I was fine the next day. \r \r Why do I think Erik is so effective? When he is doing triage of my body – he will identify a problem area, and then use acupressure to identify the most effective place to put the needle in to resolve the issue. He will treat multiple issues at each visit, but is also careful not to “energize” an area when your body can not handle it. One example was when I was having stomach pain, but my immune system was also weak. He treated my stomach first, and the following weeks focused on my immune system. You’ll have to ask him why this makes sense – but it worked. \r Pros: Effective treatment of many common ailments Cons: None! more
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  • Inner Gate Acupuncture, located in Southeast Portland, is an Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic with more than 16 years collective experience. Inner Gate Acupuncture specializes in the treatment of stress and musculoskeletal pain, immune and respiratory issues, women's health, digestive health and nutrition and much more.

    Our philosophy is to focus individually on our patients' healing and long term well-being. Come in and be well.


  • Certified practitioners treat diseases and pain with acupuncture, Tuina massage, moxibustion and Chinese herbal remedies.

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