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Georgia Perimeter College - 17 Reviews - 2101 Womack Rd, Atlanta, GA - Colleges & Universities Reviews - Phone (770) 274-5000

Georgia Perimeter College

2101 Womack Rd
Atlanta, GA 30338
(770) 274-5000
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Georgia Perimeter College - Atlanta, GA
Georgia Perimeter College - Atlanta, GA
Georgia Perimeter College - Atlanta, GA
Georgia Perimeter College - Atlanta, GA
Georgia Perimeter College - Atlanta, GA


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students need to report all this to the board of regents and the Governors office as well as the federal financial aid office. GPC has abused the students money and is robbing stu...


Good: I like the variety on online classes to choose from. I'm most impressed with the online science courses available.. Bad: I hate that in order to get anything accomplished f...

GPC the worst nightmare! 2/23/2015

What a lack of professionalism! , financial aid office is horrible, they don't know anything. they asked me for my amended ,then for my account transcript, then for my return transcript.Now they told me that my transcript needs to be sealed from the revenue office. When I went to the Revenue Offic, they told me that they don't seal anything and the lady from the Revenue offc. explained to them that they can receive those transcripts without to be sealed.It's more than 5 months and they still asking for more papers. I think they don't like latinos!. I am a mom, and feel so frustrated .Why the board of education don't supervise and train these people. Can somebody help me !! I want my son to keep studying. more

Worst School Ever 7/17/2014

They lack professionalism. It's all about the money for them. They could care less about the actual student. more

Poor Service 9/30/2013

I was all excited. Finally decided to go back to school to finish my nursing degree. (i already have a BS and a MS but am looking to switch fields) So I apply in April, telling myself that I will have more than enough time to be accepted by August. WRONG! They acceted me two days after registration closed in August. You have got to be kidding I have to wait until January. more

gpc sucks 1/4/2013

bad school in America, who? the faculty members are very bad like hell. I feel pity on them. the worst school i ever seen . more

Bad experience 3/27/2012

The registration and admissions office do not know what they are doing, someone will tell you to bring some stuff, when u get there to submit it, the other person will tell u totally something different to bring, the are all full of idiots people and so useless. I have attended different schools, GPC Dunwoody is terrible. I wish the registrar will know what those ladies are doing,or may be they are all idiots. more


the absolute worst discrimination for anyone that is non black. from the office of admissions to the dean of students. don't try to talk to student government they are the worst offender. The education really is really poor unless your lucky to get into the few good professors classes. in this case be up at 12:01 am on registration day or those classes will be full. Strongly suggest you use rate my professor, or better still choose another school other than any of the Georgia Perimeters. They don't care about your academics your just a dollar sigh. PS all of the sponsorships from GPC usually go to the black students >>> REALLY! more


Reverse Racism from admissions to the dean of students. If you are white it will be a crappy experience. They are very blatant about it. Your ability to get an school scholarships is almost nil. Just go to GSU or make the drive north to a community college. It's not worth the frustrations and the education is mediocre at best. more

BIG TROUBLE with students money. crooks. 12/30/2010

students need to report all this to the board of regents and the Governors office as well as the federal financial aid office. GPC has abused the students money and is robbing students of their money and their time to attend a state college. Something is seriously wrong over there and needs emergency attention. I fear this school will lose it's ability to be an accrediated college with all that is wrong there. It is a house of cards. The teachers are mostly fine and every dept. serious mess and Big trouble. This school has done something wrong in handling the money for Hope and Financial aid..I am going to apply tomorrow to another honest school. It is only a matter of time before this school goes down and out. be warned and be careful. more

GPC Nightmare 12/30/2010

valuable time, energy, wasted to GPC's lack of being a professional college. The college is in need of a forensic audit & I would more than bett here is some very wrong handling of money. The money that belongs 2 the students. I have become ill over the stress of how this school is run & how the students are treated so badly when it is GPC's responsibility & fault 4 the mistakes going on with students accounts. class action law suit for the harm in pursuit in a state affordable education & loss of my time to pursue my needed education. more

horrible 12/6/2010

this place is absolutely horrible,, what a bad experience,, the admission process has been a nightmare, i am still waiting for them to change my status so i can take classes, how long can that take? ,, you will think they will be faster as i will be paying out of my pocket,, horrible ,, horrible, i am not even sure if i want to be part of such a mess,, more

just pure torture 10/12/2010

Good: i like the campus its beautiful. Bad: i hate this school. no one is helpful in the students services department. financial aid screwed me over, registration screwed me over. don't try to call or email they wont reply. they say its your responsibility to check EVERYTHING even though they don't update the website when they're suppose to. these people are useless in every way.. Improvements: Staff that actually do their work!! Payment system for those allegedly marked out of state. can i get my financial aid mailed to me. i dont want a fucking card. i want my money bitch!. more

Admissions is a Nightmare 7/28/2010

I have had a horrible time trying to get through the admissions process. They have it strictly step-by-step, they stick by it no matter what, no rushing anything, and all they say is that they're really backed up from all the paperwork. I don't even know if I will be able to register for classes in time. I've had a frustrating experience. My husband, for some odd reason, was been classified as 'out-of-state tuition' so now we have to file this enormous petition to prove he's lived here for a year (he's lived here for over 6 yrs BTW). He probably won't be in time to register either with all the time it takes them to process paperwork. We've never had such a hard time at a college before. They wanted proof of immunizations, which I found weird considering we graduated from US High Schools. Once you're ACTUALLY admitted as a student, you then have to do your Compass test, and lastly you have orientation with limited days and most hours during the week. Work during the week? Too bad. Not admitted yet, because of paperwork processing delay, in time to sign up for the ONLY Saturday orientation? Too bad. You can go to the other campus 2 HOURS away (gee thx!). But you can't sign up for orientation without doing the compass, so if you take the compass the day before how do you make sure you have a seat for the last day of orientation? I'm so tired from trying to deal with it and all the red tape. They need to hire more people to help with the huge influx of paperwork they apparently have during registration time & make more orientation days, because you're just left waiting, not sure if you'll be able to go college this semester or what. I find their excuses to be unprofessional - hire more temp help then! Put in your application and transcripts early, or you'll be left doing the same thing. Maybe I'll like the school, once I'm able to attend. I'll review again once I've experienced the classes and campus (if I can - hah!). But so far just a long stressful nightmare. I can't believe a school runs it's admin. like this more

Horrible experience!!!!!! 1/4/2010

Good: I like the variety on online classes to choose from. I'm most impressed with the online science courses available.. Bad: I hate that in order to get anything accomplished from online registration to confirming financial aid has required me to drive, several times, 30 miles to GPC Dunwoody just to speak with somesone. I also hate that the regents test prevents me from registering for certain science classes that are necessary for my major. I know you're probably saying, "...well why don't you just take the regents exam?" The only problem I have with taking the exam is the scheduling times...The regents tests dates only allow. Improvements: I would like to see an update of their computer systems; more people WORKING during registration time in all areas such as registration, financial aid, counseling, online book store, etc. I would also like to see that the phones, email, and messages are being answered and problems being solved with in a reasonable time.. Other: When logging into GPC sometimes the computer requires a reset but I have to drive 30 miles to school stand in line for at LEAST 35 minutes just for someone to type in a couple of letters, in order for me to log in to the system to complete my registration or what ever..... more


Good: NOTHING. Bad: Calling, email the admissions office with no response.. Improvements: If you get voice mail and ask to leave a message and someone will get back to you, PLEASE CALL BACK! If you have the option on your website to send an email and someone will get back to you. CALL THEM OR EMAIL THEM BACK! IF NOT take if off the website and take the voicemail system down!. Other: Said immunizations were not up to day. Couldn't enroll in fall due to this, found out through health center that all immunization were up to day. Admission office inept!. more

Admissions process painful 8/6/2009

Good: So far, nothing.. Bad: No one will return calls or emails. Four hour wait just to turn in paperwork. Slow and unhelpful. Four hour wait just to hand someone paperwork, but the line moves considerably faster the closer it is to quitting time. Everyone who was there had complaints. I have had to take off a considerable amount of time from work since no one returns calls. Everything on my end was turned in on time.. Improvements: More, better, more helpful staff.. Other: Clarkston Campus. more

Great place to start! 7/31/2005

Georgia Perimeter College is a great place for those who want to begin their college experience, but haven't quite decided what they want to study. They offer a lot of core classes, and the credits are easily transferred to other state colleges. They also offer quite a few undergraduate degrees for those who are looking to obtain a 2 year degree. Their campuses are very conveniently located, and the professors are quite knowledgeable. more

Great school! 6/20/2005

GPC duwoody campus is a great school. The reason I believe it is a great school, becuase it provides an oppotunity for people of all ages. The school offers joint enrollment, which high school students could get a head start and do college classes in high school. How cool is that? The school is also inexpensive so people that do not have a lot of money can still get an education. This is a great 2 yr institution offering many opportunites and students to transfer to better colleges. more
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