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Eshima Issa MD

1199 Bush St Ste 490
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 567-7076
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Eshima Issa MD - San Francisco, CA


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Thank you, Dr. Eshima, I love you! That is what I say every day when I look in the mirror to see my youthful countenance that matches my body now. I am a professional woman from...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 3/19/2014

Making the decision to have plastic surgery is not for everyone, but if you’re contemplating taking this step in self- investment, then you owe it to yourself to consult Dr. Eshima. My dermatologist referred me to Dr. Eshima, saying that his work is the best she has ever seen.\r \r Prior to meeting Dr. Eshima, I did my homework and had consultations with three other surgeons. But after my first consultation with Dr. Eshima I knew my decision was made. Dr. Eshima’s ethics and standards of practice are impressive. He does only facial plastic surgery. That’s right--no liposuction, no tummy tucks, and no breast augmentation—just faces! He does not advertise nor does he have a website. His practice is built strictly by professional referrals and patient-to-patient testimonials. That’s a true specialist! I was in the best possible hands.\r \r My surgery was scheduled a couple months later. Although many of Dr. Eshima’s patients are top fashion models and Hollywood stars, all his patients receive first-class treatment. The first night after surgery all of Dr. Eshima’s patients stay in a private suite at St Francis hospital with a private nurse. My nurse, Grace--otherwise known as an absolute angel—stayed by my side every moment and made sure I had no discomfort. I was ready to go home the next morning. \r \r Thereafter, Dr. E’s nurse and office manager, Magaly, called me every single morning—even on weekends—to see how I was doing and to answer any questions. (And she continued to call until I politely told her that she could stop.) Magaly, who I later learned holds a Ph.D., is incredibly competent. She knows everything there is to know. I was so well prepared before my surgery that I didn’t have many questions, but it was reassuring to talk to Magaly those first few days. \r \r Although my surgery was extensive, my recovery was surprisingly easy. I had absolutely no pain and very little swelling, which was all but gone nine days post-op. I had some light discoloration, but no dark bruising. I took three weeks off work, just to be safe; but I could have returned to work after two weeks.\r \r The best part—the result is nothing short of FABULOUS! I look incredibly good thanks to Dr. Eshima! He turned back the hands of time and no one would ever guess my age—or that I’ve had surgery. I probably look 15 years younger than my 59 years. \r \r I was very concerned with looking overly “done”—that stretched and surprised look, like I had plastic surgery. But no one would ever guess! My closest friends and family have commented about how good I look, and that my new hairstyle is the best ever. Now my facial contours are smooth and youthful without looking pulled or ‘done.’ My neck is as firm as it was when I was 20 years old. I can pull my hair up into a ponytail without worrying about my crepey neck. And it all looks so natural! I am thrilled—and eternally indebted to Dr. Eshima! \r \r I have worked in the medical field for over 25 years and I know there are many doctors with superb training and credentials like Dr Eshima’s. But Dr. Eshima is more than a highly competent physician—he’s a gifted artist with a scalpel. \r \r This was singly the best decision I have ever made and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!\r \r \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/10/2014

I traveled from Switzerland: Lip Shortening\r \r Living in Zurich, Switzerland and working in the media industry I knew I had to be operated by the best. I spent many hours researching, speaking with Doctors, colleagues in my field and friends and finally came across a Plastic Surgeon by the name of … Dr. Issa Eshima. Dr. Eshima is a renowned facial plastic surgeon located in San Francisco, California. He does not advertise and does not have a website, which already says a lot about his reputation. Clearly, in my case it would be much easier to be operated here in Switzerland or in Europe than to travel to the United States. However, I was also fortunate to meet personally with several patients who were operated by Dr. Issa Eshima. The women I met with were all timeless exquisite beauties. I was in awe.!!!! His work was so natural, no one would of ever known they had been operated. Having consulted with several renowned Plastic Surgeon in Europe and the US, I knew that Dr. Eshima was the plastic surgeon for me.\r \r During my Skype consultation with Dr. Eshima he suggested a lip shortening procedure would not only rejuvenate my face, but would balance out my facial features and make my eyes appear larger. Dr. Eshima took the time to explain that as we age, the distance between the upper lip and nose becomes longer and looses the youthful contour. After looking at my pictures in my 20’s, 30’s 50’s …I saw that he was right…the distance between my nose and mouth had elongated. \r \r The difference with the lip shortening is subtle and yet the results are huge. At first, I was very frightened of the scar, but after seeing several of his patients and knowing his reputation, I knew I was in good hands and had complete trust. After my surgery, there was no pain and no bruising. I was really surprised and was presentable in 1 week. \r \r The lip shortening procedure plays a major role in creating youthful proportions. There is a saying in the plastic surgery circles and it goes something like this, ""really good cosmetic surgery will make you look better, but, that doesn't mean it will truly make you look younger"". Looking naturally younger is really hinged on inclusion of small, well placed subtleties. In my opinion, Eshima is masterful, truly an artistic genius. He shared with me that his mother was an artist and his father was an architect. What separates him from other plastic surgeon is his unique ability to balance out a persons facial features and with minor touches, transform a good-looking person into a human beauty. He has a certain edge in his ability to make a person beautiful. In my case, he suggested a lip shortening. My girl friend who saw me 1 month later said he took 15 years off and my eyes appeared to be much larger. \r \r He has an excellent and dedicated team, Magaly and Cathy. Magaly, the Patient Coordinator called on a daily basis, even on Saturdays and Sundays, to check up on my recovery and if I had any questions. This type of service is almost unheard of. \r \r If any of you are looking to have aesthetic treatments or procedures- take the time and call the office of Dr. Eshima. He made me look beautiful!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/30/2013

Dr. Eshima is a phenomenal surgeon. Trained by the physician who worked on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, he has personally worked on some of the most beautiful in People's magazine and patients from all over the world. I interviewed many doctors within and without California before deciding on Dr. Eshima. All of them were extremely qualified and most of them were a lot less expensive. None of them, however, performed over 6,000 surgeries and continues to be elected best surgeon by his peers year after year. None of them combines the aesthetic with the technical in a manner that always exemplifies class. None of them has before and after glossies that look as natural and beautiful Dr Eshima's. Reviewing his after photos essentially eliminated any choice.\r \r I completely disagree with a comment posted by one reviewer on Yelp that Dr. Eshima does more surgery than the palate can accommodate. I thought I needed a lower face/neck lift, brow lift and rhinoplasty. Dr. Eshima recommended a lower face/neck lift and lip shortening. He said that these two surgeries would bring better balance to my face and were sufficient to restore a youthful look. He was spot on. Even though my 51-year-old husband are the same age, a friend of his thought I was his daughter. My colleagues all tell me I look younger and prettier than before.\r \r Dr. Eshima's staff are professionals and excellent at ensuring that you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. They also provide fabulous post-operative care. Magaly or Cathy called daily for two weeks after surgery to ensure that I was taking the proper steps for a good outcome and to facilitate the provision of medications and/or cremes. If you use a private duty nurse, ask for Sandy who called ahead and stayed up all night responding sensitively to my needs.\r \r In short and in my view, Dr. Eshima is in a class of his own!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2013

I am a 51 year old woman who has never done any cosmetic procedure until now and I am not a movie star or anything close to being famous.\r Dr. Issa Eshima is one of the best decision I ever made next to marrying my husband. Dr. Eshima has improved the structure of my nose, transformed my droopy Asian eyes, reduced my chubby cheeks, and removed my saggy neck. After narrowing the procedures I wanted to get done, the search in finding a doctor was the most daunting process. I found lots of plastic surgeons, but they did everything from toes to noses. Through blogs and articles written about the elusive Dr. Eshima, I was able to determine he was no ordinary plastic surgeon. For one, he doesn't have a website or television infomercials about his services. Secondly, people who have written about him say he was fantastic and worth flying all the way from Russia, Dubai, Japan, and other far away countries. As for his reputation, he is known for performing on academy award winning actresses. \r Keep in mind, most of Dr. Eshima's patients are based on referrals, i.e. recommendations from other patients. He has no need or desire to advertise so I was calling to make an consultation appointment without a referral from another patient.\r Most plastic surgeons require a consultation fee, but Dr. Eshima does not charge the normal $150 fee because he does not need to live off of these fees.\r I decided to combine five small procedures together to reduce the anesthesia and hospital cost: liposuction my neck fat, buccal fat removal ( egg yolk volume of fat in each check) , rhinoplasty (reduce the wide nostril opening), inject Radiesse to create a bridge on the nose, and finally eye lift to remove the heavy lids sitting on my eyelashes. \r Magaly, Dr. Eshima's assistant, went through the preparations for my operation at St. Francis Hospital which is across from the office. A long check list of what to do and NOT do before and after the surgery was what created the best results in recovery besides the doctor's skill in the operating room. During the entire one week after the surgery, the two assistants Cathy and Magaly, would call to check up on my recovery. There were always questions big or small during this time period, so I was never alone. I loved to hear Magaly's voice assuring me that everything was going well. \r Dr. Issa Eshima did not make me look like a 25 year old. He made me look beautiful without looking artificial. My new eyes now have a natural crease, a result of his skill in creating a new recessed eyelid from my old saggy Asian eyes . My new nose has a natural bridge which was non-existent until Dr. Eshima injected Radiesse. To reduce my wide nasal passages, he narrowed them down. As a result, my new nose is proportioned to my face. Next to my new nose, my buccal fat in my chubby cheeks (common among asian people) was liposuctioned out from the inside of my mouth (BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL) through two very small incisions near my back molars which I absolutely could not feel! Wow! Finally, my excess neck fat was liposuctioned out through one tiny 1/4"" hole under each ear lobe and one hole under the chin. All incisions healed very well in 11 days to the point where my friends all asked ""Where are the stitches and scars?"" The best compliment came from one friend that said ""you look fresh, not stretched"".\r I recommend interviewing other doctors before coming to Dr. Eshima to appreciate how good he is. He is not just a surgeon, he is an artist! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2013

I just turned 60 and have never before looked so good.\r \r Here's the story. About 20 years ago I got dental braces and crowns which resulted in a fine smile, but caused a lengthening of my upper lip (which worsened with age). My husband would sometimes ask me why I was scowling. The fact is that I looked unhappy even when I felt well. I smiled in every photo taken of me because I didn't want to be reminded of the dour appearance conferred by a disproportionately long upper lip. Then last year I had a passport photo taken - the kind where you're not supposed to smile. I was saddened by how sad I looked.\r \r For many years, I have talked to cosmetic surgery specialists regarding the procedure of shortening the upper lip. They had either been unwilling to perform the procedure due to concerns about scarring or too inexperienced in the operation.\r \r I finally found Dr. Eshima. He showed me many astoundingly successful lip shortening before and after photos. Now that I'm an ""after"" I know what a difference a few less millimeters can make.\r \r As a doctor I want to appear encouraging and happy to see my patients. I believe that I communicated those feelings before the surgery, but now I'm more confident that there's no false frown even momentarily blocking my honest expression of warmth and welcome.\r \r Dr. Eshima also performed other procedures to improve lax skin around my eyes, neck and lower face. These too were more effective than I could have imagined.\r \r Dr. Eshima did warn me that people will no longer sense my true age and, since maturity can be desirable in a physician, this might be a problem. He was right. Now when I tell people how long I've been in practice, I must quickly rattle off the years I graduated from medical school and completed residency. Their jaws drop briefly but they are reassured. This is a side effect I can live with.\r \r I am extremely happy with Dr. Eshima's artistry - and now that happiness actually shows on my face. \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/3/2013

I'm a 54 year old female from Tucson, AZ. I recently traveled to San Francisco for a facelift by Dr. Eshima because my girlfriend had one done 5 years prior and she looks great. And now, thanks to Dr. Eshima, I look great too.\r It was worth traveling to San Francisco because Dr Eshima has a stellar reputation. Plus, he only does plastic surgery on the face.\r He and his team holds your hand from the time you arrive and continues to stay with the patient for several months after the surgery.\r I stayed in San Francisco for 3 weeks so that I would have a reasonable time to recover and I didn't want anyone else taking out my sutures.\r While the first 72 hours were uncomfortable, I was pleasantly surprised how much better I felt after that. I had very little bruising and a majority of the swelling settled down certainly by the time my husband came to town which was approximately 10 days after my surgery. And I certainly felt confident by then for him to take me to a really nice restaurant for dinner!\r Deciding on plastic surgery is a big step. However, I am so pleased with the results.\r I highly recommend Dr Eshima and his wonderful team. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/8/2013

Dr. Issa Eshima fixed my face. He repaired scarring from a previous lift. I never thought this would be possible.\r \r Dr. Eshima is a gifted plastic surgeon who produces beautiful, natural work. Dr. Eshima inspires comfort, I feel at-ease. I trust him with my face. Furthermore, his staff's dedication to service equals his own.\r \r I am a Registered Nurse, I have worked with many world-class surgeons. Dr. Eshima ranks with any of them. I traveled all the way from Canada, I visited him based on a recommendation of a doctor who had a facelift by Dr Eshima. \r \r I enthusiastically recommend him to anybody considering plastic or cosmetic procedures!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/26/2013

Dr. Eshima changes my life!!! I couldn't be happier and so glad that I found an artist of cosmetic surgeon in SF. I got so many compliments from friends, colleagues etc etc. I had twice Asian eyelid surgeries back in Japan long time ago. The result were OK back then but not impressive. After I had my eye-lid surgery + some nose job (not a vigorous procedure, ask his opinion what he recommends to you), the result is phenomenal! \r \r I love Dr. Eshima and all of his fellow staff members, they are the BEST of the BEST! \r \r Oh, I need to mention that Dr. Eshima does not charge for a consultation, that is a big plus, so I recommend all of people who consider to have the best cosmetic surgery on face, go Dr. Eshima and ask his opinion. You will find out what you should trust and what you can do the best for your future! again, Love Dr. Eshima's work!! Thanks a million!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2013

Dr. Eshima is a gifted plastic surgeon. He is a perfectionist with an artist's eye. About 9 months ago, Dr. Eshima turned back the hands of time and greatly enhanced my appearance. He far exceeded my expectations especially with regard to sculpting a significantly improved chin and jaw line. \r \r I had previous cosmetic surgery that left me with a number of issues, particularly at the jaw line. So, I was looking for a plastic surgeon that concentrated only on facial work and who had the expertise and experience to deal with my issues. Though Seattle has excellent plastic surgeons, I was looking for a super specialist .\r \r I started my search by asking my world- renowned dermatologist who he would recommend. He said that Dr. Eshima is the only plastic surgeon that he would let touch his wife's face.\r \r Researching at various medical sites I learned that Dr. Eshima's credentials are first rate: Stanford undergrad-Phi Beta Kappa; UCSF Medical School; Castle Connolly's Top Doctors™ (2012); Top Doctor Plastic Surgeon (US News & World Report 2012) etc. I began making preliminary contact with Dr. Eshima's office and his staff was most helpful in providing me with more information concerning his background. I was also pleased to learn that Dr. Eshima only does facial cosmetic surgery.\r \r At my consult with Dr. Eshima, I was impressed with his dedication, energy and aesthetics. The many before and after photos he showed me revealed that he avoids the ""done look"" in favor of natural looking results. Dr. Eshima's results though went beyond rejuvenation to a significant enhancement of appearance. I was not surprised to learn that Dr. Eshima comes from a family accomplished in the arts as he definitely has a keen sense of beauty and balance. \r \r Dr. Eshima operates at St. Francis Hospital, a lovely private hospital across from his office. I was wowed by the facility and staff at St. Francis. Not only were the admissions people very helpful, but the nurses in the pre-surgery unit, Marjorie and Susan, were outstanding. \r \r Dr. Eshima has been wonderful about follow-ups and post-surgical questions. During my recovery period in SF, Magaly or Cathy called daily to confirm that I was progressing well. Dr. Eshima's staff could not have been more professional and friendly. They were always there to help with whatever came up whether it was a big or a small question. I must add that my recovery proceeded quite uneventfully. I had very little bruising or swelling and was soon out walking the beautiful SF hills.\r \r My husband and friends are amazed at my results. Generally, the comment is that I look so much better but not ""done"". It was totally worth going to SF to have Dr. Eshima operate on me and he most successfully dealt with those issues left by my prior surgery. \r \r I can well understand why people come from all over the world to see Dr. Eshima. He is a world-class surgeon. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/22/2013

There is a reason why people travel from all corners of the globe to get facial plastic surgery with Dr. Issa Eshima in San Francisco. It is simply this: He is by far the very best there is! In addition to being a consummate professional with stellar credentials and an unsurpassed track record, he is a caring and charming man. Dr. Eshima and his excellent staff (Magaly and Cathy) support their patients through the preop and recovery process, taking every precaution to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcome. \r \r I am a former model and business executive in my mid 50s. I began to see the signs of aging creeping up on me. I have always been active and athletic and my body had remained in good shape but my face had not. I was not ready to look old and worn – but I was afraid of looking “done” with my skin pulled too tightly and/or my features becoming radically changed. After a year of research, I found Dr. Eshima. I had a lower face and necklift and restylane injections around my eyes. I just received my before and after photos – The results are nothing short of astonishing. I really look like me nearly 20 years younger! I have newly restored confidence and am ready to tackle a new job. \r \r Choosing to have facial plastic surgery is a big decision. I can only urge you all to do your homework, on and offline and DO NOT COMPROMISE! No matter where you are, you should arrange a consultation with Dr. Eshima. You will not be disappointed.\r more

Thank you, Dr. Eshima! 5/7/2012

Thank you, Dr. Eshima, I love you! That is what I say every day when I look in the mirror to see my youthful countenance that matches my body now. I am a professional woman from outside the Bay Area. I learned of Dr. Eshima through a friend / hairdresser who had seen his work and raved about him to me. I work out four times a week and am in top shape but my face was not keeping up with the rest of me. I finally made the decision to proceed with plastic surgery and did not even consider anyone else but Dr. Issa Eshima. He is beyond fantastic! more

Best facial plastic surgeon in the world 2/28/2012

Note: I posted this on Yelp! but they filtered it out because Dr Eshima won't pay them. Dr Eshima did my neck lift, mid facelift, lower lid lift, and forehead lift in Sep 2011. It was expensive to fly to SF from Texas, stay in a hotel for two weeks, etc, not to mention his prices are higher than most. But I wanted the best if someone was going to be cutting into my face so extensively. And it was definitely worth it! I look like I did in my mid 20's to early 30's (I'm 63). What's really great is I look exactly like myself back then, I don't have the stretched out mouth and tight ""cyborg"" look that I see every night on TV on those reality Housewives type shows--is it just me or do do those women look exactly alike because of the cosmetic surgery? I am so happy, my self confidence has returned and I'm once again interested in cute clothes. I could go on and on but the other reviews here pretty much cover everything about Dr Eshima and his wonderful staff, and I agree with all of them. If you can afford it, don't settle for less! more

Hanging the Mirrors Up Again 12/16/2011

When I was young and decorating my first home, I chose to put quite a few mirrors on the walls, mostly to reflect as much light in my home as possible. My interior designer was an older woman, and she commented to me that only her younger clients decorated with mirrors; that when women get older they generally avoid mirrors. She was right. As I grew older, and we moved to bigger and better houses, I'd leave the mirrors behind, and decorate with fewer and fewer, until the point that there were mirrors only where absolutely necessary: in the bathrooms. I just didn't want to look at my face any more than necessary. That's changed. Four years ago my fabulous husband passed away. I was left still breathing, but just barely, and not someone fully alive any more. And I looked that way. Then a year ago I began to lift out of the fog, and I realized without a doubt that my late, amazing husband would have wanted me to be happy and fulfilled again. I asked my dermatologist about Botox, and he directed me to Dr. Eshima, a man he described as not only a superb plastic surgeon, but as a consummate artist as well. I met with Dr. Eshima. He asked me to sit and chat with him for a few minutes, and I realized he wasn't just listening, he was carefully observing my face and my facial expressions as we conversed. After our discussion Dr. Eshima told me he didn't believe Botox was for me, and recommended eyelid surgery and a neck lift. A month or so later I had these procedures, and I am indeed a new woman. Even just a few days after the surgery I could see a new face and neck underneath the swelling, and I started breathing a little more, just a little -- the life was flowing back into me after the years of pain and sorrow and loss. Each day the swelling went down a tiny bit more, and a young, glowing, breathing ME started to emerge. It was thrilling and I know my late husband was looking down from heaven so happy and so proud of me!!! The Latin root of the word inspire is spirare, meaning to inhale, to breathe! At last I am healed, physically and to a very great extent emotionally as well. Dr. Eshima and his staff, Magaly and Kathy are kind and inspiring. For me this has not been only a physical surgical procedure, but one that brought me fully back to life. I am so profoundly grateful to Dr. Eshima and his staff. I am so pleased with my new look and the life and air and inspiration flowing back into me. And I've been hanging mirrors: in the dining room, the living room, the bedrooms, and even the hallways. If there's been a change in your life, a death or a divorce, or if you're just not looking in mirrors anymore, I implore you from the bottom of my heart to visit Dr. Eshima. I know you'll be inspired. more

Dr. Eshima is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST-Patient from Washington DC 11/7/2011

Dr. Eshima does not advertize like others, but I am a researcher by trade and I found him in multiple cosmetic surgery discussion boards where people ALREADY had procedures of various kinds (double-eyelid, rhinoplasty, face-lift among others) could talk about their experiences, and Dr. Eshima's name repeatedly came up and every one of his patients was very happy and satisfied with her results and explained that Dr. Eshima was not only an extremely talented surgeon technically, he has a great sense of aesthetics. In other words, Dr. Eshima has an eye for beauty and has a keen sense what works best for one's face. This is absolutely true from my experience as well. But most importantly, Dr. Eshima really listens to WHAT YOU WANT for your face. I do not live in San Francisco, so I had an initial consultation with Dr. Eshima (free of charge) via Skype, and immediately I knew he was the doctor for me. Dr. Eshima and I had an extensive discussion about what kind of results I wanted to achieve, and subsequently we followed up by correspondence with the help of Ms. Magaly Solis. Ms. Solis is the general manager of the office, because Dr. Eshima is in surgery five days a week and often performs surgery on several patients a day, Ms. Solis is there to help facilitate correspondence between Dr. Eshima and his patients. Trust me, Dr. Eshima is in demand! Speaking of which, you must schedule your surgery early. I scheduled my surgery date about 3 months ahead of time. Ms. Solis is professional, warm, caring and sweet. She was always there to address my questions, concerns or needs. Because of a work-related project, I was overseas before my surgery date. I flew to San Francisco two days before my surgery. The next day, I met Dr. Eshima for the first time face to face. By then, we already had numerous discussions about the surgery via Skype and I had sent in pictures through email of what I considered to be very attractive examples of the ""perfect nose."" It may seem strange that one would have surgery right after meeting the doctor for the first time, but really by this time, Dr. Eshima and Ms. Solis already know very well who you are, and what you want. Once we met, Dr. Eshima again listened astutely to EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED and what I envisioned for my own face. He is a doctor that will listen and will give you want you want! The next day, I went in for two surgeries, rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal all at once. I arrived early in the morning and Dr. Eshima's whole medical team welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable. The anesthesiologist also talked to me before the surgery and said they would all take good care of me. I was not nervous, and once I had the anesthesia in, I remember being wheeled into the surgery room. When I woke up, everything was all done. It really felt like I took a 10-minute nap but it was already 5 hours later. My first thought was--that was so easy and painless, and in larger part, even the subsequent healing process was fairly painless. I stayed in the hotel recommended by Ms. Solis and she called me every day after my surgery to check up on me. Seven days later, Dr. Eshima removed the splint on my nose and I flew back home the very next day. I am now 3-months post-operation and I am absolutely thrilled with my new nose and how my face looks! I never feel insecure about my nose anymore. In fact, I hardly ever think about my nose now--aside from it is nice aesthetically, it also functions perfectly. I NEVER have any problems breathing or any medical complications. Dr. Eshima is not only supremely skilled technically, aesthetically keen, he is also a very good medical doctor. Aside from being very pleased with my results, I never encountered any medical issues with my new nose during this entire process. I more

Plastic Surgery from an Accountant's Perspective 10/31/2011

I am a Certified Public Accountant, very analytical, very objective, and very thrifty! Fifteen years ago I had rhinoplasty and a brow lift in Marin County, California, where I live. This year I had a face lift and eyelid surgery performed by a different plastic surgeon, Dr. Issa Eshima of San Francisco. I am infinitely more pleased with Dr. Eshima and my results. Here's why, in no particular order: Dr. Eshima has great wisdom and judgement. He is conservative in his procedures in order that you won't end up looking ""done"" as we say in Marin. I go to aerobics class daily, and as I look around the room, it is apparent to me that some women have been ""done"" or more articulately OVER-done by their plastic surgeons. It's a recognizable look that results from a plastic surgeon who is being too aggressive, or maybe just lacking in talent or experience. Do you remember the old television commercial for hair color, ""Does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure."" Dr. Eshima is an artist in addition to a superb plastic surgeon, and will send you home looking FABULOUS, not DONE -- and only you and Dr. Eshima will know for sure! Dr. Eshima and his staff closely supervise your recovery. The first time I had plastic surgery in Marin, I don't think that doctor had any contact with me at all until a week or two later. Believe me, when you look at your swollen, bruised, bandaged face after rhinoplasty -- you need some reassurance! Every bad thought and fear will race through your mind, and it is essential that you get credible and repeated assurances that you will not turn out like Michael Jackson. Dr. Eshima's staff calls you on a daily basis for two weeks after your procedure. (During this time you will also have at least one office appointment.) In my case I e-mailed photos of myself to Dr. Eshima's assistant, Magaly, and she carefully reviewed each one. She gave me comfort that each little thing would resolve. They did. Dr. Eshima is personable and touches you. I remember with my first plastic surgery, except for in the operating room, that doctor never touched me. Not once. I just thought that was odd. When I first visited Dr. Eshima (and by the way, Dr. Eshima does not charge a consultation fee) he had me sit down in his office and talk to him. I believe he was evaluating my psychological readiness for plastic surgery as well as evaluating the appearance of my face and my expressions as I talked and moved. Dr. Eshima is funny and engaging and you will enjoy meeting him! He held a little mirror in front of me and moved my hair a little bit and showed me why he was recommending specific procedures. He didn't act like I had a contagious disease! And now I will put on my accountant's hat and we will talk hard cold cash. Dr. Eshima costs a little more --- AND HE'S WORTH IT. Keep in mind I am a CPA and so tight I squeek. Also keep in mind you're not headed to Nordstrom for the semi-annual sale (which starts Wednesday). I wish I could give you statistics and percentages to convince you of the value of Dr. Eshima's artistry, but of course it is impossible to quantify beauty. And you will be beautiful. To conclude my analysis, I strongly recommend that you have no plastic surgery done before visiting Dr. Eshima. more

A Diabetic Looking Great! 9/20/2011

A Diabetic Looking Great! more

Dream Surgeon you have been looking for! 7/22/2011

I have always had beautiful eyes. When my mother and best friend had eye lifts I thought I needed a touch done too. Several Dr. more

I couldn't be happier.... 7/16/2011

The moment I walked into his office and shook his hand, I knew Dr. Eshima was the surgeon had been searching for for over 10 years. Besides the extremely warm and welcoming staff and polished looking office, my first impression of Dr. Eshima was a perfect blend of professional and personable. I'm 32 years old, and ever since I graduated high school, I wanted to have the Asian double fold procedure done, but I could never find the right surgeon: one who would make my eyes bolder and more appealing, yet in a natural way, so that it wouldn't be obvious to everyone that I had surgery. I also wanted a slightly ""flared,"" seductive look to my eyes. :p At the consultation, I expressed to Dr. Eshima what I desired my eyes to look like and he explained what he would do. He took into consideration my height and maintaining ethnic integrity, when determining the size of the fold. He took such care that I felt like a piece of art that he was refining. That day, I decided to go forward with the procedure. The surgery took place conveniently across the street at St. Francis Memorial. The nursing staff and anesthesiologist were extremely friendly & caring.. I was a bit nervous, but upon seeing Dr. Eshima, I was comforted instantly. (His presence has this incredible calming's like a cool confidence that swallows up any doubt). The surgery was over in no time and recovery was a breeze. When I arrived home, I followed all of the specific instructions given to me by Magaly (one Dr. Eshima's fabulous staff). She called me everyday to check on me. I had virtually no pain or problems sleeping. Moreover, the bruising was minimal because Magaly gave me Arnica tablets to take prior to the procedure. I strictly followed the healing regimen and in about a week, I was ready to see my new eyes! It's now been over 2 years since I've had the procedure , and the final results are better than I imagined. Not one person (outside of my immediate family) inquired if I had my eyes done. Seeing my before and after pics REALLY revealed to me just how talented and artistic Dr. Eshima is... I received numerous compliments like ""Wow, you look amazing for some reason...Did you lose weight? "" Or ""Something looks different about you in a good way...I can't figure it out, but you look beautiful!."" I relish the compliments and owe it all to Dr.Eshima! more

It's Magic!!! (or he's the best Plastic Surgeon EVER) 6/20/2011

Dr Eshima is a medical magician. I am a physician, who had interviewed 7 plastic surgeons over a 9 year period, before choosing Dr Eshima for my lower face/neck work. I knew from his initial consultation that he was in a league of his own, judging from the results he showed in the pictures, but also from the way he approached his work - he is so dedicated to the patient and the satisfaction they have with the outcome. My procedure surprised me. I had no noticeable aftereffects from the anaesthesia (it can be a problem), and no pain. My biggest issue was warding off the nurses plying the Vicodan! I took minimal medication for 3-4 days after the surgery, stayed in a good aftercare place for 3 nights, and was seeing friends after 1 week, and patients after 3 weeks. But the biggest sell of all, of course, are the flawless results. No noticeable scars, no tight look, just 20 years of sagging removed. He is the creme de la creme of the field! more

Simply the BEST from Palm Desert, CA. 5/10/2011

PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE BEST ! I have spent 4 years trying to find a surgen that could help me. Dr.Eshima in San Francisco is a Godsend, so special. It was well worth the drive from Palm Desert, CA. I am 62 years old and have made some very serious mistakes in the past relating to surgical procedures. I was left with a very long upper lip and felt like a monkey. I was also left with little round eyes that had webs in the outer corners. I couldn't close my eyes to sleep for 3 1/2 years and had to spend over $150K for skin graphs to the eylids. I felt like a bad experiment. Dr. Eshima was the only surgen that would and could correct these mistakes. The procedure that made the greatest difference was the UPPER LIP SHORTENING. It has balanced the entire face. 2nd was the Canthopexy which corrected the webbing and droopy lower lids. I also had other procedures to correct overly raised brows and a lower facelift for the neck and to correct the jowls. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to him. I feel whole again and no longer embarrased to see old friends. My advice is to go to the BEST the first time, it will save you alot of money and you won't have to suffer as I have. I am willing to provide pictures and more detailed information to anyone considering Dr. Eshima or any of these procedures. My husband was reluctant to go through this with me again but did. His response was: He delivered!!! From Bobbie in Palm DEsert, CA more
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