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Ha Comedy Club - 48 Reviews - 163 W 46th St, New York, NY - Membership Organizations Reviews - Phone (212) 977-3884

Ha Comedy Club


163 W 46th St (at nr. Seventh Ave.)
New York, NY 10036

(212) 977-3884
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Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
Ha Comedy Club - New York, NY
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I bought my tickets online to see LMAO at Ha Comedy Club. I had previously seen the show last summer when it played at the other times square club. On the day I went it was a Sat...


Let me start by saying I think our previous visit to the Comedy Cellar scewed our perception of funny comics. We had a blast at the Comedy Cellar and decided to try HA! last minut...

bad tempee 1/7/2011

Horrible experience with the staff. On the way to the comedy club, an overly aggressive man approaches my group to sell tickets to the show tonight. We don't really address him because he is so crass ""what you mother f*ckers dont see me"". He decides to walk in front of us so that when we reached the ticket desk we would be forced to buy from him. While he's passing us he brutally bumps my pregnant sister and does this with out an apology and says ""let's see if these mother f*ckers get in with out me. ""When we reach the ticket counter I tell the man that I will not buy tickets from this man, and that I would prefer to buy it from him. He vouched for this I'll mannered man and says that we should buy our tickets from the crass man. We left. Horrible staff. Bad experience. more

Go here if you want to get cheat. 3/31/2010

Wow. If you're reading a positive review, then it must be them employees/owner who are writing the review themselves. LOL. Based on the # of audience--obviously, this place ain't that great. Me and my girls decided to go to this place on Thursday March 25th, 2010 @ the 12:30am showing. We were lured in by one of the promoter claiming that they have well-known comedians playing that night. I asked the workers if there were any people inside the place prior to paying for admission. They stated that there was a big crowd and push us in. We entered the room and wtf?? We made up one-third of the crowd. There was about 10 people in there plus us 4 girls. The crowd was so bad that the owner and the workers also sat in so that it will make the number look better. We were pretty excited and were expecting a good laugh. Thus, we were cheering a lot. The first ""comedian"" who had no jokes to tell was picking on us the whole night. Yes, we are Asian people. So the whole time the comedian was making racist remarks. There's a difference between racist remarks and racist jokes. And he could not deliver the latter. So after a while we decided to tune him out and avoid eye contact wishing for the next comedian. He noticed that we were ignoring him and so he picked on us nonstop. So after a while we got fed up and started to make rude ""remarks"" back. (We got him back really good)hahahah...Jokes on him. Obviously, the crowd knew their was tension between us and the first comedian. The second comedian comes on and then again this comedian has no jokes to tell. He starts making some racist Asian remarks and we were like wtf? Are all their jokes based on how the audience look that night? We paid our tab and walked out. This place FORCES you to buy 2 overpriced items, on top 16% gratuity. And yes, they keep a very close eye on you to ensure that you buy 2 items each. We asked the manager for refund (for the door) for the reason that we didn't stay all the way to the end. He then tells us that it is OUR fault for being ""disruptive"" and he even let us be loud when we first entered in. I didn't know that cheering was being disruptive. And he also blamed us for LYING regarding making racist remarks vs. jokes. So my cousin tells him, ""Do you think that we're lying when she's crying?!?!""--pointing to me. Silent awkward moment and so my cousin tells the manager: ""Fine, you can keep our $10 (each)."" I'm so shocked that we paid over $100 and this is how we are treated. Now I understand why there was no locals. Go here if you want to get scam. Cons: comedian, employee, price, food, dungeon more

Awesome Club and GREAT show- LMAO! 2/23/2010

I bought my tickets online to see LMAO at Ha Comedy Club. I had previously seen the show last summer when it played at the other times square club. On the day I went it was a Saturday night and the show was almost sold out. I'm glad I got there early and got my tickets in advance because it's general admission and the better seats go quickly on the busier nights. There were two large groups of college students from VA and WI on the night that I went so that made it a lot of fun for the interactive parts. .My group was seated promptly in front of the stage. The waitress was very friendly and personable. That's something you don't get a lot of in New York City nowdays. The show began with a warm up from the MC/Host where he asked for a few ideas to get the crowd going. Then the cast came out and sang a hilarious blues song about having to pay taxes - (LMAO) Awesome! From there they did some interactive stuff involving two audience members on stage making sound effects for two actors. Everyone in the entire audience was roaring with laughter. The did a few other funny skits that I hadn't seen them do before. My favorite was the original musical where upon request from the MC the actors had to break out into song repeating the last sentence. Overall I think it is worth a trip to see this show at least once. I can't imagine anyone NOT liking this show. I was also able to get tickets at the student price online in advance through a special promotion. What I also like is that there is no drink minimums for this show. Most of us ended up order a drink in my group which were decent pours and reasonable priced drinks. On the way out after the show the entire cast thanked us for coming and were all very friendly. Great show. Great fun. I HIGHLY recommend checking this show out. Pros: Awesome show, great club, fun people, laughter Cons: bathrooms ehh more

LMAO - attended and YES laughed my ass off1 2/21/2010

Last weekend I attended LMAO with my family and LOVED it. Being an improv show, from what I understand the show is different every night. The show I attended was packed and it seemed like everyone in the crowd was laughing and having so much fun. I give the actors a lot of credit. I don't know how they can come up with all those rhymes for the songs on the spot! They were able to keep it smart without being vulgar or using any profanity. I didn't find anything distasteful as the previous review mentioned and we had 4 people under the age of 18 - the youngest being 7. My favorite part was when the actors dragged my youngest up on stage to make sound effects for the actors - I almost fell off my chair! I guess it's not for everyone but my family and ""ham"" of a 7 year old had the time of his life and so did I. LMAO Pros: so much fun Cons: show could be a little longer more

LMAO: a TERRIBLE SHOW - in my opinion 2/20/2010

THE LMAO SHOW IS ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS in my opinion! DO NOT go see this show from what I experienced. It's one of the WORST SHOWS i've seen in a LONG time. The comedy club might be a decent host good comedians from time to time but the show LMAO is absolutely a waste of money in my opinion- I would recommend NOT seeing this show in my opinion. I hope this is fair warning for you to see before you possibly spend $50 on a ticket on a show that has little satisfaction for the viewer looking for a laugh - in my opinion. The entire audience included myself along with my 2 guests and about 6 other people. I asked for money back and the owner refused. Hopefully I'm able to alarm people ahead of time before they are dragged from Times Square to this theater to get their ""discount"" tickets right away which happened to me. Not a very happy customer. Shame on you LMAO. Pros: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Cons: EVERYTHING more

Too expensive; David The Voice Stein + Amy Carlson FUNNY 1/22/2010

The show started 20 minutes late. I came 10 minutes early. That was a 30 minute wait. I was quite agitated however David ""The Voice"" Stein and Amy Carlson, saved the day. VERY FUNNY! Pros: Good time, Most comedians funny Cons: The show started late more

The place just sucks....PERIOD 3/14/2009

These rating systems should offer zero's, cause that is definitely what the HA! comedy club was!!! Terrible place to go to. I don't understand how others give this place an average of 4 stars. they must have their own staff writing in to boost up their rating. The place absolutely sucked. It was definitely a waste of an evening. If you are into comedy, do some research ahead of time. I don't mind paying $$$ to see a good show, but if I knew ahead of time I would rather have gave my money to the homeless guy outside of the place! Pros: There aren't any Cons: Overpriced drinks, crappy show more

I love it! Great to release stress 3/2/2009

Whenever my friends and I are in the city on a week day, we always manage to go here. We sing we laugh we drink and we have a great time after a long day of work. We love this place. Great for friends, and meeting new people all over the world. more

This place is terrible! 12/4/2008

The place is a dump and the owner is a cheat. It's always dead, never anyone in the joint. Stay away! more

Big waste of money! 11/21/2008

Be fore warned! This place was horrible! I went to support a friend of mine that had a gig there. Besides being a complete dump, our waitress could not seem to keep up with drinks in a room of maybe 20 people. (And I understand! I used to be a New York City waitress in a really busy restaurant!) \r Anyway, she came around to get our drink order for the first round before the show (it was a 2 drink minimum), which was ok. For the second round she completely ignored me and my two friends, who were sitting right up front, despite trying to get her attention several times. We finally got her attention and ordered about 20 minutes before the show was over. Instead of getting our drinks, she proceeded to pass out the checks to all the tables.\r Next thing we know, the show is over, and all my friends want to leave (this place is not that fun to just hang around in). Well, I still didn't have my second drink that I'm required to buy so I ask the waitress and she's having them brought over, a good 5 minutes after the lights go up. And she had already charged me for the 2 drinks. \r I proceeded to get the manager to see if he would just take off my one overpriced beer that I didn't receive. I was extremely diplomatic, being very careful not to make the waitress look bad even though it was her fault. The waitress and bartender were incredibly rude to me and saying ""who do you think you are? why do you think you can be treated differently than all the other patrons?"" I'm pretty sure my 2 friends and I were the only ones who did NOT get to enjoy our 2nd drink before the show was over. \r The manager was not much help either, just kinda stared at me blankly saying he wasn't going to do anything. \r Bottom line, these people don't care, they don't have repeat customers! I guess I could have thrown a bigger fit, but that's just not my style. Pros: Lots of empty seats so you can sit wherever you like! Cons: Service is horrible more

DESERVES ""0"" STARS!! 11/1/2008

THIS PLACE IS A SHITHOLE AND IS THE WORST ""COMEDY CLUB"" IN NYC!! The managment people (Anthony, his fat wife Vikki, and bald Michael) are all cheats!! There business deserves to go down.\r \r I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!! Unless you are completely wasted before you step foot into this disgusting, dark and creepy ""comedy club"" you will not enjoy yourself. The comedians are absolutely terrible...def not what you call comedy. I guess you get what you pay for... \r \r more


Great place! I loved it!! Was there last week for my friend's bachelourette party. Very funny! One of the best comedy clubs I have ever been to!! Affordable and great drinks! Will definitely come back there many times and will recommend this place to anyone with a sense of humor :) more

Well worth the price-- two of the four or five comics were super, the others okay to good 4/6/2008

My husband and I were walking through Times Square when a guy handed us a coupon for the club. We'd been to the Comic Strip and other clubs before so we thought we'd give this one a try. Not all the comics were that funny (still better than the club on the Upper West Side, though) but there were two Seans in the show (my husband's name is Sean so I remember). The 'black' Sean did jokes about scaring people in a tanning salon, and traveling, and the 'white' Sean did jokes about being Jewish with an Irish name and about his family. Both were hilarious and were nice enough to talk to us after the show. For five bucks we recommend it highly, but I have one complaint? I called the club to ask when the Seans would be back and they couldn't tell me.\r Pros: Funny, funny Seans Cons: It's in a basement, and you can tell more

Comics weren't that funny 10/23/2007

Let me start by saying I think our previous visit to the Comedy Cellar scewed our perception of funny comics. We had a blast at the Comedy Cellar and decided to try HA! last minute. The comics were not that funny. I think we laughed maybe 5 times the whole show. I guess if we had not experienced the Comedy Cellar we would have thought these comics were funny but they weren't even in the same class at the other comics. I would not recommend this comedy club to anyone. If you are really looking for hilarious comedy check out the comedy cellar, reservations required. Cons: Bad atmosphere, comics weren't funny more

Not Bad 2/4/2007

My friend and I decided to come to HA! for a few laughs and that's exactly what I got.... a few laughs. The drinks were weak and there was only one out of the 4 comedians that actually made me laugh hysterically. I've been to comedy clubs before where I laughed from beginning to end. In addition to the one funny comedian, the host was very funny, I think they should have left him on stage all night. Overall, it was an ok comedy club. Pros: Inexpensive Cons: Drinks more

This place is Awesome. 11/17/2006

I was walking through the city and got a flyer for this little comedy club. Me and my friends were like screw it lets go. I went there and every comedian was hilarious. I have never been so entertained. Ive been to Carolines and Dangerfields, but this place will always be my favorite. I have been there about 8 times already. All my friends love it. They send u deals through ur email every week. The comedians are nice to u. When the show is done they are outside and they will talk to. Check them out on myspace too. They just put up a site. more

Decent Laughs 9/27/2006

Walking in Times Square a guy handed us a flier saying that adm was FREE (YEAH)! So the husband and I decided to give the place a shot. We saw the host the host & 5 comedians, of which 2 were a flop and 2 were ok, and the Francisco the last comedian saved the nite. Service was good, the setting was ok, overall no complaints. Pros: convenient *times square* reasonable drinks Cons: none fah this nite more

best chicken wings, great atomsphere, excellent show 8/22/2006

First time visit to New York went to Ha Comedy club, really enjoyed all of the comics, went on Thursday night not overcrowded at all. Really enoyed the entire evening. Would definitely go again and recommend to everyone. My husband and I visited the club July 27,2006. Pros: great service Cons: no negatives the night we visited more

Thanks citysearch 5/15/2006

I went to NY with my sister and two friends over Mother's Day weekend. I was in charge of the entertainment on Friday night. After finding HA! on this website and downloading 50% off cover coupons from HA!'s site, we decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed. We were a few minutes late for the 7:30pm show, so they let us in for free! The service was great, 2-drink min. not bad. I'm not a drinker, so I had a virgin diaquiri for $8 and a Sprite. Five out of the six comics were hilarious! Great time had by all. Pros: easy to find, cheap, hilariously funny more

HA! SUCKS-- 5/3/2006

HA has to be one of the worst comedy clubs i've ever encountered. service is TERRIBLE! i waited about 20 minutes just for 2 drinks for my date and i. the comedians r ok but nothin special really. my wife can do better so i say HA! won't be having the last laugh Pros: nice waitress Cons: bad service more
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  • The Scene
    In 2001, HA! was born when Sweet Caroline's switched from cabaret to an all-comedy format. The one-floor space has two rooms, one that seats 100 and another topping off at 200....

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  • Hours: Daily, shows start at 7:30pm and are every hour on the half hour; check the website for details
  • Payments: Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover, Diner's Club
  • Neighborhoods: Midtown, Theater District - Times Square