Heritage Point Apartments

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4 Austin
Irvine, CA 92604

(949) 559-7000
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I'm sure people won't believe half of the stories of how bad this place is. I read a scathing review before I moved in, and thought the person writing it was being dramatic, and m...

Horrible people in a horrible place. 3/3/2012

I'm sure people won't believe half of the stories of how bad this place is. I read a scathing review before I moved in, and thought the person writing it was being dramatic, and my experience would be different. That was a mistake. Right from the start, living there was a bad decision. We were promised discounts on our security deposits, and told that dogs were completely welcome. We were shown an apartment with beautiful landscaping and told ours would be the same. When we actually went to sign the lease, the security deposit was more than twice what we were told, dogs were not allowed, and the back yard looked like something out of a dystopian Orwell novel. Despite the red flags we moved in, against our better judgment. We found cockroaches regularly (not joking). Never a lot of them - just one that would come in off the street. Our car was broken into twice. The laundry machines were broken regularly, and trying to contact anyone was always a chore. The staff doesn't keep regular hours. They come in late, take long lunches, and disappear promptly at six (even if you are on the phone holding for them). Left after a year and a half. We had them do a walkthrough to make sure we would receive our security deposit. We were told the place looked great - that we had taken great care of it, and that we shouldn't have any problem getting our full amount back. We also contacted the maintenance staff to sell them our fridge as we would not be needing it. After haggling over the price and letting them inspect it, we were told to leave it in the apartment and they would send us a check. It's now more than a month later. From a $500 security deposit, we received $37 dollars back. We have not been paid for the fridge - they say they can't find it. We gave up on the security deposit, but have contacted the management numerous times regarding the fridge. We've been yelled at, hung up on twice, and run around in circles between their on-site management, and corporate office. Their conduct has been unprofessional with a flagrant kind of flare that reeks of having done this before. I can't possibly emphasize this enough - we're good people who were good tenants. We paid our rent on time every month. We didn't cause problems, and any issues we had with the place, we tried to have grace for. Giving them the benefit of the doubt has been one of the worst decisions we ever made. If you are looking for a place to live, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere. more

Not a Good Place to Stay 4/27/2009

The complex is very old and not well kept. Many ants . Rent is too high for the value. Mangement is very slow to respond to concerns. Will tow your car without notice evenwhen registered. Would not recommend for someone I dislike. Many other locations in Irvine to pick other than here. Pros: Location Cons: Building, Management, Noise, Kids more

Rodents, ants, noisy neighbors and freeways, b*tchy staff, sewage overflow, TOWING 6/7/2007

I've lived here for 2 years and it was the worse mistake ever. I only staid because it was cheaper than other places, but boy I had to put up with a lot of sh*t to save money!\r \r There are nasty insects and ants that get into the apartment and I had a r@t problem. There was r@t p00p in the pantry. The r@t traps did nothing. Neither did maintenance.\r \r Outside the master bedroom was a pipe that connected the raw sewage to the main gutter. Maintenance came to clean the pipe and forgot to close it so toilet paper amongst other toilet treasures came surfacing to the ground outside my window. The odor was horrendous! Did maintenance do anything, no! The kids from the neighborhood didn't know what it was and played and slipped on the ""mud."" NASTY and unsanitary!\r \r Debris flies around the apartment area it is just so run down. My neighbor had his truck broken into, and he later found out that there is usually one car vandalism a week. Just be hopeful it's not yours this week.\r \r The wall heaters were a big waste of energy. If it was cold, the heaters would heat up the area of about 4 feet around the darn thing. The air conditioner worked well if you stood with your face in the vents. \r \r The windows also don't close very tight. You can apparently open most of the windows pretty easily from the outside since they are so old. One day I was doing my dishes and a large tree branch came crashing through the kitchen window creaking the whole darn thing. Good thing I wasn't hurt, otherwise I would have sued!\r \r My car was towed even though I had a sticker on the car. It was such a hassle to fight over the $200 and I still lost. These jerks care about nothing but money. They super nice to you so that you'd move in but then treat you like trash once you're a resident. If I had not seen this for myself, I would not have believed it hearing from someone else. I'd never refer a friend there. Cons: towing, noise, @nts, sewage, b*tchy staff, slow maintenance, falling apart buildings, smell more

DON'T MOVE HERE 12/2/2006

This place is horible, no parking, management thinks you are just another number, you will get your car towed, there are rodents, pests, termites, cacarouches, this apartment is a dump. Do yourself a favor and stay out of HERITAGE POINT. You will cry your life away. Pros: Looks good Cons: Looks are deceiving, No parking, You will get towed, Rodents, Termites more
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