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Home Restaurant - 47 Reviews - 20 Cornelia St, New York, NY - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 243-9579

Home Restaurant

20 Cornelia St (at nr. 4th St.)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 243-9579
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Home Restaurant - New York, NY
Home Restaurant - New York, NY
Home Restaurant - New York, NY
Home Restaurant - New York, NY
Home Restaurant - New York, NY


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This is a beatiful little place. You have lots of choices on Cornelia street but you cant go wrong by choosing Home. We were lucky enough to have the garden seating on a beatifu...


I was taken on a date to Home for dinner. I was really not impressed by this place in the least. After looking through their limited menu and finally picking things out, I was inf...

Smug absurdly slow service 5/11/2011

Healthy fresh food but we waited 10 mins to be seated in spite of numerous open tables then waited 10 more minutes for a menu, then 45 for food. No apologies were offered. Go Home for the weekend. more

Very small portions for a place called ""Home"" 6/27/2010

Walking in to Home is like being transported from the West Village to a more hospitable place in the country. While the decor is cozy and the large plates are well prepared, the service is cold and the small plates are forgettable (the best part of the small plates was the brie on the cheese plate. It actually melted in my mouth. However, they sell most of the cheeses served at Home at Murray's Cheese Shop down the street. Buy your cheese there and skip the bad service at Home.)\r \r The ""large"" plates: The brook trout with arrugula and olives was delicate and flavorful. The accompanying fingerling potatoes were moist without being greasy. The pastrami cured duck breast was the real winner at the table. It was prepared medium rare and the pastrami imbued it with a wonderful saltiness without detracting from the flavor of the duck itself. The spaetzle was a little dry but otherwise quite good and a welcome break from the very flavorful duck. The toasted quinoa salad, however, was not so great. It looked like lawn mower clippings from a pasture and was very bitter even for an organic salad. All of that said, the major problem with these ""large"" plates was that the portions were actually quite small, even by tasting menu standards. A little bit more spaetzle or a a few more potatoes or a second vegatable or, well, anything would have made these very small ""large"" plates more homelike.\r \r Unfortunatley, the service did not imporove the hominess of Home. Upon entering, we were greeted somewhat awckwardly by a host who seated us at a table in the back corner. It took a while for a waiter to come to our table. She gave us menus for food and walked away. When she returned, we asked for a wine menu. it was another ten minutes before we received the wine menu and we still didn't have water. The service continued like this throughout the meal. When we received our check, our waitress had written a suggested tip on the bottom of the slip. She suggested 25%...That is obnoxious.\r \r I probably won't go back to Home. While the dishes did taste very good, they left me hungry and the service left me cold and wanting to go home.\r Pros: The ""large"" plates taste great (except the salad) Cons: The ""large"" plates are not large and the service is cold more

Great food, peculiar service 5/9/2010

I've eaten at Home off and on for years. The food has always been consistently tasty. The setting is cosy, including the patio. Recently, however, the service was odd. Several weeks ago I arrived early on a weeknight. I was the first diner (my date arrived later). Although I could have been seated anywhere in the restaurant, the staff placed me in the most cramped seat, sharing the chair's space with a column. As other diners arrived, they were also seated in the same two-top area. The restaurant was half-empty, but all of the diners were squeezed into the same area. Meanwhile, tables further into the dining room were empty throughout the 90 minutes we were there. Why was everyone forced to sit so close? Several days ago I stopped in with two guests. Home was quite busy (at about 8pm on a Friday night). I asked about the wait. Rather than being given a waiting time, the server said I could ""make a reservation"" (for nearly 90 minutes later). I left. While not necessarily a lapse in service, it seemed odd that while already present at the restaurant I would be asked to make a reservation. Again, not a huge criticism, but simply...odd...service. I will continue eating at Home, but will probably go during off hours. Pros: Food Cons: Uneven service more

No way! 2/9/2009

Awful awful. Upon arrival, I was neither greeted by the hostess in a timely fashion, nor did she know what she was doing. Then when we were seated the rest of the experience was a complete disaster. From having to ask for water and bread at least 3 times, to the waitress running around like a chicken with her head cut off, no smiles, no eye contact, not certain if they had orange juice and waiting on clean glasses and bread basket. Food, although somewhat tasty, was cold. Mom asked for no bacon, got bacon. Cozy but cramped, chaotic environment. For a sustainble table restaurant I expected peace. No way would I return Pros: cozy Cons: everything else more

Different World 10/30/2008

location: mysterious.\r space: gorgeous. makes you feel like you're in a different era.\r service: impeccable.\r food: mmmmmm...\r \r *sigh.* this is my idea of a great dining experience, from start to finish. more

Shockingly bad service 8/21/2007

I went to Home for a friend?s birthday this year, having had many pleasant experiences here in the past. Our night did not get off to a good start when we were shoved into a hot stuffy corner at the back. It took our waiter 15 minutes to come over and see if we wanted anything to drink, and then he disappeared without another word to us. Another 20 minutes later, he returned to FINALLY get out order. Our apps and entrees arrived in bits and pieces, leaving some people with food for about 10 minutes while others waited and our food grew cold- totally unreasonable for a party of 5. Then, when we placed a desert order, only half of the deserts arrived, and though about 6 people went back and forth past our table, we could not get a single person to stop. Then, when our waiter finally came back, he acted as though we had never placed the desert order at all, even though he had given spoons to people who had ordered. Then, without a word of apology he snatched the bill up off the table, and proceeded to add all of the deserts, not giving us a single thing for free in spite of all the problems. I was shocked to see how far a place that used to be one of my favorites has fallen! Pros: The food was tasty, I just wish I could have had it warm Cons: Pretty much everything else more

Crudest service ever 3/27/2007

My friend had taken me here for my birthday this year and we had heard some good reveiews about it.\r When we went in, the seating hostess wanted to seat us outside in 40 degree weather, mind you it was February. She rolled her eyes at me when I told her it was too cold and huffed and puffed. I then asked her if we could sit at a booth and she told me she couldn't ""waste"" giving a booth to just 2 people. At that point I would have left but we were too hungry,\r So we sat down to eat and the waiter didn't bring any water or any bread to our table, just came over and asked ""What do we want?""(nice way to order). He never asked once if the food was ok or if we needed anything. It was the worst service I ever had at a restaurant and I would NEVER return there. The food was good but nothing special, it is even a bit pricey for sitting as crowdedly as we did.\r Eggs Benedict and red potatoes for home fries. Nothing original. Cons: Not a nice person in the place. more

Interesting wine list, great food, great service. 2/15/2007

This is my first time-review. I have eaten at Home twice, once six months ago and once just the other day for Valentine's Day. My fiance and I don't go there often because the food is fairly pricy (if you get appetizers-some of the entres are fairly reasonable for a special occasion). Both times the food was excellent (I suggest their almond-crusted tuna, but it was a special), though portions aren't enormous. Both times we had friendly, attentive service. The waitress the other day suggested a great wine to accompany our meal: Martha Clara Syrah. The desserts were the highlight of the evening. Definitely try the poached pear. We've had two extremely pleasant experiences at this establishment and we would gladly return for another nice evening out. Pros: Attentive service, interesting flavors, wine list Cons: Somewhat cramped, portions aren't very big, can get expensive more

Comfort with Long Isalnd 1/14/2007

It was great to see a place that features wines from the same line of lattitude as Bordeux. I am a big fan of so many Long Island wines, and was brought there to see there small list. The selection of wines was nice, not exactly all my favorites, but still wonderful to see a restaurant supporting a fantastic region. Aside from the wine I really took the place in. Of course it was cozy, it's in the Village on Cornelia St., the food was wonderful. Among the people I was with, I got to sample many of the menu items, and found the chorizo macaroni and cheese delicious, the quail was robust and comforting, the chowder was excellent, but what do I do with the shells? The service was very accepatable and very hospitable. They may have made a few mistakes, but the hospitality made up for the specifics. I was so pleased to have spent an evening there, and look forward to going again. Pros: L.I. Wines, Food, Ambience Cons: Pricey more

If you want service, go some place else 12/4/2006

Food was ok, but it took an act of God to get service. We were told they were under staffed, but there were at least 4 waiters for the 10-12 tables that are in the resturant. When we could flag someone down, it still took forever for them to get back to us. \r Pros: good food, cute decor Cons: terrible service, a little difficult to find more

A glorified greasyspoon with attitude 11/20/2006

After having a pricey but mediocre brunch at Home a year ago, we decided to give it one more try for dinner. Seeing the restaurant half empty, three of us walked in on a Saturday evening to ask about a table. We were asked to wait, then rudely told they had nothing available. We were futher advised that ""This is New York-GET A RESERVATION"". Granted, it was a last minute decision to go out for dinner, and we had spent the afternoon watching football and were not decked out in typical West Village fabulousness, but is wearing a sweatshirt really enough of a reason to assume we were tourists and should be talked to so condescendingly. Then to add insult to injury, after we had already left the seemingly 6' x 12' room they consider a restaurant, the waiter/owner stepped out, called us back, and curiously asked if we liked Italian food. I cautiously replied yes, and he proceeded to tell us about this wonderful Italian joint around the corner that had ""lots of tables with a quick turnover"" and ""lots of great pasta"". Knowing the area for over a decade, the restaurant he was describing was an absolutely awful place--and he new it. Clearly he was not offering a helpful suggestion but instead was knowingly tyring to send us to a bad restaurant. Who needs this kind of treatment? Can't imagine why we would ever go back. Cons: rude, rude, & rude more

Great good and great service every time. 11/6/2006

I go to Home only occasionally, and each time I hope it's as good as the last, and it always is. The traditional american food is always totally satisfying, and the service is perfect. It's a nice ambience for a date, but not too overtly romantic, like flickering candles in the pitch-black or anything... more

Uncannily not like home... served with a side of ranch dressing. 10/28/2006

The coldest evening since last winter and they nonchalantly lead us to a table outside and act as if it's the most natural thing ever. The heat lamps above (one didn't work) did not combat the wind. I kept imagining how uncomfortable this would be for people on a date who were too timid to actually say anything.\r \r Moreover, the table was misaligned, and needed some adjustments to keep from teetering over. They ""fixed"" it by shoving a napkin under a leg, which worked for about 5 minutes. They continued to seat non-protesting customers (probably from the disbelief that they were seriously being sent outside) in the backyard as we ordered some very unimpressive food.\r \r The ""fondue"" was some toast with a ranch dressing like dip, hardly fondue and completely ridiculous. The macaroni and cheese with ""overnight tomato"" was tiny, really just amazingly small, and it had a piece of tomato on top- nothing to include in the description of the meal, as it was a mere garnish. The chopped salad with ""Autumn vegetables"" was 8 dollars worth of onions and corn with some more ranch dressing. Everything we ordered was small, boring and expensive. For 4 people, we paid $180.\r \r The waitstaff was supercilious, didn't bring water even when reminded 2 times and bumped into us repeatedly as they squeezed past to bring food to other cold diners. They even asked us to move our handbag (to help what?) and still bumped us every time they passed.\r \r Ultimately, I found this to be the most annoying restaurant I've been to in New York in a decade. The portions were so stupidly small, it was shameful. Most shocking was the way they just seated everyone outside as if it were absolutely normal and acceptable, when they knew it wasn't! They even gave us some stupid button/pin when we left: ""Polar Bear Diner Club- Home Restaurant- Fearless eaters under the heaters."" SHAME ON THEM!\r \r more

Stay Home 10/14/2006

I had heard good reviews of this restaurant and was eager to try it. I will not go back. The place was tiny, and they crammed four of us into a table that, even in tight NYC spaces, has no business being a four-top in a restaurant. The food was mediocre, and they didn't even have the onion-rings appetizer that was raved about because their deep-fryer was broken. Service was sub-par as well. There are dozens of places in that area that you could go to over this one. Pros: Lots of great places nearby Cons: Food, Dining room, Service more

Truly mediocre 8/11/2006

After a couple of so-so experiences at Home, I decided to give it one more try as it's just around the corner from my business partner's place. We called the day before to book a table in the garden for 7 PM for a dinner with some clients. On arrival, the smart-alec person who 'greeted' (sic) us said they had the reservation but claimed that we never asked for a table outside and so on the nicest day of the year in NYC, we had to sit inside. \r \r The menu has become completely uninteresting and the portions are tiny. What they call ""fondue"" is in fact just a blue cheese dip, not much more than salad dressing. The duck salad was miniscule, the green salad was completely tasteless and their flagship mac & cheese, though potentially tasty, tasted like it had been cooked in an oven that had not been cleaned in years - it had a burnt aftertaste to it. One of my party asked for a side of English peas, which the chef refused to provide as he was ""saving them for another dish"" - MAKE MORE.\r \r The waitstaff were totally indifferent with a surly attitude and you feel like they're doing you a favor allowing you to eat there. The only highlight is the chocolate pudding. There are so many better places to eat in the Village - do yourself a favor and skip this one.\r Pros: Chocolate pudding Cons: Everything else more

Cozy, attentive, and great food! 6/11/2006

I went to Home last night with my boyfriend and enjoyed the relaxed and attentive waitstaff. Our waiter was very informative about all of the ingredients on the menu (taste, where it was from, wine pairings). As an appetizer, we shared the beet and goat cheese salad, which was very fresh, wonderfully salted and seasoned, and with goat cheese sold at the Union Square Farmer's Market at that wonderfully melt-in-your-mouth room temperature.\r My entree was the chicken thighs stuffed with sausage on top of garlic spinach and topped with delicate onion rings. Surprising, the portions were JUST RIGHT and the flavors blended together beautifully. In addition, Home makes their own ketchup--a nice surprise for the onion rings.\r My boyfriend had the steak on top of mashed potatoes, which he said was done perfectly medium rare and was also the perfect portion and great flavor.\r Overall, the only thing I would suggest is a less can-make-it-at-home dessert menu. Nothing looked very appealing after our dinner. (Apple pies, puddings, bread puddings).\r I would definetely go back to Home for breakfast or another relaxing weekday dinner!\r more

So bad it's funny, Home-y 2/2/2006

Went there for brunch on a Saturday with 5 girls. When I told the host my name, he just stared. Waitress came up to me and looked at me questioningly. I repeated the reservation name to her, & the host whom I had spoken to said rudely ""I GOT IT."" We sat down to a claustrophobic's nightmare of a table. Menu was EXTREMELY limited. ""Eggs any style"" was an option. My friend asked if she could have a style in particular, and the waiter answered, ""We don't DO that."" He was being so unhelpful and my friend, who was almost in tears, had to ask, ""Well what DO you do?"" The host looked miserable the whole time, and was prancing around in a tizzy. Food was mediocre. Just a horrific experience. Even if the food was delicious and the menu was endless, I still would never go back. Pros: Ambiance Cons: Staff, Limited Menu , Did I mention staff? more

Too Cold 12/7/2005

I don't really like greedy restaurants. You know the type. They shouldn't keep their patio open year-round. We shouldn't have stayed (like four other couples who left). The waitstaff may try and convince you that the heaters are warm in winter, I assure you they are not. We tried to eat our food (the little bits that are served) quickly so as it would not get cold. I think my Dad enjoyed the hot dogs he bought on the corner after the meal more than his undercooked chicken he returned to the kitchen for more cooking, and still came back undercooked. We witnessed the waitstaff continue to try and tell people things were fine and this was business as usual and the restaurant was great--while we waited and waited for our meal. I think our cold night lasted well into two hours and we left hungry and broke. Pros: nice neighborhood Cons: service, portions, general greed more

Not Good 11/24/2005

I was there 11-23-2005. Food is below average. Small portion but good presentation. The average cost for 2 people is 95 dollars included tips. If your date is not helping out with the bill, make sure to bring enough cash or have one of your credit cards handy. more

must try!!! 11/13/2005

the food is thoughtfully prepared and brimming with flavor. the only drawback was that our waitress forgot a beverage order and when reminded failed to rush it to the table or offer her apologies. Pros: food more
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    Home is an ingeniously designed space that's little larger than a studio apartment but somehow manages to feel cozy and charming. There's a lovely garden out back, where on cool...

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