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1705 SW Military Dr
San Antonio, TX 78221
(210) 923-3300
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Worst Business Ever! I rented my tux here for my daughter's quince. Tried it on, on Friday. Saturday the day of the event the seam in the rear of the pants fell apart. It looked ...

Worst Tuxedo Rental Place! 5/17/2012

Worst Business Ever! I rented my tux here for my daughter's quince. Tried it on, on Friday. Saturday the day of the event the seam in the rear of the pants fell apart. It looked as if someone had sewn it w/ blue thread by hand. When I went to return it I asked to speak to the manager to get a refund and she refused. She was very rude and stated that we didn't pick it up like that and why didn't we return it that day. I explained the event was at 6:30 and they close on Sat. at 7. She didn't even apologize and refused to refund any money. I wasn't aware that you had to inspect all the seams when you tried it on. Will NEVER recommend anybody go there for any kind of service!!! more

WARNING WARNING!! DON""T SHOP HERE!! Employees are RUDE RUDE 5/12/2012

I did not choose this store my daughter was invited to stand in a quinceanera. The birthday girl selected this Horriable store. When I took my daughter to get her dress 3 days before the event, They were trying to give her a dress that was way too big! (She had been measured about two months earlier) They remeasured her and said wow did she lose alot of weight? Hell no they measured wrong! They said they could get the right dress the next day. We went back to pick up the dress and again the dress was still too big! I was waiting for her to ask again if my daughter lost weight. Instead they blamed my 14 year old daughter for her measurements not being right! Are you kidding me you are the one taking her measurements. Thats why you have that measuring tape around your neck. I was livid that they were blaming her. They act like they are doing you a favor. When they are not we are paying for the dress you are not giving it to me. They ladies there were super super rude. And my daughter was not the only one, 4 other girls that were apart of the same party as my daughter had issues with their dress too. VERY VERY RUDE! Don't know what else to say. But that if you work very hard for your money don't spend it here. You will most likely get your dress or tux messed up and the employees are rude and blame it on you! more

Worse place ever/ Crooks 10/3/2011

WORSE PLACE TO SHOP AT! I bought 2 quince dresses & spent over $1000 and they mess up the order and REFUSED to fix it. When we were tryin dresses on for my sisters both had jackets. We came back a second time to take a 2nd look & once again the dresses had the jackets. Now we order them both & go to pick it up and one of them is missing a jacket..they tell me the dress never came with one. I went in circle with those ppl jus to fight with the RUDE owner who start cusing & mumbling thinks in spanish sayin that i didnt know nothing...i said well even if there was a mistake u should give me a jacket & he yanks some random jacket throws it on a mannequin & says look it has a jacket mockin me. Of course he could be rude since i had already paid a 1000 deposit. I said give me my money back since i didnt get the dress i ordered & he took off. This is the worse customer service EVER. And i should have known better cuz when we 1st start lookin the 1st sales rep offered to take $100 off since we were buyin 2 quince dresses & when i went back to purchase them they had said no that was only if u bought them there & then...what does a few hours difference make when they are making $1500 off 2 dresses never mind that we were going to get the courts dresses from their to but forget that...a placed we discovered a little to late called Bridals & quinceras (off of 410 & ingram) is much nicer & reasonable. more

Horrible customer service 7/22/2011

I wish I had come to this site before going there. My mom and I went there to shop for her upcoming 50th Anniversary party and I was looking for a dress for my daughter's quincenera. The salesman was friendly enough when we were shopping, but once we bought the 2 dresses everything changed. I placed my daughters dress and accessories on layaway and my mom paid for her dress and accessories out right, but had to order the dress because they did not have her size. On our second visit there I went to make a payment and my mom wanted to return the pair of shoes she bought because they were too wide. She was very rudely informed that they take no returns. I was making my payment with another associate and asked him if he could please tell me the balance I owed on my layaway, since they had not totaled my reciept. They had given me a receipt with the price of the dress, the petticoat, the tiara, and charged me for the bag it all went into, plus a $5.50 service fee, but had not added the sales tax or deducted the two payments I had made, therefore I did not know my balance. The anything but gentleman became very angry and told me that they do not give a balance until you take out the layaway. I asked then how do I know what I owe, and why would you not give me a balance, how hard is that? He said, they had been in business for 35 years and new what they were doing. He did not want to give me the balance because he did not know what else I was going to purchase in their store at a later date. I told him can't you just give me a receipt for anything else I might purchase. He just got louder and louder and more obnoxious, and just kept repeating I don't know what you are going to want. Well one thing I know for sure I will never want anything from their store again.\r \r Wait, there's more. Two days later I got a call from the same man who sold us the dresses. He told me that my dress was in. I assumed he meant my mother's dress because we had ordered it, and I had given him my number to call when it came in. I obviously was not waiting for my daughter's dress since it was in layaway. My mom went to the store the following day to pick up the dress and was told it was not in yet. I called the man back and asked him why he had called me to tell me the dress was in when it wasn't. I asked him, very nicely, if he had maybe made a mistake and meant my daughter's dress. He instead of apologizing for the confusion insisted he had not called me and that someone had called him inquiring about my daughter's dress. Now why would we call him if we know it's in layaway? He was rude, would not admit he had made a mistake and instead kept saying there is no problem here, your mother's dress is just not here yet. I informed him there was a problem and the problem was they just do not know what they are doing.\r \r I should have known they were shady when on the first visit the salesman kept trying to sell me a white dress which was all dirty at the bottom. He kept telling me I could clean it myself in the sink, but never offerred to clean it at the store or give me a discount.\r \r We are still waiting on my mother's dress and I am leary that they will try to over charge me with hidden fees when I go pay the final balance on my daughter's dress. They are so dirty and low, they make my skin crawl.\r \r more

Never Shop Here 10/16/2010

Unbelievable how RUDE these employees are. The customers are treated like dirt. I cannot believe they still are in business. I called to ask a question regarding my order and was yelled at and hung up on. When I called back to complain, I was told that no one at that store would ever treat someone that way. Furhtermore, When my son went to pick up his garment, the employee refused to allow him to try on his garment to ensure it fit properly. He called me in distress, so I called them to explain that my son needed to try on the tuxedo since the event was the next day (out of town) and they told me there is no way an employee refused to allow my son to try on an outfit. He yelled at me and hung up on me. I have NEVER been hung up on for asking polite questions regarding my order. I will NEVER go into this horrible store again. I encourage NO ONE attempt to do business with such rude employees and unhelpful staff. more

buyer beware 4/27/2010

My parents are renewing their wedding vows and my sister is getting married. We went in to buy two dresses. The sales lady was rude to begin with! Not only that, one of the dresses got switched and when she tried the dress on, the sales lady had ""accidentally"" given her the wrong size when she put the dress in layaway. So, today, we went in to change the dress to the larger size and the owner was rude, arrogant, condescending and I finally asked him, ""why are you being rude""? We were not asking for money back, we were only wanting to switch the dress for a different size. Well, turns out, they did not have the dress in a larger size and then guess what? He did not offer any other solution even though she spent $500 on these dresses. Seems the least he could do was offer her another dress off that rack to replace the one that didn't fit. When he saw on the receipt that she put it in layaway on 3-13 he says ""oh, who remembers that long ago?"" His store stinks on top of everything else, like sweaty bodies. I would not recommend this store to anyone. Save yourself some trouble, spend the extra $ and go somewhere that has good customer service and more up to fashionable formals. Pros: None - mot one-nothing-not a solitary thing Cons: Rude owner, horrible customer service, old fashioned, stinky more

Buyer Beware 9/24/2008

If you are looking for a great costomer service, great measurements, great quallity, do Not\r give your Business to Eduardo's on San pedro or Military. They change prices, make up \r pricing as they go . You will not get your deposit, and more important your stuff will not fit.\r they Know that by then there isn't much time left before your event and....They GOTCHA\r Oh yea if you like getting yelled at at a place of business this might be your place.\r dittodad Pros: thank God they don't serve food Cons: Their might be cons working there. more

It's a HORRIBLE place...stay far, far away from Eduardo's. 11/2/2007

Ah! Where do I begin with this disgusting establishment? Well, I'm planning on getting married on 12/15/07 and so far have encountered bumps here and there with the planning. Well, our experiences here at Eduardo's has been, by far, the biggest obstacle yet. My two nieces, ages 4 and 8, are going to be my flower girls. We chose Eduardo's because they offered a cute selection of affordable dresses. When we showed up to pick out the dresses, the sales lady kept pushing the more expensive ones in the catalog. We went for it and ordered two dresses that go with the look of the wedding. My 8 year old niece is tall for her age and has a more developed body than other children. The sales lady promised the catalog dress could be tailored to fit her.\r Well, the dresses came in this week and the dress does not fit. Not only that, it cannot be tailored. The same lady became condescending and annoyed that my sisters were wondering why she would recommend ordering the dress if now she is saying that the dress cannot be altered. My sisters and mom were trying to stay calm, but the lady kept rushing them to buy any other dress that would fit. The woman almost brought my mom to tears with her horrible attitude. Oh, and she kept increasing the charges for ""little things"" like taxes and tailoring for the other flower girl dress. It's just astonishing how some people take advantage of the fact that wedding plans are timed and they know we really can't find anything else on such short notice. Plus, they won't give us a refund on our deposits. We'd end up losing over 200 dollars.\r Well, we're waiting to hear from the manager today. Hopefully something will get settled soon. Pros: I can't think of any pros Cons: horrific customer's been a nightmare more
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