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Our son had a head-on collision in Dec., 07 and suffered a brain injury among several other injuries. We took him to RIOSA , San Antonio on recomendation from a family member fo...


I would never recommend this facility to anyone. My mom took a turn for the worse while she was there- The Dr and her nurse thought she was just having a ""bad day ""The nurse int...

The best place in SA for REHAB! 1/17/2014

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with others the great experience and outcome my mother had at RIOSA this past fall. She is 81 and had a very bad hip fracture that resulted in her being non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. She spent 3 weeks at RIOSA learning how to safely transfer and walk with a walker so we could take her home. It was tough watching her struggle but the encouragement and support of the therapists nurses, doctors and staff was amazing. I was in an out frequently and was always greeted with warm smiles and offers to update me on my mother's progress. I also found the ability to communicate with my case manager by email helpful so I could provide feedback to the therapists and nurses from my observations when taking Mom out for a therapeutic day pass. The dedication and team work to get my mother home by Thanksgiving worked. In fact, in her first follow-up appointment with her ortho surgeon, he confirmed the success of her stay. He said she was about 6 months ahead of the recovery they expected her to make in the first month post surgery. My mom fell October 17th, and has been at home with home health since November 22. She has done well but now needs to go back because she has weakened and loss some length in the affected leg. I know going back this second time will help her gain strength and stamina so she can continue her progress when she returns home. I recommend this team without hesitation! Special thanks to Dr. Rana, Diana Cook, CM, the many therapists and nurses that helped... and Linda Hart and Scott Butcher, who came by to personally check on my mother more than once during her stay. All the best to this incredible rehab team! I'm looking forward to seeing them all again and especially the progress my mom will make this second time!\r Donna Torbet\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/25/2013

Very Pleased. Mother was very happy with the nurses. The therapists made her use muscles she never used. RIOSA has an excellent therapy staff. Nursing and Therapy took very good care of her and was very pleased with how much they helped. Very impressed with RIOSA, 100%. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/17/2013

Don't go anywhere else! When it comes to expertise in rehabilitation there is no other choice but HealhSouth RIOSA. Both my mother and father have been patients at RIOSA. My Mom had an orthopedic injury so she was only there a few days and was able to quickly transition to their outpatient department but my Dad's course was more complicated. From the minute you walk in the door it is obvious these clinicians are not only very experienced in their field but also very compassionate. The hospital invests in the best of technology for their patients as well to help get them home faster and become more independent. It is always very clean and smells nice which is not always the case at some that I've seen.The nurses, therapists and Drs all encourage patients to do their best. My father went in so weak after hospitalizations that he could not walk or shower himself. After spending 2 weeks there he was walking 300 feet and able to bathe and dress himself. He was able to return home. Since it is licensed as a hospital, a Dr. saw him every day. He was also seen by their neurologist who quickly diagnosed a problem that had not been identified before he was transferred there. I was pleased that he had nurses employed by them and not agency nurses. The staff treated him as if he were one of their own relatives. My parents were always there for me and I'm glad that I helped them to get the care that they deserved! more

Never Again 11/7/2010

I would never recommend this facility to anyone. My mom took a turn for the worse while she was there- The Dr and her nurse thought she was just having a ""bad day ""The nurse intially refused to call the Dr when I expressed my concern. So by the time I got to the hospital it would have been clear to any non-medical person that my mom was in big TROUBLE- after raising HE double hell- she was transported to an acute care hospital where she remains in ICU. Please never assume that the medical professionals know it all- they don't and if you are not involved and advocate for your loved one they just might end up deceased before ""their time"" more

Acute Change in Care 7/25/2008

11/11/10 I had written positive, glowing comments previously about this establishment, however, times have changed dramatically and I can no longer recommend this hospital to anyone. If your patient is not totally self-sufficient., both mentally and physically, you don't want them here. Pros: Care, compassion more

Objective rating from an insider.... 6/28/2008

As someone who has been employed at RIOSA, I can say that there are definate pro's and con's about RIOSA, but more pro's than cons. If you are willing, able, and need to have 3 hours of therapy every day, I definately recommend it. \r \r The licensed therapists all have either master's or doctorates, so they really know what they're doing. It is true that there is unlicensed help, but they only strictly follow what the therapist tells them to do with the patients. They are called Techs. Most techs are already studying therapy or applying to therapy schools, which says alot for RIOSA because at most other facilities, techs are just anyone you could pull off the street. Everybody in our rehab department has a true love for making people well and work to their maximal potential each and every day to see that happen.\r \r Therapy and nursing are slightly under staffed at this time, so things are kind of hectic, especially with all the renovations going on, but we are trying to resolve that as fast as possible. We do have a lot of contract nurses right now, which makes it difficult to get top notch nursing care, because most aren't around long enough to ""learn the ropes"" so to speak, and so patient care decreases subsequently.\r \r As for the Doctor with a few seconds comment below... I have never seen more attentive doctors than the ones at RIOSA. These doctors even come down to the therapy gym to check on their patients! All the other hospitals I have worked at, the doc is in the room for 2 seconds, does a quick screen, asks 2-5 questions, and is out... no time for patient questions, leave those to the nurse. The food is bad, and the cafeteria's only open during lunch mon-fri. And case managers are awesome and on the ball with getting exactly what the patient needs. Our cognitive therapy is top notch.\r \r If you need aggressive neuro rehab I wouldn't recommend anywhere else, but don't come if you just want pampered all day long. You will be here to work to get better. Pros: docs, therapy service/knowledge, parking, effectiveness of rehab Cons: food, nurse service more

DO NOT GO THERE 4/13/2008



I would not recommend this place to anybody!! Let me tell you why, first of all most of the CNA's(certified nurses assistants) are inmature, rude and ignore you. They are usually the first people you see, the nurses are all different every night, they are hired through agency, so they do not know what they are doing, hardly anyone reads your chart, when you are needing something. The LVN's(licensed vocational nurses), were giving me the wrong dosage of medicines at times, I had to point out to them, ""should'nt I be taking half of the pill?"", and the LVN would then say ""oh yeah, let me cut it in half"". The doctor does see you daily, but only gives you about 2 minutes of his time, and when you have questions, he looks at his watch, like hurry it up. When you suggest something, the doctor, looks at you like I am the one with the PHD, I KNOW BEST, your suggestions are not for me to take into consideration. I could have died, with massive edema. This is when your body swells up with water retention. The doctor kept saying it was weight gain. The therapists, some of them are students, that have not even went to school to be a therapist yet. So they are hiring student therapists that are not even in school yet, and not licensed. I do not think that my insurance should pay this place, because I was mostly with unlicensed therapists. Well I decided to leave on my own, since the doctor had too much pride to apologize for such rude comments. So far I have been gone for a couple of days and lost 13 pounds, due to the massive edema, and I am still losing weight. PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE, GOD LOVES YOU, YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER, MAYBE AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER THIS PLACE WAS A GOOD ONE, BUT NOW THIS PLACE IS BAD FOR ANY PATIENT. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYBODY!!!!!!LISTEN, YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!!DON'T LIVE PART OF IT IN RIOSA!!!!!! Pros: NOTHING Cons: EVERYTHING, FOOD IS HORRIBLE, TAKE A LESSON FROM NW CHRISTUS SANTA ROSA more

Really cares about the patient and their family 4/3/2008

Our son had a head-on collision in Dec., 07 and suffered a brain injury among several other injuries. We took him to RIOSA , San Antonio on recomendation from a family member for re-hab. We have been so thankful that we made that decision because our son has improved by leaps and bounds and will hopefully be fully recovered soon. The staff at RIOSA really cared about my son and his family and did everything to help us mentally and physically to recover from this catastrophic event and we will be forever in their debt. more

Tops in their field 3/16/2008

A good friend of mine was recently a patient at RIOSA and I would not recommend anyplace else if you have a loved one that has had a traumatic injury or illness such as a stroke. Several choices were given for rehab after the initial hospital stay. After touring RIOSA it was obvious these guys really knew what they were doing! They have state of the art equipment that wasn't found at any of the other facilities with a huge gym. They have neurologists there as well as doctors that specialize in rehab medicine. The nurses and therapists were excellent. They really made us feel at home and at ease and explained the rehab process. My friend was very fortunate to have had this place as an option. It took a lot of hard work and dedication on her part, but with the therapists encouraging her to work a little harder each time, she was able to return home. I don't think she would have been walking today without it. If I ever have to go for rehab this is definitely the place I want to be at. They are true experts in their field! Kudos to all of you! Pros: The parking is free. the facility is all one level. They have an outdoor garden area where patients can enjoy the outdoors more

Please do not put a loved one here!!! 3/3/2008

My dad was put in there after a stroke. He was not there even 24 hours. The nurses were extremely rude when we called to check on him. They said they tried to serve him breakfast and he wouldn't wake up. He was there 5 hours unconscious before they called 911. He was transported and passed away 2 weeks later in ICU, never regaining consciousness. When asked about this we got mixed stories and the nurses claimed they never read his charts because they hadn't had time. Well, he suffered another stroke in RIOSA's care and they let him suffer until they decided that since the family was rushing over there they better call 911. If you can avoid this place. DO!!!! I don't know if what happened could have prevented, but maybe my dad would have gotten the help he needed quicker if they had paid any attention to him. I hope this never happens to another family. This was so heartbreaking!! Cons: Staff was horrible!! Very unfriendy and unattentive!! more

Don't go there 2/25/2008

I called my husbands doctor and spoke with him after my husband was in this facility for less than two days. I checked my husband out of the facility after speaking with his surgeon. My husband had a massive back surgery and required rehabilitation. Here are just a couple of things that happened within the two days at RIOSA. My husband was taken outside to visit with me and our Chihuahua. About 3 hours later the occupational therapist comes outside and says in a disgusted voice. ""So there you are, I've been looking for you all day."" Wouldn't a medical professional have questioned a patient?s whereabouts if they were not able to be found? Also, when she brought my husband back to his room she placed him on a potty chair. (Took long to get one. The bathroom commode is to low to get off of. He used it once and had to really strain to get off of it; isn't good for his back. The woman left him in his room with no call button pulled the drape and closed his door. He sat on the commode for over 1/2 hour he banged on walls, was knocking on the floor with his walker and yelling. A person who just had back surgery shouldn't endure this type of movement. Then when someone finally came they put him in bed laying flat left no controls or call button and just left him there. The clincher is that the nurse was going to wipe the port to my husbands pick line with a paper towel until he told her to use an alcohol swab. Oh yeah another thing is the food. Our dog wouldn't even eat it. While there another patient died. My husband was afraid he would be the next to go while in their care. I wrote our insurance and said I don't think they should be paid since they didn't provide the care they are contracted to give. Pros: Check in nurse was nice. Cons: outdated equipment and not proper type for certain individuals, terrible care more

Health South RIOSA 10/25/2007

My dad was recently at Health South Riosa for rehab for hip replacement therapy for 2 1/2 wks, case manager was very nice, nurses seemed like they could care less if they were there or not, if you went to the nurses station they all just stood around, and wouldn't even acknowledge I was standing there to ask someone a question, also my dad got scabies from there, do not send your loved ones there to stay, outpatient therapy only is my recommendation. Pros: nice case manager, Mrs. Castillo Cons: unsanitary, scabies more


If you or a loved one are ever faced with rehabilitation from an injury or surgery this is not the place to go. The nurses ALL have very bad attitudes. The therapists are amateurs at best and are not interested in your well being. There is no personalized plan for therapy. The doctors are ALL quacks. I was lucky to survive this little shop of horrors and I wouldn't wish this place on Osama Bin Laden. You will suffer and no one will listen to you. This place should not be allowed to operate. Cons: Everything more
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