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Gary Job Corps Ctr

2800 Airport Highway 21
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 396-6459
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Gary Job Corps Ctr - San Marcos, TX


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Der... my name is David... der I iz retarded. Der... I smoke poo.


It seems that this place has gotten worse to me. I was there in 98-99, and it was pretty bad then. The worst time I whitnessed was a blackout that ended up being a riot. The bigge...

Gary Job Corps 1/28/2012

Der... my name is David... der I iz retarded. Der... I smoke poo. more

Not recommended 12/7/2011

Don't make the mistake of going to this place. There are better job corps locations elsewhere like the one in Utah which ranks the highest. I was there in 2005 and it was the biggest mistake of my life. On graduation day they gave me my diploma and they couldn't spell my name right making the certificate invalid. I asked for a new one and they said it was too late. The campus isn't safe either. There are a lot of people who go there who have a bad history. Many of them are high school drop outs and people who are outcasts of society who were involved in really bad things. The kinds of people who you can't trust. Gary Job Corps is really just a last resort. It's just 1 step above being homeless. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. Even joining the military is a far better move then going there. It's simply a waste of time. They feed you the worst food ever. The eggs aren't even real. All of it is disgusting. They even serve chicken gizzards sometimes and nobody shows up to eat any of it. more

I made it 7/12/2011

It seems that this place has gotten worse to me. I was there in 98-99, and it was pretty bad then. The worst time I whitnessed was a blackout that ended up being a riot. The biggest thing was race. I was a 16 yr old white girl in the middle of campus, and I won't lie I was scared. Luckily a friend of mine escorted me to my dorm so I wasn't involved in the fighting. I can't say that it was all bad, because that's where I met my husband. He was attending ACC through the job corps. 12 years later and we are doing well. I don't think I would recommend this place to anyone though. more

gary job corps 3/24/2011

I was there from 69-71 enjoyed it alot.helped me with a good job. more

Alternative 11/18/2009

I have heard that "In Triumph" is a great place. A good alternative for teens. more



gary gary gary 10/17/2009

hey my name is alesia anderson i came here on march 24, 2009 i survived and got my g.e.d drivers licence and my trade yea it was hard but u knw wat if u focus on what u needa be doin u wont have to worry bout wat other ppl doin and im only 16 lol so i did it y dont u ps i got into alot of trouble but i think its better than wat it was b4 Pros: educcation Cons: mess, drugs, alcohol,imature ppl more

What u make it 9/7/2009

6months I got my GED two trades "Welding& Electrical" and still went on worked based learning and made some money. Got recruted and went off to Texas State Technical College Waco, and the reason why I came accross this is to find a # for gary because I'm out of school now with two Associate Degrees one in Electrical Power & Control and the other in Electrical Instrumentation looking to get employment in pay ranges $21 and up. Just stay focus and ask the almighty to help you. 1Luv * & Blessings Young Trini Pros: free everything Cons: if you look for fakers you can see them more

Could U Last In Job Corp 7/29/2009

Wow... Reading the reviews it hasnt changed one bit. I stayed in 5104 and damn it was bad then... When I was there 2 people got taken out. A girl in my dorm got rapped and came in with a ratt tail comb stabed in her throat. Real talk. It was so ludacris our advisors wuldnt even get involved anymore, I have heard that it has gotten a little better since that new director took over. Cus the other one didnt give a damn about any of us. He was always locked up in his office. He never saw the viloince that was happening. I never wanted to go out at night. Especially from the pool hall or my boys dorm which was all the way in th eback by the machinist classes. If you want to go to Job Corp be warned it isnt what that little booklet says. Its like a jail with everyone mixed in it. Although I cant say i didnt enjoy it. some of my greatest memories are form their. And my 2 closest friends are the same ones i shared a dorm room with more

The Truth about Gary 4/10/2009

To the point, Im there, its insane. The familia,crips,mexican mafia,bloods are the majority of the gangs. So much stuff is talked every entire day. Tell you the truth The Construction trades are the most violent trades to get in. Another thing is is that there is alot of gay and lesbiens and i mean alot so lay on your back. Truth be told, you will not stay there and not have someone to get in your face and try to fight you. I almost got stabbed, i been in four fights so far and almost got stabbed. the whites have it the worst. Get used to "white boy" and "p**sy" cuz thats wat they call whites. I thought i knew bad people but wow you'll meet people cussing out teachers, druge trafficking, minors smoking, fighting, and drama drama. Advice, bring an Ipod but lock it up when you aint using it. Stealing is a HUGE issue. If you think you can handle it, come on but its not like the brochure. This place is hell. Dont get into construction trades! if you do, dont go to D-block. trust me, you'll no what that is if you come. If you make it here, you can make it anywhere. I been here since 2009 im still here. all i can say ignore the bul or you wont last 2weeks and stay away from the druges. Drugg test when you get here too. PS: some is mispelled because it wont let me write what i need. more

Was Wondering If Gary Was Still There 2/13/2009

Well for some reason i was thinking about camp gary , so i google it to see what would happen, wow i said the place is still there and still doing the same stuff it was doing when i was there in 1969-71. I was in Purple Block and at nite in the summer we could see dust rasing over in red block comeing our way whew! I was sure glad i got my papers and came home . good luck yawl and keep ur heads stg8 get your papers and do well. X Gary Grad Lamont Spates more

gary job corps 1/7/2009

hello, i live at gary job corps and i have a few things to say about it, VIOLENCE! fights everywhere, just like a month ago one of my good friends got stabed and sent to the hospital over some stupid stuff, there are fights everyday, and excesive substance abuse everywhere, u can walk down the street on campus and smell ganja in the air, people say its what u make of it, but thats not true, if ur a white male like me u will most likely get jumped and robed, i almost got robed by 3 black males the other day there, but i had to fight to buy time untill the staff got there, i do NOT recomind this place, it is just a waste of time more

from what i here 9/23/2008

well i dont go there but my bother attends and he tells me he really likes it.. only the people who are involved with the violence there can complain cause if you keep your head straight and dont worry about all the violence then you will be good, and you can complete with no problem. when i graduate i plan to attend because i really like what i hear. i dont think theres a problem with it. i mean there is gangs and violence everywhere you just cant forget about that. so you have to cope with that and move on to what you have to do cause if you focus on what your there for and nothin else you will graduate with knowing that you can make it even if there are distractions. more

I Know 11/30/2007

Ive been at Gary also and very proud to say that I made it. I know, I know corny but true. Yes, there are gangs and yes there is lots of violence but it resembles alot of real life activity. We all know that gangs exist and violence is everywhere but you have to be stronger than that and not let it consume you. If anything Gary toughened me up a bit, but it is unfortunate to say that the education part of it did me no good. So, Iam going to an accredited community college determined to succeed and make my life different. Don't give up. Do what you need to get your certificate and continue. The certificate will help you get a job that hopefully will help you get by while you hopefully decide to go to an accredited college and secure your future. It's all up to you!! more

Feels like living in the hood or in the ghettos 9/8/2007

I live on Gary. It is a scary place to walk around at because you never know if you are going to be the next one to get jumped or beat. There is at least one fight a day there. Some of the fights are over something as little as a cigarrette. There are gangs there. For instance, Bloods, Crips, The Familia, and the Mexican Maffia. Who wants to go to a place where there is violence everywhere. Just this past Thursday, Sept 6, 2007, there was a tour and there was police everywhere because of fighting on our campus. That is bad on us. There are people who are there to get an education and have a hard time doing so. There is substance abuse and alcohol as well. Gary, is it safe or not? You tell me.... Pros: Education Cons: Fights more
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