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Hamilton Chiropractic Offices - Albany, CA
Hamilton Chiropractic Offices - Albany, CA
Hamilton Chiropractic Offices - Albany, CA
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I’m writing this as a reminder to others and myself that abundant good health includes freedom from the nagging, little ailments of everyday life, as well as the dramatic or traum...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 10/11/2013

I’m writing this as a reminder to others and myself that abundant good health includes freedom from the nagging, little ailments of everyday life, as well as the dramatic or traumatic ones. I was collecting a variety of symptoms, which are supposed to be the lot of middle aged women – nervous tension (which I had never had), increasingly erratic menstrual periods accompanied by severe cramps, tension headaches, and variety of aches and pains, particularly neck tension. Only the cramps were specific enough to get me to a doctor. However, grouped together these symptoms were dragging me down. Once I had decided to not accept all this as inevitable to middle age, I had to evaluate the possible means of treatment. I tried one visit to a mainstream western medical man who gave me a painkiller and a discussion of a D&C if “things didn’t clear up.” Although holding that idea as a fallback position, I didn’t like the idea of either medication or surgery. So I continued to look into other solutions. Friends recommended a “holistic” healer with whom they had had some success. I liked the idea of the body healing itself. However, when I was honest with myself, I knew that my belief system was insisting on careful diagnosis and treatment by a highly trained specialist; at the same time I was rejecting treatment through medication or surgery. Chiropractic seemed to perfectly fit that middle ground I was looking for. When I first saw Dr. Hamilton he suggested that it might take six months after correcting my spine before my body would have healed itself and my symptoms disappear. But within a month my period was better and within two months almost all my symptoms were gone. My neck and ear problems persisted and Dr. Hamilton referred me to Dr. Stephen Broderson for corrective work on my bite, which cleared the rest of my problems. A number of things have been important to me throughout my treatment: The careful diagnosis, the assumption that I was responsible for maintaining my good health through a regular exercise program, the willingness to refer me on when a more specialized treatment was indicated, and of course, my symptom-free abundant good health. Wilma Jordan more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 10/2/2013

I have been going to Dr. Hamilton for over two years. During that period of time I have not been sick even once – no flu, no colds, no disease of any kind. I have been exposed to “colds” and flu as much as, if not more than, the next person. Whenever anyone with a disease would say, “Don’t get close to me,” I would walk up to them, hug them, and say, “I don’t believe in diseases. Health is contagious!” I can only honestly account for this amazing degree of health by saying that Dr. Hamilton’s Chiropractic is the major reason for my increased health. Previous t my going to Dr. Hamilton, my sickness frequency was about average. I specify Dr. Hamilton in particular for the following reasons: 1.) Dr. Hamilton is a practitioner of the Pettibon chiropractic system. This system includes exercises that the patient can perform every day in order to generate his or her own proper alignments, so that the patient is not dependent upon the chiropractor and does not have to pay a lot of money for the rest of her or his life. The Pettibon system also includes a much more dynamic and organic theoretical orientation to the cause of subluxations than the previous approach had. Most of the “ins and outs” of the Pettibon system are beyond the scope of this recommendation, but let me finish this point by adding that Dr. Hamilton is the only Pettibon Chiropractor in the Bay Area. 2.) I have received much more than chiropractic care whenever I go to the office. I feel that everyone at the office has been very honest and kind and friendly to me; and they have always been ready, willing and able to listen to me as a valuable human being, not just another “case”. 3.) I feel that the personal integrity of the doctor and his staff is above reproach. I know that they are all concerned first with my well being and lastly, if at all, with my wallet and the size thereof. I have frequently gone to chiropractors that were quick to get me in and out and get paid, but not too quick to be personally concerned about me as a person. I never feel that way at Dr. Hamilton’s office. Thanks to the Pettibon system and the spiritual orientation of Dr. Hamilton, I almost never have even slight problems with my back or any other health problems. I would go so far as to say that had it not been for him, my mental health would be in the shambles that it used to be in before his help. I can honestly say that I am happy and well adjusted (emotionally) ninety-nine and forty-four one hundredths percent of the time, and I certainly wasn’t very happy before his help. I would encourage everyone who read this recommendation to go to Dr. Hamilton’s Berkeley Chiropractic Center. I ESPECIALLY WANT T ENCOURAGE EVERYONE WHO NOW GOES TO SEE DR. HAMILTON TO STICK WITH IT. RESULTS TAKE TIME TO MANIFEST; AFTER ALL, IF YOU HAVE BEEN SUBLUXATED FOR DECADES, YOU CAN’T EXPECT A CURE OVERNIGHT. Health comes from within. Sincerely, ROGER A. BIRD. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 9/20/2013

I am much better after my first phase of treatment. I am now in second phase and walking up and down stairs without any pain. I know this to be awesome for a 68 year old great grand mother. I look forward to dancing for another 25 to 30 years in good physical health. I am taking care of myself on the front end. Be Well. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 9/18/2013

During the past year, with the assistance of Chiropractic and other types of therapy, I have managed to reach a point where I am free of upper back pain. Considering that I have had pain since I was twelve years old and that this was added onto by a collision on the freeway a year and a half ago, I’m pretty amazed. The Pettibon Technique, and particularly the exercises, has been extremely valuable in my rehabilitation. I have strength and range of motion that I did not have prior to the Chiropractic corrections and attribute this to (in part) my muscles being correctly balanced to hold my spine properly so I no longer have the weaknesses that allowed me to “put my back out”. (As a matter of fact, that hasn’t happened in seven months, the longest time since I was twelve!) During the course of my Chiropractic care I’ve also become aware that my health is what I make it, literally. That, for instance, by doing my chiropractic exercises I actually can influence the state of my body. This feeling of “causing my own health” has prompted me to look into other things I do and how they affect my health. For the first time in my life I am paying attention to what my body needs to feel its best and have been rewarded with vigorous good health and well being. THANK YOU! Kathy Ann Schroeder more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 7/15/2013

Mik (Dr. Hamilton) has been my chiropractor since before he opened his doors in 1975. Mik has that magic touch; something only GOD can bless doctors with. And I assure you, GOD gave that gift to Mik. I was living and working in Colombia South America back in the late 80's and had a back/neck issue that I couldn't deal with. Unfortunately, there were no chiropractors in Colombia at that time. Finally, unable to deal with the pain, I flew back from Medellin to Berkeley, to see Mik. Within minutes of his adjustment I felt relief. The pain promptly began to subside, and by the following day, I was back to the real me, pain free and on my way back to Medellin. Thank you, Mik. Thank you, Chiropractic. That had to be one of the most expensive office calls ever...with the flight and all, cost me about 14 or 15 hundred dollars...and believe me, it was worth every penny. Douglas Martin more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 7/10/2013

Dear Mik, This is a letter of appreciation for the service that you provided me in light of the head on traffic accident that I experienced. I have had seven occasions in my life, which have required me to have chiropractic care. They have included falling off a 6’ ladder onto gravel, impacting my 5th lumbar region with spastic result; running injuries; 6 weeks of care required for weight bearing injury that disabled me from landscaping work; having a 500 pound crate fall off a lift gate onto my head requiring emergency care and stitches, and the latest case, the above mentioned car collision. I have been treated by at least as many chiropractors here in the Bay Area. From the first day I could distinguish your care of my situation as fundamentally different from that of all the others. You methodically and scientifically examined my case with the aide of x-ray diagnostics and thorough check of range of motion. This is something no other chiropractor has ever done. I also appreciate your direct communication, explaining what you could do for me and how you would do it, in scientific, yet down-to-earth, friendly manner. I have found chiropractic practitioners to be generally friendly people, however, many seem to fall short on confidence and sincerity. Some have come across as put-on in one way or another. I see you as a friend and neighbor; someone I can trust and enjoy interacting with and know that my treatments will be performed in a professional manner. You have taken the time to work with me, given me effective exercises to heal and maintain my back and I feel that whenever I come in for help that my time and money are well spent. Not once have I had a sense of participating in a revolving-door scenario, which I have experience in the past. I was initially surprised to find that a complete history of back injuries could be found, via your x-rays, of issues I had considered long since corrected and furthermore, was amazed when the subsequent x-rays showed that you had faithfully erased those problems. Your work has been and continues to be greatly appreciated by me and you will be highly recommended to anyone I come across with health problems. Sincerely, Mark Smith more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 7/8/2013

Dear Mik: A few words of appreciation! When I first came to you, I had been miserable for over six weeks with a pinched nerve near my right shoulder blade. The pain ran clear down through my elbow and lower arm, ending in a tingling sensation. It also affected my ability to grasp small objects firmly enough with my fingers. I had been twice to an orthopedic M.D. who took an x-ray and said the trouble originated in the upper spine, in the neck region. His solution was a shot or cortisone in the area of the greatest pain, repeated on the second visit, neither of which had any beneficial effect. At the time of the second visit he said he would not know what to do except to refer me to a physical therapist if the second shot did not work. In the meantime I decided to try chiropractic and a visit to you. Your diagnosis of the source of the trouble was the same as the orthopedic doctor’s; your x-rays were more complete, and better yet, you were sure you could help me. But what really won my confidence in your integrity was your attitude or philosophy that the patient also had to take on responsibility for their recovery, and that you would only take on those who were willing to make a commitment to do the prescribed exercise as directed. This should be the trend in treatment of illness (or in acquiring “wellness”) – that the patient be taught and encouraged to participate and take on responsibility for recovery. (I almost forgot to say that I’m completely over pain in my neck, back and arm.) I am also very thrilled about an unexpected “fringe benefit”, although it is hardly “fringe”. When I came to you, I had been having trouble with my left thigh for over a couple of years, which was gradually getting worse. The hip socket would slip in and out many times during the day, and even at night when I moved or changed position in bed. The pain was only for a second, but enough to make me give a little scream as it happened. I had been to another orthopedic doctor about that also a year before. He also took an x-ray, but could see nothing that might cause the trouble. His advice was to wait and see if it got worse. The adjustments on my spine and the exercises have slowly but steadily cured this! Walking is again a pleasure instead of a chore, and the dull ache in my thigh that would develop during any long walk is gone. And, I don’t have to go around startling others and myself with a yelp over a slipped something-or-other in my hip socket. Thank all of you, and of course thanks and appreciation of your skills. You are all really nice human beings. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 7/3/2013

When I first can to Dr. Mik I was unable to sit for more that a few minutes because of pain in my right hip, thigh and calf. I attended a conference around that time and had to stand up the entire two days! I turned to chiropractic chiefly because of my long-standing conviction that traditional medicine does not deal well with spinal problems. Mik was recommended to me by a patient of his who said, “I have to say that in the long run, he made me good as new.” – (she had a whiplash from an accident) I was favorably impressed by the x-ray – exercise – adjustment approach but still overcome at times by skepticism. However, I did do the exercises and after a few months the symptoms did go away. Due to financial difficulties I had to stop making regular visits and for the next few years sporadic exercises, prescribed by Dr. Mik, and a few adjustments, were the only effort at maintaining what goals had been made. With all that, I had no new symptoms for about five years. When the symptoms returned they consisted of a tingling and pain all up and down my right leg and into the sole of my foot. I started exercising regularly again but it got steadily worse. Also, my spinal column itself was very sore in various places. I came back to Dr. Mik. This time I decided beforehand to do the entire treatment, whatever it costs. I am nearly 50 years old and plan to live to 100. And, I plan to enjoy the years I have left! One of my objects was a pain-free spinal column. It is now six months later and with 2-3 adjustments weekly and exercising 5-7 days per week, the symptoms in my leg have entirely disappeared. The soreness in my spinal column is completely gone. I am extremely pleased and have turned from skeptic to someone convinced that Dr. Mik’s techniques do work; that they are soundly based in physiology. Also, the evidence I’ve seen of how sincerely he and his staff really care about what they are doing, has repeatedly impressed me. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/28/2013

I am so happy that I am able to have treatment here at Hamilton Chiropractic. Dr. Hamilton is caring and exceedingly competent and knowledgable, and is helping so much in my recovery from a motor vehicle accident, as well as the stresses and strains of practicing chiropractic for 37 years. I highly recommend his services! more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/28/2013

I was in extreme upper back pain when I saw Dr Hamilton and within couple of visits, I felt much better; the pain was almost gone. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/26/2013

I am a chiropractor, who drives from Modesto to Berkeley every couple of weeks to get adjusted here at Hamilton Chiropractic. I have done this for just about twenty years. My father was treated by Dr. Hamilton when he suffered with cancer. I am very proud to know Dr. Hamiliton, his expertise and experienced staff are top notch. Looking forward to my next treatment. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/21/2013

Bedridden & Dying I was bedridden and dying. At the age of 27 that is not the place to be. I had already seen countless physicians and had been hospitalized three times. My heart was so weak that I was unable to even sit up in bed without palpitations and severe chest pain. Medical doctors couldn’t locate a physical cause and therefore stated that it must be a psychological problem. Six months of psychiatric care did not help…in fact, I continued to get worse. I knew I couldn’t hang on much longer. I called a woman who supplies us with vitamin supplements and she recommended that I go to see Dr. Sam Walters, an orthomolecular physician and chiropractor in Kansas City. (We were living in Wisconsin at the time.) After 3 days of testing at Dr. Walter’s clinic, he had found plenty wrong: 1.) Severe hypoglycemia 2.) A thyroid malfunction 3.) Vitamin/mineral deficiencies 4.) Structural problems in my spine My 7 year vegetarian diet along with my spinal problems was responsible for all this suffering. I was put onto a more general diet including meats, was given megavitamin therapy, and regular chiropractic treatment. All of these therapies have really helped me. I am no longer bedridden, and nowhere near death. I saw at least 4 chiropractors in Wisconsin before moving to the Bay area in July. The last doctor referred me to Dr. Hamilton before we even left for California. Chiropractic has made a major contribution to my condition and particularly since I’ve been under Dr. Hamilton’s expert care. I now am able to even work a part-time job! I attribute this to the exercises that go along with the treatment in this clinic and to Dr. Hamilton’s expert care. Dr. Hamilton is one of the finest chiropractors in this country – he has a God-given level of expertise which I have not seen anywhere else. I have brought him two other patients who were also very, very severe cases, and he has helped them both recover. (Both were such difficult cases, that other chiropractors had even refused to treat them.) Chiropractic has helped to save my life --- and I’m happy to be alive to tell you about it! more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/19/2013

I have always been satisfied with the results from the Dr. Hamilton's services. I have been coming for 17 years, and Dr. Hamilton kept me stabilized and functional for all those years. I am continuing to improve with regular twice a months visits. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/19/2013

After the usual childhood illnesses, I seem to have been one of the few people that enjoyed good health into middle age. I was confident that I could pop back into good health from any ailment within a few days. My lifestyle was one of maintaining a home, raising my family and working 8-12 and sometimes 16 hours a day. I felt that everything was A-1, except that every so often I would feel a sharp pain in the lower left side of my back, which I ignored because, after resting on my day off, I felt fine again. Then, that day came when I went to work and had to leave early with a high temperature and pain too awful to bear. My doctor told me that I had been working with a broken back. He ordered bed rest, then traction, and then therapy, of which, none had any lasting effect. I had become completely disabled and the slightest movement caused wracking pain. One day, my doctor told me that he did not know what was keeping me alive and sent me to another doctor to be prepared for surgery on my spine. That is the one thing I refused to go along with, and, at that time, a long time friend had been telling me to please go see a chiropractor. She said that she had had the same condition and that her chiropractor had treated her and she was now back on the job. Well, this I knew to be true, because I knew when and how long she had been ill. Then, I also realized how long I had been off work and how I felt when I first got ill, how many dopey pain pills I had taken and I was still becoming more helpless. I got my phone book out and called several chiropractors until I found one that agreed to see me. I’m so glad I found the right one! I myself would not have bet a nickel on my chances to live long or be relieved from pain, or to walk again, or to sleep for more than 1-1/2 or 2 hours a night. After three adjustments I could sleep all night. That was 2 years ago, and I feel fine. I can walk again, I can stand for long periods, and I sleep very well. I do most of my house work, take care of my business affairs, and the most gratifying thing, is to see my family relax from worrying and fretting over their dear Mom. Thank you, Dr. Hamilton, for restoring my health, for being patient and for encouraging me when I fell back into a slump. I have enjoyed the cheerful efficient assurance of your staff, which makes every office visit a very, very pleasant one. Thank you again Mrs. Mattie Thompson more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/14/2013

I have had 5 treatments out of 10, and my pain is nearly gone. I'll continue to come here, and I expect the pain to be gone completely very soon. Thanks a lot. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/10/2013

Dear Mik: I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the effective help that I received from you and your staff. When I first came to see you following a severe whiplash injury sustained in a car accident, I wasn’t sure that chiropractic care could help me. In addition to neck, head and shoulder involvement, the accident had greatly aggravated a problem in my lower back (previously diagnosed as degenerative disc disease L4-L5). Traditional medical interventions including muscle relaxants had done little for my condition over a period of five years. Prior to the accident I had attained considerable improvement from a regimen of flexion exercises, Tai Chi Chuan, swimming and acupuncture. You can imagine my added distress when these years of hard work were undone by the accident and I found myself again suffering from sciatica in my legs, numbness in my feet, chronic severe lower back pain, and greatly reduced motility in my back. I was first of all impressed by the thoroughness of your intake evaluation and program planning. I particularly appreciated your time spent in fully explaining to me the nature of my injuries and your plans for correcting them. I was also pleased that your program involved my active participation through a program of corrective exercises. This aspect very much confirmed my own prior experience in what had been helpful in improving my condition. All these factors are minor in comparison to my appreciation of the immediate and clear way that the adjustments helped to relieve the acute pain and distress caused by the injuries. I remember coming into your office with severe headaches which would keep me awake at night and make it almost impossible to attend to my clients and have you move vertebrae in my neck that were pressing on nerves and experience immediate improvement. It was also clear that the numbness in my face and arms and hands would dramatically improve with each adjustment. While I continue to have symptoms for over a year now since the accident, there has been a pattern of steady and clear improvement over time with your adjustments. When I began, my headaches were severe and constant; they are now moderate and intermittent and can be relieved by adjustments and sometimes by use of my corrective exercises. My shoulders, arms, neck and back were greatly impaired in terms of range of motion following the accident, and are now much closer to normal for me. I have a clear index for this gradual improvement in noticing the ease and range of motion in my daily exercises. Once again, let me say thank your for your assistance and effective help in guiding my recovery from a severely disabling accident. I particularly appreciated the warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere of your staff and office. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/7/2013

When I first came in to see Dr. Hamilton I was 28 years old. My back had been hurting so badly that I could barely get out of bed and I couldn’t sleep well. Within 3 months I felt almost 100%. A year later I had a bad car accident and Dr. Hamilton fixed me up real well. Then I got in another car wreck and after a few months of chiropractic care with Mik I felt O.K. again. I have been playing semi-pro baseball all year ‘round since I was 25 years old! I play for the Contra Costa Comets College baseball team at the age of 48! I credit Dr. Hamilton with helping me to play sports at my age and be able to compete in college baseball at the age of 48 through regular maintenance of my back and neck. Without his help it would have been difficult or impossible to compete because I would have been in too much pain. I was in numerous car and motorcycle accidents between the ages of 16 and 35 and Mik has always helped me to get back in shape. I highly recommend Mik Hamilton to athletes that wish to perform at a high level, well into their 40’s. I believe in the saying, “When your spine’s in line, you’re feelin’ fine.” Jimi James Ripley’s Believe It or Not – World’s oldest college baseball player more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 6/5/2013

Prayers are answered and I will endeavor to tell you how prayers were answered for me. I’ve spent a lifetime in pain. Throughout my school years, I never experienced anything other that tiredness and lack of energy. I felt that was “the normal” and that was what I lived with. My mother always fed vitamins to me, plus, periodically, I stayed home from school and would just sleep. Our family Dr. said there was nothing wrong with me. After marriage, doctors discovered I had an over active thyroid gland, which they treated. I never realized I had anything wrong with my spine until, in the process of moving, I lifted boxes and tried my hand at painting. That started my ‘back pain”. That was 20 years ago, and in that length of time I’ve seen every kind of doctor imaginable. I’ve also had a whiplash and a severe fall, which added to my troubles. No one knew what to do for me. If they knew the cause, they didn’t know how to treat it. Naturally, I got progressively worse. Two years ago I became ill at a health resort in Mexico. My husband and I had met a dentist there, and she saw how ill I was and suggested I go to a particular health school in San Antonio, Texas. I followed her advice, went to the school for one month where I fasted for two weeks, then was put on a special diet which I have been following. I agree I did perk up for a while. I still had back pain, especially in the neck area, but I could and did learn to tolerate the pain without medication. Recently I started going down hill again, so I knew diet wasn’t the complete answer. Fortunately, a patient of Dr. Hamilton’s crossed my path and suggested I see him. I live in Los Altos. When I suggested to my husband that I would like to see a doctor in Berkeley, he raised one eyebrow, but didn’t try to stop me. Dr. Hamilton found many things wrong with my spine after x-raying it. He felt one of the injuries showing up in my x-rays reverted back to childhood. At that time, before he started treating, me he made this statement – “I’m not patting myself on the back, but I’m really glad you found me.” I can say now, “I’m glad I’ve found him also.” I’ve been under his care for the past 4-½ months and, in that time, for the first time in 20 years, I can say there are times when I am free of pain. Through prayer, I have found the man endowed with the gift of healing, and I do know with time that he will heal me completely. Thanks Dr. Hamilton and all your staff for what you are doing for me. more

Editorial review from Bazaarify Inc 5/31/2013

I love, love, love Hamilton Chiropractic! Ever since I walked into Mik's office 13 years ago, you have been my Oasis and healer. I don't trust anyone else with my spine. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to heal from any injuries and remain healthy. You rock! XOXX more
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