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Francis Xavier's Restaurant - 20 Reviews - 1933 NE 181st Ave, Portland, OR - American Restaurants Reviews - Phone (503) 666-1957

Francis Xavier's Restaurant

1933 NE 181st Ave
Portland, OR 97230
(503) 666-1957
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I get the Steak and Eggs everytime I go to Francis Xaviers. I always order my steak rare and unlike a lot of other places, Xaviers actually cooks my steak how I ordered it. If y...


Food is good and a step or two above Denny's and Elmers. The decor is several steps above, very nice. Prices are reasonable for what you get. However, the wait staff service ruine...

Food is good and a step or two above 2/27/2012

Food is good and a step or two above Denny's and Elmers. The decor is several steps above, very nice. Prices are reasonable for what you get. However, the wait staff service ruined the experience. Once on a Sunday afternoon, we and our two guests sat talking for 45 minutes while our dirty dishes sat there in front of us. Though the restaurant was slow at the time and numerous wait staff walked by, they did not stop and inquire how we were doing or attempt to clear the dishes. No offers to refresh our beverages, no desert menu, nothing. Our server was nowhere to be found. We were embarrassed because we had recommended the place. It certainly wasn't us, we barely interacted with the server and were polite when we did. Another time, with a larger group, it was the same type of service. It seemed like unless someone got up and physically tracked down a server, they did not seem interested in serving the table. Here the restaurant has spent all the money on the expensive things -- location, decor, food -- and neglected one of the most important but least costly, good service with a friendly attitude. I agree with an earlier poster, the wait staff did not seem happy. They also did not seem well-trained in table service. Too bad. We have avoided going there several times just because of these experiences. We might give it a try again and if it's different, I'll change this review. more

I have tried very hard to like Xavier's 2/11/2012

I have tried very hard to like Xavier's in Gresham. I have gone back numerous times to just see if they can somehow change my point of view of them, and they continue to disappoint. Yesterday I was there for a chicken taco salad. When it was delivered in front of me, there sat a soft flour tortilla that had been microwaved with melted cheese on it. On top of the melted cheese there was lettuce (of course) olives, chopped white onion (who does that in salads?? it should at least be red onion or green onion) and a few tomatoes. The chicken on it was the most disappointing as it was frozen chicken that was microwaved to the point of it tasting like sawdust. ABSOLUTELY the most horrible chicken salad I have ever had presented to me. This is about the 6th time I've been to Xavier's and every time, I am aghast at what I receive. What are the cooks thinking?? AND this is a restaurant connected to a Sheraton hotel?? Really? I have asked my husband to PLEASE not let me try it again as I simply CANNOT LIKE IT! more

Horrible Establishment! 10/18/2011

Very expensive food that tastes worse than a fast food resteraunt. Horrible service and an unclean atmosphere. I would never eat here again or waste my money. Doesnt seem like the owner cares or takes much pride in running a nice resteraunt. Save your time and money! more


What a crime! This restaurant use to be me and my husbands favorite and drove the distance from SE Portland. One waiter told me over a year ago that there was a special price on Salmon/lobster dinner under the name SURF'S UP. He was about the ONLY waiter that knew that and it was a real deal at $17.99. If you order Salmon at $12.99 the lobster was another $11.99 for the 6oz lobster tail for a grand price of $24.98! I had a few times the lobster was old and had an odd taste, but the ADULT management did the right thing in reducing the price. It was sad this term SURF'S UP was buried in the bowels of their computer and only a manager could find it, and EVERY time I had to explain to whoever was waiting on us what it consisted of and the price. The STEAK/LOBSTER I hate the meat used and it is always on special or $15.99 on the menu. Last time we went with family for my birthday on October 2010 and the KID that had Manager tag told me that was NO longer available and I got charged $24.98 and he WAS NOT sorry or could care less. I talked to the ADULT manager Phil the next week and he said he would let me know if that special was no longer offered and was sending me a $25 gift certificate. I received the certificate a month later and NO ANSWER on SURF'S UP??? Used certificate December 2010, and haven't been back UNTIL Mother's Day 2011. This restaurant is OFF our favorite restaurant list. Since I NEVER got the answer on SURF'S UP I will believe it is no more. I decided to start trying something different and ordered the Halibut that comes with hollandaise and small baby shrimp and five mushroom caps that were supposed to be cooked in garlic and butter? At $14.99 you receive a potato and fresh baked roll, and for $1.99 you can order a salad. My husband had fish and chips that did not come with cole slaw, but $1.99 salad, and NO ROLL? For the price I think it should have included salads on both and instead of fresh baked roll I received an OLD PIECE OF BREAD that was disgusting! The only good thing was the waitress that checked back frequently. When paying I did tell the KID that had been sweeping the floor the food was spendy and wasn't that tasty, and she said he usual ""sorry"" and of course these kids don't know or even have a clue how to deal with unhappy customers. There was NO ADULT management like so many places do these days and it shows. I paid and both me and my husband said the food was mediocre and guessed kids were doing the cooking in the kitchen. So many restaurants have their ""buffets"" that are laid out on tables with NO sneeze guards and where a customer can do anything to the food or pick it up and put back which I find so very unsanitary. Where is the people for the state checking that out and telling management if they aren't set up properly, then don't do it. I know this restaurant has buffets for a lot of holidays and we chose not to attend, but go later and enjoy a quiet meal served to us. I would NOT recommend this restaurant any longer and it is sad that was once a nice enjoyable place is gone down the tubes due to putting the kids in charge of the asylum! more

Steak and Eggs 2/10/2011

I get the Steak and Eggs everytime I go to Francis Xaviers. I always order my steak rare and unlike a lot of other places, Xaviers actually cooks my steak how I ordered it. If you try the Stag breakfast get the 5 oz, add an order of country gravy for the hashbrowns and be hungry! more

Great food, prices and SERVICE!! 1/10/2011

I go to fransic xaviers alot and have never left unhappy, i go in the bar they have a great happy hour menu and the couple bartenders that i have gotten to know are amazing!! Finally they just updated there tv's to nice big HD flat screens... i enjoy my self everytime i go and its a breath of fresh air to see the way they treat there customers. I see why they have so many regulars!! I would suggest this place for everybody, there menu has something on it for that will apeal to anyones tast :) more

Extremely Poor Service 11/23/2010

If you want to get into a bar fight just ask the bartender for some service. Her bar-fly boyfriend will then try to pick a fight with you. Just stand up to him and he will back down mighty quick though. The manager will do nothing about him, so you are wasting your time talking to him. The place is disfunctional, but if you like poor service, surly bartenders, lousy drinks, and wanna be tough guys...that really aren't, walk in will get all four. more

Every Meal is Special 11/2/2009

Friendly staff and menu with varied items. Pros: Great service , wondeful food and ambience Cons: Servings too large for me more


I used to come here Every night for dinner as I cannot cook and my wife left me after I received a serious injury and I thusly became fairly acquainted with several of the Servers, including the owner's daughtgers, (Does Thaat raise any Red Flags?), but after six-months or so, I was ask to ""Stay-Out!"" If this had been caused by an incident in the Bar, it would be quite understandible, but hey, I haven't ever had even One drink in that place and most likely never will. My favorite had been Prime Rib, on both Friday And Saturday nights, but have since learned that I can get a much better price elsewhere and just as good of meal. (Elmer's or Heidi's) The Only thing that I do miss, not going there, is their Damn'd Good-Looking Swervers, especially Jessica, Jean, Stgephanie, and Ashley! (Still Love you gals!) Pros: Clam Chowder is Pretty Good on Friday Nights Cons: Middle-of-the-Road Entrees and Service more

Don't expect too much 5/7/2009

I work not too far from here, and I have been for lunch or breakfast simply because of the location convenience. The food is comparable to Denny's, but with a high price tag. The staff there act like they are on death row. It's very apparent they are unhappy and don't want to be there. After several tries I finally gave up. Pros: No wait Cons: Bad service more

Good Food and Fair Prices 4/3/2009

Wife and I were married 38 years ago in Portland and on many occasions we find our selves back in Portland on our anniversary in April. One of the first places we go to eat is at FX. Over the years we have enjoyed breakfasts and dinners and never had a bad meal. I guess that's why we keep coming back. Prices are in line and the service has been great. We often recommend this place to our friends who may be visiting Portland. We'll be there this April and looking forward to the Steak and Lobster again. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Consistantly great food! 2/11/2009

FX is one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. Pros: Prompt and friendly staff. Breakfast all day. Cons: Not enough handicap parking more

Everyones goal is to be 5 pounds lighter right? 4/6/2008

Well, I would not suggest going to Francis Xaviers then. Not only are the hostesses rude and unsightly, but the food is cooked in massive amounts of grease and lard. For the price, the food should be more tender and supple, and quite possibly not so COLD. I have to pay 15 dollars for a 5 oz steak that wastes at least 500 pcs of my caloric intake for the day, and thats just ONE meal, I am disgusted. Then if you get desert that is another 500 calories, and that is 75% of a persons daily caloric intake. I went to the ladies room and I heard the noise of someone relieving their last food intake in the stall next to me. That was the last straw, it turned out to be one of the hostesses, AND she didn't even wash her hands. Lastly, this restaurant is in a weirdly placed area...It seems nice but all the characters surronding it are not of appropiate means. How does a restaurant propose to make any profit if no one around it can afford the price? All in all, I had a terrible experience and I would not suggest that anyone go here if they are looking for a. good food b. healthy food c. do not want to be come obese food d. be surronded by hoodlums who snort lines of coek and who up chuck in bathrooms. Ew. Pros: Free water Cons: Terrible Service, unsightly employees, rude and annoying. more

Great Service, Best kept secret 1/9/2007

I love Francis Xaviers! Pros: Mud pie crepes are to DIE for!! Cons: parking gets tight on saturdays since it shares the lot with a hotel more

A little spendy. 8/23/2006

Food is great except for the link sausage, it tasted like a sausage- hot dog combination of some sort. We were a party of 5 and 3 of the plates our meals were served on were chipped .... not just small chips but a chunk out of the edge of the plate and one of the others was cracked and chipped. I believe that this is a breeding ground for bacteria. They need to pitch the damaged dinnerware and replace it. I can't believe an otherwise clean and well decorated establishment serves there meals on such tacky plates. Pros: Great Eggs Benedict Cons: Wierd sausage and chunks out of the edges of the plates. more

Great Food...Great Experience! :) 3/17/2006

Better than we expected. It's a restaurant that is connected to a hotel, but it was awesome. We went for dinner...and had some of the mom and pop meals...potroast and pan fried chicken. The house salads were awesome - topped with shredded carrots, sliced radishes, cherry tomatoes, and red onions... Yum! The dressings were a great addition. And the rolls were the best I've ever eaten...better than mom's home cooking. :) more

AWESOME! 3/5/2006

I am sooooo glad I found FX, it's awesome! Had their cheap steak and lobster and it was WAYYYYY better than Red Lobster and Joe's all for 17.95. Their Breakfasts are good too and the place is super high-endis and clean! We have even walked right in during Sunday brunch and got right in, it's a huge place! Pros: AWSOME FOOD, QUICK DRINK REFILLS more

FX Rocks! 2/24/2005

We came here for the first time Valentines Day of last year, WOW were we IMPRESSED! The food, service and atmosphere is so above average. We have been for breakfast, lunch and dinner...all amazing. I would definitely say they have my vote as the best servcie of any other restaurant. I also like how the management is involved. It never fails, they are helping clear and set tables, bringing coffee...anything, and doing it with a smile. And when they ask how everthing is, they really want to know! We will continue to be a regular loyal customers and pass the word every chance we get. Everyone at FX should give your self a BIG pat on the back for a job well done! Thank You! Pros: service, value, taste more

The Best Restaurant in my neighborhood 5/15/2004

The atmosphere at the above restaurant is great. Everyone there is so friendly and the manager/owner comes to each table to make sure the food is excellent and the service above reproach. You can have a romantic dinner there but it does not exclude casual dress. I have been there for breakfast, lunch and dinner and take all my friends there and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonable breakfast lunch or dinner and the deserts are out of this world. Their specialty is a peanut-chocolate that melts in your mouth. Not to forget their excellent fresh brewed coffee or wine if one so desires. They also have a bar for those who would like a cocktail Pros: atmosphere, cleanliness, Senior discount Cons: , needs W/W menus, needs low carb menus more

Great Breakfast, good value. 2/25/2004

Yes, this is not a fancy or romantic restaurant. However, the restaurant provides great value, food, and service. I recommend trying the scrambled eggs and pancakes. How can they make scrambled eggs this good? I have no idea. But definitely don't leave until you try the pancakes! more
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