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Gevurtz Menashe

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Gevurtz Menashe - Portland, OR
Gevurtz Menashe - Portland, OR


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I most recently retained the legal services of Zachary J. Fruchtengarten. I recently was served with divorce papers and had no idea how to handle the situation. Upon researching...


I felt that much of the time I was in conflict with this attorney and the firm that employs him. I did not feel that my interests were represented, I felt that there was a great ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2013

Gevurtz Menashe is a well-reputed firm. However, I ended up with a lawyer there who really messed up my life and case. My ex spouse is also a lawyer and they just took my money, didn't fix the situation. Their idea of fixing it was to send it to a malpractice issue but they declined and I had no money to sue the lawyer who allowed the case of support arrears that are almost 50,000 to be about 50.00 a month. By that token, it will never be paid off. I asked them to repair the damage because after all I paid over 40,000 to get a divorce from the firm, but they didn't and now I have a life-threatening disease, am unable to work and they never went to bat for me. I would think if their name is on the paper, even though the lawyer they hired to do my case has since been fired, that they would want their reputation to be more about that than just money, but sadly that is not the impression I have gotten. I do not recommend using this firm and will never use them again. They will take your money though! Gladly! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2012

I most recently retained the legal services of Zachary J. Fruchtengarten. I recently was served with divorce papers and had no idea how to handle the situation. Upon researching the top local firms, I came across Zach. His ability to understand issues in a methodical & professional manner was extremely refreshing especially given my personal situation. He helped me better understand my rights and best way to proceed to ensure I had the best representation possible regarding children & financial matters. I especially was pleased with his business acumen in conjunction with his legal background. This became especially key when looking at various liquid & real estate assets and how best to protect myself. No one at the end of the day is thrilled with the process of divorce, however Zach personable approach & strategic mind couldn’t have been need more at a time in my life. He also helped me think about things that normal don’t come to mind and are key to enable one to move forward into the future. I strongly endorse Zach and couldn’t be happier with his results orientation, tenacity, and unmatched work ethic. more


Kelly Evans came highly recommended to me from a friend who was going through a hellish divorce. My situation was just as hellish, but as they say when you're going through hell, keep going. Kelly guided me through my process which was very a bizarre and stressful one but he was able to somehow keep me grounded. Having him represent me was what really and truly helped get me through this. Having 2 children to care for is extremely difficult when faced with this amount of drama. Kelly helped me gain my inner peace through it all. Any concern, no matter how small or irrelevant, he addressed promptly, setting my mind at ease. I could always turn to him for any answers and reassurance. His insight, knowledge and creative solution to my unique situation proved to be a life saver. If you end up needing him in the court room, rest assured you're in good hands. Everything ran as smoothly as possible and I couldn't imagine having gone through that without his support. Kelly has a calm disposition which was a great balance for me during this highly emotional situation. This experience, being what it is, had the best possible outcome and Kelly exceeded my expectations. He was even able to get me to see the humor in it all. This was the best decision I've ever made second to leaving my marriage. more

Thanks to Gevurtz and Menashe!! 4/20/2011

I recently found myself in the unbelievable position of needing to retain a divorce lawyer to protect my children and my future. With many choices, I picked the law firm of Gevertz and Menashe for it's unsurpassed experience, reputation and exclusive focus on family matters. I counted on finding a lawyer there who knew how to fight, but who also understood that a marriage was involved, and how to accomplish my goals without an unecessary fight. Shawn Menashe immediately and consistently provided me with a level of personal attention that allowed me to stay focused on my work and my children during an impossibly difficult year. I knew every day that Shawn, and the entire resources of the firm, were working hard to bring my divorce to the best possible conclusion. Whenever I was running a head of steam, Shawn helped me regain the calm needed to make good decisions. And when I was ready to give in on some issues, he also knew how to offer me the support to stand up for myself and for what was right. Only becasue of the gentle strength I was shown at Gevurtz and Menashe can I truly move on with my life, certain that I did what was good for everyone involved. My children may never know what Shawn, and Gevurtz and Menashe, did for us, but I will always remember. It is amazing but true that such a terrible experience has so many good memories. The process and outcome were better than I had ever hoped. more

A Steady Hand Through Hell 7/2/2010

Divorce is hell. There’s no way around that truth. However, clean wounds heal the fastest, and a divorce guided by the Menache crew had put me on a path to a new life unencumbered by the baggage of a job poorly done. The working relationship I developed with my attorney Kelly Evans proved a God sent. Kelly’s counsel was supportive, insightful, thoughtful, and productive. I more than satisfied with the results.\r \r That’s not to say that my ex got screwed in the process, quite the opposite. The results were livable for both of us and have made a continued relationship co-parenting our children possible. \r \r I would recommend the firm to anyone interested in competent legal counsel as they seek a divorce.\r Pros: Excellent Service more

Very Impressed 5/4/2010

I came to Menash after having dealt with another law firm that got me nowhere, except for a large legal bill and bad advice. \r \r Since I had already started the process I knew the hoops that we had to jump through but my experience with Menashe was much better. My lawer was very good at negotiating and there were several times I was ready to tell the other side to go to hell but my lawyer brought me back down and showed me how we could work though everything. \r \r Ultimately the divorce process is horrible to go through, but I do feel I made the right decision in choosing Menashe and that I came out with the best scenario available. Pros: Was able to calm me down when I was ready to go ballistic more

An expert in your corner! 5/2/2010

For anyone facing a divorce or another tough family law issue, you will definitely need someone with strong expertise in your corner. When I was faced with a divorce, I hired Shawn Menash of Gevurtz Menashe after a failed attempt at mediation. I highly recommend Shawn if you are faced with a divorce or other family law issue. My goal when I approached Shawn was to ensure that I ended my marriage with without falling victim to what many people fall victim to: *Assuming that my ex would treat me fair *Not knowing my rights, how to fight for them, and what I was entitled to in a fair equitable divorce *Avoiding a common pitfall of trying to get it over as fast as possible leading to possible post-divorce regrets. At the end of my divorce, I walked out of Gevurtz Menashe having accomplished everything I set out to do when I first approached them. Shawn was extremely knowledgeable, skillful and compassionate. He walked me through each step, listened to my needs and always kept me on track. He never lost sight of serving my best interests and I was without a doubt well supported and represented during a highly emotional divorce. I highly recommend Shawn if you are faced with a divorce or other family law issue. My one regret during my divorce was that I didn’t hire Shawn sooner. I highly recommend Gevurtz Menashe even if you are wanting to work with a mediator. Divorce is a highly emotional issue and it is in anyone’s best interest to have a legal advisor review and advise on any mediated agreement. Pros: Experts, skillful, compassionate more

An anchor in your hour of need 4/21/2010

No one gets married to go through a divorce. However, when it is imperative there are no other options, it is important to find an attorney firm that represents your interests. I was fortunate to be referred to Shawn Menashe with Gevurtz Menashe Larson & Howe. Shawn mentored me on my first visit to his office and reassured me he would walk every step with me through my divorce. Emotional as the process is, I was provided a detailed portfolio of information that guided me on what to expect; records I needed to obtain and counsel that would ensue. I have such great respect for Shawn Menashe and grateful for his guidance. He and his staff were amazingly passionate. Pros: Supportive, informational, professional and knowledgeable more

Would recommend to anyone 4/19/2010

My divorce was particularly ugly. I knew it would be and so I wanted an attorney who would be committed to helping me achieve my goals. My goal was more than just getting divorced, it was to be able to provide for my disabled ex-husband and to do what was fair. I wasn't interested in ""getting everything I could"" or in ""sticking it to him"". I just wanted out.\r \r Shawn Menashe and April were wonderful. In the most trying of times, they provided support and guided me through the process, always calmly helping me to see the forest for the trees. They kept my goals top of mind.\r \r The divorce was indeed ugly, but they kept me sane, on the right track and never once did I feel anything other than complete support and helpfulness from them. \r \r You get what you pay for. When you want quality, go for the best - I would recommend them to anyone. Pros: Experience, service, support, thoughtfulness more

A class act 4/14/2010

My situation was pretty dire when i walked in. They dealt with the issues immediately and competently. Few people really want to be in a divorce; and this firm did wonders from where the started to resolution.\r \r I did work with the top tier of the staff; i can't comment on ""all the firm"" but the two Menashes and Eric Larson are top tier. Excellent support from Kelly Evans as well.\r \r If i had it to do again, I would have been more proactive on program management and calendar management. They are balancing the needs of a ton of clients; some of the deadlines seem to get pretty darned close before action (but the resulting actions were right)\r \r I have directed multiple people to them since meeting them and will continue to do so. \r \r Pros: Know the law, the politics, and the court system Cons: program management more

Professional Lawyer 4/11/2010

Sharnel is very professional and guides you in the right direction. She's not affarid to ask question's if she wants a second opinoin. She has a good read on judges and which ones to go in front of. Sharnel was devoted to me as a customer and put my needs first. She would stay late or on the weekend to make sure we had everything in place. She knew how and what to prepare me for when dealing with the family court system. All in all Sharnel helped me get full custody of my son, when at times it got tough she did not back down. Pros: Honest, Organized, Willing to give up her time for yours. more

No thanks 3/22/2010

I felt that much of the time I was in conflict with this attorney and the firm that employs him. I did not feel that my interests were represented, I felt that there was a great deal of pressure on me to basically cave in on whatever I was after. I am in agreement with compromise, I am also in agreement that the best decision is one that no one is happy with, however, I felt that the reputation of the firm was the major concern in strategy or decision making. I did not feel that I was being represented, and I felt that there was NO accountability for anyone, especially the respondent. Cons: Not good at returning phone calls, poor planner more

a law firm you can trust 3/12/2010

When you need help the most, this law firm is there for you. Getting divorced is never easy, but they help you along the way and make it manageable. You know you are being well represented when you hire Gevurtz Menashe. Pros: professional , knowledgeable Cons: price more

excellent lawyer and firm 3/9/2010

I came to this law firm extremely frustrated and ready to work with a proffesional. Sharnel Mesirow was extremely professional and got accomplished in 4 months time what took another attorney 7 months to mess up. She was efficient and knowledgable and really listened to what I wanted and respected my decisions along the way. I would use her again without question. The only downside is that the firm is expensive, but you get what you pay for. Pros: Exceptional knowledge and sensitivity more

Steadfast Professionalism, Integrity + Advocacy 11/7/2009

When I realized I needed a family law attorney, I called another legal professional whom I know and trust. He had fielded many calls like mine before, and had already done the homework for his clients, so he could make a sound recommendation. He suggested I contact Zach Fruchtengarten. The process of marital disentanglement can feel and be very complicated. Emotions run high. There is fear of the unknown. And one must make very important personal and financial decisions along the way that can have effects for a lifetime. From start to finish, Zach was a steadfast advocate for the best interests of me and my children. Zach’s approach was steady and grounded in integrity throughout the entire process. He was professional and respectful in every communication – every call, every letter, every interaction – while fervently supporting my interests. And Zach didn’t just “act” on my behalf. He took the time to listen. And I truly felt that he understood the details of my situation, and me as a unique individual. He knew when I needed information and exactly how to deliver it. He was clear and firm in providing professional guidance, but also compassionate. Both Zach (and Alison, Zach’s assistant) were there to provide support during this stressful personal time. This was truly priceless. While my financial situation was not complicated, Zach used his keen sense of business acumen to help me move through both the big picture financial decisions, as well as the multitude of minor details, that collectively, can have a big impact. Real estate issues. Dependency deductions. Child support. Life insurance. Summer camps. College education. The list goes on and on. No stone was left unturned. I obviously made investments in Zach’s time to help me move through these important matters, because I could not do it alone. And it was a very sound investment. Every interaction I had with the Gevurtz Menashe team was incredibly professional and courteous. They did not miss a beat. And everyone who goes through this process called divorce wants it to be over as quickly as possible. I was very fortunate to have Zach and his team working on my behalf. They were ALL incredibly responsive, and able to keep the process moving, so I could move on with parenting my children and start a new phase life. I am very grateful to have found Zach and Alison. Their professionalism was incredible and they were genuinely kind throughout such a very difficult time. I highly recommend them to anyone. more

The Peace of Mind I So Desperately Needed 9/27/2009

I came to Gevurtz Menashe Larson & Howe frustrated, terrified and more than ready to have someone in my corner to guide me through the legal process of divorce. Zach Fruchtengarten was the epitome of what I was looking for.\r \r He was always professional, supportive, and most importantly, realistic. I always knew he had my best interest in clear focus and his regular communication was a constant reassurance during a turbulent, aggravating time. His creative solutions to some pretty sticky situations were life-saving (or at least sanity-saving.)\r \r With some stellar behind-the-scene efforts from Paige DeMuniz and Allison Hummel, Zach was able to negotiate an equitable and fair settlement as well as a healthy parenting plan for me and my kids. The Gevurtz Menashe team gave me the peace of mind that I so desperately needed.\r \r Without hesitation, I would recommend Zach Fruchtengarten with Gevurtz Menashe.\r more

Exceptional lawyer 100% on your team 6/23/2009

I was recommend to Brenna by one of my Co-workers. This was in the midst of a very messy divorce. After my first consultation i immediately took steps to fire my current lawyer and sign the papers to retain her services .Now you have to understand my frame of mind at this point. I was just serve with divorce papers and all lawyers in my mind were bottom feeders. Brenna was outstanding, she understood my frustration and my anger towards the legal system. She constantly guided me from the path of self destruction back to reality. She was open to all options, she certainly wasn't scared of going to court if that what it took to protect my assets. In the end my settlement was better then i expected, we were both surprise that the EX lawyer decided to settle. I guess when he saw who he was up against settling was better the loosing. Pros: She is the best Family lawyer in OR more

Incredibly easy process with Chris Burnett 3/26/2009

The idea of getting a divorce is difficult enough emotionally but to think about actually filing the paperwork and sorting out the monetary aspect of it is incredibly stressful. I was highly recommended to Gevurtz Menashe and was matched up with their attorney, Chris Burnett. He exceeded my expectations by making the entire process incredibly easy on my end and very painless overall. I was very pleased with the small amount of time I was involved in the process and his constant communication with me concerning what was going on with every step and contacting me immediately with any concerns or questions. I had completely dreaded the idea of getting divorced but all I had to do was put it in his hands and wait for the judgement to be signed! I am relieved and very happy at how quickly everything went through and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone going through the same situation. more

One of the best decisions I ever made 12/12/2008

It is without reservation that I highly recommend the services of the Gevurtz Menashe Larson & Howe. Like too many of us, I found myself in the unenviable position of ending my long term marriage. My goal in the process was to disentangle my married life while minimizing animosity, preserving my own dignity, protecting my financial and emotional health and causing the least negative impact on my children. My situation came with a few twists and complications that took my case out of the realm of an ordinary and simple divorce. Gevurtz partner Eric Larson had the insight to match me up with attorney Kelly Evans who not only listened to me and honored my wishes, but expertly and compassionately guided me through the process of reclaiming my life. His experiences and skills as an attorney were matched perfectly to my situation and needs. Kelly was a great advocate and brought creative solutions and approaches to resolving my case. When novel issues arose he drew from the vast experience and opinions of seasoned Gevurtz partners and attorneys which was a invaluable resource that would not have been afforded me at lesser firms. Throughout the process I believed Kelly and the Gevurtz firm never lost sight of truly serving my best interests. I was unquestionably well supported and well represented. more
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