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Gold's Gym - 18 Reviews - 1400 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (305) 538-4653
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Gold's Gym

1400 Alton Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-4653
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Gold's Gym - Miami Beach, FL
Gold's Gym - Miami Beach, FL
Gold's Gym - Miami Beach, FL
Gold's Gym - Miami Beach, FL
Gold's Gym - Miami Beach, FL


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I was a member of Energy and it closed down with no notice, so when I found out Golds took over the memberships, I tried it out and have been ever since. Before this I was at Cru...


i visited this gold's gym while in town on business. my impression: its a serious, serious waste of money. not worth it. its very, very average (at best). do not fall for the h...

Nah.... 6/24/2011

i visited this gold's gym while in town on business. my impression: its a serious, serious waste of money. not worth it. its very, very average (at best). do not fall for the hype about a sobe gold's. its not what you are hoping for. read the other reviews. $25 for a day pass? and one that doesnt allow you to leave and come back just a few hours later? one that doesnt allow you to park in the Gold's parking lot? here is the reply from them when I sent an email asking about a day fee: ""We do have one week and daily fees since Gold's Gym South Beach is visited by many people from all over the world. The day fee is $25 flat and the one week is $105 plus tax."" but, the ""day fee"" is a walk in the door once, and dont expect to come back the same day fee. as I was not staying at the beach, I had thought of working out some, walking about sobe, and exercising some more as the traffic thinned. after all, I had payed a $25 ""day fee"". can do! once they have your money, its curtains, my friend. and they lie on their website, too, saying its a three story gym. here are their words, from their website: ""Alton Road, where you will see the 3 story Gold's Gym building on the left."" ITS A LIE! its a two story gym. what more do you need to know than that? they lie on their freakin website about how big it is! pretty hilarious...the jokes are obvious. and the two stories they have...they're not so big. and dont perform so well, either! i recommend this gym if you want to pay too much for a sub-par facility. and, if you think you are going to see a bunch of beautiful people there, this certainly wasnt my experience. more

Scam memberships 1/20/2011

I wish I could rate this negative stars. After purchasing several private sessions, I was treated like a beggar because I didn't want to sign a membership for a year (even though I spent a small fortune for a personal trainer). Fortunately that rudeness saved me from what I've found is a scam. They make more money on people who don't come in but are forced to pay for a year (or longer if they don't give 30 days notice when it AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS FOR ANOTHER YEAR). Stay away. Go to Proper Form Fitness, which is where I went and I am so so happy. more

RUDE! 8/10/2010

I just called to ask about membership options and the man on the phone was unbelievable rude! He refused to tell me how much a yearly membership costs. Apparently in order to get any information you have to go in for an hour. This jerk then proceeded to tell me that the gym was free and all i had to do was come in for a meeting. He continued by insulting me which led to me hanging up the phone on him. Why would I want to go in for an hour meeting with someone who insults me? I'd rather stay fat ;) more

Rockin 6/18/2010

I was a member of Energy and it closed down with no notice, so when I found out Golds took over the memberships, I tried it out and have been ever since. Before this I was at Crunch and Crunch went bankrupt and closed down 2 or 3 clubs. My boyfriend was a member of Idol and they went out of business overnight. Gold's environment is just more comfortable than the want to be spas that have tried to populate hotels and condos. South Beach Golds is where I workout and love it. I recommend Gold's, their equipment expertise is better and they have designed areas for women and really custom machines that I never had at other clubs. Pros: Best Environment Cons: Guest Feesl more

Open 24 Hours Thank you!!!! 1/31/2010

The new equipment in their studios and on the floor is very cool. They are open 24 hours when no one else is and this Golds Gym has some very specialized studios with great instructors not found anywhere else. Try their abs classes and enroll for a whole body vibration class and you will open up new ways to keep your fitness interesting. Thanks to Golds I have lost 6lbs since Christmas and am on my way to accomplishing my first goal.\r \r Barbara. Pros: The best equipped gym in South Beach Cons: no other Miami locations more

Sharks! 5/17/2009

I am a victim of the Energy/Gold's Scam, and I am outraged at the way I have been treated. My personal character has been insulted by a manager who never met me, only because I complained that I had no desire to join their club and that their claims to having a contract with me were BS. What's worse, their billing company, ASF is threatening my spotless credit. They're banking on the fact that most of us can't afford lawyers, but can't we all get together and find someone to represent us pro-bono? I know one member who got her contract cancelled through Help Me Howard. there must be some way to expose these sharks and save our credit ratings! Pros: Can't think of any. Cons: Cramped quarters, loud radio, rude staff, membership scams. more

Bad people to do business with 5/3/2009

Yes I was a member at Energy Gym and the day they closed there were four health clubs in front of the gym offering memberships. Golds Gym was one of them. But no mention of our membership being automatically transferred. So we checked out a couple of gyms and made a commitment. Then two months latter we start getting bills form Gold's Gym collection agency. Try as we can they will not stop. I never received any noticfication at all just ridiculous outrageous bills with late fees and manual billing fees just any kind of BS they can imagine to mess up my credit. Bad people Cons: Fraudulent billing pracitices more

Bad bad publicity 4/20/2009

I am just outraged by Gold's gym desperate need to get new members. Upon the sudden closing of Energy Fitness Club back in February, Gold Gym is now sending out bills to Energy's ex members based on the fact that they were ""sold"" Energy's members contracts. Basically, we are now FORCED to pay Gold Gym's. They are claiming to have sent letters to all members (which by the way, I have not been able to validate) informing that we had one month to respond, or else we would become automatically members. Aside from the fact that the Gold staff is just rude, they are unable to provide neither copy of the letter sent out, nor copy of the contract which would stipulate that Energy would be entitled to pass on these contacts to a third party (Gold Gym in this instance). Their response: either you pay, or your credit will be affected. Are you KIDDING??????? This is information I just can not wait to share with the Miami Herald and other media. more

Change to Gold's in South Beach 2/1/2009

I want to share an experience I have had now for just over 1 year as of this writing. I was always looking for a place that I could just work out in peace and make gains. The problem is that wasn't really happening, I mean I work out 4-5 days a week and run too but my body wasnt really changing. Thats when a friend of mine invited me to Gold's Gym when I was working out at another club and running on the beach. I was surprised to find what is a really good space in a city with very few. The club apparently was built to be a gym from the floor up and theres no beems in the way. The equipment variety blew the other club away and they included worldwide access to golds all over. What really separated them is the people there asked me if I was pleased with my results from before I joined. I said No and was kind of complaining about my genetics. They did not laugh at me, instead advised that 99% of people are like me and have to work for everything they have, but work smart. I was assigned a trainer and now have broken through the old barriers - thanks to the staff at Gold's Gym in South Beach and in Orlando where my companys headquarters is. I can go back and forth and dont have to join another gym. Thanks to the team at Golds!!! .Carl Pros: best equipment and space Cons: not enough rock music more

Thank you to Gold's Gym South Beach 1/28/2009

My friend introduced me to Gold's Gym at a breast cancer walktathon that they were the sponsors of.\r When I joined Gold's Gym back in Spring, I went to Crunch and tried to work out there and was not too impressed and tried out Equinox and they did not have enough equipment I needed a trainer and was amazed at the attitude in some of the gyms but Gold's was easy to deal with and they offered me a program that works. I like their work out theater they added recently too but wish they didnt always have sports channel on. This is a really amazing gym. When you work out at this club, you are next to other people who seem to understand what it takes to keep in good form and thats not something I have seen at the other places. I've met some very good people here and the Management that I have met seem to have some spine and will kick people out of the gym if they are abusive or lack manners. This is part of what I like about the gym and its funny that this is what some people complain about. I recommend Golds to all my friends! Carol \r \r more

Gold's Gym only wants your money - Rip-off Artists 1/5/2009

Gold's Gym on South Beach is a rip-off and the operations are horrible. The staff changes monthly if not weekly. The owner walks around like king of the hill only listening to his employees when you complain instead of clients. He should be concerned about his gym and people he hires to work front desk. Front Desk is very difficult to deal with because they are toooo busy socializing and will miss up your credit card - I know first hand. They over charged my credit card with manual fees and blamed me for it. There is a reason why the gym is still empty after 5 years in service. Nice facilities are not enough, you cannot rip people off anywhere, especially in a small community like South Beach. There are better gyms in South Beach with highly trained staff, no gimmicky fees and service charges. Their general manager is worst than the owner......... Customer retention is not a priority.....stealing and lying is. Pros: Nice Facilities Cons: Gimmicky Contracts and really bad service from staff especially when it comes to membership/credit card issues more

This is where to get real results! 10/25/2008

As a woman in South Beach, its not easy to get a good workout and its also impossible to find places that care enough to help you. At Gold's Gym South Beach, the one on Alton Road and 14th, they've got a really good program for losing weight and getting toned up. Its the only gym in South Beach that truly has the goods and delivers what is offerred. Also, when I travel, I go to Gold's Gym in Dallas and in Orlando and I went to one in Dominican Republic. The staff are super friendly. When I came in first in early 2008, I was 25 lbs overweight and between training and working out, I am down three dress sizes and at my target weight. Everywhere else I have gone no one helped me like here. Thank you to the staff and to the trainers and group exercise instructors at Gold's Gym! Pros: Staff cares, easy to access and clean faciltiy with all the equipment too Cons: they will ask you what your goals are and try to keep you on track, can be annoying more

Absolutely horrible customer service 10/10/2008

It's not the largest gym....doesn't always have towels....and has dated equipment...But, the worst part is the customer service. I had signed a contract for 1 year with an auto-renewal. At the year mark I had called to change my service to month to month. They had verbally confirmed that I was then on month to month. Then it came as a surprise when I tried to cancel my membership that I was responsible for the full year! When I had called to address the issue. The accounting rep actually blamed me! Me! for not getting it in writing. Really deplorable customer service experience. Get everything from them in writing...even if they don't mention that it is needed at the time. Never assume that they have your best interests at heart....Take everthing they have to say with a grain of salt. They are ruthless. They'll take your first born if given the opportunity. Cons: contract agreement, customer service. more

First Class Experience 4/20/2008

The Gold's Gym in South Beach is pretty much where I have gone to improve my conditioning, lose weight, gain some cuts, meet people and overall enjoy the experience of living in South Beach. This is at the foundation of what keeps me competitive and ontop of my game. Thanks to the staff and overall energy level at this club! Keep it up.... Pros: Wide Variety of Brands and the best equipment Cons: There is not an early morning ab class that I can go to well before work more

Lifter's gym 8/29/2007

People know what to expect from Gold's Gym and this one delivers. There is plenty of lifting equipment and it's all well maintained. The staff is polite and attentive. Membership is a little pushy but very polite. The tow floor design of this gym sort of turns some people off, if you like to superset often you might need to be running alot of stairs. Classes here are great and cutting edge. The gym is great overall but the price is a little above that of other gyms on the beach and they commit you for a full year. Pros: Great equipment, great location, great environment Cons: price above other gyms on the beach, tough for supersetting, parkng can be tough more

Refreshing and Upbeat Postive Energy Health Club 3/23/2007

Joining this gym was simple after taking a tour of the areas gyms, this one stood out as it was clean throughout and had the nicest and newest equipment in Miami Beach. Front Desk people were friendly and the personal trainers seem knowledgeable and helpful. I have taken nearly half of the classes and the instructors are the top ones on the beach and when I work out, they really seem to care about my results. I've been a member of two other gyms in this City and never did multiple people ask me what my goal is and how I'm going to achieve that. Gold's South Beach is worth going to. Pros: Clean and high ceilings good space, the newest equipment Cons: They do not allow you to work out with Flip Flops more

Best S. Florida Health Club with a South Beach twist! 3/18/2007

This is the ultimate work out experience and its in a great location in South Beach. With private LCD Screens on all the newest cardio machines of all the South Florida Gyms, this place is friendly and very South Beach at the same time! Staff are friendly and towel service is provided as soon as you enter. The club has boutique group fitness classes that are excellent and the ladies room is super clean. I have invited people from other gyms to visit and all of them have either joined or want to join. Also, they have better parking than the other places in town and not too congested with tourists. Pros: Clean, high tech club with the newest and most classic work out pieces Cons: Lots of traffic in South Beach more

Gold's Gym South Beach stands out! 3/5/2006

Where else do you get so many top brands of equipment, models everwhere, valet service and see Tiger Woods, Anna Kournakova and J-Lo working out at the same time? This gym is the most exciting work out area in Florida - bar none! Pros: best equipment, great classes , sexy people Cons: expensive more
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    The Terminator and the Incredible Hulk (aka Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno) lifted weights at the gym's Venice, California, flagship years ago, but even today, customers...

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