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Hananoki Japanese Steakhouse - 27 Reviews - 120 Corporate Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040-6034, Clarksville, TN - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (931) 647-0999

Hananoki Japanese Steakhouse

120 Corporate Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040-6034
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 647-0999
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Their food is awesome! A great thing about this Japanese Steakhouse compared to others in town is that you can share a meal here. This is a great way to save money! I have been to...


The food here was decent nothing to brag about nor would I recommend it to anyone. The table, dishes and grill were dirty. The a/c was broken and was blowing really cold and it wa...

poor presentation, horrible portion sizes, and food poisonng 4/9/2011

Our first few visits were good, and we were glad to have found a place in the area to get decent sushi. We moved from Florida, and the sushi there is always wonderful and fresh. We came to terms with the fact that in a landlocked state, you aren't going to the same quality. Unfortunately the last few times we have visited Hananoki on Madison, we have become increasingly disappointed. The rolls kept getting smaller and smaller. We took two of our kids to dinner last night for their birthdays, and ordered 8 different rolls. Tuna, California, Lobster, Rainbow, Crunchy Crab, Crunchy Shrimp, Shrimp Tempura, and the Music City. We also ordered 2 pieces of Shrimp (ebi) Sushi. After our veg Tempura appetizer (good), our sushi started to arrive. 5 rolls on one plate, no thought to presentation at all, (big deal in Japanese food) and the rolls looked both terribly under-portioned and sloppy. Add to that the Tuna roll had a strong smell. We were hungry and ate, even though it was already a disappointment. The second round came, and the Rainbow roll didn't even look fresh. We never received our Music City roll and I believe we were missing the Crunchy Crab as well, we asked and discovered that the roe was frozen, so it was taking a long time. I'm glad we didn't get it. We never spoke to, or for that fact even saw a manager, but they did remove the Music City roll from our bill. The only things we got I felt were worth paying for was our Tempura appetizer and my vodka martini. To top the whole $100 evening off, both my husband and my teenage daughter became violently ill. We had to pull over 3 times on our way home for him to vomit, and she was ill all night. To sum it up, we could have gotten better sushi pre-made at the Kroger and it probably would have been better. We have a large family, so eating out is a special occasion we don't indulge in very often, and when we do, we don't mind paying for it, and we are good tippers as long as service is good (it was) but for the price, we expect quality. I think that a sushi place where the sushi is made in the back is questionable for sure. Save your tummy- eat somewhere else! two thumbs down. more

Very Nice Atmosphere With OK Food 1/7/2011

We went to the new one off of Madison and it is a really nice atmosphere and is one of the trendiest places in Clarksville. We had a few drinks at the bar waiting for the rest of the party and they were good! We were there on a Friday night at 7:30 and it was surprisingly empty. I ordered three sushi rolls for everyone to share and the teriyaki chicken. The rolls were just ok and same with the meal. I have been to a lot of different Japanese Steakhouses and I would say it wasnt bad but wasnt anything to rave about! If I go back I will prob stick to the sushi! more

never been 12/18/2010

sorry! If I could delete this review I would, but I dont know if there is a way to do that. more

Run! Food Poisoning! 12/14/2010

A year ago, my Wife and I went to the location near Lowe's and when we walked in it smelled horrible. We turned right around and left. We've been fortunate to eat authentic Japanese food on both the East and West coast. After speaking with a friend about how the new location was better, I took my Wife there for the first time for our anniversary. The Cook looked like he was 18 and he truly had no clue how to prepare such a meal. Everything he made was saturated in liquid butter. Right after the meal, I immediately got the runs. My stomach turned for hours after, I had troubles falling asleep,and I had the cold shivers. I still felt sick the next day and had a hard time eating the whole day. We got food poisoning. We weren't too concerned with the prices having been to Benihana's; but the food was horrific and the Chef was inexperienced. The worst thing about the whole ordeal was that the manager and the owner did not refund my money. Instead they want me to file a claim with the insurance. Classy. I won't ever go again, and I suggest that you do the same. more

Great food, service spotty at best 7/30/2010

Food is always great, sushi included! BUT, the Madison location opened in Dec 09 and we ate there in July 2010...the service staff has NO IDEA what they are doing!!! We waited 20 mins to get drinks or even SEE a waitress ( I had to flag one down or I'd still be there), sushi came middle of main course (at the grill...sushi ordered 30 mins prior and spotty service thereafter. Also, you ladies BETTER wear a sweater :-) Pros: Great Food including the sushi Cons: Service staff has no idea what they are doing more

Awesome Place! 7/14/2010

Their food is awesome! A great thing about this Japanese Steakhouse compared to others in town is that you can share a meal here. This is a great way to save money! I have been to the new one several times and I love it! They offer bling now which is pretty cool! Pros: awesome food! Great place to go with the hubby! Cons: You can't live there more

Pathetic!!!! 7/3/2010

Madison location. I have been to the Lowes plaza location and swore I would never return and I have not! In order to attend a birthday party of a family member, I was roped into going to the Madison location of the Hananoki Steakhouse ( even though I KNEW better) That was not my decision! I never have seen a smaller serving for 30 bucks in my life! AND THEY CHARGE EXTRA FOR FRIED RICE!!! They put our rediculous bill in front of me, picked it up, took it back and ADDED 11 bucks for thier tip! 4 bucks a beer! (domestic) I would not ever take anybody there or go myself! EVER!! And that is after TWO tries!!! Don't be fooled by the so called entertainment of it all !! Go to a real steakhouse and take in a movie afterwards! You will SAVE money! Cons: WAY OVERPRICED!!! more

Horrible 6/30/2010

This was such a waste of money. I went for lunch and paid almost 15 bucks for less than 7 grilled shrimp and.. more

Horrible 6/30/2010

camdione Provided by Partner
This was such a waste of money. I went for lunch and paid almost 15 bucks for less than 7 grilled shrimp and a half a cup of vegetables. The servic... more


This is a good place to go and eat. Yes sometimes the wait can be a while but that is because the food is good! i have been there on several different occasions and it has been good everytime! If you do have to wait just remeber it happens and it is not like they are doing it on purpose. If you have a bad attitude affter you are seated chances are you will not like the food because your mind is already in a negative state. Be patient it will be rewarding!!!! Pros: GOOD FOOD more

worst restuarant we have EVER been too 2/6/2010

This review pertains to the Hananoki in the Loews plaza. On Saturday we wanted to go here and celebrate a family birthday. We had 13 in our party. We called for a reservation and was told to be there at 645. We showed up at 630. We waited until almost 8pm to be seated !! We were told that they do not take reservations, they take ""call aheads"". Don""t care what they call it, if they say to be there at 645 for sitting, that is a reservation. Even knowing in advance that we were a party of 13, we still had to sit at two separate griils. The food was lousy and extremely over-priced for the quality. My daughter ordered sushi and never received it. We inquired about the sushi on three occasions and we were told "" you will receive your sushi when it is ready"". After everyone else in our party received to go boxes because we were finished, ( we had to get up and get our own to-go boxes ) I went to the manager and informed them. ( there were two managers on duty) BOTH managers told me that the sushi chefs were busy and they are trying to get the sushi finished. One manager actually told us "" it is hard running both sections of the restuarant ( the sushi side and the grill side ) and I simply can not run it properly"". I swear. She actually said that to us. We never did receive the sushi order. On top of everything else, they charged us a mandatory 18% as a tip. Pros: nothing Cons: everything was bad more

Salty, overcooked w/a side of diarrhea 1/19/2010

I had an inexperienced cook who overcooked everything and over sauced and salted each course. The only thing that was tasty was the soup and salad before the hibachi. The chef did not acknowledge us nor entertain as you would expect. He put too much soy sauce on everything and wasn't sure when items were cooked. He kept poking and cutting my lobster. He doused it in soy sauce. It was the saltiest and chewiest lobster ever. I ordered my chateau briand filet med rare and got med well. The manager comp'd my meats and charged for the bland rice, soup, and salad. Ten minutes after we left, we all had bubbleguts that proceeded to diarrhea. more

Dont go here! 8/21/2009

Ive only been here once and dont plan on going back, the people are very dry with their welcome, the food was ok but have eaten much better only a few miles away so when you want Japanese go to YAMATOS it is very good!! Pros: food is ok but not the best....... Cons: people that work there are not very nice more

Service and food digusting 3/4/2009

First we walk in traveling from nashville tn. We decided to eat there and hope our food was well after being hungry and a long cold drive. We asked if we could sit at the susi bar and they had told us to go in and choose a spot. We went in and saw only one space open for 2 sitter. That table was very small and we had 3 people. We had requested to 2 staff member to put 2 tables together for us and they both did not provide what we requested. We ignored what they did not fulfill and carried on with the evening. Then we orded susi and go the susi without silver ware and any condiments. We had to ask our waiter constantly for little items which was insane. After that we ordered food for our son and his order did not came as we order. We ignored that too. When we ordered our food my husband orded his and then I orded mine. I specifically mentioned that I would like noodles with small cut vegetable with garlic spicy sause. I get vegetable and chicken noodles with some sweet sause with hot sause. The first is that I got chicken that is against my religion and did not request it. I was extremely upset. After that he appolize and replace the meal for another dish. When that dish came back the noodle taste like sugar and hotsause put together. It was a big dissapointment. I totaly was upset and left the restuarant paying the bill. Neither did the manager or the owner cared what type of sevice we got. I do not recommend anyone there. more

An O.K. Restaurant 2/9/2009

The food here was decent nothing to brag about nor would I recommend it to anyone. The table, dishes and grill were dirty. The a/c was broken and was blowing really cold and it was chilly outside already. My wife has the Kobe beef and enjoyed it and I had some sushi which was decent but took a little too long for what I had ordered. The prices were average. The waitress we had did rush a us too much by bringing our togo trays half way through dinner and then a few minutes later brought us our check. Pros: Decent food Cons: Rush you too much more

This aint Shogun!!! 2/9/2009

The Hostess wanted us to wait until our other two dinner guest's showed up. About 1 minute after we got there. The waitress was rushing us to order drinks and food. While we sat at a dirty table, with dirty dishes and looking ata dirty grill. I thought about just getting up and leaving twice. I should have. \r Just after getting our final food off of the grill, the watress brought out a bunch of to-go boxes. Then shortly after that we were handed our check. The A/C was blowing on us and it was only 63 outside. So we were cold and our food cooled quite fast. \r Overall the food was average. My steak was very tender but slightly undercooked. I will not be going there again. About 10 minutes after getting back home my wife just couldn't keep it down. To put it nicely. Pros: You get the check fast Cons: you get the check fast more

good sushi 11/22/2008

I can't attest to the hibachi here because I only ate sushi. However, everyone I went with ate hibachi and really liked it. The sushi was fresh, delicious, and with huge pieces of nigiri. Service was prompt, except at the beginning. I called ahead to make reservations and we still had to wait about thirty minutes for a table. Great atmosphere. The owner was even walking around making sure every thing was going okay. I went on a Saturday night and it was crowded. But overall, I would recommend this place as the best sushi I've had so far in Clarksville. The prices were reasonable for this type of food. Great family place. As another note, if you want a real sushi menu and are seated in the hibachi section (the menu here only has about ten specialty rolls on it) just ask the waiter/waitress to bring over a sushi menu and you can order from the sushi bar. Pros: good fresh food, plenty of parking, ambience Cons: had to wait for a table even with a reservation, crowded more

yummy food, yet expensive... 10/23/2008

I love going to hananoki. I have eaten at pretty much every japanese place in clarksville and a few in nashville and I am still impressed with hananoki. I cannot attest to the authenticity of the cuisine, only that is is DELICIOUS!!! I say go at lunch time, the prices are are like half off but you still get the same amount of food, or more. I only had a negative experince once, and that was on Valentine's day. We waited for over an hour even though we had reservations... And then there was glass in my salad!!!!! I was apalled but I will still go back there because the food is amazing. I like to watch the chefs cook, it never gets old. They do have a nice lil bar area, and the cocktails are great :) Pros: delicious food, great staff Cons: found glass in my food once, prices are a bit much more

Very good choice for Japanese cuisine in mid-Tennessee 8/8/2008

Well, I've never had sushi or sashimi dipped in tempura batter. . . but I suppose somewhere in space it exists. \r \r With respect to Hananoki, we've been trying to stop by there for quite some time, and now that they've changed their hours (lunch-time) to accommodate us we've stopped by and intend to do so often.\r \r Hananoki is not the best sushi restaurant you can find. . . I could point you to a great one in Beverly Hills, another in Las Vegas, and several in Tokyo and Sasebo, Japan. But, for mid-Tennessee they do a very good job. For example, I asked if they could provide ""sunumono"" which is a lightly pickled appetizer. It's not on the menu, but they put a nice presentation together for me after the waitress asked the manager. That's nice service. (The next time I go back, I'm going to ask to tsukemono, which is even more traditional. If they can to that one, they've got a regular customer in me for sure.)\r \r The miso soup was very good, and I'm surprised that another reviewer mentioned beef with miso. That's just not done. I've spent 2+ years in Japan and have been dining on Japanese cuisine for over 50 years and have never had beef in my miso soup!\r \r Prices for the usual Nigiri sushi, various rolls, and sashimi are quite competitive for the area. . . and of good quality. I'll have to go back once or twice more to check out other options from the menu, but I can safely say that Hananoki, for the mid-west and south, is a good choice for Japanese cuisine.\r \r \r \r Pros: They really try to please Cons: Haven't tried the tappan yet more

Sushi pricey, cheap ingredients 7/23/2008

My husband and I ate there last night and were dissatisfied with the sushi. We were there solely for the sushi, so we cannot attest to the quality of the Hibachi grill. \r The edamame seemed re-heated/stale and the miso soup was made with very heavy beef stock and little else. The rolls seemed reasonably priced, until the plate came with 4 pieces per roll! The tempura batter on one of the rolls was undercooked and falling off, it tasted like cookie dough. Almost all the rolls have imitation crab in them, which is such a cheap ingredient, the menu prices should reflect that. We will not return to this restaurant. Pros: The rice seemed to be cooked/stored properly Cons: Everything else about the sushi bar more
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