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Heaven Day Spa

47 West St
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(212) 785-0440
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Heaven Day Spa - New York, NY
Heaven Day Spa - New York, NY


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"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but hone...


Dr. Manning told me that if I spent $700 buying all his vitamins, and kept on paying $135 for each 15 min visit every five days for a few months, he could cure my chronic depressi...

QUINTESSENCE / the fifth element of the heavenly bodies 5/12/2007

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." - Albert Einstein i would like to give the capalito review of 03/02/2007 a facial. i am manhattan born, bred and educated (p.s. 128, p.s. 192 [IGC], wagner middle school [SP], stuyvesant high school. i have lived in several neighborhoods between the battery and baker field. with all this stated, i do realize that i know relatively little about this city of flux . i feel qualified enough however to recognize a great spot in new york when i see one. Heaven Day Spa is a notable and wonderful place that just happens to be the best day spa & nutrition center in manhattan. with dr. manning's guidance and helpful staff i was able to all of the following in the past two months: lose 18 lbs., cleanse myself from the inside-out and lower my cholesterol to a level where my own m.d. says i do not need medication. i have the independent lab results of the before & after bl**d test to prove it. thank you dr. manning. thank you amy. thank you steffani. i now shine. capalito: stay in jersey, save your money, practice yoga 5 times a week, i'm sure you'll feel better. p.s. if you must come to nyc, please do not drive in. Pros: you will feel transported Cons: none more

Heaven Indeed 5/9/2007

Heaven Day Spa truly is a spiritual elevation to cloud nine. Elena, the esthetician is spectacular! I have been going there for some time now to get facials done by her and I must say that my skin has improved tremendously since she's worked on me. She is very knowledgeable and has given me great advice on how to treat my skin better. The products they offer in terms of treating my skin are the best I have ever used. The atmosphere is calming and I always love the music. The staff is friendly and professional, very attentive and I feel as if they all care about my experience and try to make it more enjoyable for me every time I go. As for Dr.Manning, I have also been treated by him and he helped me immensely. Although the products can get a bit expensive, in my expereience they have worked outstandingly well. Dr Manning really does his best as a practitioner and a person to aid his patients. His holistic practice has improved my body and my mind and I highly recommend Dr Manning and Heaven Day Spa itself to anyone seeking a change in their lives. Dr Manning,Heaven Day Spa and Elena, you get an A+++! See you guys soon! more

out of this world 5/9/2007

I was prompted to write after reading a very confused review here by someone who obviously got tremendous health benefits from Dr Manning but was dismayed when they didn't get attention one time. Sounds like it was a personal gripe they were relating that had little to do with anything. My experiences with the Manning Institute have always been positive and enlightening. Granted, it can get a little pricey but what cost is your health and well-being? Dr Manning does a tremendous amount of research and has sought out the most hi-tech approaches to health because he believes in what he does and wants to see his patients heal themselves. The most amazing thing about the spa and Dr Manning's unique approach to inner and outer health is that you cannot find any other place on earth like it. Pros: amazing services, great practioners more

Mixed Feelings 5/7/2007

Mixed Feelings I have mixed feelings regarding Dr. Manning and his theories/practice. On one hand, over the past several years he has helped me immensely with specific health issues I had been having at the time. I do feel as if he does actually care about the well being of his patients, yet, at the same time, as a previous reviewer stated, his salesman approach is very questionable. On several occasions he has attempted to push different supplements on me. When I questioned some of the ingredients or the purpose of one, he has become defensive and upset; other times he has not been able to answer questions about the supplements. I do not know if the brand he sells "Herbvana" is manufactured only for his practice or if others sell the brand as well (I have been unable to find the brand on an internet search). Regardless, it seems every time I mentioned a small aliment he tried to push at least another supplement or two on me (anything as simple as "my finger hurts today as I slammed it in a drawer," and I was greeted with something such as, "you must have an imbalance of XXXX and taking supplement YYYY will help you." And of course the supplements were very expensive (according to Dr. Manning though, "they are nothing but the best ingredients"). By the end of my treatment under Dr. Manning, he didn't have a clue what all (supplements) he had given to me. Regardless, I cannot deny the fact that he had helped me with certain issues. As I have recently relocated to another state, I have stopped going to Dr. Manning. Furthermore, for trying to create such a peaceful, relaxing environment at his office/Heaven Day Spa, it seemed as though you never knew what kind of mood he would be in. Sometimes he was your best friend in the world; some days a practitioner; some days a very cranky, sarcastic, condescending man. His staff was always very friendly but highly incompetent, consistently mixing-up appointments, charges to bills, etc. Pros: Calming atmosphere Cons: Expensive; Questionable products more

Thank You Bartley & Dr. Manning. #1 is an insufficient rating, you are beyond a rating! 5/7/2007

Words will not escape how extraordinary Bartley is. Both as a massage expert and a spiritual being. During a time of great pain, not only was he able to relieve the intense discomfort but provide me with hope for an unfortunate condition. After 15 years of receiving massages twice a week, from New York to Europe, hands down this is the single best massuese I have ever experienced. The environment at the Manning Institute is impeccable, peaceful, and healing in its own right. Don't miss this treasure, you wont' regret it. Pros: Great environment, nice people Cons: Too far from my home more

Best chiropractor, doctor and friend 3/22/2007

Doctor Manning is by far the best person for the person who truly wants balance and physical health in their life. He educates you on how to keep yourself healthy and strong. Every other doctor I went to tried to heal my symptoms. Doctor manning heals the problem. I trust him and respect his ability. I have gone to other chiroprators since him because my insurance accepted them and I was always disappointed. He is the only person that balances me. For example, other chiropractors do the same exact adjustment for every person every time. How can this make sense if every person's spine is imbalanced in different places. Why adjust both sides of your neck when only one side is tight. He is a custom chiropractor. He works with your body and does what it needs to be done. I have known him for 10 years and he has helped me through 2 pregnancies and I am now educated to conitnue being healthy. I choose to go to him twice a year as a treat and purchase a few supplements as my diet is now rich in many. If you want to led in the right direction about how to care for yourself and your body, he will hold your hand and teach you how to do it. I have also gone to the spa for a facial and it was amazing. I recomended many people and those who chose to go have a different state of health and recomend him as well. I am thankful every day that I have known him. As for people stating negative experiences, I am of the belief that you can create your own negative experiences. If you do not want to get better you will find a way to blame others. I know every one that sees Dr Manning is always better off than before they went. Joanna Renner more

Doctor Manning has been a miracle in my life! 3/22/2007

I began my healing with Dr. Manning in April of 2006. The process was not easy and certainly not inexpensive, but the results were miraculous. I had suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps and endometriosis ever since I was 16. After suffering for 20 years, ingested countless over-the-counter medication, and took birth control pills for years - I was introduced to Dr. Manning. His therapy has completely changed my life. Although it was a big mental and financial investment, it is BY FAR the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have been completely pain free for one year now. My body is strong and clean. My menstrual cycles are vertually painless. My only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Manning sooner. Using supplements from the Manning Institute, I was able to do a colon and liver cleanse. I still take his supplements daily, but on a much smaller scale. His spinal adjustments are very healing and I feel much better after having them. Dr. Manning has spent countless hours with me, both on the phone and in his office, coaching me and giving me advice/encouragement. He is a very caring doctor and I will do whatever necessary to keep him and his therapy in my life long term. I bless the day that Dr. Manning came into my life. I encourage anyone who is struggling with a physical or emotional ailment to invest their time, money, and effort into Dr. Manning's practice. Pros: Healing for physical/emotional ailments Cons: None more

Dr. Manning is not a Doctor. He is a Salesman. Do not believe a word he says. 3/1/2007

Dr. Manning told me that if I spent $700 buying all his vitamins, and kept on paying $135 for each 15 min visit every five days for a few months, he could cure my chronic depression. I was so desperate that I agreed and paid everything with my credit card. The firts vist was about $300 and he suggested I came every five days from New Jersey to have a 15 min check up where he basically just cracked my back every time. Later on I realized that he gave the same diagnose to all his patients. "Your stomach is out of place and is pushing other organs out of place. This is the reason to all your problems". I really wanted to get better, but after following his program for several weeks I started to understand that Dr. Manning was not really a doctor but a businessman. He would ad new special vitamins (made by his own company of course) every session and I had to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars each week, without ever feeling any better. He even tried to sell me his own groceries including fruit spreads and "special'' shampoos. Stay away from this guy Pros: none Cons: SCAM more

Mixed for now... 6/3/2006

I had written a negative review for their facial and body scrub, but I got a call from this place saying how they were sorry that I had such a bad experience because they were very busy that day, and even asked me to come in so that they could give me a better experience. Of course it shows that they are committed to their services, which I thought was very nice. I guess after that, I will know for sure. more

Serene atmosphere 5/10/2006

I wanted to write a further review about Dr. Manning's Heaven Day Spa. I have been using his supplement recommendations for some time now and feel full of energy and - according to friends - look much younger than my years. He is always patient when explaining how certain things work and what my particular needs might be according to my body type. He is extremely knowledgeable in solving many medical problems when conventional doctors would offer painkillers or surgery. His staff give first rate massages - including hot stones and excellent facials. I would recommend you visit him and his Spa as soon as you can. Pros: beautiful clean premises and friendly helpful staff Cons: none more

Best spa/holistic chiropractor ever!!! 1/12/2006

I highly recommend this place to everyone I know. I have travelled all the way from eastern Long Island for several years each time more eager for the next visit. Dr. Manning is amazing, and all staff are absolutly fabulous!! I've never felt so good in all my you guys and thanks again for everything! Pros: easy parking, atmosphere, quality Cons: none! more


I received the massage from Natalie: the best. Period! i scheduled a package (90min. swedish w/ deluxe facial=10% break). Elena is a brilliant aesthetician. She told me things about my complexion that even my dermatologist hadn't (I was breaking out because my skin was too dry, and I had wrongly been using product for oily skin) and the masks were soothing and smelled delicious: organic, not chemical. Mandarin was my spa before moving to Battery Park, so this spa is saving me (HeavenDay is on par with the Mandarin; for half the price). I'm considering doing a cleanse with the holistic doctor. this hot woman in the waiting room said she lost twenty pounds on his cleanse and got rid of her allergies and acne(?). The whole place is beautiful; a funky loft, great art collection, fountain, sculptures and cool music. Amazing!!! Pros: The Treatments, The Atmosphere, The Products Cons: Weekday parking? more

AWESOME 7/12/2004


Thank You 3/7/2004

Thank You Citysearch for the tip. I went to Heaven and had an appointment with Christie - This is the very best facial I have gotten. She is an intelligent and gifted young girl, and I will go back. Highly recommended! Pros: Talent, Educating the client, no pressure to buy more

SMOKING 2/20/2004

I had a massage and facial here, and was more than thrilled with the entire experience. They were able to accomodate me at a time that worked, but when they should have been closed..., the message was fabulous- knocked me right out; However, the facial was unbelievable! This gorgeous facialist named chrisse (kristi?) not only gave me a glowing complexion, but was able to undo the tension and knots in my back and neck in a way that I have never experienced before. Words cannot descibe her technique, her hands, or her beauty. Chrisse will you marry me? (lol) Seriously folks, you have to get an appointment there, you'll be back, you'll take your friends there, and they will take their friends there; IT IS THAT GOOD Pros: Chrisse, Chrisse, helpful Doctor onsite Cons: , zulch, zero more

Facial Serenity 2/13/2004

I had so much fun at Heaven Day Spa, not only was my facialist Kristi excellent, educated, and AMAZING. The whole experience left me breathless. The Spa itself is truly a work of art, and I must say this was the BEST BEST BEST facial I have ever received. I came in Blotchy, grouchy, and in major need of some skin care magic. I left uplifted, glowing, revived, excited, and all together happy. If you are in need of a skin care magician or a lift in your spirits, run, run, run to Heaven & Kristi....You will be glad you did!!! Pros: wonderful staff, amazing facialist, fantastic atmosphere Cons: , none, none more

Heaven Exsists! 1/3/2004

I've been to many spas, and have been disappointed repeatedly. I stumbled upon Heaven, nominated for best spa by the editors, first place for facials, so I gave it a try. Out of the pages of architectural digest, beautiful wood and natural light everywhere. The staff was quiet and friendly, the music was eclectic and very cool. It was the coolest loft I'd ever seen. The owner (low-key and friendly) seemed to sincerely care about my experience. Heaven didn't disappoint, the products made out of fruit and vegetables smelt and felt amazing. I was prepared to be disappointed again finding a list of faults and there wasn't anything I didn't like about this place. Heaven exists in New York City! Art work, antiques, bamboo, windows, the statue of liberty outside! Check out the Basquiat collection on the wall, I thought I was seeing things. Heaven is a clear winner! Pros: amazing, classy, comfortable more

UNIQUE! 12/29/2003

Everything about the Heaven Day Spa is different and memorable. From the moment I walked into this oasis I knew this was going to be a wonderful Spa experience. The environment that Dr. Manning has created is just beautiful and incredibly relaxing. The music that plays ever so gently in the background put me in the mood to allow Kelli to use her magic hands and perform a fabulous facial and painless waxing. I didn't want to leave this wonderful environment that truly feels like heaven. All I can say is it's worth the trip! Pros: immaculate, quality products, unique facials more


Some Spa experiences are soothing and relaxing but Heaven Day Spa is "Sublime". I have been to many Spa's in New York and come away feeling relaxed but Heaven Day Spa is a total mind and body experience different than all the rest who offer routine treatments. The heavenly, tranquill environment, unbelievably talented therapists and finest quality products I've ever had used on me during a Spa visit make this a unique experience. There really is a difference in the approach and techiniques employed at this fine establishment. The influence and expertise that Dr. Manning brings to the Spa make it stand out as the most enjoyable Spa visit I've ever had. I plan to make the time to treat myself as often as I can. Be good to yourself and visit the Heaven Day Spa you'll be happy you endulged yourself and look forward to your next visit. Pros: Immaculate. Tranquil, Professional,, Quality Products Cons: none more

Flawless... 12/11/2003

I went to Dr. M years ago with a bad case of acne brewing and with one adjustment he drove the acne monster out of my body. Within 24 hours my skin was practically flawless not to mention his ability to tell me things about my health, emotions and my life (that he never could have known) just by touching me... freaky. And now for the spa... after knowing him as this amazingly talented doctor I was leary of a spa at his institute, I thought is he selling out, catching the wave and then he suggested a facial for my skin and I had to give it a chance. I was blown away. He personally works with each therapist before they touch anyone, it was flawless. In a word GO! Pros: excellent service, CLEAN - beautiful, NO GIMMICKS Cons: difficult getting apt, no sundays yet more
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  • Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Lance Manning dreamt of opening a relaxed, upbeat one-stop shop for holistic healing with health services, skin treatments and gourmet natural foods. Salt scrubs, herbal and Moor mud wraps help detoxify; other treatments attack cellulite; six types of facials balance and restore. Many services are exclusive in America, treating eczema, acne and both fine and deep lines. Less-abrasive treatments are variations on microdermabraison with massage, masks, laser and ultrasonic waves to truly transform skin.

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