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Icon Realty Management - 26 Reviews - 419 Lafayette St, New York, NY - Property Management Reviews - Phone (212) 675-7100

Icon Realty Management

419 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 675-7100
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Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY
Icon Realty Management - New York, NY


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I really Love my Apartment! The finishes are brand new, nothing like the other buildings I went to, where the apartment didn?t look clean, when I first walked in I immediately saw...


One of the worst rental experiences of my life. Icon is incredibly disingenuous when they rent apartments. They bill things as one bedrooms, which really are just studios with a...


One of the worst rental experiences of my life. Icon is incredibly disingenuous when they rent apartments. They bill things as one bedrooms, which really are just studios with a set of sliding doors. They hire the minimum amount of superintendents for their buildings, so the super is never responsive because he is running all over the city fixing things in ICON buildings. We had a mice problem in the building for over 6 months. We placed numerous calls to the super, and to ICON management. They kept telling us that they were having the building exterminated. The problem continued, not just in our apartment, but also in the apartments of at least 4 other tenants in our building. When you decide not to renew your lease, management is incredibly rude as you move out. The office sends you appallingly rude emails. Clearly the people who work there get their only job satisfaction from hording what little power they have over their soon to be former tenants. I have already consulted a housing lawyer in regards to our security deposit. WORST MANAGEMENT COMPANY EVER! more

RUN..RUN FAR 3/7/2011

these guys who run the ICON buildings make it look clean, nice and well kept with curb appeal, but the is no love to the tenants when pipes burst. All about them and their bottom line. Skrew the little people.. more

Sleazy Slumlord Alert!!! Don't sign it! 8/9/2010

Do yourself a favor and don't rent from this company. It's not worth the headache. They're very deceiving about the condition of the apartments and will never respond when you need repairs. They harass tenants and accuse us of causing plumbing and other problems which are the management company's responsibility. They ignore phone calls, refuse to provide heat and hot water. Basically once they have your money they'll ignore you even if you ceiling is falling. I've had a leak in my bathroom for a year and who has time for housing court. It's a nightmare, trust me don't fall into their trap. They are disgusting. more

HORRIBLE!!!!! 8/5/2010

I strongly suggest anyone interested in renting an apartment from Icon Realty Management think twice about it. The manner in which the company deals with it's tenants is outright dispicable. You may think that by reading the lease over careful you will not be hit with any surprises but the lease might as well read ""Icon is allowed to do whatever it wants"" because in reality Icon does not comply with there own lease agreement. Upon the end of a lease, the company may ask you to renew at a skyrocketed rate (they raised the rent 30% in my case) and if you decide not to renew because the increase is just too high they will come up with all sorts of reasons why they should keep your security deposit. And let me mention that even though the lease says that they are supposed to give you notice when showing the apartment to possible tenants they may slip a notice under your door saying that access is required seven days a week which they consider reasonable notice from thereon out. In other words, they will access your apartment at any time during the hours they list on the notice without calling you ahead of time to let you know someone will be in the apartment (a fact that is not clearly stated in the lease). I guess this only becomes an issue if you want ANY sort of privacy for the last two months of your lease period. With policies like this you may as well be living in a glass box in the middle of the street. And to top it off, Icon is the most irresponsive and rude company I have ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with. I am so glad that I no longer have to deal with them. I never realized how important it is to have a decent company managing your apartment building until now. more

There's always a middleman... 2/16/2010

DISCLAIMER: I obviously can't speak for all of their buildings, but make sure you do your due diligence. Talk to the people that already live there for real feedback. Cons: Don't care about their bldgs or tenants more

Consider Icon! 12/1/2009

I really Love my Apartment! The finishes are brand new, nothing like the other buildings I went to, where the apartment didn?t look clean, when I first walked in I immediately saw the newly done hardwood floors, the stainless steel appliances, the nice granite kitchen, and best of all Marble bathroom! It was like I was taken to a luxury apartment, I totally recommend you to Consider Icon in you apartment search Pros: Clearn New apartment, Great apppliances more

Great Apartment 11/18/2009

Icon has apartments that are nice and that are clean. The renovations are truly new and that is very noticeable from the first step that you take into any of their apartment. Stainless steel appliances, hardwood floor, expose brick wall, washer and dryer Pros: New Apartment, great finishes more

want to live in style? 11/16/2009

So I?ve been looking around the city for a decent studio but I hit the jackpot by accident when I came across someone who was so happen to be waiting for their client to show so he can show the apartment he had (I was on my way to a showing but I had the address wrong so by coincidence I found this one). I went in and fell in love with the apartment, it was like nothing I?ve seen before, New appliances, great bathroom, shiny hard floors, expose brick wall, it was like going to see an apartment in one of those high end places but the apartment was within my budget and it was reasonable! I love my apartment! Pros: New stuff more

Definite Rent from them 11/16/2009

Personally I didn?t rent an icon apartment but my friends whom I?m very close to who did rent from them, I was there as the 2nd opinion. Even though when you first meet the representative of Icon?s rental department you don?t know what to expect like if he is going to push you into renting into his apartment but no he explained who icon was and presented the apartment very well though it took several tries to find the apartment she was looking for the guy was very patience and was listening to our feedback to what we wanted in an apartment till she found her dream apartment with a backyard. When my lease expires I hope to go to them and see what they have to offer since my friend is really enjoying her stay at their building, and would like to receive the same treatment she received when searching for an apartment. Pros: very helpful more

Been Living in Icon for over a year 11/13/2009

For the the past year i have been living in a Icon unit and it was a great unit had some of my best memories while living in that apartment. when it came to renew the lease i decided not to renew and find another apartment- which is a typical thing of a new yorker to do- honestly that was the worst decision i made, the mangement company that i went to screwed me over and re-rented the apartment that I was approved for. Lucky for me Icon in a short period of time were able to find me another unit (the one i orginally lived in was rented) and honestly Icon was a life saver even after leaving their property they welcomed me back with open arms with an even better apartment than before. Pros: Great finishes, Supers are on top of things, Pet friendly Cons: their apartment go fast more

My First Apartment! 11/12/2009

For most of my life I have been living either at home with my parents or at my college dorm room, but now that i graduated College this past summer I wanted to go out and spread my wing to be on my own (a girl got to see and live in the great world that is out there, better yet NEW YORK CITY!!! :D). From surfing the web and learning about what is out there, I found Icon to be suitable- especially when I met them in their office- they were Young like myself so they knew what i was going through in coming to to my own and what i wanted for an apartment! true my mom helped me out in picking the apartment- but they were So helpful in the different option of studios they had. I what i got was a brand new never before lived in Stuido in an elevator buidling, the super is cool, the people who lives in the buidling are friendly and are very community like. I had a alot of fun looking at apartments with them and i am happy with the end result! Pros: Great people, FUNNY!, easy to work with Cons: I wont hear from the rental team untill my lease is up! :( more

I just Rented an Icon Apartment 11/11/2009

I just moved into an icon apartment and I had a great experience which i can only compliment on. They were so helpful from when they showed me the apartment up to before i even moved in- they were attentive and helpful. they helped me find the apartment that i really wanted. The Apartment that I rented from them has been lived in before and they fixed up everything in there so i could ENJOY Living there. I would 100% reccomend others to Rent from them as they are doing their best in making the process of finding an apartment much more easier than harder and in a place where is very comfortable to live in. Pros: Great Service, Great people to work with Cons: nothing bad to say about them really Great mgmt compant more

UES, Very Expensive, Poorly Constructed, Mouse-Friendly Apts 11/5/2009

First off, the building was under constant renovation, which sounds like a good thing ... but no, it's not. It's all day, every day noise from sun-up to sun-down. It's sloppy contractors leaving piles of equipment in narrow stairwells that my elderly neighbors have to skirt around to get up and down the dusty, slippery stairs. It's contractors leaving windows and doors wide open into an empty apartment for all manner of insect, vermin and thief to come crawling in. Of course, Icon doesn't mind insects, vermin and thieves, because their organization is entirely composed of them! Pros: I don't live there anymore. Cons: The whole thing is a con, the employees at Icon are ex-cons more


My husband and I moved into one of Icon's buildings on the Upper East Side two years ago. We paid $2500 for a tin can one bedroom, which honestly should have been listed as a studio. The only thing separating the bedroom from the living room was a pair of french doors. For the first year, we didn't mind paying so much because we were in the city and we thought our super was really nice. more


It is literally like living in a resort away from NY and has been so nice to come home to daily. I have been so spoiled for 3 years that I have lived here. I am amazed that everytime I turn around there is a new amazing Atm! a store! New decorations with fresh flowers! Is management bored' I don't know but thanks! The maintence is great- they respond ASAP everytime. And recently added was a red bus screen showing when the next bus shows. I am just flabbergasted by all the extra things management does to make this place lux. g Pros: management is just always there for me more

Great Management and Apartment 11/4/2009

I have never been so happy about a management company. - High quality new appliances - Friendly and helpful super - Very nice apartments - No fee All around very happy about having to live with this company running my apartment. I will be sure to renew my lease as soon as its over. Pros: experienced management, quality apartments more

Great Apartment, Great Appliances, Great Help 11/4/2009

My lease is almost ending, but I am in the process of renewing it. Icon has been so helpful in many ways. Any problems I had was dealt with in a timely and respectable matter. There was no problems with bugs or rodents. There was never any maintenance issues. I had an awesome all around experience with Icon and I am definitely living in their apartments in the near future. Icon Realty Management is a HOME RUN!!! Pros: Very Nice People more

Horrible MICE infested bldg, can't wait to leave!!! 11/3/2009

Thankfully our lease is almost ending, this has been the worse year ever. ICON is horrible and NOBODY should rent from them. We have experience ALL of the same issues the other reviewers have posted - ""brand new"" GE appliances that dont work... and takes Icon over 6 months to fix - major MICE and roach infestation of the building that Icon won't spend the money on getting fixed with a professional exterminator (we have been seeing mice since the first month we moved in... it is now 11 months later and after numerous Supers coming to ""cover holes so they cant get in"" we still see them... in the closet, living room, kitchen, hallways of the bldg, everywhere) - major leaks thru the ceiling and walls due to the cheap renovations - unhelpful employees in the office, you will have to call back multiple times to received help or will have to send certified letters to get their attention. ICON is disgusting, their bldgs have a nice facade to cover up the fact that they are mouse infested, dirty and poorly managed. I have not met a single person in my bldg who renewed their lease or plans to... DO NOT RENT from ICON Pros: no fee Cons: major MICE infestation, lazy mgmt, bullshit lease terms more

Still recovering from our Icon experience... 10/27/2009

Please stay away from Icon! I never write reviews, but I had to create Yelp and Citysearch profiles just to write a review to warn other possible NYC renters against Icon Realty Management. In a city of sleazy landlords and management companies, this place stands out as being the most sleazy I've ever dealt with. Most (not all, but most) Icon employees were difficult and borderline incompetent. Their apartments look lovely- new appliances, recessed lighting, new bathrooms- but as soon as you move in, things start to fall apart. We constantly had light bulbs falling out of the ceiling and our dimmer broke in the first few weeks. My dad (who is quite handy!) tried to help us fix it, but he had trouble because all the wiring was so shoddy. We were robbed during our first month living in an Icon building. Due to the layout of our first floor apartment, I am 99% sure that the robbers got into our backyard from the street through the basement door that Icon workers never locked and then climbed in our first floor window. After the robbery, it took over two months of constantly calling and emailing Icon to get iron bars put on our windows and to convince them to lock the basement doors. We also reported water damage from a leak in the apartment above us that was never fixed. Towards the end of our lease, we had an infestation of mice even though we kept a very clean apartment and didn't leave any food out. We had the exterminator come and he told us the mice were coming in through two holes behind the stove. In the last two months that we lived there, the holes were never repaired and we just had to live with the mice. Even with all of this, I wouldn't have signed up to write such a negative review. The final straw for me was when Icon charged us over $600 off of our security deposit for things like ""stain on the wall- $125, nail in the wall- $125."" My boyfriend and I have lived in over 5 apartments in NYC and each time that we have moved out of one, we have left it clean and in very decent condition. We have never been charged a penny from our security deposit. Icon charged us outrageous amounts for every nail hole that we forgot to spackle and even charged us $25 for having a ""dirty windowsill."" On top of everything, we also had crazy neighbors who constantly called the cops on each other (although that's not Icon's fault). So my advice is... do not be convinced by their fancy-looking appliances or their offer of ""one month free rent."" Keep looking and good luck! Pros: One or two nice employees in the office, good super Cons: Too many to fit on this line- read review below! more
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