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Glamour By J's


941 4th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 672-7142
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Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
Glamour By J's - Miami Beach, FL
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I should begin this review with a disclaimer: I am a beauty editor by trade, and therefore have the extreme fortune of being able to go to just about any spa/salon I want and revi...


This place looks clean, seems kind of friendly (when you are paying), probably and ONLY probably good at other services, but by God, DO NOT GO THERE FOR A BIKINI WAX !! Never in m...

Best brazilian & Eyebrow waxing in Miami Beach. 1/28/2011

I should begin this review with a disclaimer: I am a beauty editor by trade, and therefore have the extreme fortune of being able to go to just about any spa/salon I want and review it for my column. \r So, it's super rare for me to go ANYWHERE more than once. And this goes for everything from my hair to my waxing to my facials.\r However, I've been getting my brows shaped and tinted by Amelia at Glamour by Js every three weeks for about three months now...and I have no plans on going anywhere else any time soon. \r Why? Well, Amelia is amazing. My hair is very tightly curly - and yet fine baby hairs - so difficult to do evenly and fully. She intricately designs, and shapes, one tweezed hair at a time, until her vision is complete. She trims, she works on you a very long time - this is not one of those 20-minute joints - all my visits to Amelia are around 25-35 minutes...and she does an amazing job. My Bikini & brows are evenly shaped, and grow evenly...something I couldn't say at some of the city's priciest, most exclusive salons. And her tinting is the perfect shade for me. I just slap it on before I start my Brazilian wax and by the time she finishes the color is done.\r What I also love is that she's at an extremely affordable price point - making her an obvious choice over city counterpoints. And she has a frequent user point system that rewards her loyal customers - which I hear is a growing bounty!\r Def. visit Amelia - and tell her Mikaella sent you!\r more

This is as bestess as it gets !!! 12/16/2010

Ok 1st thing is first ...You should never be price oriented when it comes to something so personal and in an area so sensitive such as the bikini area! My strategy is find the place that has a price a few dollars higher than the other and then read their reviews online, it never fails, those \r $15-20 is what separates the good from the great. So after doing a thorough search online I came up with a few and decide after careful analysis that @GlamourbyJs was IT. As I arrived I was warmly welcome by a very polite gentleman in a beautiful & bold Louis xv RED center table that I truly wanted to take home with me lol . To summarize my tech was swift, gentle and most important of all experienced! Everyone thinks that waxing is just slapping the wax on and then pull it off ....I don’t know about you but I am very well well-versed and it takes a bit more than that . Hence this is where the experience thing that I mentioned comes in. Remember the saying “you get what you pay for”.\r more

painless , baby skin again , thoroughness 10/2/2010

After Trying Brazilian Waxing with the best ""Glamour by J's "" I consider myself to be an expert now on brazilian waxing, So i can finally write a review because I have found myself searching the web for opinions of the procedure before undergoing it in the past. So i decided to write for you ! I am sooo happy I went ahead and tried it! Let me just be clear that do-it-yourself does not even come close to comparing to a Glamours by JS brazilian wax, with the right person performing it of course( Amelia). I was shaving and having horrible ingrowns, itchiness and bumps which have even scarred and I always dreaded the quick regrowth. I finally decided I wanted to try waxing, BIG MISTAKE, due to the fact that the very first time I performed my own and it was a mess. I couldn’t even bear the pain and after the first rip I found myself unable to finish. Okay so first of all, if you are going to do it at home, DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF THE VERY FIRST TIME. Brazilians can be pretty spendy if done on a regular basis, but I find that after the first time I can maintain it myself by simply waxing the hairs as they grow in. Definately finding a good salon to go to for first timers wasnt easy but a friend recommended me to Glamour by JS. The brazilian is typically all the hair removed, front and back, either with a landing strip (thin line of hair above the lips) or bare. I have always gotten everything removed and been bare, but I have been very interested in the landing strip so I went ahead and got that done today for the first time. I’m loving it! Brazilian waxes make the skin feel so smooth and sexy. It’s so nice that I have smooth skin for about three weeks. Amelia , who does mine is VERY quick and I am very comfortable with her, I’ve been going to her for a couple years now. This is very important because I have had one bad experience where I felt very uncomfortable, the lady took forever and all the hairs weren’t even gone!\r The pain isn’t bad, not even close to what some people make it sound to be. If your thinking about trying it, I’d definately recommend it! more

Best Brazilian bikini waxing in this planet period !! 7/3/2010

I have been going to Glamour by J's for a bit over over 5 years...and yes... they are the best...Before going there...I tried various places in Miami beach Coral Gables , Brickell...from cheap to mid range to expensive...and they all turned out horrible .....I finally gave in....went to Glamour by Js after a botched job - and paid them to fix all the ingrown from the previous places ......and I have never turned back....\r \r I adore Amelia .....She has such great humble energy and is super efficient....she gets EVERYTHING...and works swiftly ....their secret blue oil really does help with soothing you and preventing ingrowns and bumps...she listens to you....and I never feel rushed...Even when I'm late...they always accommodate me...Going to Glamour by J's is like hanging out with my peeps I love it !.... \r \r I always tip 20% or more because the final results r impecable and consistent. \r \r \r \r Like I tell all my friends...leave Brasilian Waxing to the professionals....Glamour by J's...and no one else.....\r \r Pros: south of fifth 1 block from murano grande Cons: street under construction more

I lost mine to Glamour by J's 4/8/2010

I used to slightly resent the popularity with brazilian bikini waxes. Why would women put themselves through such pain in the name of beauty? Until I tried it. Now I'm hooked i have baby skin everytime !! If you are going to a professional who has a technique and can coach you through it, it is not as bad. Amelia is a pro and while I am certain everyone at this spa is just as good I'd rather not mess with perfection. She is professional, gentle with 1st timers lol makes you feel at ease and does a superb job. Obrigada, !! Pros: parking / south of fifth next to my house Cons: very private coulnd find it more

1st time loosing you Brazilian bikini??? 3/14/2010

You have not gotten a ""Brazilian Bikini wax"" untill you have been to Glamour by J's . I was so amazed with the precision & professionalism that i received during my visit. Being that it was my 1st time i was greatfull that she was gentle , swift and yet did a great job. I asked for a heart because i wanted to surprise my boyfriend and she was able to draw it down there super excited i love my wax. Pros: swift - near painless- clean Cons: i love this place more

Great Brazilian bikini waxing 3/12/2010

Never Do your Bikini wax in a place that uses hard wax it might hurt a bit more to use strip but its worth knowing that thereis no recycling involved. Glamour uses strip waxing .\r For waxing services, you simply cannot find any better than Amelia at Glamour. I’ve been a client of hers for over a year now and I’ve consistently been thrilled with the results of all of my waxing with her: Brazilian, legs, arms, underarms, lip, and eyebrows! She is certainly one of Miami's best kept secrets in the beauty biz, but I am quite sure that won't last long. One of the things I like most about Amelia is that she is extremely passionate about what she does and will always strive to do a perfect job for you. Her Brazilian Bikini Wax is expertly done -- thorough, fast, and professional. The spa provides a lovely atmosphere that makes you feel at ease, as does Amelia & her team . I especially recommend Glamour by Js to anyone getting a Brazilian for the first time, or to those who are shy. Pros: price / customer service/ best place to wax in sobe more

I'am in love with Glamour by J's. 3/10/2010

Amelia IS A GODSEND!! I'm still in shock at how quick and basically painless (yes, I said painless) my waxing job was with Amelia! In about 12 minutes and six swipes she was done! I couldn't believe she had gotten everything but she had. If you go to Glamour by J's, DEFINITELY go to Amelia or ask her who she recommends . Last time I went to another place (don't remember thename not important , but i remember it sucked), and it took four times as long and hurt ten times as much! It was horrible & I did walk out in pain. when I was done all i wanted to do was give her a huge kiss and I walked out smiling. She's got some serious know-how. I can def recommend pain free brazilian bikini wax to all my friends now..kudos yay Pros: Great new location with parking everywhere Cons: no walk ins very exclusive more

THE BEST WAX!!! 11/19/2009

As an actual brazilian customer I can tell you that Ive never been so well received in a waxing salon before. I spent 2 years waxing in different non-brazilian places before a friend informed me about the them. And no one have ever done such a top of the line work like they do. Yes the bikini wax can be painful at the begining but after a couple times you cab barely feel it, as the hair grows weaker and the pain goes down as well. I did it in the begining with a couple of them and now i only do it with JP, shes the best. more

Finally a good brazilian service by actual brazilians 11/2/2009

I am from brazil and so I am acostumed to wax and manicures brazilian style & well done ! I am very demanding of the service that I receive because I know whats great and once you experience great, then anything less than it cannot go unnoticed .Usually when I don’t like the service that I received I just pay and dont come back. This place did a wonderful job I am vry excited !!! The technitian was attentive, professional, friendly, and talented. I know it's a bit pricey but if you get more services done you get freebies, and also I have learned that it is best to go with quality. I have been to too many nail salons where the people were unprofessional, ruined my toes , and I spent more money trying to fix the ingrown problem which only damaged my toe further. Thank you Amelia for fixing my bikini facial and my medicured toes xoxo muitos beijos & muita sorte !!!\r \r \r Pros: location location location Cons: contruction outside a bit noisy. more

I love this place 10/31/2009

A small entrance brings guests to a sunny waiting room outfitted with light-wood furniture, soft pastels and cream accents. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a very warm welcome from Michael & Clarissa. I was then offered something to drink ( complimentary glass of wine or other refreshments with any service , I had the Infamous iced tea. I don’t know what they put in it but I never tasted one as good as this one before lol ) i was then quickly guided to Amelia’s waxing room. Upon entering i was stunned the room is filled with celebrities pics all regulars here . Amelia's waxing technique was gentle , clean and very professional .The friendlyness of the team and quiet atmosphere created a welcoming and pleasant experience. I would def be back for moreeeeeee.\r \r \r Pros: South of Fifth no parking hassle Cons: no wak ins more

Amazing waxing & service finally! 10/29/2009

I first visited Glamour by J's after thoroughly reading all of the reviews on in style magazine ,yelp,new beauty & CitySearch i had to come and check out what was so special about this waxer named Amelia. I loved the family atmosphere that greeted me upon entering the place and how I was treated as a vip guest. I had the pleasure of receiving my wax service by Amelia and my mani & ped from Sueli (the nails were a bit pricey but totally worth it, my pedi lasted almost a month . Never before had I experienced such a team effort to make me feel as if i was at home . Oh, and they use natural products that will not damage your skin or the environment.\r I have been back 2 times to Glamour by j's and every time I visit, I am treated with the same attention as the first time. Moreover, I always leave knowing that my mani/pedi & bikini is exactly what I was looking for impecable even though I may not have been able to explain it clearly when I arrived there. Please, check out Amelia & company and I assure you that when you pay the bill, you know that it is well worth every penny!\r Pros: resindential zone free parking m-f till 6pm Cons: only a Miami beach location more

Best place to get a wax period. 10/12/2009

I read about this place in Instyle Magazine. They were voted the best of Miami in the October issue so I decided to go and check it out. They just moved location so there is a bit of construction going on but once I had my wax done, oh I was relieved that I finally found greatness. Amelia has the hands of an angel! Gentle, fast and the closest thing to perfection there is. I usually never write these reviews but I was compelled to let everyone know about this wonderful place. You have to check it out now.\r \r Pros: no ingrown hairs, very gentle , clean Cons: no walk ins, more


This place looks clean, seems kind of friendly (when you are paying), probably and ONLY probably good at other services, but by God, DO NOT GO THERE FOR A BIKINI WAX !! Never in my life have i been treated so poorly and gotten a worse waxing job. I came in to the room and the girl said ""you know what to do, lets make this quick"" verbatim. First of all it's a SPA. I was so confused that she was standing there waiting for me to take my clothes off, she clapped her hands yelling ""come on what are you waiting for!"" THEN she proceeded to rip away hair WITHOUT following standard waxing procedure, she barely pressed down on the strip or waited for the warm wax to set, resulting in very painful waxing, and a very splotchy job. I couldn't believe that was happening and THEN she proceeded to say, ""next time come on time."" I was on time, except i had to wait around in the parking lot for a non-existent parking attendant. She said that multiple times as she repeatedly put the used strip back on and reusing the used part on the splotchy area - ripping the same spot over and over again. I dont know how they train their people, but you should know, NOT to dunk the same waxing stick that got used into the wax jar, thats disgustingly unhygienic. AND not to restick and wax using the same used wax on the strip, talk about cheap and unhygienic.She then looked at the poor job she did and said "" your skin is too sensitive, the hair is not coming off, and i could tweeze it but it will hurt you, so i wont."" not only did she refuse to fix the poor job she did, she blamed ME for it! I left with red, bleeding pores, a lapful of powder that she dumped on me and a ""leave the door open on your way out"" as she left the room.Did i mention it hurt and is now red and rashy.Count your lucky stars as you don't leave with an infection from the unhygienic and unprofessional service.I can't believe they brought Brazilian waxing in to the US and still use strip wax on bikini. I am never coming here again. Pros: You Can Tell Your Friends You Are Cool Because You Went To Famous Sisters...LOL Cons: It is Very Unhygienic, Unfriendly, The Worst Spa Experience I have Ever Had EVER more

BEST Brazilian Wax in Miami 9/5/2008

This is absolutely the creme de la creme of Brazilian waxing. I got my very first Brazilian wax at this salon a few months ago and I am hooked. Nothing short of a day at the spa will make you feel as clean and groomed as this ""procedure"". If you can put up with a brow waxing you'll be fine with this. The salon is beautiful, and each waxing station is private and has their own lamp for ""closeups"". They are VERY attentive to detail and you will definitely come out with a hairless wonder. The price is somewhat high compared to others, but it is worth it. My only complaint is that they don't have other salons in and around the city, so the drive to SoBe is somewhat inconvenient. They have early am hours (9am) which is absolutely great. This salon takes a little longer (about 40 mins) for the whole waxing, but that's just because they are so attentive to every last minute detail. I definitely recommend this salon for waxing, and if this is your first time, get your first Brazilian here so that you know what it should be like. All others are second rate. Pros: Attention to detail, Professional, Beautiful Salon, Cons: Location (far from the city) more

Appointments Highly recomended ..the best wax in Miami Beach 6/19/2008

Alrighttttttt?.I am not a local person and I am constantly traveling therefore I am always looking for a one stop shop for everything since I am always running short on time .....well Jsisters is now it , Miami is always on my work routes and I heard incredible things about this place and so I decided to stop by and check out the place . I was surprised to see how nice the place looks inside; also when I walked I was greeted by a super friendly front desk which called me by my first name? I felt like I been there before. I went to try the Brazilian bikini and the intense Mani/Pedi but I ended up doing that plus an oxygen/ microdermabrasion facial and my eyebrow threading which looks amazing now ?I feel like they gave me a new face?.I totally recommend this place and it will definitely be part of my schedule every time I am in Miami beach. Pros: Friendly Staff / luxurious / professional services Cons: Parking / hidden location more


~~~~The Services & Staff are amazing great place to have an increadible pampering Spa experience.!! \r Totally recomend it for men as well as woman. more

Best Brazilian bikini.Ask for AMELIA 4/25/2008

If you are looking for a place to find the perfect bikini wax (ask for AMELIA she is gentle with 1st timers and very patient and professional), I also had an extraordinary Mani / Pedi /facial. This is the place to be in Miami beach (not to mention that they also do eyebrow threading)?you have to check out J sisters. Although a bit costly , it is money well spent due to the level of service and professionals that they have. I've strayed a few times and attempted to get a cheaper services , but I find myself running back after kicking myself for not going there to begin with. They treat everyone like the celebrities that they cater to. Come in and get pampered as you should . The feel -good is the worth the money well spend. One of the best brazilian waxes in the city! Pros: Ambiance,professionals,friendly Cons: parking , time restrictions more

Lulu is the Best..Thanks J Sisters 4/11/2008

I don't know who other users have had their Bikini wax with but I have been going to J sisters for about a year ,ever since I moved back to Miami from Philadelphia. Lulu is the only person I will let down there!!! \r \r She is fast..efficient..professional..and keeps the pain to a minimum. Come on ladies short of using an anesthetic it's going to hurt get over it, be a big girl! She keeps me Bikini ready year round, yes it's expensive but hey you pay for perfection. I will never get a Bikini wax anywhere else. Also getting your eyebrows threaded is worth the money they don't grow back as fast and look flawless everytime. more


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