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Eppley, James, Md - Therapeutic Collaborative

519 Licking Pike
Newport, KY 41071
(859) 572-0400
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I have been a patient at Therapeutic Collaborative since January 2000 following the 1998 murder of my 24 year old daughter. Dr Eppley has been my primary care psychiatrist since t...


NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GO HERE!! If you challenge the office staff and tell them they are billing fraudulently, they will drop you or your children like a fly! They are not ethical i...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/3/2014

Mixed Bag\r Dr. Eppley is a very good psychologist--one of the best in Northern Kentucky. He really knows his stuff and is very good about answering all your questions in an easy to understand way. \r However...\r In order to work with Dr. Eppley, you have to work with one of his therapist. There seems to be a lot of turnover with therapist. My son saw one therapist (a man) who left. Then he saw a woman, who seems very nice but my son doesn't like her so he doesn't get anything out of the sessions. I feel like I'm just flushing my money down the toilet. I'd like to switch but I'm not sure how that will go.\r Office staff... there have been several reviews on here that talk about how unfriendly the office staff are. This is true. I really do not like how they run their office. It is not a friendly or welcoming place. You are not greeted when you go in. There is a receptionist behind the glass and sometimes they make you feel like you're bothering them. You pay your co-pay and they're done with you. There have been other comments about their billing practices--please note that the office will nickel and dime you any chance they get. They sent me a bill for my full co-pay ($40) to have Dr. Eppley fill out a form for my son's school. I thought that couldn't be right so I didn't pay it. My mistake! Because I didn't pay it right away they tacked on a $10 late fee! So I had to pay $50 for Dr. Eppley to sign his name in a few places! (No other doctor has ever charged me for that!) And God forbid you ever miss an appointment! They do not call or send you a reminder for your appointment (which you could have made weeks ago) but if you don't cancel within 48 (not 24!) hours they will send you a bill for--not your co-pay--but the full amount which is around $150! And they won't budge even if you have a good reason for missing. So buyer beware!\r If it weren't for Dr. Eppley being so good, I would not go here. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2013

My daughter did not receive satisfactory treatment at all from this practice. She felt as if her therapist could not relate to her at all and never would address issues that she felt needed to be addressed. She said she felt very put off by her. We talked to the psychiatrist about this and he said to give her another shot. We did and the situation did not get better. The therapist was a very nice person but not at all effective. We weren't allowed to switch to a different therapist. \r The psychiatrist has now refused to see my daughter any longer because I cannot afford to pay the exorbitant cost of $100 for an accidentally missed appointment. Never mind the fact that I never, ever agreed or signed anything saying I would pay $100 for a missed appointment. I questioned this and was given a letter telling me that because I refuse to pay them (not can't afford but refuse) that they have closed her file. When I questioned this I was told that if I didn't take my letter and leave immediately that they would call the police to escort me out. They didn't try to discuss anything at all with me, to make arrangements or anything. They simply said to take my letter and leave or I'm calling the police to escort you out. The lady saying this to me was so RUDE and NASTY. I had never seen her before. She wasn't the regular receptionist. I've never encountered a healthcare professional who acted so unprofessionally before. Needless to say, the practice clearly cares more about $100 than treating it's patients. I'm looking for ways to report this practice for it's unethical business practices and lack of professionalism. If you are considering this practice for treatment for yourself or for your child, take my advice and go elsewhere. They don't care about you. They only care about your money. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/30/2013

My Family used Therapeutic Collaborative in the spring of 2012.\r We chose Therapeutic Collaborative because they accepted our insurance and their location was close to our house. Now I wish that we had chosen another place because we had a very bad experience with Therapeutic Collaborative.\r Our biggest issue was their turnover of therapist. We had three therapists in a short period of time, not by our choice, but because they kept leaving. This makes it very difficult to build a relationship and trust. This proved to be an extreme waste of time and money. I can honestly say that we gained no benefit from their services.\r Secondly, in my opinion, Therapeutic Collaboratives’ office staff is extremely poor compared to other doctors’ offices. They were very poor about returning calls and had a questionable way of collecting payment. \r We were at the office in Wilder but I think that they also have offices elsewhere. If we are in need of this service again, I will avoid all of their offices or any office associated with them.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/20/2013

Donald Jenkins\r \r Therapeutic Collaborative is a very fine professional patient care office. I recommend this place to any person seeking help. My family and I have used this place for about nine years now. They have been absolutely wonderful with my family. The Doctors and Therapists there are some of the best in the nation. \r \r I am the real Donald Jenkins or (Donald J.) and the post below is a fake and I did not post it. It is a total lie from the mother of the children mentioned. We have emailed Citysearch to remove the post but they haven,t moved on it yet. Please disregard any future posts from her. I spell my name on this site with two n's. \r \r My daughter is upset because she lost several court battles with my wife and I about these kids she did not raise. The mother of these children should have been worried about raising them instead of spreading stories about a company as good as Therapeutic Collaborative is. \r \r Thank You\r Donald Jenkins\r more

Good people 2/2/2012

I have been going to this place for my grandkids and they all get good help from the counselers and the main lady Kim. The dr, Epley is always nice and makes sure i get all of my pills that i need when i need. They got 2 of the grandkids on meds that keeps em settled down some. the girl gets an upper in the mournin and a downer at night. I get money from the state now since they are on the pills. i get xanax and opanas, used to get oxycontins but the law is crackin down on that. dont worry though cuz theraputic collabrative wont call the law on ya. Kim wolfe, now she is great. She makes sure the kids get there meds and i get mine and dont ask no questions about mine or the wife. if you need pills or some monie from the state, just get in touch with Kim or dr. Epley and they can get what you need. The oldest boy was mouthin off so i had the dr. up the pill and the boy settled down. Really these counselers will make your life easey, I raise a drink to Kim and all shes done for me... and ill have a couple shots here myself more

Highly Professional and Excellent Patient Care 12/20/2011

I have been a patient at Therapeutic Collaborative since January 2000 following the 1998 murder of my 24 year old daughter. Dr Eppley has been my primary care psychiatrist since then and has gone well beyond expectations in helping me. In 2004 I went thru major depression. For those who have never experienced it, it is a pain worse than any physical pain you can imagine. Dr. Eppley worked for over 12 months to get my medications regulated to bring me out of it. Being a paramedic I can tell you it is a tall order to do what he did as deep into depression as I was. As soon as he saw signs of improvement he handed me off to therapist Ruth Lukey. She was a saint bringing me back from where I was. She is well skilled and has a toolbox full of different ways to treat your condition. Ruth left the practice for a short time(she since has returned) and Steve Durkee took over. We are a match made in heaven. Steve worked with me when the results of PTSD from not only my daughters murder but other family tragedies finally pushed me over the edge and I tried to take my own life in the spring of 2010. I had hit rock bottom. Amazingly at that time my glass was not half empty it was bone dry. Since April thru now my glass is now half full. It keeps me on a tight leash with weekly office visits, a weekly call in and I had to give up my favorite beverage Bud Lite and switched to O'Douls. Steve has the option at anytime to call me in for a urine screening that can go back 72 hours. In summary as I said I have worked in the EMS field for many years and I can honestly say you will not find a practice that can begin to come close to Therapeutic Collaborative. As a matter of fact if you want to discuss with me personally contact their office and they will take your number and I would be more than happy to talk to you. Mental illness is rampant among us but a large majority of people feel there is a stigma attached to admitting it. That being said would you feel a stigma attached to a bad case of the flu....I hope and pray you see my point...Thank you for reading more

Yes Office Staff Problems but Worth It! 11/8/2010

I keep reading that this group has office staff problems. Yes, I have encountered this on the few occasions we've been since joining in August.\r \r The thing is, you have to stand up for your rights and what you know to be true! Call them out on it!! These people are nothing more than replaceable individuals at a rate just above minimum wage!!! Why allow them to make decisions about both my child and my money/insurance???? NO! Have a problem that can't seem to be resolved...ask for the manager. If that doesn't work, address the issue with the therapist. I'm sure it will get taken care of.\r \r My motto: NEVER ACCEPT ""NO"" FROM SOMEONE NOT AUTHORIZED TO SAY ""YES""!!!\r \r On a positive note, we have had nothing but a good experience with my daughter's therapist, June. Likewise, Dr. Eppley is nice and takes the time to make my daughter feel comfortable. \r \r As a psychiatrist...not a therapist...and more importantly since this is a COLLABORATIVE (meaning working WITH your psychologist/therapist in the building...which is the benefit of going here) Dr. Eppley has your clinic notes available immediately in order to review and then meet with you to prescribe. His JOB is NOT TO PROVIDE COUNSELING!!! It is to use the clinic notes and your information about how your medicine is working, to continue to prescribe for you!\r \r Psychiatric medications affect the brain. Doctors know only a portion about how the brain operates. Additonally, every person's brain operates differently. This is why getting that prescription just right takes a good deal of time. Many times a drug ""cocktail"" must be assembled to get the best result. I SAID ""BEST"" meaning most of the time they can only get so close to fixing the issues you are having. Many times after ""getting it right,"" your brain becomes used to the medication, causing you to seek new or increased medication. Please keep those things in mind.\r \r As far as having to pick up the medication at the office, it is industry regulations that require that controlled substances be hand written and picked up! They cannot be called in or mailed!!! Most psychiatric drugs are controlled. This is the reason behind picking up prescriptions.\r \r Because it's located in Wilder, it is a drive for us since we live in Hebron. Keep in mind however, WE CHOSE TO GO THERE! If it becomes a problem, that is for US to take action!!\r \r Oh, and please keep in mind, this is a medical office. I don't think I've ever waited under a half-hour at any point in my life to be seen by a doctor or therapist! Yes, sometimes I feel like I should charge them for MY time...but how many times have I gone on and on, taking up their time...and they have accommodated my needs. Getting backed up is par for the course!\r \r As a teacher, I can't tell you the endless time I spend talking to parents, in meetings with parents, emailing parents, updating my websiet for communication, and more...that takes up a TON of my time. This is mostly done AFTER my day is up! Professions that are paid through salary, require more work. That's why they are not paid hourly...the employer would go bankrupt! \r having to wait....expected!\r \r Hope you go! Wonderful people to work with. Remember...the office staff works FOR the people you're working with. They are expendable!! Don't take anything less than professionalism from them! That is the environment they work in!\r more

NO, NO, NO, NO!!! 9/30/2010

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GO HERE!! If you challenge the office staff and tell them they are billing fraudulently, they will drop you or your children like a fly! They are not ethical in their practices! My children go to Children's!! STAY AWAY!!! more

Highly Recommend! 9/2/2010

I worked for a company that worked with Therapeutic Collaborative, collaterally, on a regular basis. I have personally worked with majority of the staff. When you walk in the door, you immediately feel a welcome. It is friendly and a very clean environment. A lot of therapists that I have worked with before at other agencies are very re-active. However, every therapist that I have worked with at Therapeutic Collaborative has always shown a high interest in the client’s needs, and is very pro-active in regards to treatment in general. The front staff has always been polite when they have checked me in, and are very helpful when I need copies for our agency. From my experience, they have bent over backwards trying to help the clients that I specifically served, which is probably close to 100. I have never had a complaint from a parent that I work with who requested specifically to be transferred to a different agency or want to seek treatment somewhere else. I have a parent that drives 80 miles round trip (an hour and a half) for her son to get treated here, because she has also come to understand that it is the best place for her son to be seen, and that it is worth it. I personally refer people here all of the time, and prefer it over any other agency. On a final note, I have personally had the most success stories with families who are treated at this agency! more

This is a wonderful place! 9/2/2010

This is the best place to go if you are seeking therapeutic needs in the Northern Kentucky area. They not only have the best psychiatrists in the area, they also have a staff of wonderful therapists. The psychiatrists are allotted a short period of time with each patient when doing medication management (which is the same at any agency) however if you need additional time because of an specific situation, all of the staff are willing to take the extra time. They also have an emergency contact number on their voicemails, so you can notify them should something arise after hours. It is nice that there is someone that is willing to help you no matter what time or day it is. They have late appointments if needed, a great front desk staff who is prompt and friendly with requests, and a newly improved area to pick up prescriptions. Even the billing department is consistent, easily explainable, and friendly should a problem arise. There are males, females, and different types of therapy available. They are also very well educated on different local resources, should they benefit you or your family in addition to their services. They are willing to develop a treatment team for you and work collaterally with other agencies such as Impact. They are also willing to communicate with school staff or lawyers, if you requested. They are involved with a therapeutic based camp through the summer for children, that I feel is the best therapeutic camp in this area. I cannot say enough good things about Therapeutic Collaborative. Sometimes you might have to wait, but that comes along with any medical, mental, and hospital setting. Sometimes emergencies arise and someone else needs additional attention. I am more than willing to wait when this happens, because should that happen to me, I know I would receive the same attention in return! more

if your looking for answers , go here 11/11/2009

dr eppley now that im an adult listens and prescribes whats needed kim wolf is the best psychologist out there i am a diagnosed bipolar and she has helped me more then i could ever imagine Pros: dr epply was psychiatrist kim wolf for therapy more

Not to happy 5/29/2009

well my son has been going here for years to this place, his therapist at first june barnet was pretty good, but i wasnt to happy with her towards the end because she didnt talk to him to much. and the girls at the front desk arent that nice at all, they dont greet you to well, and they never smile. my son sees dr. eppley and he is never own time, you make apt and you have to wait for at least a half hr to see him. you see him for about 15 min, he writes the prescriptions for the medicines, it took awhile for them to get him the right medications and the right dosage. and now my son which is 9 sees andrew arthur, is seen him for two months now. he talks alot more to my son and ask him questions etc. but he got short with me on the whole and didnt say goodbye just hung up on me. morgan dr eppley assistant she isnt to nice as well. dr eppley sees to many patients and they cant keep them straight. the office is to far, i live in florence and the office is all the way in wilder, when y ou need a prescription y ou have to pick it up there they dont call in anything. My mom goes there and that is why i decided to go there too. staff could be alot more nicer and more friendly too.\r Pros: not sure Cons: to far away more

Do not go here!!! 7/29/2008

The office staff at the place is allful!!! They have been so rude to me that I have wound up in tears on 2 different occasions. They will not file insurance, they slam the window in your face and they hang up on you. My children go to Childrens hospital a few times a month and I can not stop singing the praises of the staff there. This place, you look around thinking 'okay where is the candid camera guy, because there is no way this is real! I will never go to this place again! more


SO RUDE! I walked out. I have never seen nurses (or whatever those desk girls are) be so rude. Avoid this place! more
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