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Entourage Model & Talent

6800 Park Ten Blvd Ste 268s
San Antonio, TX 78213
(210) 733-5007
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What do you want in an Talent Agency? I have always been in ""The Industry "" as a teen I did runway and print work without an agent . Finding work was difficult and frustrating...


How much does it cost for 12 year seems like a scam........because they look like they're promising every thing to you

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/27/2014

I have been working with Entourage since May 2013 and I have been all over the place with auditions, commercials, films, and print work! The staff at Entourage is very professional, they never promise you that you will make tons of money or get famous. The response time and professionalism is phenomenal, I get all of my information promptly and I am told exactly what I need to do and where to be. I also like that if I have an questions, Cindy is more than willing to help find the answers. I am really glad that I am working with Entourage, it really is one of the best agencies I have been contracted with, I will continue to contract with Entourage because it is simply the best local agency in San Antonio. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/24/2014

I've been working with Entourage for about a month now, and even in the short amount of time, I've seen doors open that I'm sure wouldn't be possible without them. I already have an auditions coming in and am working very hard to land them. Cindy has honestly been one of the most professional and punctual people I've ever worked with. The agency, in general, is very hard working and I constantly get updates and responses to any questions or concerns I have at any time directly from them, which is something that rarely happened at other agencies. I'm grateful to be working with such a great team and I feel that greater things are still to come with them backing me up. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about acting and modeling. They don't guarantee you'll get all the parts, but they sure as heck try their hardest to put you in a good place for you to land them, IF you're dedicated enough. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/23/2014

I have been with the Entourage family for about 3 months now. Cindy and everyone within the agency has been more than professional. I don't think I could be happier with the service I have received so far. Surprisingly, I have landed many gigs in such a short amount of time. Even though I know I don't fit the role for everything and do not ""make the cut"" for every audition, I know that Cindy definitely tries her best for her people and THAT is pure awesomeness. Not only have I met so many awesome people and other actors/models, it has truly been a great experience! I always get a reply back like RIGHT away on everything I submit for and you can't ask for better service than that! I am really stoked I found this place and look forward to many more years of being with the Entourage family! Thank you Cindy and everyone with Entourage, ROCK ON! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/17/2014

I signed with Entourage 4 months ago and so far it has been a blast. There is a steady stream of casting calls to choose from. There have been several that fit my age/gender/size, etc. \r I've had the opportunity to go on a few auditions. I did not get chosen for all of them, but the experience itself was so fun! I DID get chosen to be in one commercial and I've thoroughly enjoyed all of my friends saying, ""Did I see you on a commercial??!!"" I also had the privilege of being chosen for a print ad as well. I am completely hooked!\r \r Entourage works hard to stay on top of all the casting calls. They do not guarantee that you will get work, but they give you every opportunity possible. They open the doors, but YOU have to walk through them. The more casting calls you are able to submit for, the better the chances you will have of landing a role. If there is an opening for an ""Extra,"" TAKE IT. The more you can put on your resume the better!\r \r I have been very happy with Entourage and their wonderful staff. They are so kind and always answer any questions I have. I truly do not believe I could have chosen better representation than Entourage! :) more


One word to describe Entourage... A W E S O M E!! The staff is Extremely Professional and Very Personable. I have met many models from other agencies and when I tell them I'm with Entourage, their eyes light up and they shake their heads, ""Yes"" and say, ""I've heard of them... Very Nice!"" Then I brag about how hard they work to get me quality auditions and some of the projects I've been involved in. By the end of the conversation with the model, I've recruited a new model for the agency and a new friend for life!! \r \r I'm also proud to say that I'm so impressed by what they do for the local the community such as hosting an annual youth summer camp (WHO ELSE DOES THAT?). \r \r Thank you Entourage for ALL you do and represent! You are hard working professionals focused on people and you are appreciated!! :D more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/10/2012

What a GREAT experience!! Cindy was very professional and the time it took to take photos was perfect! I have read the reviews and while it is sad to see that there were a few people who were unhappy, it seems to me that they were only unhappy because they confused the situation. Getting signed does not guarantee you a paying job, it was clearly explained. Sorry for their disappointment, but I would personally recommend this agency (and have) to anyone! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/9/2012

how old should i be before trying this? more

Entourage 4/21/2012

The Modeling agency is safe and productive. The people working for the agency are very kind and respond to emails and phone calls almost instantly. They also have great photographers. However, I am a full time student and most of the work is located in Austin, TX. You really need time to be a part of this agency. There is not enough work here and most clients are very selective about who they want to represent. The staff is amazing and willing to help! more

Entourage Model & Talent The Jerry Maguire of Agents 4/21/2012

What do you want in an Talent Agency? I have always been in ""The Industry "" as a teen I did runway and print work without an agent . Finding work was difficult and frustrating . Growing up I moved on but still was able to do a little Talent work with catalog shots and even a movie role . I decided to get serious and look into hiring an agent last summer and after searching for a good one found the best one, Entourage Model and Talent. I was impressed right away with their honesty about the industry . They treat me like part of the family . Always in communication and offering advice and recommendations on what to wear to auditions and the right attitude to have . Calling me to inform me of Casting needs that needed filling at the last minute . This is a tough industry to be in and I am really glad to be with the Best agency Entourage ! They Really are the Jerry Maguire of Talent Agents ! more

People are never happy 2/15/2012

Ok. I have read the reviews from everyone here and I honestly feel bad for some of you all. I have had my daughter Isabel with Entourage about a year and a half almost. I took her because everybody since she was a baby would say how beautiful she was and how beautiful her hair was and that she should be on t.v because she was funny and beautiful and not very shy. So I took her in and Cindy called me back that they liked her. Now here's the difference between myself and most of you all. This is a industry where everyone of us parents are so sure our kid has it and is better than the others or better looking than the other kids. But the truth is that's what you see and maybe your kid is pretty, and yet when she goes for a audition they like her but she doesn't have the height or the smile, or the personality or the cuteness that the person hiring is looking for. Isabel has been chosen for auditions and she went but didn't get any of the parts. I know that the competion is out there and that although my daughter is beautiful so are other little girls who want the same parts. Cindy never ever once told me that Isabel would be famous. She tells you that you never know what they are looking for. And she only books you auditions. The rest is up to your child to get the part. Don't blame her for your kid not getting noticed. I don't make this a career for myself or my daughter. This is just for fun. Isabel knows she wants to be on t.v and act and she wants to dance also. I told her when the time is right if that's what she is suppose to do God will put the path for her. But if he has other plans for her then she has to go with it. So therefore I am not angry that she hasn't made it yet because I know she will make it one day she is still young... don't blame Cindy, blame yourself for depending on her to snap her finger and put your kid ahead of thousands who want it just as bad. She books them a audition their job is to get it.... And also what does it matter if she was on millionaire matchmaker?? Let's dig into our own lifes and see what we have done that others will talk about. Its not a scam because what is she scamming you for? You only pay for your pictures and composit cards. Ask somebody else to do them for you and see how much they would charge you for the same thing and then compare. She makes money if you book jobs so why wouldn't she try and book you some jobs?? more

hmmmmmm 11/27/2011

How much does it cost for 12 year seems like a scam........because they look like they're promising every thing to you more

Please read this review 9/8/2011

Please read this review and stay away from Entourage Model and Talent. I was one of the silly moms who believed Cindy and gave her money. Notice the dates on the positive reviews on this site and all the other ones, they all seem to appear right after a negative review. My child was supposed to be on the company web site 6 months ago. I have called and asked questions, all I get is a bunch of crud from the lady who runs her parents modeling agency ( Cindy)... I try to be nice to all people but this person, her Mother and Father should be ashamed of themselves! My husband is a paralyzed Vet. and we do not have much money, Cindy knew this and still she took our money and gave us lies in return. I guess it cost a lot to live in LA and try to look 35 when you can barley pass for 40. When you are asked for your ID to prove you are 35 because you look older ( Millionaire Matchmaker) . Cindy if you read this I hope you ask God for forgiveness before your big day... He will forgive you, I know I have. Time to close this chapter, Never to be thought of again... Don not give Cindy or her parents your money.... more

somebody 1/26/2011

help me out.\r my babys 6months old !!\r \r how do i get her started? more

How good are they?? 1/23/2011

Im a young male and im thinking of doing modeling after being pushed by my family and freinds and i was told about Entourage but i want to know just how good they are they sound good but im worried im only 14 so im a bit nervouse more

Great Agency to work with! 2/11/2010

My daughter is signed with entourage in the baby department. Cindy told us from the beginning that in addition to the recession causing a slow-down in jobs, San Antonio is not exactly a booming place for this business. It's not LA, but in LA there is a lot more competition. My daughter got an audition for a commercial after 3 months of being signed with them. I had not even considered commercials for her, only things like print ads, so we were very unprepared and my daughter did not get the part. Cindy called me the night before the audition at about 9pm. This is when she found out about the job. THEY chose my daughter to come to the audition, not the agency. Hey, if you are signed with them for a year or two years and get no jobs, that is just because there were not any clients who needed your particular look/talent. I don't think that is a reason to give up or to bad mouth this agency who works so hard for all of us. Think about it--Entourage WANTS us to get the jobs--they would get paid far more if they booked everyone for jobs all the time than they do for any ""photo/website/poster"" fees. Think about it. They want us/our kids to succeed...that would mean that they are succeeding in their business!!! Pros: Honest and straightforward Cons: Not a lot of jobs in this area more

Entourage is the Best! 10/30/2009

I have been with Entourage Model and Talent for a couple months. I can tell you I love it. Cindy goes the extra mile for her talent. I've already been on numerous auditions. Cindy is the sweetest, she cares about each and everyone of us and helps us to be successful in this business. I have to agree that this is a fast paced business and you have to be willing to work for it and be extremely motivated. Only being here a short time I can tell you I cant wait to see what comes in the future. Entourage is the BEST!!! more

Entourage Model & Talent Is For Those Who Shine! 10/28/2009

What I like so much about Entourage is that they chose you because they believe you have the potential to be sucessful. This company has been around since 1988, Cindy Twedt and her family run the bussiness. I am 26 now and when I first signed up with the agency my first job was a photo shoot with USAA. I have found working with Cindy has been wonderful! She is very cofident, warm, driven and pofessional. She strives to see every one suceed. The most important thing to know is that this industry is comptetive and clients always have selective taste. It takes a positive attitiude to survive in this industry. As long as you believe in yourself you will be fine. The one thing I love about Cindy is that she is always willing to go that extra mile for her talent. I have always had plenty of jobs with the agency and I have had so much fun with every single one of them! Pros: Awarded Best in 2008! more

TeamWork Representation 10/28/2009

I have been with Entourage for two years now. This Industry is very fast pace, and if you dont make an effort, or have no motivation, then this may not be for you. Entourage has been very good to me, and I like the fact that its a team effort, and Cindy the agent goes the extra mile to get auditions for all 200 of her clients (SINGLE HANDED). Alot of the NEGATIVE reviews on here, are from angry moms who have their children in the agency....seriously people? we live in San Antonio NOT LA....even the adults are not going to get work every week or month....and like i said the industry is fast pace....sometimes you wont get nothing for a while..because you dont fit the criteria...and sometimes youll get 3 auditions in one day. Bottom line...Entourage is a Texas LICENSED agency, and my experience with them has been very good....I HIGHLY RECCOMEND this Agency to any new Talent, whether they are children teens or adults....If you put in a good effort, and good positive energy...only good karma comes back to you...I have been booked for hair shows for clients such as American Crew, did commercials for the San Antonio Spurs...Photoshoots for various clients...and blessed to have the chance to audition for some big budget feature films. THIS INDUSTRY TAKES ALOT OF HARD WORK....YOUR NOT GOING TO BECOME A RICH MOVIE STAR WORK for positive...and Entourage is the right environment for that.....Wish you guys all the best...and hopefully my review helped!! Pros: Entourage works with models who make an effort Cons: the modeling/acting world is last minute in notice. more

Please explain 9/26/2009

If you guys are so great, why are you not members of SAG? In addition, why is you rate so low for models and talent. I had a daughter that was represented by a professional agency and made $50 and she was 18 months old. After 6 years they start at $75.00. In addition, if you shoot a commercial, they pay you every time that commercial airs, you don't pay any money to the agency because they keep a percentage of your hourly rate, same as for commercials and other jobs. YOU NEVER EVER PAY AN AGENCY TO REPRESENT YOU!!! I am sorry to say, but is sad that as gorgeous as this city is, there is not one single modeling or talent agency here that is worth a peanut!!! more

Great representation, very friendly owners! 8/31/2009

My 3-year-old daughter is represented by Entourage, and we are very happy with the experience so far!! My daugher had her first audition today, and it was a fun and very educational experience. From the first meeting, Cindy has been very up front and honest, sweet, informative and always ready to answer questions. She keeps her clients up to date on everything with emails and followup phone calls if required. I highly recommend Entourage!!! Pros: Up front info, no games, reasonable cost more
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