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Forever Young Laser Medical Spa


1995 NW 185th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124

(503) 645-3928
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Aright. I confess back in the day I was a biker. I didn't go over board with the tatoos but I did have one planted on my neck. I thought i'd be working in some cool rock industry ...


On July 24, 2009 I went to Forever Young located at 1995 NW 185th Avenue; Hillsboro, OR 97124 to get information about laser hair removal services. I spoke with the sales associat...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/16/2013

I'm so glad to see this place got closed down! It was a pathetic scamming business. Lets cut to the chase:\r \r * The manager several years back ""Shar"" or whatever was busted for skimming money off the books and making bogus charges on customers accounts.\r \r * The primo high pressure beds were ALWAYS ""not in service today"" and the staff would ""kindly"" get you right in to a lesser powered bed asap...despite the fact that you prepaid for a high power bed.\r \r * Staff gossips within earshot of customers.\r \r * Despite the fact that you have already dropped huge amounts of money here, you will get a high pressure sales attempt EVERY FREAKIN TIME you come in for service! I actually had to interrupt some guys schpeal and say ""Excuse me...what part of no thank you are you not hearing?!""\r \r I am SO glad I walked away from this place when all my services were used up last year and I HOPE the people whom this business owes money and services to are compensated fairly.\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2013

When I signed up for a laser hair removal package 2 years ago, I was told that I have the absolute best skin and hair color for this treatment (pale skin/dark and THICK hair) and that it would take about 6-9 treatments for my hair to disappear. Well, here I am two years later with about 90% of my hair still hanging around.\r \r Every time I go in for an appointment, they tell me completely different information, which makes me think that no one is even trained to do this job. I have been told that my hair is too fine for this treatment (I don't know anyone with thicker hair than me), that my hair follicles are just growing back, and even that at my age (23), my hormones are preventing the laser from working. Even IF these outrageous excuses were true, why was I sold this package in the first place?\r \r Not only am I frustrated with the treatments, but about 50% of the time I go in for an appointment, they either tell me I don't have an appointment or they are running very, very behind. I actually had to start having them write down my appointment dates and times so that I would have proof of my appointment. One time they actually admitted to giving away my appointment time to someone else! It is a very sad thing when you can sit in the lobby and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger about all of the crap Forever Young puts you through. My mom also goes here and constantly has problems with them as well.\r \r It is also not even close to being a relaxing place to be. More often than not, it is a chaotic atmosphere with angry clients. I have had multiple employees tell me that they try not to sit at the front desk because they hate being yelled at. \r \r All in all, I constantly feel like I'm being conned and lied to. I have been trying to come up with something positive to say about Forever Young, but the only thing I could think of is that occasionally you come across a friendly employee who is down to Earth and doesn't try and sell you stuff. If I could go back in time, I would have taken my $2,500 elsewhere. You live and you learn.\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/22/2013

I am young and don't have a lot of money. Forever Young accommodated me and I am sure they will do the same for you. The atmosphere is great and not stuffy. It is worth the investment. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/9/2013

I am in my mid thirties and have never had cellulite until last year. I had three very \r \r unexpected hip surgeries and I can't work out. I ended up with cellulite. I was very \r \r depressed and not sure what to do about it. I have tanned at Club Tan since I was \r \r 18. I went in to Forever Young and the girls made me feel so comfortable. I was very\r \r self conscious about my body now because of the cellulite. So, it was nice the staff\r \r was so discreet and sensitive. \r \r I started Velashape a couple weeks ago and just in a few sessions I can completely \r \r see the difference. \r \r I completely recommend Forever Young and Velashape cellulite treatment.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/8/2013

I am 32. When I was very young I decided to get a few tattoos. As I grew up, went to college, got married, had children and started my career I had changed so much. The tattoos did not fit me anymore. I spent everyday looking in my closet for clothes that would cover my tattoos, worried a co worker might see them and judge me. After investing in some very expensive make up that doesn't work well at all and believe me have tried them all. I decided I had to get them removed.\r \r I researched and found Forever Young. I was a little sceptically because tattoo removal used to be very expensive and painful. I went in anyways and am so happy I did. It was not painful or expensive They provide....\r Safe way to remove unwanted tattoos\r \r Effective treatment for dark tattoo inks (black, blue and green)\r \r Dramatic results after several treatments\r \r After 15 years my tattoos are finally gone. No more covering up, applying make up and I am so ecstatic. \r \r Thank you Forever Young for giving me my confidants back.\r more

Aright. I confess back in the day I was 3/19/2012

Aright. I confess back in the day I was a biker. I didn't go over board with the tatoos but I did have one planted on my neck. I thought i'd be working in some cool rock industry but instead I ended up working for a engineering firm and that's where I met my girlfriend. She talked me into having my tattoo removed and recommended I try Forever Young since she trusts them. Fortunatley they had a 25 percent off prmotion going on so I started right awy. So far so good. more

25 Laser Hair Removal Treatments and STILL no results! 8/8/2011

On July 24, 2009 I went to Forever Young located at 1995 NW 185th Avenue; Hillsboro, OR 97124 to get information about laser hair removal services. I spoke with the sales associate who, although extremely pushy, told me that the laser is extremely effective and that everyone that goes there has excellent results. I was a little bit worried about the high price and the fear that I would not receive the results she claimed, so I asked her what would happen if the hair did not go away once I reached the final, 6th treatment. She assured me that it would work and that I did not need to worry about it, but that sometimes people need ""one or two extra treatments because there may be a few touch-up areas needed"". Satisfied with the presentation and information given to me, I signed up for the treatments and paid $1,000.00. I began going in for my monthly treatments, and in January of 2010 I was extremely disappointed as I had experienced no hair loss. The sales associate that sold me the package was no longer working there, so I discussed this disappointment with another employee. She advised that because my skin was so light, and my hair was blond, that it may take me longer than other people to see results. I continued going every month, and by June of 2010 I had been treated 11 times. During my treatment in June I mentioned to the laser technician that it was my 11th treatment and I still had not had any hair loss. She was shocked, and told me that she was really sorry and that she couldn't believe anybody would have even sold the hair removal package to me because everyone there knows that the laser cannot detect hair as light as mine. She informed me that if I was ever going to get any results with the treatments, I would have gotten them by now. This was very upsetting to me, so after the treatment I spoke with the manager. When I spoke with the manager I told her that I had just had my 11th hair removal treatment with no results. I expressed my anger that the sales associate was clearly more interested in getting my money than selling me something that would actually work. I let her know I was never notified that the laser being used was not affective for my hair and skin type, and felt that I had been misled and treated unfairly. The manager apologized and asked me if I have tried the new laser hair removal treatment that had just come out. She informed me that the new laser technology was ""designed"" for people like me with fair skin and that it is much better than the laser I had been using. I told her that there was no way I was going to spend another $1000.00 just to find out it too had not worked. She informed me that since I have had no luck with the previous 11 treatments, she would give me a large discount because, in her words ""it will only take about 2 treatments of this new laser to get rid of the hair"". Regretfully, I once again paid more money to upgrade to the newer laser technology because I was tired of coming in every month and wanted to finally see results. I paid another $500.00 on June 1, 2010. Since June of 2010, I have had 13 treatments with the new laser hair removal technology--bringing my total amount of visits to 25. I expected the staff at Forever Young to be knowledgeable and honest in the way they conduct their business. It is my belief that information regarding the technology was intentionally kept from me for the sole purpose of making a sale. The sales associates should have told me that the service would not be beneficial to me. I have had two people at Forever Young tell me that everyone knows this technology is not meant for my skin/hair type and this was kept from me in order to make a sale. more

great lasers for acne scarring 5/2/2011

I just wanted everyone to know I am a 42 year old male who had very bad acne scarring. I was very self concious of it and it is almost gone. I am happy with the service and will tell my friends. more

Forever Young 4/13/2011


Laser Hair Removal 11/30/2010

Forever Young is wonderful! Yesterday I went for my first painless laser hair removal treatment and they were wonderful! The staff was so nice and friendly. They did a great job explaining everything to me. I have wanted laser hair removal forever but I have been nervous to start and they put me right at ease. My first under arm treatment was fast and painless. I cannot wait to go back and start on my bikini line. Thank you for doing such a great job! more

Portland....finally, after 20 years 7/6/2010

I am so relieved that I finally decided to do laser hair removal in Portland. I have spent over 20 years waxing and dealing with ingrown hairs on a monthly basis. I have only had 4 laser treatments so far with Forever Young and I have seen a huge difference. I have very little hair left, no more dark pigmentations or ingrown hairs and it is actually LESS painful than waxing. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get rid of their unwanted hair. I am very pleased with my results?. Pros: Fantastic results, Great prices more

Wonderful Service 4/7/2010

I have has some wonderful treatments at this medical spa in Hillsboro. I purchased a package of Accent laser treatments that is designed to reduce the circumference of thighs and waist lines. What a difference it has made. 3 inches total in 2 treatments. I cannot thank them enough for their great service. I feel great! more

Best results thus far! 4/2/2010

I am very happy with the service that I have received at Forever Young Spa. I have tried a few others and hadn't had nearly the same results for the money that I have received here. The laser hair removal was painless, they always have some sort of injection special and they treat everyone like royalty! I will be back and will spend plenty of my money at this facility and on the amazing Dr. Hassan! Pros: Quick and efficient Cons: length between appointments more

Great Services, best in town 12/17/2009

I moved two years ago from the San Francisco area to Hillsboro and I thought I had a found a great spa in California, but Forever Young takes the cake. They have treatments that you can't even imagine. I now have no hair on my legs with their laser hair removal services, my leg cellulite has been reduced with their Velashape, and I regularly get Juvederm injections. Its all reasonably priced, and I was able to finance the packages through the company. The services I've tried have worked and I just think the staff that works there are nice people. I'll probably just tan for a few months before trying anything else, but they definitely locked me up as a valuable customer. Pros: Clean, beautiful store, effective treatments, royal service more

Reducing Cellulite 11/11/2009

I wanted to express my gratitude to Forever Young for introducing me to Velashape. Cellulite and my love handles and not been my best friend over that years. I have been on a pretty good diet program for the last 2 years and just still struggle in a few areas. I have finished with my 4th treatment of Velashape and already have lost about 2 inches. I am down 2 notches on my belt! I can tell you how much better I feel. Thank you. Pros: Great medical spa w/Anti - Cellulite treatments more
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