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1485 West Warm Springs Road
Henderson, NV 89014
(877) 202-1796
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Hello, my name is Ryan and I am just replying to some of the reviews Ive read. I am new to the security business and from reading these reviews and dealing with home owners from d...


I use Monitoronics (1-800-4479239)as my home alarm company. The alarm was working just fine, but I got called from Montoronics that there was a low battery signal. They contract w...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/7/2013

Everything went well with the exception that they had in backorder 2 sensors and 2 thermostat units that have not been installed.that's why they get a ""B"" instead of an A. other than that ecellent service and I was glad to see that the installer was a veteran like myself. that put me at ease during the instalation. keep in mind I have only had the service for a week. we'll see down the road how it goes. I will update on how it went. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/2/2013

I do not always write reviews but I received such nice service that I felt that I should. I contacted First Defense regarding a security system, the lady in the office was very helpful and was able to get me an appointment the same day. The installer was very very efficient and was able to get the entire system in less than 2 hours. He even cleaned up after himself and showed me how to use it. He was very patient showing me the touch screen panel. I was very satisfied with the entire process and will recommend them to my Sister who is also looking for an alarm system.\r Thank you First Defense for a job well done. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/31/2013

Great customer service!\r The technician was very pleasant and the system is easy to operate. I had to call once to change my password and the lady I spoke to was great. I would recommend First Defense Security to everyone. \r Thank you for keeping my family safe! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/30/2013

First Defense made it easy to understand the equipment necessary to provide complete home security. I felt that I was able to get alot of protection for the money spent. I felt the installation went well with no problems and the techs were respectful in my home. Having the information available on my cell phone makes everything so easy. I now have no concerns when leaving my home...and that is \r a really comforting feeling! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/29/2013

Honest and Reliable! Since I have been with First Defense Security I have had great customer service when I call. If there is a problem a tech is sent out right away. They will do whatever they can to resolve the problem. I love the app that is on my phone that lets me control/program my alarm. Plus the Two Way that is on my alarm panel. If the alarm goes off for any reason someone talks to us through our alarm panel within seconds asking if everything is ok. This make my family and I feel very safe. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2013

Great services! A++++++\r I recently had had First Defense Security call my home to promote a new technology for home security. As I listened to the representative explain about the system and its features I became very interested in the fact that I could monitor my home security system directly from my iphone. The young man on the phone made it very easy to understand everything and made me comfortable, while pointing out some key spots in my home that might be vulnerable to home invasion or burglary. We set up a time for a technician to come out and do an in home consultation for the next day. When the tech arrived we walked through the house and discussed the best place for the equipment. He was very helpful. We sat down and went through paperwork first and everything was very easy and just as it had been explained by the representative on the phone. He then proceeded to install the system. Once he was done ( about an hour and a half later) he explained the features and how to use it to me and my husband. Once we finished that he set up my phone to be able to control the system. It was very easy and it has been a great service. Highly recommend this company for your security needs! A++++++ more

Worst service on the Planet 5/3/2012

I use Monitoronics (1-800-4479239)as my home alarm company. The alarm was working just fine, but I got called from Montoronics that there was a low battery signal. They contract with First Defence Security, Henderson to do their work in Las Vegas. The tech came yesterday to replace the batteries which thought was a simple process, but after 45 minutes told me that he could not get the alarm working after replacing the batteries. So before they came I had a perfectly working alarm, now I had none. He promised to come back this morning at 9 AM to fix the problem, I confirmed the appointment with the supervisor also and expressed my frustration that my perfectly functional alarm was now messed up. No one showed up however today at 9 AM, when I called First Defence Security at about 10 AM, I was told that they had send a message to Monitornics to assign a different company for my problem ! So these smart people at First Defence Security, instead of just replacing a simple battery ended up dismantling my entire system, then never showed up as promised or even call me to cancel the appointment for the next day ! Can't imagine how any company can get any worse than this ! 3 years ago, a simple mater lke this took them 3 ot more visits to figure out and correct wasting an endless amount of my time. Advise for anyone - Avoid them like plaque. more

We are pleased with the service we have received 2/29/2012

I only gave a ""very good"" because we are very new customers, and I am inherently distrustful of businesses in general. However, so far, I could not be more pleased with the customer service from First Defense in particular and with the Monitronics system in general. I love the touch screen pad and the ability to access our alarm system and thermostat via our smart phones. I also have more peace of mind knowing that a police officer will be dispatched to our home following voice confirmation of an emergency through the two-way speaker system installed in our home. Further, when we switched from ADT and were declined a refund by them that we were ensured by the First Defense sales rep that we would receive, the general manager at First Defense promptly and courteously resolved our problem to the best of his ability, even though he was under no legal obligation to do so. I have no complaints and would recommend them. more


ZERO Rating! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER REFER ANYONE TO THIS COMPANY! So, if there are two sides to every story, what would your side be?? Dishonesty?? We were your customers 6 years ago, and thankfully turned in our account with Monitronics after 3 years. I have referred a relative and said you will pay a referral fee of $100.00. The money did not become an issue here until they promised and LIED to me ONE, AFTER ANOTHER! After months and not receiving anything, I contacted Andrew Noonoo in November, who was the Manager, and said I will personally bring the file to our accounting department so that they would cut you a check (lie #1). Months later, no check! I called the office and was told by Melissa that the check is sitting on her desk (lie #2), but did not have my address. I gave my address, two weeks has passed, still no check! I called and spoke to her again, and she told me, it will be ready next week Thursday at 3:00 p.m.(another lie #3), so I said I would like to pick it up. She gave me their address, by the following week, Friday morning, I came in the office, you could feel that someone is hiding something! I was then met by Andrew Noonoo himself and was told I need to get out of the office as there is no contract whatsoever that they give out referral fee! The back of his business card is printed with $100 referral fee by the way! He blatantly denied talking to me in November (Lie #4). This is becoming to be a pattern! After several promises, I was told I still should have called first, (this way, they could lie once again)! This is now the end of January and still no fee! This referral has signed up since July 2011!! Is this how you treat your customer who referred another customer to you? You treated me like a beggar! Now I know what people are stating about your company! I have no problems with Monitronics, matter-of- fact, they credited me the money just so that I do not cancel my account with them. PEOPLE, SAVE YOURSELF WITH THE RUN AROUND AND EMBARRASSMENT LIKE MINE! CALL MONITRONICS DIRECTLY IF YOU HAVE A REFERRAL, THIS WAY YOU WON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE DISHONESTY OF FIRST DEFENSE! I will not tire repeating myself over and over again to everyone! So now do you still have the other side of the story??? more

two sides to every story.......heres mine!!! 11/28/2011

Hello, my name is Ryan and I am just replying to some of the reviews Ive read. I am new to the security business and from reading these reviews and dealing with home owners from day to day it seems as though most of the complaints are from years past including the names of most of the people(ex-employees) mentioned in the complaints. my response is for the people like myself and the current representivesthat pride themselves in being honest and trustworthy and lose good customers because of someone else decided to take shortcuts. I'll use an example, its like having two dogs or cats and one of them doing their business in the livigroom floor, you dont get on to both of them do you ? take for instance going to your favorite restaurant and you get a bad steak you dont give up on steak all together. Point being look at your adts your walmarts your favorite of any companies, everyone gets a bad review from time to time. Some people arent pleased with the service or the customer service or the lack there of or maybe its the money or past employees mis leading customers but we have gotten rid of the cancer and bad seeds and technology is leaps and bounds from a few year back, we no longer use phone lines, everything is compatable with smart phones and honestly when i go to sleep at night i sleep well know what I am doing is protecting families all over the vegas valley as if it were my own family! A little long winded but my point is not to bad mouth anyone or lead you in anyway but just remember there are two sides to every story or complaint or review, just know we read this stuff too and give the people that have and had nothing to do with the complaints a chance to win your business. Thanks more


If there was a way to give them no stars I would!! They are horrible...from start to finish. First the salesman told me it was one year and it ended up being a three year contract!! Their customer service is completly horrible and they dont know how to return a phone call to save their lives! I have gone as far as to file a complaint with the BBB and guess response by the deadline of the BBB. I have had problems with the equipment from the start...falty motion sensors and such and they want to charge me to come out and fix THEIR equipment...what a frickin joke!! I will not pay them one more dime. Oh and the best part...I was paying Monatronics (local monitoring company) for the monitoring...and since I have complained they have pulled my account and I am supposed to be paying first defense directly. Never got a bill or anything, I had to call to find out what was going on. Then I called and they said they will set me up on automatic payments...heck no! They said I will get late fees but I never got a bill from them! I am so fed up its making me sick! I wish I could find the company president and punch him in the throat!! more

Great Service, Great Business 9/13/2011

I had always been skeptical about door-to-door salesmen. And I was wary when I was approached about a security system for our home, but the salesman was extremely knowledgeable and took his time to demonstrate how everything worked. He made sure I fully understood each answer he gave me about the system that was going to be installed, and how I was going to be billed. He didn't try to pressure me into a sale like I was expecting at first. I've had my system for almost three months now, and everything works exactly as was explained to me. I've never once had any sort of problem with billing either. I feel confident knowing that I have this in my home, when I'm there and when I'm away. I would recommend this company to anyone who was looking into getting a security system for their home. Two Thumbs UP!!! more

Stay away from these guys and do your research, call ADT 2/24/2011

This company contacted my business to help them move one of their customers. Then never paid us for the work. I would stay away from them and goto ADT or a company that does not have so many bad reviews. They obviously do not care what people think of them and their business practices. more


I had an individual come to my house, talk to my wife and I, promise that they would do a buy out, called APX on the phone playing the part of being me, and then installing their system into my house all within 3-hours. When I called to find out about the buy out I got handed off to a person to deal with my problem from the manager, that person would not make a decision, it has been 2-months, no buy out, I am getting charged by both companies, made 8 phone calls and talked to this person who would deal with it - who puts the blame on his manager, they fired the guy that came to my house and told me that it was not my business on why the guy left the company, then decided they would remove the system from my house at my expense to have the old system reactivated and promised me that I would be reimbursed for what I paid to the company for their service vice APX. It's been 2 weeks, just talked to the individual that was supposed to deal with this and he said that he thought his manager dealt with it already that he or the manager would have to get back to me with the details. I explained to him that it is all nice and good that they will get back to me, but meanwhile I am having money taken from my account by both companies. Maybe there needs to be a class-action lawsuit brought against this company since the other reviews sound very similar. I am going to make APX aware that a company representative from First Defense Security was the one that talked to them telling them he was me since he left his personal telephone number with them to contact him directly and not to call my home or work........FRAUD is the only single word I can think of at this point and someone is going to have to deal with this since management and the owner are not concerned. Anyone want to go in on a class action suit with me? more

Crooks 1/19/2011

These guys are dishonest scum bags. more

Don't Do It 3/17/2010

I had it installed after a door-to-door sales team talked me into it. It took three visits to the house over in over two weeks to get the system installed right. After the contract cancellation period ended, the panel started beeping, not going into alarm, but would just beep, wake us all up, at night, AT 4AM EVERY TIME IT DID THIS 6 nights at random. I would be woken up, have to go downstairs and start punching buttons to get it to stop. I told them I was done with it and I now use a dog and shotgun for protection. I have written letters, six ways to Sunday and they just say okay. Now I am being sought for collections in the tune of $1727.64. Save yourself the headache, every alarm company sends out minions to sell their system over others, then each say that the other guys don't contact the police but will only send a non-armed security officer to check on the alarm. It is a marketplace of shysters and it isn't worth the headache getting one installed by this company or any other for that matter. Pros: NOT-A-ONE Cons: ALL-IN-THE-WORLD more
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