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Gatehouse Games - 10 Reviews - 208 Hollidaysburg Plz, Duncansville, PA - Models Reviews - Phone (814) 693-9271

Gatehouse Games

208 Hollidaysburg Plz
Duncansville, PA 16635
(814) 693-9271
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Gatehouse Games - Duncansville, PA


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I've been going to Gatehouse Games for the past 12 years, since it was in its original location in nearby altoona (very small store at that time). The store has grown over the ye...


Unless you live within 10 minutes or less from this store there is no reason to go here. has better selection (obviously), will ship for free over $15, exce...

Sadly not worth the trip 7/24/2013

I came to this store from Clearfield looking to see what they had. Store seemed well stocked but was quite the mess (I think they had a magic event earlier in the day). I didn't realize who the owner was till i left to checkout, he was playing on a pipe at the back of his retail area while i was there. When I went to check out I was told that the Battlefleet Gothic items I wished to purchase and were not for sale and that the display on the wall was his "Personal Stock". I later found out that all Games workshop small games were discontinued. Needless to say I was incredibly disappointed and a bit shocked that what is on the walls is not for sale. Nothing was labeled for prices on any of the stock. more

mad cat 4/11/2013

Tim's place at time can be a wonderful shop and at other times can be tedious. Tim at time ses store and hours and does not come in during his store hours with out the professionalism to leave a not explaining why, leaving game to to waste there time waiting for him to come. At other times Tim can be very critical and some what of a bully to some regular gamers. at other times he can be exstremly helpful and knowledgeable. it kind of a 50-50 thing you never know what your going to see. more

Not worth the trip 9/6/2010

Unless you live within 10 minutes or less from this store there is no reason to go here. has better selection (obviously), will ship for free over $15, excellent customer service, and I got everything I ever ordered in two business days. Also unlike the website there is some kind of awkward pricing system at this store, which the owner didn't even seem to know. I was quoted one thing when I asked about the item, and charged a higher one at the register. The owner is very knowledgeable, but didn't seem to know much about the specialist game I play. I kept hearing about all these other games I had no interest in. more

Best Damn Hobby Store.... bar none. 4/16/2008

I've been going to Gatehouse Games for the past 12 years, since it was in its original location in nearby altoona (very small store at that time). The store has grown over the years as the collective group of gamers grew rapidly. Within the first few years the store moved to the Hollidaysburg plaza in Duncansville, and has been their ever since. Ever since I've started going to the store, I've had nothing but good experiences with the store and the owner, Tim. Tim has been more than willing to help me learn a game, teach me to paint and do model conversions, make gaming tables, or just do a good bit of leg work to find that hard to find item I'm looking for. He carries a huge variety of games, and is pretty knowledgable about most of them (including D&D/AD&D, Games Workshop Games, Magic, and many CCG's). The store is awesome, as i believe there is over 2000 sq. feet of store. He has over 8 tabletop wargame tables (full terrain and looking awesome), and many many tables for cardgames and boardgame players. Not only that, but he has novels that are about the games he carries too (like D&D novels and Warhammer Novels). This place is a gamer's paradise. When you come to Gatehouse games, you don't just buy something (unless thats all you're looking for). You leave with more than just product, you leave with an expanded knowledge about a game you're thinking about playing, and wisdom from a gaming veteran. And the best part is Tim isn't high and mighty about it, he speaks to you as an equal, and treats you with respect. New gamers and veterans are treated equally within his store. Not only do you get all this, but you have central PA's largest gaming store carrying the most product you could want! If you're new to gaming, or even a veteran, stop on by. I'm sure you'll see Tim as he's there every day. It's definatley worth the travel for the experience. And sure sometimes things can be cheaper online (although gatehouse games sells things at manufacturer's suggested retail like stores are supposed to), but you should always buy from your local hobby store to support them. If you don't then someday you may not have a place like Gatehouse Games to play. more

Hands down the best gaming store I've been to 4/16/2008

Tim (owner of Gatehouse Games) runs a damn good store. Honestly, I haven't seen it's equal.... I've been gaming about 15 years, going to his store for about ten years now... and even though I live in Virginia these days, I stll make trips up when I have the time. He is very knowledgable... on everything from obscure imports to the big ones like Magic and DnD. In fact... you have to be careful, one second you are talking to him about a rule, next second you're hearing a rundown of the history on that particular character or game piece as it pertains to the storyline of the game. He has a great setup for miniatures, with a bunch of tables to play on, can give tips on painting/designing minis. He holds regular competitions and if you have a group you want to setup, he'll let you use the space. He is not a businessman, but a player who found a way to do what he likes best in life and make a living. He doesn't own a chain of stores, he doesn't sell out to bigger companies... he just loves gaming. Hell, he will even join you for a round or two of a game if he isn't busy... I give you my word as a fellow gamer, you won't be dissapointed! more

Gatehouse, My Playground 4/16/2008

Sure, this may be the only gaming store near Altoona, but after one stop there you'll see the many reasons to keep going back. First there is the gaming supply selection. If it has something to do with gaming you can either find it there, or Tim will get it for you. Not only is there tons of different games, there's also everything you'll need to put your miniatures together, paint, brushes, glues, flock, and anything else you could need. Second, there's the game tables. If you play table top war games, trading card games or D&D (or any other role playing game) there's a table for you to play on. Third, there's Tim. He's there to help you with just about anything. Not only will he help you find that hard to find item, he can and will help you learn a new game or put together that new miniature you're stuck on. There's just so much to Gatehouse Games, the best way to find out is to go! more

A resource indeed 4/16/2008

I live more than a few hours away on Lake Erie and was recommend to have a stop by Gatehouse Games if I was looking for some hard to get GW merchandise. Well, not being the traveling type, I called and gave the store a try. Not only was I treated with courtesy and respect, but I also lucked out and got almost everything I was trying to find. The store is now my first stop when my local stores claim they cannot get what I want in the GW ranges. A hobby store cannot be everything, cover every era, time period, historical and fantasy, video games, board games, card games, comics, etc.... It just wouldn't be profitable. But.... what Gatehouse Games does do, it does very well and after speaking with Timothy, he has earned my business as a long time customer. His mail orders are quick and dependable and I have never had an issue. I also believe his prices are very fair and competitive across the US for hobby stores, especially since he works hard to find the items you are looking for. There may be other places that are a little cheaper, but they don't come with the overhead of having a gaming space to come and play at. Although I am not close enough to take advantage of it, like I do my local stores, I believe in supporting the hobby shop and not going on line to save a few bucks. In the end, a lot of people don't have a place to play and if you don't support your local stores, pretty soon you won't have a place to play or meet new people to play with, even if it is at your own house. A hobby store is the base for the gaming community in an area... without them, the hobby falls apart fast. more

Only One within 30 Miles of Altoona 11/17/2007

Though Gatehouse Games is popular for many local hobby enthusiasts its the "only" game store of its kind in the general area. In local Altoona no game stores exist though at one time The Ye Olde Hobby Shoppe (one time very popular) was the gamers corner store. As a matter of fact since the closing of the Altoona News Stand in the early 2000's which also sold gaming materials and the Ye Olde Hobby Shoppe also now defunct the only other locality in the area to purchase gaming materials such as dice, books (including the popular Dungeons and Dragons & Warhammer Fantasy) etc, is at Nittany Line Hobbies in State College, Pa. Well many may give Gatehouse the proverbial thumbs up I give the proverbial shaky hand sideways. This games store because of its vicinity to Altoona is the only one of its kind in business. There have been several attempts by local hobby enthusiasts to open other games stores but the market does not allow it since Altoona doesn't support a large gaming base. Other than Juniata Cards located in Altoona which sells all the popular trading card games no suitable business exists in the vicinity to offer Gatehouse any competition The Positives are that Gatehouse does know a thing or two about Fantasy Wargaming with Warhammer and other similar "Modern" games but their knowledge base on older wargames and out of print material such as AD&D, Palladium Games, exotic RPG's are at a minimum. For older material help go online. If you want wish to buy wargaming material and pay a loot for it then visit Gatehouse Games in Duncansville, Pa. Other than that the and work just fine. more

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The only one in the area! and it is the best one ever 4/17/2006

This is the best war-gaming place ever. It has a large gaming area right in the front of the store, each gaming table have a different terrain. This place is so huge, and the inventory is so complete. They have all the games from citadel miniature, rapier and couple other games I don’t even know existed. They have so many war-game miniatures it covers the entire 40 feet length of the store plus the back. They also sell all different kinds of trading card games and have many tables in the back of the store for you to play on. more

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Warhammer, Magic: The Gathering, etc. 7/5/2005

The guy who works at Gatehouse Games (I think that he's the owner) seems to know everything about every game. He can tell you about rules, strategies, upcoming releases, etc. Gatehouse Games has tables set up for card games and painting. There are also several terrains set up for the games. more
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