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Hoffman Weinberg & O'Brien Llc - 12 Reviews - 1560 Harlem Rd 14, Buffalo, NY - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (716) 896-1828

Hoffman Weinberg & O'Brien Llc

1560 Harlem Rd 14
Buffalo, NY 14206
(716) 896-1828
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s company did not ever contact me, i found out that they were trying to get in touch with me when my mother called me and told me that they had called her twice, my sister four ti...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/29/2013

Hoffman Weinberg & O'brien have apparently been at this for a while. I am glad to see that there are others out there just like me having to deal with these people, specifically Tamara Smith. (I'm sure that isn't her real name, but whatever.) They have called my boyfriend, my parents, past acquaintances, and even my boyfriend's parents. They call these people and tell them that they are at my house trying to serve me with papers because I am being sued, which isn't true. I have called them on multiple occasions and given them MY telephone number and address. They have never contacted me personally though and continue to call the people I listed above. I called them to get a file number and their fax number, so that I could send a request for them to stop, but they refused to give me any information. I downloaded a call recorder today for my phone and attempted to get their information from them. They insulted me, threatened to garnish my wages, refused to give me any information, then hung up on me. All of which I recorded. I have taken a few actions to resolve this issue. I hope all of you will do the same. First, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Next, I recorded our calls. Now, I am pursuing them in civil court for the maximum amount I can, $7500. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act they are not allowed to A) threaten one's reputation, B) use phone calls to repeatedly harass you, C) fail to identify themselves on the telephone, D) say that they will garnish your wages, E) threaten to sue you without actually doing so, F) falsely imply that they are attorneys, G) misrepresent the involvement of an attorney in collecting a debt, and the list goes on. I encourage you to take action. Companies like this are doing business illegally. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/3/2012

My first contact was from a Suzette Daniels who left me a message saying I was going to jail if I didn't respond to the call. I didn't call back, because I knew it was a debt collection call. Well that was about 4 months ago and she called agian this morning I answered and told her I was indisposed and to call back in 30 minutes. She called me immediately, six more times. And then called my grandmother and told her he was trying to collect on my student loans. Which are not in default! So I called her back and asked her what her problem was and she hung up on me. Now my account has been transfered to some Boy who thinks that a litigation firm is different than a law firm. samething. And he refuses to send out any written information just demands my checking acct number. I wasn't born yesterday! more

Hoffman Weinberg & O'brien - IDIOTS! 3/8/2012

s company did not ever contact me, i found out that they were trying to get in touch with me when my mother called me and told me that they had called her twice, my sister four times, my other sister three times and my brother once. I have never recieved a call or mail from this company in my life. they went on to tell my mother who finally answered that they were a law firm and that they would be presenting a summons upon me for a debt that I owe (first of all, I didn't know that debt collectors were allowed to disclose financial or personal information to other people). I called them to speak with them, they knew my social security number, but did not know my address or phone number (I find it funny that they could contact my entire family ON THEIR CELL PHONES at all hours of the day and night, however did not have my LAND LINE PHONE or address to contact me directly. When I contacted them, I spoke to a woman who told me that I owe a debt to a company (of which she would not disclose) and that if I did not pay it right now that the cost would end up being 4 times what the original debt was (which she still at this point did not tell me how much the supposed original debt was), and that I would be taken jail and have to go to court, with a judgement on my credit for 10 years and that all of my bank funds would be frozen, there would be a lein placed on my home and garnishment of my wages (I am currently unemployed and have been for almost 3 years). I asked her to please send me in the mail information about this debt and she told me that there was no time for that and that it must be taken care of right now! She told me that if i did not have the funds, to borrow it from someone else ... i told her that she still had not even told me where the debt originated from. I then gave her my phone number, and told her that now that she has my number to never contact any of my family members again (she hung up on me). I called back and when I presented my name, she said ""yes, i know who you are... what do you want?"" I was appalled! I started to reiterate what I was saying before she so rudely hung up on my about not contacting any of my family members and I got hung up on again! I called back identifing myself and she said ""f*** you, you are going to jail"" and hung up again. I wanted to contact someone because I think that this whole practice is wrong! I have never had someone who is trying to collect a debt treat me like this.. typically real debt collectors will work with you and try to help you as much as possible so they can recieve thier funds .... This company's practices are inappropriate! I was reading in some reviews of this company that they stole a person's debit card information and started charging thier account each month for $75.00, until the debit card owner had to cancel their card to make it stop (they stated that the charge was a point of sale .. which is debit card use ... not a direct withdrawl from their bank account) .... If this company tries to do something like that to me, I will be the ones taking THEM to court! Contact the FTC and make a complaint! this is the only way to stop these people ! more

Hoffman, Weinberg, and O'Brien, real or fake? 9/15/2011

I came home to a message on my phone that was very official sounding law-firm jargon. They provided a free call-back number (1-866) and a case number for pending legal action within my own county....Hmmm, do not locally based law firms take care of such matters? I called back and could not get any information except that the ""avoidance of any pending law suit"" would be to pay a debt - funny, the address they say notification was sent to was a home that does not exist. What made this more suspicious is that the lady, Barbara, would not give detailed information as to who or what company was the plaintiff...just that there was pending lidigation if I didn't pay up immediately. I told this woman i would have my attorney call her back as i'm not the smartest person with these things...we were disconnected. Hmmm..... more

Hoffman, Weinberg and O'brien 7/11/2011

Thanks for posting your comments. I started getting calls from them around July 1st, 2011 from a Adam Scott asking me to call for pending letigation. I pretty much thought it was another ruthless I googled them and found these posts. I went a step further and did a search on google maps of their address and it looks to be an industrial type park in an old section of town with limo's and shuttle buses parked out front. more

I was a fool - yup guess I'm not alone 5/10/2011

Ok so I was told that I had a case pending and would be getting a subpeona to appear in court for an outstanding debt (gave me the doc# and all), yup I fell for it and did a payment over the phone without really getting all the details other than phone #'s after phone #'s.. more

Ambigious & assumes everyone is a gullible idiot 1/6/2011

I start getting calls from a ""Mr. Snyder"" who has a ""legal matter on his desk with my name on it. Much like everyone esle has stated he finishes his message with an empty threat that if I don't respond a civil case will be filed in my county court of residence"". more

FRAUD, RUDE 11/3/2010

Got a call from Mr. Stirowski (don't know how to spell his name) and he informed me that I have a case pending docket #US-90736. He said he was calling from their ""PRE-LEGAL dept, so I called to see what this is about; he said that I had a debt of approx. $400 and they would like to help me take care of it. I told him that I had not been working since 2007 and am now fighting for my disability and didn't have any money. He passed me to Ms. Morgan who then insisted that I pay this immediately, I again explained my situation and then she started saying things like ""oh you don't like paying your debts"" and insisted that I am a dead beat. Like I feel good about being disabled and not being able to make money to pay for my self and debts. After this I cursed and hung up and called back to get an address so that my attorney could write to them....They refused to give my any more information. So I called back and then they told me they would sue me for harassment. I thought that was RICH...they are going to sue me for contacting them which is what they asked me to do. I kept the original message. Good luck and I hope that all that are contacted by these criminals don't fall prey to them. more

Criminal Practices 4/8/2010

This company's conduct is CRIMINAL!!! They called claiming that we had a debt. They wouldn't explain what the debt was or where it originated from. When asked to send proof in writing of said debt, they said they would send info, but never did.. The phone number they called from just rings & rings, but no one answers, & when we finally found a number that had voice mail, no one ever called back. Then, GET THIS, we started getting $75.63 taken out of our checking account every month that we DID NOT AUTHORIZE!! And to make matters worse, they were doing it as a Point of Sale Purchase, which means that whomever got our debit card number, was entering it in EVERY MONTH so the only way we could stop it was to cancel our card & get a new one (for a replacement fee of $25)!! We are currently, with the help of our bank, trying to recoup some of our losses but we don't expect any satisfaction. My advice to anyone these shyster dirt bags contact is to direct them to your attorney & do not deal with them yourselves. I had to give the one star in order to publish this, otherwise I wouldn't have given them anything!! Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

Fraud-Hoffman, Weinberg & Obrian 11/6/2009

This company is a fraud and anyone who receives a contact by them should record it and let them know you are doing so. If they leave a message on your answering machine, then record it. Then contact an attorney who deals with consumer protection rights. They are liable for misrepresentation and if you can prove it, then we can get shut them down. Hopefully enough people will complain to end their practices. If you have any saved or recorded confrontations with them, let me know. I'd like to get a class action lawsuit against these bottom dwellers. Cons: False Representation more

Scam Artists 6/2/2009

This company is a scam, They buy old debt for pennies on the dollar that are out of SOL and then try and collect them. What you need to do when you get a call from these people is file a complaint with the FTC, and your states Attorney Generals office. The more complaints against them, they may eventually be shut down. I had dealings with this company over a year ago, calling my home and my husbands family and threating to have me arrested and took to jail. Now they are starting again. Also you can contact BudHibb and e-mail him and let him tell you what this company is all about. more

I JUST DONT KNOW! 5/12/2009

I received a call from a lady approximately 3months ago. She stated she was with blagh, blagh blagh....So i contacted an attorney to help me out with my bills. Today 5-12-09 i received a call from 716-597-0889 Timothy Peters he wasnt nice and was threatning me it sounded like he was reading from a read along. He said i dont think you have an attorney. He is offering to settle this account of 1,289.00 for 300.00 IS THAT POSSIBLE. I tried to call the number listed on my phone for about 2 hours and it just rings busy Then i got on my computer and looked up the number and 716-896-1828. And that number rings and rings. On the Voicemail it says that i have less than 5 hours before something happens. i was trying to contact these people to see what is going on because i still havent received any paperwork either. So if anyone has any information on this please respond so i can know what to do. i dont know what to do! more

legal and/or legitmate? 2/23/2009

For the past month I have requested documentation of the settlement offer they proposed. On good faith I gave them a payment. On 3 spereate occassions they claimed the letter had been sent and they would resend all paperwork. During the last call, I was informed the settlement paperwork would be sent priority mail with return receipt. I have yet to receive it. Beware! more

Harrassing bottom feeders 12/23/2008

I live in Arizona and this ""law office"" is in New York. This office has called me repeatedly at work after being told each time I am not allowed personal calls while working. The respresentative was curt and rude and obviously has no knowledge of the laws governing debt collection. more
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