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Glasser, Robert, DVM - Steinway Court Veterinarian - 31 Reviews - 3241 Steinway St Ste R, Astoria, NY - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (718) 728-2822

Glasser, Robert, DVM - Steinway Court Veterinarian

3241 Steinway St Ste R
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 728-2822
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Glasser, Robert, DVM - Steinway Court Veterinarian - Astoria, NY


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For more than 12 years Dr. Glasser has been the doktor for our Cocker Spaniel. With his help we have been able to keep his allergies in check and to keep him in good health. Wit...


A.) on a routine visit, my cat was frightened and would not come out of the carrier. I began taking the carrier apart, but the vet said not to bother. He picked up the carrier and...

Violently Shook my cat 1/20/2012

A.) on a routine visit, my cat was frightened and would not come out of the carrier. I began taking the carrier apart, but the vet said not to bother. He picked up the carrier and TURNED IT UPSIDE DOWN AND SHOOK IT, trying to get my cat out. I took the carrier from him, and left. B.) During the two years I foolishly allowed this man to treat my cats, he told me they had gingivitis and that if I did not get their teeth cleaned, they would fall out in their advanced years. This process was hundreds of dollars per visit PER CAT. After not having had my cats teeth cleaned for two years I asked my new vet how their teeth were, feeling guilty for not having the money (or wanting to put them through the anesthesia) I was told that they were fine, and 10 years later they are still fine. There was never any need to clean their teeth. It was just this vet's way of bullying me into padding his bill. more

The one and only vet for our dog. 1/12/2012

For more than 12 years Dr. Glasser has been the doktor for our Cocker Spaniel. With his help we have been able to keep his allergies in check and to keep him in good health. With a dog like ours it is good to know that we can count on our vet. The visits are pleasant and thorough. All phone calls are promptly returned. Questions and requests are answered. I would not think of bringing my pet anywhere else. more

Great Vet! 5/14/2011

All the staff workers were very friendly and welcoming. They work with the doctors very efficiently as a team. Dr. Glasser was great. He was very efficient with the use of time during the examination, and he was able to find the type of my dog's ear infection right away just by looking through the otoscope. This not only saved money for us but also saved us time to get the test done. Another plus is that each animal's detailed medical record is kept online for the owner to see at anytime. more

Fantastic Cat Care! 5/12/2011

I have had nothing but the most positive experiences at Steinway Court. The office staff is really very nice and positive; it always makes me happy when they come over and greet my cat by name in the waiting room. The office in total is very clean, which I think is an extremely important element in any medical environment. Dr. Glasser is compassionate, and really seems to understand my cat. She always settles down when he is handling her - something I find quite amazing for an animal that only wants to be home! The care my cat receives is excellent, and the advice and follow through with Dr. Glasser and staff could not be better. Dr. Glasser makes suggestions about her care, in our case she is a little tubby. But he never makes me feel that I am not taking anything but good care of my cat -- and he helps me find the best ways to give her the best care possible at home. His advice is excellent, and he clearly is very empassioned about his work. I highly recommend Dr. Glasser and Steinway Court. I could not imagine anyone's animal being in better hands. more


I am grateful to Dr Glasser for helping my cat Max recover from his illness. After seeing other Veterinarian's I was impressed with how he was able to quickly diagnose my cat's condition and at the same time make Max as comfortable as humanly possible considering that my cat is not a big fan of Doctors. more

Steinway Court Veternarians Are First Rate 3/21/2011

I brought my dog who had a sore leg to Dr. Glasser. Dr. Glasser diagnosed the problem and gave me medication that had my dog well within 12 hours. Dr. Glasser has always done a great job with my dogs. He is very pleasant to work with and charges fees that can't be beat. I recommend him to all pet owners who want to be treated fairly and insure that their pets receive the best treatment. more

Great vet 6/1/2010

I took sparky to this vet hosptial, when my regular vet was closed. He delveloped a swelling under his eye that was getting bigger so I didn't wait so I took him to dr. Glasser and he told me it was coming from his molar tooth that was infected. I actually didn't know I was sapose to have his teeth cleaned periodiclly cuz my other vet never mentioned it to me. After they removed the tooth and cleaned his teeth the infection went away and he can breath so much better. This vet was very nice and he explained everything so well . I'm sticking with this place from now on..... more

he knows his stuff 4/30/2010

very friendly front staff and techs, clean, fair price and excellent doctor....overall A+ Pros: great vet all around more

he is a great vet 1/28/2010

my husband had taken my cat jake to two other vetd in astoria area, and both of which was unable to solve the problem on why jake had constant diarrhea. it had been going on for weeks and getting worst. dr glasser suspected jake had pancreatitis and that this is a real hard dieases to figure out, he had to take a special blood test and send it to cornell univ. meantime, he started jake on medicine for pancreatitis. finally the results can in and he was positive for the disease and being he was on the medication for it my jake was getting better. i am very greatful to have a vet like dr. glasser hegot it taken care of quickly which was importnant to me. i would recommend him to anyone who wants a vet who knows his stuff. Pros: knows his stuff Cons: needs mor vets like him more

Saved My Buddys Life! 8/29/2009

I have to say that I have never met a Veterinarian more concerned about animals than Dr. Glasser. I've been taking my dogs and Iguana to Steinway Court Vet for about 5 years now and I wont change vets! They always know whats best for my pets and go the extra distance to make sure I do the right things for their health. My iguana Buddy, caught a bad infection due to something he ate and was nearly at the point of death. I brought him to Dr. Glasser and he did what was necessary. He gave me the medication with specific instructions on what to do to keep him alive. 4 days later my iguana was looking and acting like his old self again! If Dr.Glasser ever reads yelp all I have to say is, Thanks Your The Best! Pros: Great Vet & cute secretarys Cons: none more

great vet.....great staff 8/10/2009

i was on my usual saturday walk in the park with my yorkie elvis when i heard a scream. when i looked over at him he was limping and bleeding from his paw. i ran over to dr. glasser at steinway court veterinarian. i ran into the waiting room full with people wit their pets who gasped at me in horror. i hadent noticed, but my shirt distroyed because elvis was bleeding all over my shirt. the receptionists qucikly placed me in a empty exam room and called dr. glasser in right away. he looked at elvis and my horrified expression and the first thing he told me was elvis will be fine, but he needs immediate surgery because he had cut a mjor vein in his leg. so while i waited a receptionist gave me a clean scrub top to change into and offered me a cup of tea. i was further consoled by the staff and updated on elvis's condition during sugery as i waited. after 2 hours they discharged elvis with antibiotics and medication for pain. i was expecting the bill to be astronomical but it wassurprisingly less then i thought it would be, considering the circumstances. sometimes you dont know how good a vet hospital is until you see how they handle a panicked pet owner in a emergency. dr. glasser and the steinway court vet, gets a A+ from a very grateful pet owner! :-D Pros: handles emergency situations very well. more

great vet 7/9/2009

my bunny wasnt eating for several days and not himself so i took him to a vet who wanted me to run alot of expensive test on him. then i spoke to several people who said bring him to dr. glasser at steinway court vet. dr glasser said he teeth needed just to be trimmed and he showed me them and they were really long. now my bunny doing great. i would highly recommend this vet to anyone.... Pros: always expains everything so i understand Cons: the parking police love giving tickets on steinway more

Best Veterinarian in New York City 6/8/2009

In 1994, I was going through a bitter divorce and at an extreme low point in my life. A friend urged me to get a puppy, so I went to North Shore Animal League and found an adorable mix breed. After about a week, "Bella" started to cough and I asked several people on my block who had pets and they all told me to bring her to Dr. Glasser. He told me she had kennel cough and assured me she would be fine and she was. The first couple of weeks were rough and I thought I may have gotten in over my head, as I was cleaning up lots of accidents in the house and found her chewing on my shoes constantly. All changed quickly with some training advice from Dr. Glasser's office and we were going everywhere together. I took her on my daily errands and she was there for me when I was putting up with an irrate ex-husband and his nasty lawyers. She helped me get through a very tough period in my life. When she was 4 years old, she was running in the yard and started screaming. I rushed her to Dr. Glasser and he told me she had torn her ACL knee ligament. He performed surgery at his office and put in an artificial ligament. She limped for about 3 weeks, but then was as good as new. When she was 9, she stopped eating one day and was extremely weak. Again I rushed her in to Dr. Glasser. He ran some tests and told me she had a tumor on her spleen. I was devastated! She had her spleen removed after which he recommended a consultation with a cancer specialist. They wanted her to have chemo, but Dr. Glasser did not advise it because of the side effects. He told me there was a good chance that he had got it all out. That cancer never did come back. As the years past, she slowed down a little but went for her check ups and got a clean bill of health. Last year, Bella started to drink a lot of water and I thought she had diabetes. Dr. Glasser took a bloodand urine test and told me she had kidney disease. My heart sank, but he told me with a change in food and some medicines we could get her a good amount of time still, hopefully. Two weeks ago, I noticed her appetite was gone and her normal playfulness was not there. I once agtain took her to Dr. Glasser, but I knew this time she would not be coming home again. Sure enough, she was in kidney failure. I knew she was suffering now and my best friend for so long needed my help. Everything she did for me came rushing back and I could not control the tears. In a darkened room, I held her that last time as Dr. Glasser gave her an injection. I felt her body slowly slip away peacefully. I will never forget Bella, she is still a part of me. As for Dr. Glasser, words cannot express my gratitude; he is the ultimate professional. Pros: Professional and efficient Cons: None more

Very thorough 6/8/2009

Response to IBD1120 Veterinary medicine is a necessary expense to provide your loved one with the proper treatment and care. We are here to make sure Sam is healthy and keep him that way. Our office has done everything to expedite the health and well being of her pet from the first time she came in. Sam first came to us for the first puppy visit when he was about 3 months old, and again three weeks later for the last set of boosters. Sam was neutered at five months of age. Prior to being neuter however; we ran pre-anesthetic blo*d tests to ensure that he his kidneys and liver would process the anesthesia prior to sedation. At seven months Sam was tested for heartworms and dispensed heartworm preventative. The next time we saw Sam, he was having extremely loose stools and had vom*ted numerous times. Upon examination this was obviously not the Sam we had come to know and love. He was weak, and lethargic. A rectal examination found several pieces of chewed bone in his rectum. The possibility of a bone obstruction or perforation of his bowel by a splintered piece of bone was our immediate concern. We recommended Sam have x-rays to see if there were indications of a bone obstruction in his intestinal tract. Thank goodness after evaluating his x-rays, no obstruction was noted, nor was there a need for surgical intervention. A serum chemistry and complete blo*d count was taken to evaluate the extent of the intestinal infection that ingesting the bone had caused. Sam was started on antibiotics and other injectable medications right away to begin healing his bowel. He was sent home with strict dietary instructions (either food they could prepare at home or food that we sell- which ever they preferred) as well as dispensed intestinal antibiotics and H2 blockers to sooth his bowel. We called the next day to inquire as to his condition and talk about his blo^d results, although she was not in. We are saddened by her perception and only wish she would have addressed her concerns to us. As always we try to provide the best veterinary care to all our patients. Steinway Court Veterinarian Pros: Has pets best interest in mind more

a great vet... 3/9/2009

my dog sonia wasn't eatting for two days and was shaking. then she started to have very loose stool and it had red stuff in it. i took her to dr. glasser and he told me she had H.G.E. short for hemmoragic gastroenteritis. he recommended several mediciations and a bland diet. he said she should be fine and she was. i was really scared when i saw all that come out of her! i would recommend this hospital and doctor to anyone who has a sick pet. plus the hospital is very clean and doesnt smell like some places i've been to, and the people who work there are very sweet. more

Dr Glasser, Best in Astoria!! 1/25/2009

My poor cat, Boris got his leg caught in a a metal grate, and was limping. I took him to Dr. Glasser. At first he wasn't certain where the damage was in the leg or how severe, so he recommended taking an x-ray. He showed me a fracture in his hip on the x-ray. He ended up needing major hip surgery. I was extremely pleased on how professional Dr. Glasser was and how he handled Boris. He had the stitches removed and he is already running around like before. I would HIGHLY recommend this doctor, as he is extremely skilled. Pros: Highly efficient, quick and effective service Cons: Good luck finding parking! more

Wonderful Vet, Wonderful Staff. 1/21/2009

Having read through some of the previous reviews I felt compelled to write something here. When my husband and I moved to Astoria our puppy was under a year old. We found Steinway Court just by searching through the web. Upon our first visit to Dr. Glasser's office we were extremely pleased. All of the staff working at the front desk were sweet as sugar. They were kind to myself and my husband and obviously pleased to meet my pup. We did not have to wait long to be seen and once inside with Dr. Glasser I felt comfortable that he was knowledgeable and compassionate. My puppy had a clean bill of health and was sent home. We later scheduled an appointment for her to be spayed. The office was accommodating, allowing me to bring my dog in before I went to work and was kind when I called asking for updates. Following her surgery we found that one of her lab level was not right. Dr. Glasser has some concerns and had us come back to re-do the labs. He assured us that it was not necessarily the worst and the levels being off could just be a result of bone growth. I was sick over this but when the results came back, it was Dr . Glasser himself who called to tell me the good news that my pup was just fine. I would, and have, recommended this office to many pet owners. I can do nothing but sing the praises of steinway court vet. Pros: Ease of scheduling appointments, knowledgeable staff, kind, compassionate Cons: parking can be difficult at times - bring lots of quarters. more

great hospital.... 1/7/2009

i noticed a swelling on my dog rear end and brought him to steinway court veterinarian. dr. glasser told me he and a hernia and he would need surgery. he explained to me he got it because he was never nutered. so i said ok to the surgery and i got him neutered at the same time. so now he got his stiches removed and he doing great. the doctor is very nice and so are the people who works there. im glad i found my dog great vet...... more

a highly experienced vet 11/30/2008

i found dr. glassers name on a reptile web site. and im glad i did. my iguana wasnt eating for 5 days. he told me i wasnt keeping him warm enough, i didnt realize they needed an ultra violet light to get u.v, just like they do from the sun. dr. glasser told me he had a metabolic bone disease. he started him on a calcium supplement and now he much better. i highly recommend this vet....... Pros: great vet....and clean more

steinway court veterinarian, one of the best clinics out there... 10/28/2008

i bought my new dog harry to Dr. Glasser for a check up. he was very gentle and patient and answered all the questions i had asked. Being i was a new pet owner there was alot of questions because i wanna be the best pet owner i can be. the office staff was very nice. and most importantly my harry got a clean bill of health! i will continue to go to stienway court vet as i feel very comfortable going there. :) Pros: nice staff and very clean more
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  • Steinway Court Veterinarian offers high quality "state of the art" veterinary care in a neighborhood setting. We are a New York State accredited veterinary hospital; this means that our hospital has undergone a rigorous inspection by the New York State Veterinary Medical Society.This society sets strict criteria for everything from surgical equipment to library texts, which are reviewed and scrutinized. Only those hospitals that meet the society’s high standards can become accredited. We are members of the New York City, the New York State Veterinary Society, American Veterinary Society, and the Veterinary Dental Society to name a few.

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