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Glass - New York, NY


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I attended my friend's birthday party here last week. Great time had by all. Easy access for 25 plus people. We arranged to have the cover/ticket fee waived previously. Of course ...


It was "un-fabulous" without the mellow sounds of DJ Efabulous. Besides that the place is "just okay". Pros: Well Dressed People, great house music, great bathrooms Cons: ...

Cute Little Spot - No attitude - Great drinks 3/11/2009

I attended my friend's birthday party here last week. Great time had by all. Easy access for 25 plus people. We arranged to have the cover/ticket fee waived previously. Of course we more than made up for it in alcohol consumption. The music was amazing that night (sat.) - for all the people who like to dance. I do and did it for 4 hours straight. No attitude crowd. Not the glamour crowd but certainly a good vibe and decent looking crowd aside from a a few "uglies" here and there. Bartenders are fast and friendly. I've been to Marquee next door on several occasions and nothing bad to say about that place either. Glass is less "pretentious" for those of you who are sensitive and less expensive but can be just as fun if your with your own group. I wouldn't necessarily go there to meet someone. It's a fun place to chill with friends but if your looking for love...look elsewhere. Bouncers are courteous in comparision to most other NYC hotspots. Also one last note for the guy who complained about paying for the drink least you get something for your money...other places charge more and you get zip. Oh the one bad thing is the number of bathrooms. When the place gets crowded you may get stuck in a bit of a line but it's not a deal breaker for me. I say go and enjoy! Pros: great little lounge for dancing and drinking Cons: bathrooms more

Just buy a botel 3/8/2009

I was outside of glass for 4 hours when a fight broke out and the bouncer beat up some inecent kid the bouncer broke his pinky it was like watching a match out of UFC I'm never going back fernando was a total looser the guy tought he was a roller but he was nothing close he was a total a@@ not rexomemded to anyone period more

Pretty Damn GOOD LOUNGE 1/21/2009


the worst bar in all the land 12/14/2008

to summarize; all the D-bags and euro-trash wannabies who get rejected from Marqui next door, spend their evenings next door at glass. The convinient location allows the shame of not being able to gain access into Marqui, to be quickly dispersed... Apparently, the stage dancing girls who come out after midnight were declined employment at Marqui as well. It's kind of like the creme-de-la-Hoboken meets Miami-chic ... more

One of the worst places 7/27/2008

One of the worst places I have ever been to. The door man was the nastiest guy i have ever encountered! he thinks he's the hottest bouncer when he desperately needs to buy a pair of shoes & iron his suit. How classy is it to drink a Bud Light behind a glass door when everyone can you? If it weren't for my friend's that were already in there, I would of never waited in line. The crowd was't good at all either! Not recommended at all! more

For a good time, go to Glass. 12/12/2007

I went to Glass for a friend?s birthday party last Saturday night. It was a really good experience! I got there at 10PM. There was no line, so I was let in right away. Reading some of the negative reviews, I?m surprised. The place actually seemed the opposite of what some people have said. The doorman was very, very nice. I?m an African Amercian woman. And I didn?t receive any discriminatory treatment. He checked my ID and let me in. He even chatted with me a bit later on. He seemed like a nice fellow. The 3 bartenders were busy but friendly. I ordered the birthday girl a martini. And she said the drink was strong. Some of the crowd did seem a bit aloof, but I didn?t mind because I was there to see my friends. I should be fair, though, and say two or three of the patrons did smile at us. Overall, I highly recommend Glass. The atmosphere was a bit upscale but also relaxed. The only real con is the lack of a proper dance floor. I would definitely go again. Pros: Friendly service, relaxed atmosphere, good value for the money Cons: Limited dance floor space, slightly unfriendly crowd more

Kind of reminded me of the Jetsons 11/9/2007

This place is ok, I guess. I went here after a horrific experience at the nightmare next door called Marquee. There was no problem getting in, as the bouncers were relatively friendly, but NY standards anyway. You have to pay this cheesy $10 cover at the door and then you get this little drink coupon. So, in essence you're forced to buy a $10 drink to come in this place. I guess that's average prices for a bar, but...what if I just wanted a Diet Coke? Secondly, the crowd here is just WEIRD. Plus it's really small. And the second I was done with my drink, about five waitresses asked me if I needed another. Listen girls, there's no one at the bar, which is about 2 feet away from me - if I need another drink, I will go get one. Stop harassing the customers! Pros: Easier to get in that its next door neighbor Marquee Cons: Weird people more

Great for Birthdays! 11/8/2007

I had my birthday at Glass last weekend and had an amazing time! It was so easy to make a reservation and everyone in my group got in with no problem. The doorman is the nicest I've ever encountered. On the downside, the bathroom line was long and they didn't have a coatcheck (they said it would start next week). DJ was incredible and kept the place pumping all night! Overall, a great experience. I'm definitely recommending Glass to my friends! Pros: Great music, smoking area, easy to get in Cons: no coatcheck yet more

Awesome Bathroom 10/26/2007

I normally don't like the area BUT had to go because it was my friends birthday. I was on the guest list and they let me right in. At first the place wasn't that crowed (meaning easy to get drinks) BUT once there was a decent crowd it was nearly impossible to get drinks at the bar. Luckily you can order a drink from one of their "cocktail girls." Overall, the DJ was real good, the drinks were weak, and the bathroom was trippy.. Pros: DJ was great and the bathroom was neat Cons: poser clientele more

Closed, gate down and everything! 10/3/2007

Came with friends after calling to find out what time they open. They said 10pm and gave a run down of music they would play (hip hop and 80's on Wed night). Got there at 10:30pm. Doors were LOCKED. Waited till 11pm (maybe they made a mistake?). At 11, gates were pulled down over the whole lounge front. Yes, GATES. Very odd. Dreaded going to club in that area (pretentious, snoootie, yes what you've heard about next door neighbor is all true). Spoke to bouncer at Marquee and he seemed nice. Music for the night at Marquee would be rock upstairs and hip hop downstairs (again, wed night). So got in line. and waited. This is what people speak of when talking about feeling discriminated by race or class or just plain overlooked and invisible when going to clubs that think highly of themselves. I'm hispanic and she's black. I wore skinny jeans and a halter with an armani blazer (she's a skinny minnie, I'm a curves in good places girl 5 foot 7 in heels and about 135 lbs). We both work in finance, I'm 26 yrs old and have long curls. To boot, they let a couple behind in, and they were in the age range of 39 - 42. Man wore a business suit (lower level finance, not crisp mgmt suit) and woman wore a dress. Decided the people inside must be going through menopause anyway and we would be better off finding another spot. Overheard woman at door ask bouncer in reference to guys who were also trying to get in "should I tell them they should dress better or what?". She wasn't even kidding. Don't give them the satisfaction of being friendly till you step up to the door where they reject you. Anywhere other than a club it would be illegal to profile. :) Pros: Supposedly un pretentious Cons: They were closed lol more

Still Going Strong! 9/2/2007

I've been going to Glass regularly since they opened six years ago. Let me lay to rest some of the negative reviews on this site. First, Glass is NOT a gay bar. They welcome everyone, which may explain why one guest walked in and saw a bunch of gay guys one night. They would never say no to a group because of sexual orientation. Second, Glass is like a family. The owner stands at the door, welcoming guests and making sure that their experience is pleasant--unlike most other doormen in the City. The staff are friendly and the drinks are reasonable. They use real liquor in their well drinks, not the $5-a-bottle junk you'll pay 15 bucks for in another club. Lastly, the design is amazing and they have a garden in the back where smokers can chill all night. Give Glass a try, you won't regret it! Pros: Great all-around experience Cons: Other clubs ruined the neighborhood more

saved my birthday celebration 8/4/2007

after being disappointed from 3 another near by could here the music from outside. bouncer was great not rude at all...cover fee was great! if you are just looking for a small cozy place to just dance and enjoy great music....highly recommended Pros: cozy. great dj. air condition. open backyard to drink and a section to smoke for smokers Cons: small and don't understand how a bar can run out of rum more

Screw Marquee and go to Glass! 12/19/2006

The first time I ventured to the wonder that is Glass, my girls and I had been partying at Marquee until it turned into a zoo when Paris & Nicky Hilton arrived and sat in VIP (speaking of which, isn't the point of VIP to be tucked into a conspicuous, closed off area in which the "unworthy" will not be allowed pass?). We promptly left and randomly walked into Glass and the rest is history. I don't even go to Marquee anymore b/c of the masses of silly, pretentious people. I can no longer count the amount of times that I have been to Glass and each time I have gone, I kid you not, I have had some ridiculous night of debauchery not only w/ my friends, but w/ random people I have met there. If you're looking for a place w/ yummy cocktails, friendly staff, good looking people (i.e. men, although the ladies represent as well), and tunes that make everyone get out of their seats and gyrate on the dancefloor... well then, this is your place! Pros: Sinful dancing, good music, good people, outside lounge area (excellent if you're a smoker, esp in the summer) Cons: When it's packed, it's PACKED more

Watered Down Drinks.. 11/11/2006

Went here for a birthday. The $10 cover was OK, bc they gave a drink ticket. However the drinks were EXTREMELY watered down. Good music, no guys. Single girls dont waste your time. Pros: good music Cons: bad drinks, not a good pick-up place more

It's a Gay Bar... 9/28/2006

Trendy....but it's $10 to get in with a free drink (which by the way is watered down) AND it's a gay bar...I wish they would of told us that before we went in...Ladies...if you want a man, don't go... more

If you are looking for stuck up prejudiced doormen, then this is the place for you. 9/9/2006

My sis-in-law & a close friend decided to check out Glass last night after hoping from a few other spots last night in celebration of her b-day. So after coming from a lounge right around the corner from Glass we got on their line to pay our admission to get in. At first glance I realized the 3 of us stuck out considerably in the line as most of the potential party-goers were either not from NY or of a Paris Hilton type. Us being more of an ethnic mix & straight from the island of Manhattan. Now that's a non-issue b/c we don't mind partying w/ anyone so long as everyone has fun. Unfortunately for us, it did seem to matter to the main doorman. Long story short we wait for about 10 mins b/f we're at the front of the line. While there I witnessed the interaction b/t 2 different parties looking to get into the club- which was the catalyst for why I write this review. The first group were 3 Caucasian guys from Canada- I know this because the main doorman asked these guys their life story b/f letting them in. He told them they would have to pay $10 & would get some free drinks inside. At no point did he ask them what guest list they were on. The next person on the line was an Asian woman. The asst doorman asks her if she is on a guestlist- she says no. They let her in. Then to our little 3-man group- now all of us are over 21 yrs of age w/ valid IDs, & all 3 of us were dressed. The main doorman (Fernando) goes on to look my male friend up/down (the lone black face in the whole crowd) & proceeds to tell us it's strictly guest list. This is after he just let in 4 ppl who were on NO guest list, but who were obviously of a "higher element" that we must have been perceived as. I could have stayed & argued what he was doing was border-line illegal, but we decided to go to another hot-spot nearby & had fun anyhow. But I'll make sure to turn everyone I know off from going to Glass. Pros: The place looks real nice from the outside Cons: Obnoxious over-the-hill doorman more

Trendy place with great music. Fun atmosphere. 8/31/2006

I always have a great time at Glass. I recommend it any time that it is open. Music is good. Pros: Everything about it Cons: None more

Glass Sparkles 6/21/2006

I've loved this place since it opened. The door staff is friendly, the crowd is gorgeous, and the peach martinis are AWESOME! The wait staff and bartenders are really sweet (love the shirts they wear, wish they'd sell them), and we all had a GREAT time here. And I still get a kick out of the two way mirror in the rest room :) Pros: Everything about it more

Great place for great times 4/15/2006

Found this little hotspot after going through a Hell of a nightmare with the over rated "BED" (DON'T go there). $10 cover that includes a drink ticket, reasonably priced drinks and pretzels on the bar - a place to sit for everyone, great decor, outdoor smoking section is fun as well. Pros: GREAT staff, Decent drink prices, Atomosphere more

AWESOME! 2/5/2006

I had a great time at Glass this past weekend! The management is great, the service is wonderful and the drinks are priced well. The music is awesome and I enjoyed shaking my moneymaker all nite long! I would go back in a heartbeat! The staff was friendly and the service was great! Pros: Great dancing, Good management Cons: Need more bathrooms more
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  • A narrow, glossy bartop conjures up the elegance of a Mediterranean yacht party. Eye the cool tiles and elongated blips of white and slate that decorate the walls, leading to a lighted patio at the end of the tunnel. The white tables edged in pink translucence look like they belong in a pricey modern restaurant, but this joint is all bar. Vivacious, crisply styled sophisticates chat over bright drinks like caipirinhas and a mojito rosa made with raspberries, lime and rum. Sparkling prosecco and Bellinis join small plates of shrimp seviche and cheese with olives, as the smooth, gentlemanly bartenders stay cool through a bustling cocktail hour.

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