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European Fitness Center


2999 S Virginia St (at

We are located on South Virginia next to the Peppermill

Reno, NV 89502

(775) 826-4711
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European Fitness Center - Reno, NV
European Fitness Center - Reno, NV
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Best value!! $20 a month,We have been members of this club for years and know many others who have been working out there and using the spa, aerobics, and all the other facilities...


I cancelled my membership with these people in November and personally turned in my membership card at that time. I still owed a couple of months dues which I had set up on direc...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/22/2016

.. . I really like this gym I have lost 9.5lbsThe staff is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place to everyone. Thank you donna bentley more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/8/2015

great gym, great value, been a member for 2 years, always get a good workout, staff always friendly to me and my family when we go in there. love the spa. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/10/2015

One of those things that you really regret. First off when I signed up 2011 I was pushed into it. After that it went down hill fast! Anyways I thought just go and exercise boy oh boy rusty machines the pool isn't even a lap pool. Dirty stinky the hot tub was dirty as well. I was treated in a rude manner it just went on and on. Finally after a month I turned in my membership and said enough is enough...\r I go to a gym now that is absolutely excellent and associated with one of the hospitals. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/9/2013

I really like this gym! i recently became a member and i enjoy the atmosphere, people are really friendly, i have made alot of friends working out here. great free-weight section and its not overcrowded like some of the other places i worked out. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2013

I strongly disagree with many of these bad reviews....I've been a member at this gym for a couple years now and I have never had any problems. I love the gym, the atmosphere, the staff is very friendly, and I can tell that they have been doing their best to upgrade! The gym looks even better than before, they got a bunch of new equipment, everything is working, the spa area is amazing! And I don't know what these people are talking about when they say this gym is dirty...I see the cleaning lady there every day doing her job. Also, I've never had any problems with the payment system, I joined for zero down and $25 a month it comes out of my debit credit automatically each month and I personally think that's the easiest method. People who are complaining probably just aren't making their payments like they agreed to when signing up for the gym. But anyways, I just wanted to write a review of this place because I am very happy here and joining this gym was one of the best decisions I've made because it's given me a place to workout comfortably and affordably. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/4/2012

having been a member of European Fitness for years, I just have to respond to the unfair comments that have been made. we have always enjoyed working out there and using the spa area,and the different classes for aerobics.over the years they have made every effort to update the place and have just put in some really nice new equipment. we dont have a problem with the cleanliness there, of course there are people who are slobs and leave a mess, thats not the fault of the club!! tell the cleaning lady, she will take care of it. any gym will get people like that. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/2/2012

This is not a good place as it is so completely dirty. Men do not rinse themselves in the provided pool-area shower between the sauna/steam rooms before entering the hot tub. I pointed this out to one man and he pretended I was crazy. The girls showers maintained gobs of hair purposely stuck onto the tile walls with gum for many weeks. There is rampant racism with the clientele that visit this place. Men hawk and blow their noses in the pool, too. more

BEST VALUE!! 8/2/2012

Best value!! $20 a month,We have been members of this club for years and know many others who have been working out there and using the spa, aerobics, and all the other facilities for ages. the majority of members are happy with the club or they wouldnt still be going there!!! you cant please all the people all the time!!! we havnt had a problem with the staff or the facilities.they do a good job of keeping up with everything considering that there are people who dont have respect for other members and leave a mess!. that is something that happens in any public place.we wouldnt go anywhere else,!! more

Great gym for a low price 3/22/2012

I read the reviews on here and then went down to check it out for myself after seeing the ads on TV for $20 a month. I thought the place was great. The staff was friendly and helpful. I joined with my friends and we love going to the Zumba classes. I have recommended this gym to my family and friends because it's a great value. I'm writing this review because I think that people need to know that this place is inexpensive and the classes are great. THe really nice thing is that it really is $0 to enroll unlike some other clubs in town who advertise cheap rates, but then charge a large enrollment fee. Pros: null Cons: null more

Unauthorized Charges 3/5/2012

I cancelled my membership with these people in November and personally turned in my membership card at that time. I still owed a couple of months dues which I had set up on direct payments from my bank. This has proved a mistake as I am having problems stopping them from charging my account without authorization. I cannot go there in person when the office hours are open because of my work schedule and they will not acknowledge or return my inquiries. Their untimely, and unauthorized, charge last month caused me a $35 overdraft fee which they owe me for as well. They charge? A new membership card. Stay away from this organization unless you do not mind them dipping into your bank account whenever they please. It looks as if I am now forced to hire an attorney to sue them. Pros: null Cons: null more

best value, great workout 11/22/2011

for $20 a month and no hidden costs you get the best value in town and a you have the spa and aerobics too. always looks clean to me and they have a great cardio theater. I know lots of folks who have been members for more than 20 years. good place, good people, family orientated. Pros: null Cons: null more

Don't sign! Run away! 11/7/2011

I made a Citysearch account just to write this review. This place is awful. I agree with the majority of the negative reviews... dirty, bad customer service, old decrepit machines, filled to the brim with creepers. I am so glad that my contract is up! The only problem is, they are still charging my account! I am in the process of removing them from my bank account and memory completely. Please DO go see for yourself... I promise not to say 'I told you so.' Pros: null Cons: null more


never had a problem with working out at European, I wouldnt have bought a membership if I didnt want it!! duh!! (as with any other business, if you dont pay your bill they will contact you, duh!!) a friend gave me a free pass a couple of years ago and Ive been going there ever since and have refered many friends who are now members. its a great deal for the price, with all the amenities you could want.pool, sauna, hot tub, aerobics etc., check it out for yourself!! more

Not a place to be. 6/20/2011

This has turned into a more than dissapointing experience. I came in once and got roped into a year contract I didn't want. I have worked out in this gym one time and that was more than enough to convince me that I never wanted to go back. The employees are pushy, and only want to get your money. They will hound you until you pay them, then you don't even exist to them--until your due to pay again. The place doesn't give a good impression- no hello's when you walk in the door, no good-bye's or have a good day. I detest comming here, and will be so happy when this horrible membership is over. I even go to another gym just so I can get the experience I feel I deserve. All I want to do is sue these people for what they've put me through, but after everything I just want to be done with them as soon as possible. more

gross 5/17/2011

I am sorry but this place is vary gross the bathrooms are vary more

A Major Mistake 3/29/2011

Reading the Reviews I sure thought I was the only one that had problems with European. Rude is putting it nicely. Old equipment is for sure. I was a member in 2008-2009 and put my account on hold for ever. Made a major move so my account is useless. They got there money. Even got a nasty call one day from one of the brothers. Brought in the receipts and showed them I was paid up, fact is a couple of months in advance. I kept receipts just for that reason. They will finance you, but they get there money and once you are paid up they laugh all the way to the bank. I join a fitness club where I moved to and yes, it is double what I paid there. But a really nice place. All machines work. Even have a sign up to tell them if you come upon a machine that does not work. I will be fixed ASAP. Sauna is excellent and steam room is great also. Two pools and a whirlpool. A full length pool and a smaller one also. Child care room if you need it. Tanning bed also. They even give you towels. Cheaper to go with the three year membership. European does not even come close to comparing. No way to retrieve my money from European so chalk it up as a big mistake. Please anyone using this place you will not get any money back so do not pay ahead unless you just like to give money away. Had I been able to give them a no star rating I would have. more


European Fitness is the best deal in town, they have a new cardio theater, which is great, they have a pool and spa and all the workout equipment you could possibly need! I have been going there for years, and always have found the staff helpful and efficient. Its common sense to read any paperwork that you have to sign and get any agreement in writing.DUH!! For $25 a month you get a great workout, aerobics,aquacise,yoga and the spa!I recommend it to anyone,check it out! more

Take your money somewhere else! 6/14/2010

The above review must have been written by an employee, this place is a huge rip off. The facility is scummy and the staff are extremely rude and unhelpful, especially the billing department, they have a complete and total disregard for their customers and will not take care of you. I wish I had never joined! more

Horrible customer service 6/14/2010

The fitness center is not of a high quality at all. The business department is extremely rude when dealing with customer issues and completely unwilling to help in any way. I wish I had never joined and I hope that people in the area take their business elsewhere. Cons: Horrible policy and customer service more

dirty, liars,scammers and voyers 5/27/2010

Greg is a huge liar. He told ud there was child "care" for our Son. We signed on the dotted line and come to find out his idea of child "care" is a room for the child to hang out in unsupervised. I informed him he had mis-led us and he would not let us out of the contract. He has now called my home on a few occasions and threatened to have my paycheck "attached" by him. Thank God he did NOT get our CC info correct! He can't attach my wages I am pretty sure of that. He is a liar and a two faced con man!!!! Pros: They are not the only fitness place in town Cons: They remain open more
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  • Comfortable, Affordable, Family-Oriented Fitness and Exercise Facilities.

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  • Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-11pm ; Sat 7am-9pm ; Sun 9am-6pm
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